my dorm is beautiful


the sky was so amazing i literally couldn’t breath

Seventeen going to a Christmas Party (feat. BTS)

Episode Three: Seventeen attends a Christmas Party at Bangtan’s Dorm.

Jin: “Hello beautiful people, welcome to our humble dorm. My name is Jin the princess, feel free to make yourself at home, but please do not enter the room at the far end of the dorm that has a pink door, it is strictly out of bounds”

Mingyu: “Why? What’s in there?”

Jin: “I said it’s out of bounds”

Woozi: “Imma take a nap on this sofa, wake me up when this is finally over”

Suga: “It’s like looking in the mirror, I shall name you yoongi junior”

Scoups: “Their dorm’s bigger than ours and we have thirteen people!” *rAgE*

Vernon: “At least we have more toilets than they do, right?”

Rap Monster: “Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Bangtan’s annual Christmas party, I would like to make a toast.”

Rap Monster: “Memories that are made when it is with the ones you love are the most beautiful ones. I am most thankful for all of you on this cold Christmas day, thank you for making it a warm one, cheers”

Hoshi: “Coups hyung why can’t you say wise stuff like that?”

Scoups: “Shut it Hosh”

*Meanwhile on the adventures of our favourite 97 liners*

Mingyu: “I wonder…. what magical creatures lies behind this pink door”

The8: “But Jin said not to go in…”

Mingyu: “Huh? What? Who?" 

DK: "Oh dang, its locked”

Jungkook: “I have the key” *slowly raises key*

DK: “Where did you get that?”

Jungkook: “I stole it, Jin hyung hid the key in his super mario coin pouch” *smiles like a little child*

The8: *whispers to mingyu* “Who is he and when did he get here??”

Mingyu: “what did YOU JUST SAY? DID YOU JUST ASK ME WHO HE IS?! How can you not know who Jungkook is?!!”

The8: “I did NOT ask you that ewgyu”

Mingyu: “Yeah you did, you just asked me that like 3 seconds ago and did you just call me ewgyu?!”

Jungkook: “…”

DK: “Don’t mind them Jungkook, they are always arguing but they secretly love each other”

Mingyu & The8: “WE DO NOT.”

Jungkook: *unlocks door to Jin’s room*

The8: “Thughao down thughao down. Too. Much. Pink. AHHHHHH

Jungkook: “I always wondered what Jin hyung’s room looked like….. but this is EXACTLY how I pictured it to be in my mind….. pink and filled with super marios….” *smh*

Mingyu: “Hey Seokmin! Oh look! It’s you!”

DK: “Where?”

Mingyu: *points at donkey kong figurine*

DK: “Do I really need to remind you what DK stands for?" 

Mingyu: "D is for Donkey, K is for Kong”

DK: “It’s so obvious that you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve ever said”

Mingyu: “oooohhhh what’s this?” *picks up Yoshi figurine*

The8: “What did I tell you guys, he has an attention span of a squirrel”

Mingyu: “It’s name is… hoshi?”

Mingyu: “Hoshi hyung is that you?”

The8: “It clearly says Yoshi”

Jungkook: “Okay. I’m bored, I’m leaving, bye guys”

The8: “What was his name again?”


The8: “Why do I even try”

DK: “Put that down Mingyu before you cause some serious damage like you always do”

Mingyu: “I do not, what an outrageous thing to say… I am offend-” *hits glass display case for figurines*

*display case falls and smashes into smithereens*

Mingyu: “whoops”

DK: “God dammit gyu”

Joshua: “So I heard you guys went to America in your rookie days, how was it?”

Jimin: “Yeah! It was great! I met a guy named Tony and he was really nice to me!”

Joshua: “Well when I came to Korea, I met a really nice guy named Jeonghan" 

Jimin: "I think I was his favourite out of the entire Bangtan”

Joshua: “I think he was my favourite out of all the Seventeen members”

Jimin: “and he had a cute nickname for me, he called me chim chim”

Joshua: “my nickname for him is angel, because he is an angel that has such a beautiful heart and also beautiful hair. Every time I look at him, it’s as if there’s a glow around him- wait who were you talking about again?”

Jimin: “Tony?”

Joshua: “Who dat?”

V: “Hey want to hear a joke about paper?”

Jun: “No, not really…”

V: “Never mind its tear-able”

Jun: “Oh god”

V: “I am on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it”

Vernon: “That doesn’t sound like an effective way of dieting”

Wonwoo: “But I can’t eat seafood” TT

Jun: “Please stop”

V: “Okay I got some Christmas ones!”

V: “What do you call a broke Santa?”

Wonwoo: “poor…?”

V: “Saint-NICKEL-LESS! Get it?”

Wonwoo: “Jun… I don’t get it”

V: “What do you call a rude reindeer?”

Vernon: “… disrespectful?” i call it seokmin, but call it whatever you want 

V: “RUDEdolph HAHAHAHHAAH” *claps hands uncontrollably*

Jun: “Someone take me back to China….”

Jhope: “I’m your hope! I’m Jhope!”

Jeonghan: “I’m Jeonghan and my hair brings people hope”

Dino: “No it doesn’t….”

Jeonghan: “Hush child, you’re too young to understand about the hopes my hair brings to this world”

Dino: *pouts*

Jungkook: “tell me about it, the downfalls of being the maknae”

Dino: “I know right? Even though I’m cute and squishy and I can get my way when I act cute-”

Jungkook: “But they treat you like a fetus even when you’re 90 years old and the only food you can probably eat is mush”

Dino: “I think I just found my new best friend” *tears up*

Jin: “Okay…. Which dumbass went into my room?!”

97 Line: *looks away*

Jin: “You!”

Mingyu: “Who? Me?!?”

Jin: “Yeah you, tall one. It was you wasn’t it!”

Mingyu: “What. NO”

Jin: “I know it’s you, I followed your snot trail and it led me to you!”

Seungkwan: “Now that is just plain nasty”

Jin: “You broke my glass display and my super marios are now covered in glass!”

Seungkwan: “Damage level percentage prediction: 99.3%”

Scoups: “What in the world Kim Mingyu, I leave you alone and you wreck someone’s room?!!”

Rap Monster: “Alright everyone, let’s just take a deep breath and calm down-”

Jin: “Calm DOWN?! You’re telling me to calm down? What if this snot boy went into your room and wrecked your Ryan bears?”

Rap Monster: “Woah woahhh why are you bringing my Ryan bears into this”

Jin: “Oh yeah that reminds me, you broke my beloved refrigerator door, god of destruction”

Joshua: “I am not acquainted with the god you speak of”

Rap Monster: "What… I bought you a new one to replace the broken one”

Jin: “It can never replace the love I have for the old one Namjoon, it had two doors and this one has only one! The old one had an ice dispenser on the outside so I named it Icy, it was so beautiful.” *dabs eyes with tissue*

Jin: “I remember it like it was yesterday, one fine day I was using it, I pressed the button and it dispensed ice into my caramel macchiato and then the very next day someone broke Icy’s door right off her body. R.I.P Icy the refrigerator” 

V: “We will never forget your sacrifice for us” *takes off hat in respect and bows*

Rap Monster: "I can just buy you an ice dispenser if you want one that badly”


Scoups: “Okay children, let’s get out before he remembers about Mingyu…" 

Seventeen: *creeps out slowly*


Woozi: “I ain’t leaving this place, I finally found my family”

Vernon: “But we’re your family…”

Suga: “Not anymore you’re not”

Scoups: “I’ve failed as a leader, all those years I spent training with you Woozi, all the tears I shed… did it not mean anything to you Jihoon? Our friendship-”


Woozi: “Okay you know what, Soonyoung why not you stay here and I’ll leave”


Suga: “Yes please take him with you. I already have a Taehyung and a Hobi, I do not need another one of these" 

Wonwoo: "Well that was fun!” *chirps happily*

The8: “No hyung, no it wasn’t”

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“I never thought you act this way.”

a photo I took during my freshman year in my dorm. I never want to forget that beautiful view. 

But Its even more beautiful without you.


[01/12/16] finally have some time to sit on tumblr for a while

☑ scored 17/20 points on my c++ programming project
☑ scored 18.8/20 points on my XSLT+FO project allowing me to not write the final exam from this subject
☑ done some reading up on digital technology
took a long nap which i deserved