my dorm is beautiful

i blame myself (m)

Summary: Crazy, useless and unwanted is how you felt. Jungkook found you at the dead of night, what you call your time. Your life was going fast, bursting into dust. Spinning, something tells you you’ll never find the way to sit down. 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Ole ugly (beautiful, actually) smut. 

Warnings: Masturbation, sexy talk, oral, blah blah blah. 

Wordcount: 2.9k

Walking through the midnight streets, cars passing; wind howls in your eardrums. Smoke fills your lungs, a ball of pure lewd dust rolls off your lips. A content sigh comes out your nose as you look up at the lights, dim orange beaming on you. The silent buzz rings through you, the sound making you feel as if you were the only one around. A small sting hits the side of your finger, signaling that your cigarette was done. You threw it on the ground, smashing it under your sneaker and jogging over to the bus stop bench. The moonlight shines through the roof of the little shelter atop you, scared of what the night holds for you and your thoughts. Laying back against the bench, your fingers traced over the little patterns; the lay out on the bench. 

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I don’t know if I can properly explain how much this means to me, you guys.

This blog has been with me since I was a thirteen year old in a different house with different problems and goals and beliefs. Right after RED came out was when I came on to Tumblr and all of you began showing me love immediately.

Christmas cards, my 1989 show (which was only possible because of this blog!), all the personal things I’ve shared with you guys that you have been absolutely lovely about. My graduation, several birthdays, 3 Taylor albums.

Even on Taylor’s break and my own, you all stayed. I don’t think I experienced a significant amount of unfollows. And now, with your help, I’ve reached an incredible milestone that I never thought would happen, sitting at my computer in 2012 deciding to make a few facts for fun.

What a wonderful present, a reassurance that you all have not become bored or impatient with me. Sitting here in my college dorm, so nervous about what lies ahead, with this beautiful reminder that some things will always be there. Like Taylor’s music, this blog has become such an integral part of who I am.

Thank you to everyone who has helped this blog’s success, including Julianna, who has always been helpful and encouraging - basically since day 1. ❤️ Whether you submitted facts, asked for a Christmas card (or sent me something back), sent messages, or just liked and reblogged my posts. I will never forget you all and I am so thankful to share this journey with you. Get ready for more friendship, like we’ve enjoyed over the last 5 years, as the Reputation era kicks off!



PS. Though I’m now officially a Broke College Student, stay tuned for a potential giveaway in the near future to celebrate this milestone, as well as the blog’s 5-year anniversary coming on the 17th! 🤗

Seventeen going to a Christmas Party (feat. BTS)

Episode Three: Seventeen attends a Christmas Party at Bangtan’s Dorm.

Jin: “Hello beautiful people, welcome to our humble dorm. My name is Jin the princess, feel free to make yourself at home, but please do not enter the room at the far end of the dorm that has a pink door, it is strictly out of bounds”

Mingyu: “Why? What’s in there?”

Jin: “I said it’s out of bounds”

Woozi: “Imma take a nap on this sofa, wake me up when this is finally over”

Suga: “It’s like looking in the mirror, I shall name you yoongi junior”

Scoups: “Their dorm’s bigger than ours and we have thirteen people!” *rAgE*

Vernon: “At least we have more toilets than they do, right?”

Rap Monster: “Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Bangtan’s annual Christmas party, I would like to make a toast.”

Rap Monster: “Memories that are made when it is with the ones you love are the most beautiful ones. I am most thankful for all of you on this cold Christmas day, thank you for making it a warm one, cheers”

Hoshi: “Coups hyung why can’t you say wise stuff like that?”

Scoups: “Shut it Hosh”

*Meanwhile on the adventures of our favourite 97 liners*

Mingyu: “I wonder…. what magical creatures lies behind this pink door”

The8: “But Jin said not to go in…”

Mingyu: “Huh? What? Who?" 

DK: "Oh dang, its locked”

Jungkook: “I have the key” *slowly raises key*

DK: “Where did you get that?”

Jungkook: “I stole it, Jin hyung hid the key in his super mario coin pouch” *smiles like a little child*

The8: *whispers to mingyu* “Who is he and when did he get here??”

Mingyu: “what did YOU JUST SAY? DID YOU JUST ASK ME WHO HE IS?! How can you not know who Jungkook is?!!”

The8: “I did NOT ask you that ewgyu”

Mingyu: “Yeah you did, you just asked me that like 3 seconds ago and did you just call me ewgyu?!”

Jungkook: “…”

DK: “Don’t mind them Jungkook, they are always arguing but they secretly love each other”

Mingyu & The8: “WE DO NOT.”

Jungkook: *unlocks door to Jin’s room*

The8: “Thughao down thughao down. Too. Much. Pink. AHHHHHH

Jungkook: “I always wondered what Jin hyung’s room looked like….. but this is EXACTLY how I pictured it to be in my mind….. pink and filled with super marios….” *smh*

Mingyu: “Hey Seokmin! Oh look! It’s you!”

DK: “Where?”

Mingyu: *points at donkey kong figurine*

DK: “Do I really need to remind you what DK stands for?" 

Mingyu: "D is for Donkey, K is for Kong”

DK: “It’s so obvious that you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve ever said”

Mingyu: “oooohhhh what’s this?” *picks up Yoshi figurine*

The8: “What did I tell you guys, he has an attention span of a squirrel”

Mingyu: “It’s name is… hoshi?”

Mingyu: “Hoshi hyung is that you?”

The8: “It clearly says Yoshi”

Jungkook: “Okay. I’m bored, I’m leaving, bye guys”

The8: “What was his name again?”


The8: “Why do I even try”

DK: “Put that down Mingyu before you cause some serious damage like you always do”

Mingyu: “I do not, what an outrageous thing to say… I am offend-” *hits glass display case for figurines*

*display case falls and smashes into smithereens*

Mingyu: “whoops”

DK: “God dammit gyu”

Joshua: “So I heard you guys went to America in your rookie days, how was it?”

Jimin: “Yeah! It was great! I met a guy named Tony and he was really nice to me!”

Joshua: “Well when I came to Korea, I met a really nice guy named Jeonghan" 

Jimin: "I think I was his favourite out of the entire Bangtan”

Joshua: “I think he was my favourite out of all the Seventeen members”

Jimin: “and he had a cute nickname for me, he called me chim chim”

Joshua: “my nickname for him is angel, because he is an angel that has such a beautiful heart and also beautiful hair. Every time I look at him, it’s as if there’s a glow around him- wait who were you talking about again?”

Jimin: “Tony?”

Joshua: “Who dat?”

V: “Hey want to hear a joke about paper?”

Jun: “No, not really…”

V: “Never mind its tear-able”

Jun: “Oh god”

V: “I am on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it”

Vernon: “That doesn’t sound like an effective way of dieting”

Wonwoo: “But I can’t eat seafood” TT

Jun: “Please stop”

V: “Okay I got some Christmas ones!”

V: “What do you call a broke Santa?”

Wonwoo: “poor…?”

V: “Saint-NICKEL-LESS! Get it?”

Wonwoo: “Jun… I don’t get it”

V: “What do you call a rude reindeer?”

Vernon: “… disrespectful?” i call it seokmin, but call it whatever you want 

V: “RUDEdolph HAHAHAHHAAH” *claps hands uncontrollably*

Jun: “Someone take me back to China….”

Jhope: “I’m your hope! I’m Jhope!”

Jeonghan: “I’m Jeonghan and my hair brings people hope”

Dino: “No it doesn’t….”

Jeonghan: “Hush child, you’re too young to understand about the hopes my hair brings to this world”

Dino: *pouts*

Jungkook: “tell me about it, the downfalls of being the maknae”

Dino: “I know right? Even though I’m cute and squishy and I can get my way when I act cute-”

Jungkook: “But they treat you like a fetus even when you’re 90 years old and the only food you can probably eat is mush”

Dino: “I think I just found my new best friend” *tears up*

Jin: “Okay…. Which dumbass went into my room?!”

97 Line: *looks away*

Jin: “You!”

Mingyu: “Who? Me?!?”

Jin: “Yeah you, tall one. It was you wasn’t it!”

Mingyu: “What. NO”

Jin: “I know it’s you, I followed your snot trail and it led me to you!”

Seungkwan: “Now that is just plain nasty”

Jin: “You broke my glass display and my super marios are now covered in glass!”

Seungkwan: “Damage level percentage prediction: 99.3%”

Scoups: “What in the world Kim Mingyu, I leave you alone and you wreck someone’s room?!!”

Rap Monster: “Alright everyone, let’s just take a deep breath and calm down-”

Jin: “Calm DOWN?! You’re telling me to calm down? What if this snot boy went into your room and wrecked your Ryan bears?”

Rap Monster: “Woah woahhh why are you bringing my Ryan bears into this”

Jin: “Oh yeah that reminds me, you broke my beloved refrigerator door, god of destruction”

Joshua: “I am not acquainted with the god you speak of”

Rap Monster: "What… I bought you a new one to replace the broken one”

Jin: “It can never replace the love I have for the old one Namjoon, it had two doors and this one has only one! The old one had an ice dispenser on the outside so I named it Icy, it was so beautiful.” *dabs eyes with tissue*

Jin: “I remember it like it was yesterday, one fine day I was using it, I pressed the button and it dispensed ice into my caramel macchiato and then the very next day someone broke Icy’s door right off her body. R.I.P Icy the refrigerator” 

V: “We will never forget your sacrifice for us” *takes off hat in respect and bows*

Rap Monster: "I can just buy you an ice dispenser if you want one that badly”


Scoups: “Okay children, let’s get out before he remembers about Mingyu…" 

Seventeen: *creeps out slowly*


Woozi: “I ain’t leaving this place, I finally found my family”

Vernon: “But we’re your family…”

Suga: “Not anymore you’re not”

Scoups: “I’ve failed as a leader, all those years I spent training with you Woozi, all the tears I shed… did it not mean anything to you Jihoon? Our friendship-”


Woozi: “Okay you know what, Soonyoung why not you stay here and I’ll leave”


Suga: “Yes please take him with you. I already have a Taehyung and a Hobi, I do not need another one of these" 

Wonwoo: "Well that was fun!” *chirps happily*

The8: “No hyung, no it wasn’t”

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Will You Shut Up!

* Philip Hamilton X Reader
* 131: If you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched you in the face nine times by now
*modern times

A/N: this is literally the first imagine I did, you’ve been warned…

You were in the library bent over your history text book. You had an exam tomorrow and you really needed to study. You had your headphones in to block out any distractions. However a distraction by the name of Philip Hamilton came along and pulled one of your headphones out before dropping into a chair across from you.

“What’re you up to Y/N?” He asked.

“Studying, Philip. Like you should be doing. You know you’re dad will not be happy you fail any exam. You have to uphold his name here.”

You and Philip grew up together, over time he ended up more like an annoying brother to you. He took every opportunity to annoy you.

“Psh. I’m not worried about a history exam. It’ll be a piece of cake. We go back to my room and ‘study’ though if you’d like.” He said leaning in and flashing a suggestive smile.

“Seriously Hamilton, I need to focus.” You put your headphone back in and started reading. Unfortunately Philip didn’t do well with being ignored. He started tapping on the table and lightly kicking your legs. You glared at him and he responded with a cheeky smile. You tried reading some more but he continued pestering you. “What?” Asked him while pulling a headphone from your ear.

“I’m bored.” Was his reply.

“Philip, you’re in a library. Grab a book.” You said.

“Yeah but if I annoy you I get to see your cute mad face.” He said with his signature smirk. You just glared. “That’s the one.” He said. He leaned forward and tapped your nose. “Adorable.” He said.

“Philip I need to study. So either be helpful or leave me alone.”

“I offered to help you study.” He defended.

“No, you offered to help me ‘study’” you said, putting air quotes around study. You our your headphones back in and turned back to your book once more. And Philip kept bothering you. You grit your teeth and grabbed a novel that was next to you on the table. You tossed it in his direction but he ducked. It hit a stack of books on the table behind you causing them to topple over and disrupt the quiet of the library.

You and Philip both froze and looked at each other before slowly turning toward the librarian.

You shoved the door to the library open and walked through. Philip came our right behind you.

“Y/N wait!” He cried trying to get you to stop.

“Philip we are banned from the library for a week. I have two exams and need to study in the library or I get distracted. And thanks to you I can’t go in there!” You started yelling at some point.

“Look I’m sorry ok?” He said. He shoved his hands in his pockets and had his head ducked. He truly looked like he felt bad. You wouldn’t fall for it though. You knew this was how he got away with so much at home. Eliza Hamilton was sweet but she believed Philip never did anything wrong.

“Well I’ll forgive you if I pass my exams.” You huffed and turned to go.

“Seriously can’t I help at all?” He asked. “I want to help.”

“Like you helped in there? Yeah no thanks!” You exclaimed. “God, I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched you in the face nine times by now.” You grumbled.

“Wait. What was that?” Philip asked, a smile on his face.

Your eyes widen as you realized what you said. “Well I mean…what I wanted to say was…of course I don’t…” you stammered trying to take back what you said. Of course you found Philip attractive, with his freckles and bright smiles, but he annoyed you constantly.

“Attractive huh?” He said leaning closer to you.

“Yeah fine, you’re hot. But that’s usually over shadowed by how much of a shit you can be.” You shot back.

Philip recoiled like he’d be hit. “Seriously, I’m that bad?”

“Philip we aren’t allowed in the library! Yes you’re that bad!”

“Well sorry but unless you’re telling me to shut up you don’t talk to me at all!” He exclaimed.

“Philip that’s insane, we grew up together.”

“Yeah so you look at me like some annoying pest you had to put up with. When you started ignoring me at family parties I picked on you so you would at least talk to me.” He grew quiet as he realized what he was admitting.

“I’m sorry what?” You said a bit shocked.

“You started brushing me off every time I spoke to you so I tried getting your attention somehow.”

“Philip I started ignoring you because you always had girls following you around.”

“So then you liked me?” He asked.

“Yeah I did, and maybe still do a bit.” You said shrugging and looking at your feet as you felt a blush cover your face.

“You do?” He asked surprised.

“Of course. Why else would I put up with you.” You replied smiling. Philip was smiling a huge smile and looking at you with awe. Suddenly he lunged forward and kissed you. You were startled but returned the kiss. You broke apart and he leaned his forehead against yours. He was smiling but suddenly he got a confused look on his face.

“Nine times? Exactly nine?” He asked.

You laughed. “Well we could go for an even ten or you could help me study.”

“I can help you study but I warn you, I tend to be awfully distracted by beautiful women in my dorm.”

“Then we can study in the park.” You said grabbing his hands and walking in that direction.

“Well such a beautiful woman like you anywhere is distracting.”

“Shut up, Philip.” You said but you were smiling.

shelter / sirius black

requested by anon, hope u enjoy this xxx



To say you were upset was an understatement, you had had the worst day ever in years. First, you woke up late to class because of a nightmare, getting a reproving glare from your favourite professor. Secondly, you got a C- in Potions, you were ignored by your girl friends during lunch for Merlin knows what reason, got shouted at by the members of your house after Slughorn took 10 points from it because you slept during his class and then, a stupid Slytherin boy spilled grape juice all over you on purpose during supper. 

You wanted to take a bath, do your homework and just go to bed. As you sat on the shower floor, water droplets running through your skin as you carelessly rubbed the soap on your legs, you remembered tomorrow was the day you were going to Hogsmeade with your year and you let out a long sigh.

You didn’t feel like going to Hogsmeade at all, don’t get me wrong you loved going there, vising Honeydukes and eating all those succulent sweets, Dervish and Banges, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, and last but not least Tomes and Scrolls’ bookshop. You were so thrilled to go before but the shitty day had gotten the best of you. And even Hogsmeade wouldn’t cheer you up. 

You left the shower, dressing yourself in your sleeping clothes before going to warn your friends you weren’t going, more specifically, Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail. You walked till their dorm and opened the door to find Remus reading a book, Peter sleeping, James listening to music and Sirius was just literally laid on the floor on his stomach.

When you entered, besides from Peter who was deeply asleep, all eyes were on you, and as soon as you forced a smile to them they knew something was wrong.

You laid on your back next to Sirius on the floor and soon millions of “what happened?”, “are you alright?”, “mate, give me names” were spilled over you. You truly smiled at your protective friends, they were truly too precious.

“It’s okay, I just had a bad day, I’ll be fine I just need a day off.” You said, staring at the ceiling. “Thank you for worrying though, guys. It’s really kind of you.” You smiled at yourself.

“Well you’ll forget about all these shitheads tomorrow when we’re buying all the candies we can at Honeydukes.” Said James.

You hesitated for a second before replying, “I don’t think I’m going, James. I’m just gonna spend the day in my bed, reading and studying. I don’t really feel like going anymore.”

“Are you sure about this, (Y/N)? I don’t like the idea of you by yourself after a bad day, Hogsmeade could really cheer you up, we could.” Remus tried and Sirius kept staring at you, but you were sure.

“Thank you for being so sweet, Moony, but I’m really sure. I’ll be alright, you just have to bring me some candies from Honeydukes and maybe a book or two from Tomes and Scrolls.” You joked and sleepy Peter mumbled a quiet “Noted, little (Y/N) wants candies and books from Hogsmeade.” And you laughed at how adorable and sweet your friends were.

“Don’t worry she won’t be alone.” Said Sirius as he sat up. “I’ll stay with her.”

“Oh, no, Sirius. I mean, I really appreciate it but you love going to Hogsmeade and I’m definitely not gonna ask you to drop it just because I’m sad. It’s just a day, I’ll be fine.” 

“If you’re not going, I’m not going.” He said, not giving you a choice. “I’m not leaving you alone when you’re sad, it’s not an option. We’ll stay and we’ll do anything you like even if that means we’ll spend the entire day laying on the floor, I’m staying.” And as he said that, all the boys smirked to themselves, interested in the idea of you and Black spending the entire day by yourselves. 

“Alright, if you insist. Thank you, Sirius.” You thanked him, genuinely glad you weren’t going to spend your day alone. 

“Now come, it’s late, I’ll take you to your dorm.” But you only mumbled some incoherent words, “What is that, sweetheart?” He asked laughing, “I don’t wanna go to my dorm, I want to become a beautiful flower and start doing photosynthesis so I don’t have to go places for food and I don’t have to move ever again, I’ll just be under the sunlight forever, sleeping all day.” You said dramatically, turning yourself on your stomach, face literally on the floor.

“Fine, stay in my bed I’ll sleep on the floor.” He said rolling his eyes but smiled sweetly at you afterwards. Sirius threw some blankets and a pillow on the carpet, right next to where you were laid and James blew off the candles, leaving you in complete darkness.

You said your goodnights and tried your best to sleep, you swore you did, you rolled over the bed and tried all kinds of sleeping positions to get comfortable but none seemed to work, you just couldn’t fall asleep. And after what seemed like hours in distress, you were so angry and stressed after the long shit day you just had plus the fact you couldn’t fall asleep the tears soon started to stream down your face. In addition, you started feeling anxious for taking away from Sirius not only his bed but his trip to Hogsmeade.

You felt like a complete burden, you were certainly annoying your friends and specially Sirius, so in the middle of the darkness you got up as silently as you could and tried to go back to your dorm, hoping no one would awake. You sniffled trying to stop yourself from ugly crying and making noise, at least until you got outside their dorm. But you weren’t the only one who couldn’t sleep, unable to be comfortable.

Just as you were almost touching the door handle two arms stopped you, “Where are you going, love?” The voice whispered confused, and as soon as he looked at you, cheeks stained with tears he just took you to his bed once again. 

“No, Sirius, I should be the one on the floor- I’m already bothering you guys with all my shit I-I don’t want to annoy you any more-” You whispered to Sirius, trying to convince you to let you go, but he was having none of that. He just pulled you to the floor over all the blankets and pillows and threw the rest of the blankets on his bed over you and then, after curling you up in covers, he cuddled you, simply as that, he laid next to you, under the pile of blankets and held you, soothing you with sweet words.

“You’re not bothering anyone, dear, I’m staying because you’re not feeling well and I would never leave you alone when you’re upset, never, (Y/N). Besides, Hogsmeade won’t be the same without you.” He tried to comfort you, kissing your cheeks. “I want us to stay at Hogwarts and do absolutely as you like, alright, love?” He asked as you pressed your head against his chest, finally comfortable.

“E-even if we just spend the entire day like this?” You asked uncertain.

“I thought you’d never ask, princess.” He said laughing, “We can absolutely spend the entire day in bed.” And just like that, both of you fell asleep, finally comfortable.

Before you awakened, three smirking boys circled you and Sirius as you slept, already ready for their trip to Hogsmeade, the boys needed evidence that Sirius and (Y/N) had cuddled and most importantly, were smiling as their slept.

James searched for his camera as soon as possible, shooting a photograph of you curled up in each other arms. The moving photo left the camera as smoothly as it was taken and James placed the photograph in his wallet.

“I’ll show them this when they marry. Wormtail and Moony, if I ever have a son, they’ll be the godparents.” And left the dorm laughing.

It took you one or maybe more two hours of sleep since they left before you woke up. As soon as you fluttered your eyes open, you felt someone’s breathing on your face, a very familiar smell and features. You were forehead to forehead to with Sirius Black and in that very moment you were certain no one could really escape the Black’s charm, he wasn’t lying when he said that to girls. Which reminded you he had no interest in you whatsoever, so having hopes and daydreaming would just lead you to pain. You sat up, noticing how you were both alone in the room, getting up, you stopped in a very specific spot where the sun hit a crystal tied up in front of the window, refracting little rays of sunshine and rainbows. 

You smiled to yourself as the room and your body were full of little rainbows provided by the sun, the dark furniture making them even prettier. Your hair was messy and you could really use some food. You walked around the room until you stopped by Remus bed, finding a note. 

Knew you’d wake up earlier and explore our room, thought I’d leave a note warning we brought you some food from breakfast and James is thinking about having children and putting you and Sirius as their godparents when you get married.

Hope you’re feeling better, we’re bringing you sweets and your books by the end of the day. Have a lovely day, (Y/N). 


You laughed at how well Remus knew you and blushed extremely at James’ comment.

You sat on Remus bed and started eating some strawberries that he brought and eggs. You took a sip of the orange juice and looked over the pile of blankets, where Sirius was sat on, smiling lazily at you. 

“Morning.” You mumbled, full of strawberries in your mouth.

“Morning, love.” He smiled, getting up and walking over you, kissing your forehead and eating what was in the plate. You ate in silence before Sirius got the note on Moony’s bed, too quickly for you to stop him.

Laughing but blushing slightly, “So what are our plans for the day, wife?”

You choked on your juice before coughing incredulously.

“I mean, we could spend the day around the lake, Mrs. Black.” He said sitting next to you, “Or we could just stay in here, we could listen to some music, or we could spend the entire day sleeping.” He offered as he put the note in his pocket, “Anything to make my wife feel better, after all we have godchildren to take care, remember?” 

You laughed at his stupidity, “Whatever you’d like to do, Black, I already feel bad enough for making you miss the whole Hogsmeade visit and everything.” You said truly.

Sirius sighed as he opened the windows and threw a big blanket on the floor, letting the sun enter the entire room. He walked to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you to his chest.

“Stop thinking I’m forcing myself to stay here with you, I wanted to stay, I want to stay because I know although you say the opposite you don’t like being alone when you’re upset and I don’t like leaving you alone, Mrs. Black.” He said smiling sadly, putting a lock of your soft hair behind your ear. 

“I’m not your wife, Black, you have too many girlfriends. But thank you, for not leaving me alone.” You smiled cheekily and he pushed you to the white blanket on the crimson carpet. 

You curled up onto each other laughing at how idiotic you were for lying on the floor when there were clearly four beds in the dorm. He looked at you smiling but then he became serious for a moment.

“Why do I have this feeling that you will?” He said staring at you in awe, holding himself on his two arms, towering over you.

“I will what?” You asked confused, staring back at him, your breath getting caught in your throat.

“Be my wife, one day.” He said leaning closer. 

“W-what do you mean, Black?” 

“I don’t know, I just have this feeling that we have a long way to go and we’ll do it together. I just- I don’t know I feel like when I’m with you I don’t want to be anywhere else. And when I’m anywhere else, I want to be with you. ” He said, but you panicked at his sweet words and nothing could get out of your mouth.

“I-I’m sorry, (Y/N), I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, it just slipped-”

“Do you like me? Like like me?” You asked nervously.

“Of course I like like you, (Y/N). I love you. But it doesn’t matter, you don’t-”

“Don’t be silly, Sirius. I love you too, I just lost my words because I never thought you’d feel the same.” You said genuinely, not knowing what else to say. “Now, could you please kiss me?” You said, smiling teary eyed. “We have godchildren to take care.” You said making him smile and just like that, Sirius laid on his side, wrapping one arm around your back while the other held the back of your neck, “Of course, anything for you, Mrs. Black.” And before you could get your brain to function, his lips were on yours, moving slowly, taking in your taste and the feel of you carefully.

And as your lips came in contact with his through the rest of the day for many times, you silently forgave the bad day you had, after all, if it weren’t for it, maybe you would never have this specific and precious moment with him. Coming to terms that things happen for a reason, you snuggled into his arms even more, engulfing yourself in his smell, glad to be close to what has always been your shelter, but now in a much better way.

A/N: Ahhhhhhhh I feel like this sucked, but I still hope u liked this, love u x


Tour || Jackson


Summary:  Dating while you were an idol was hard - especially when you and your boyfriend never had time to see each other. Now with your tour of Asia being announced, you don’t know how you’re going to break it to Jackson.

Word Count: 1,190

A/N: Thank you requesting Anon dear! I hope you enjoyed it! 

You sighed as the meeting ended and the last of your management team filtered out of the stuffy meeting room. The other members of your group grinned happily at the news of your first ever tour being confirmed and as they turned to look at you, you quickly replaced your frown to a warm smile.

“[Y/N] unnie, do we have anything else planned today?”

You shook your head, “Not that I know of, I think we can just head back to the dorms.” The girls cheered, practically jumping up at the news of their day off. One by one, your group members filed out, leaving you to remain in the meeting room. The second eldest member of the group paused as she reached the door and turned back to you to speak.

“You okay, [Y/N]?” She asked, leaning against the door frame as she starred at you, almost knowingly. You nodded, maintaining the smile you had plastered on your face.

“Yeah, just, thinking that I have to work on my choreo for the tour.” You lied. You knew that it was the most unconvincing thing to tell her, considering the fact she could read you like a book.

Despite this, she didn’t probe any further. “If you say so… Just, tell me what’s wrong when you feel like talking, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.” You confirm, holding your hand up into an okay sign. “Let the girls know they can head back to the dorm without me.”

She smiled at you, “Sure thing. Make good decisions~” She called teasingly as she turned and left, forcing you to make a face at her behind her back. “I saw that!”

When you heard her footsteps disappear down the steps, you exhaled deeply and reclined in your chair, pinching the bridge of your nose tiredly.

Being the leader of the girl group Dawn had its perks, and you enjoyed the position you had been given well before your debut. But there were downsides; there were always downsides to the job. One of the more noticeable negatives that you had come to face were the sacrifices you had to make for the good of the group and your girls.

Your phone blared with a new message that made your heart sink at the sight of it.

Sir Dork
Babe~ Come to my dorm, I need my daily dose of [Y/N]

Your fingers fly across the screen as you typed your simple confirmation before you put the phone on the table and drop your head into your hands.

You and Jackson had been dating for three years in total; two years privately and one publically. It had grown into a scandal, considering you were only in your second year of idoldom when you announced it, but you had pulled through and remained together regardless of the schedules and other obligations you required.

It was rough, yes, considering the fact you couldn’t see each other often, but you made it work. Jackson made sure he always made it work.

So when he had told you the week before that his schedule was finally going to clear up for three whole months, you were on top of the world. A free schedule was rare, and you knew that, so you were ecstatic in knowing you could see your boyfriend without any hassle.

That was until today and the revelation that your group would have to go on tour - during the same three months were Jackson had a free schedule.

Shoving your phone back into your jacket pocket, you make your way down to the ground floor of your company’s building and begin your commute to Jackson’s dorm.

Arriving half an hour later, you felt the dread building up in your stomach as you walked up the staircase. You approached their dorm door, hearing the flurry of feet rush past the front door. You knocked once and the door swung open to reveal a messy haired Jackson. “[Y/N]!” He grinned, pulling you into the dorm and into a tight hug. “How has my beautiful girlfriend been?”

“I don’t know; Mark oppa how have you been?” You called sarcastically to the oldest in the room. You faked a gasp at you, hand across his chest.

“[Y/N]. I am offended that you said that,” he began, “we both know Jackson’s the girl, not me.”

“[Y/N] ~” Your boyfriend whined into your hair, arms wound firmly around your waist.

“I’m good.” You answered with a smile, voice lacking in its normal energy.

“How can you only be good? I’m so excited for three months of just spending time with you!” Jackson chirped, swinging you back and forth as you moved around the dorm towards his bed. “Aren’t you excited babe?”

You froze, and you knew Jackson felt the sudden change in atmosphere.


“Mhm? Yeah, babe, I’m pumped-”

“Okay, now I know you’re lying to me.” He stated, moving so he could face you head on, eyes boring into yours.

As you starred into his eyes, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. The news would be disappointing to him.

“I’m fine, Jackson, really-”

“[Y/N], please…” His voice dropped so only you could hear it.

You sighed in defeat. “You know how we had all of these plans for your break?” He nodded. “My group is going on an Asian tour during those three months…”

His eyes widened in surprise and a smile broke out on to his face. “That’s amazing, [Y/N]! I’m so happy for you!” He exclaimed, pulling you back into his arms for a tighter hug that the first. “This is incredible! When are you going to announce it? We should celebrate! My baby girl is going on her first ever international tour!”

To say you were confused was an understatement. “You’re… Happy?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be? Going on tour with your group is awesome - tiring, but since when was idol life ever anything less?” He stated as a matter of fact, never once pulling away from the hug.

“But the break-” You began. “You were so excited to spend time together and now I’ll be out for the country for a long time.”

“You were upset because you weren’t going to be here when I was finally off?”

You nodded in confirmation.

“Jagiya, you need to start being more optimistic.” Jackson said firmly. “I mean, yeah, okay you’re touring during my break. That sucks. But when we think about it, my clear schedule means I can go on tour with you and be your personal groupie!”

The sheer excitement in his voice was enough to lift your spirits; you could practically feel and hear his golden smile.

You put your arms around his torso and return his tight hug. “You’re a dork…” You mumbled into his t-shirt, unable to stop smiling yourself. “Thank you.”

“For being the best boyfriend ever? You don’t need to thank me, [Y/N].” He answered.

He pressed his lips to the crown of your head and you sighed in content.

Now, how were you going to convince your management team to let your ‘personal groupie’ on tour with you?

So what about a sequel to the soulmate AU bc I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days  part 1 here

  • It’s not odd for Percy to wake up with his arms twisted around Annabeth and her back pressed against his chest or to have her arms wrapped around his stomach and her crowding up against his back.
  • It’s the best way to wake up.
  • He found Annabeth, his soulmate (which is weird to finally say) just a few days ago. It’s–it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.
  • The thing is–he hasn’t really been able to leave her side lately. It’s normal though, when people find their other half, it’s human nature to need to be beside each other all the time because they had already been separated for so long. Everybody knows that, so thankfully, Percy’s swim coach is cutting him a bit of a break right now about not keeping him too long after the other guys or letting him lift weights when he knows that Annabeth is in class instead.
  • It’s disorienting, and it’s perfect. 
  • When he’s not in class or swimming, he’s with Annabeth. Thankfully, they have similar schedules so he doesn’t have to go too long without seeing her. They usually get something to eat and then wander through the streets holding hands and talking unless they go back to Annabeth’s dorm to watch a movie on her laptop. Whey they do that, they always fall asleep together, and Percy gets to wake up to Annabeth’s alarm going off and seeing her grumble as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes and flops back down against his shoulder.
  • They’re going slow. They haven’t really discussed anything between them yet (after all, they just met), but Percy knows that he just wants to be beside her. He’s good with whatever she wants, as long as she’s right there with him. 

Keep reading