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My Hero

Title: My Hero

 Prompt: @clairese1980 : dean x reader where the reader gets injured and ends in fluff.  

 Summary: It was a routine hunt.  How were you supposed to know Dean had something planned for you afterwards?  And now that you got hurt and are in the hospital…he will be damned if he is backing out now.

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Injury.  Fluff.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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Hunting was dangerous.  There was no questioning that.  Hunting was deadly, and even more so when you had a weakness…like a lover.  You were fighting off a large nest of vampires, slicing away and killing as many as you could.  All in all, you were holding your own pretty well, so you glanced over your shoulder.  

Sam Winchester, your best friend, was fighting a stray vamp.  He didn’t seem to be having much trouble, so no worries there.  You turned back to the ones you were fighting and swung a few more times before glancing over your other shoulder.

Dean Winchester, your lover, was fighting the leader of the nest.  The one who started it all, and he was doing well and looking damn good doing it.  You smiled as you downed the last vampire before you, turning to aid your small family.

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Eaten Alive

This is a Spideypool/Marvel fanfic – None of the characters or the fandom belongs to me

A/N: This is probably the cheesiest and silliest fanfic I have ever written, I hope the Marvel-Fandom can forgive me for this. Also, a reaaaally big hug and thank you at @spookytickles who was so kind to help me think of a title (okay actually I did nothing so credit to you bro :D )

Summary: Wade comes back home and tells Peter from his mission where he fell into a tank of mutant piranhas. He tries to show Peter how it was to be eaten alive by the little beasts.
Warning: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling


Ohh Peter~

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Fili x Reader: Insecure

Originally posted by fili-raffe

(Wow, sorry for the big gif!  I’m running out of good Fili gifs to use for imagines/one-shots…  Btw gif is not mine!)

Request: Where reader is crippled and is in courting relationship with Fili.

(Author’s Note:   Credit to the lovely person who made this amazing request!  I must say that I’ve never written anything like this before, and I was all over the place with emotion!  Giggling, crying, etc… It was definitely an experience!  I hope you like it!)  

    A pleasant hum escaped your lips as familiar fingers ran through your hair.  Fili sat behind you, gently  separating the strands into sections for braiding.  The two of you were enjoying a peaceful afternoon in a sitting room within Erebor.  Your eyes fluttered shut as you just enjoyed the feeling of having your hair braided.

    The Quest for Erebor had been completed several months ago.  Fili and you had been courting since shortly after the Battle of the Five armies. Azog had been defeated, but at a cost.  Many of the dwarves returned to the halls of Erebor terribly injured, including Fili, Kili, and Thorin.  It was a relief that everyone had survived.  Even you had not escaped without wounds of your own.  But your injuries had lasting effects…

    When Fili asked to braid your hair for the first time as a sign of courtship, you had refused.  Deep down you were afraid that he was doing it out of pity over the fact that you could not walk anymore.  You feared it was pity, not love, that motivated him.  It was heart-breaking because you had cared for him long before the end of the quest. It was somewhere along the journey to Erebor that you realized your feelings.  You hoped that that he would return your feelings, but then the battle happened.  You suffered an injury from Azog that left you unable to walk.  All hopes were dashed.  It was life-changing, to say the least.  You had been a strong and capable warrior, and now…

    But Fili, with help of the rest of the Company, made you realize that he had cared for you long before the battle.  Your situation didn’t change how any of them felt about you.  It didn’t change who you were.  It didn’t change the fact that you had helped to reclaim Erebor.  It changed none of those things.  And so, you were beyond happy to enter into a courtship with Fili. No doubt your new life in Erebor had been an adjustment.  But the Company helped you through it.  Fili reminded you every day that your wounds did not end your days as a warrior.  Every day you were a fighter.

    And yet, you could not dismiss the doubts that came to mind every now and then.  How would the people of Erebor feel about their future queen with these…circumstances?  Would they even consider you fit to rule?

    It was unfortunate that your hair-braiding session had turned from a pleasant experience to something rather anxiety-filled as these thoughts plagued you.  Fili finished off the last braid and clipped on a silver bead to hold it together.

    “There you are,” he said finally, wrapping his arms around you from behind.  “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of braiding your hair.”

   “I should hope not,” you mumbled.  “Considering you’re the only one who can.”

    He went quiet for a moment, seemingly sensing a change in your tone.  A few minutes ago, the two of you had been chatting happily about your day. “Is something wrong, Amralime?”

    The nickname always softened you up.  And he knew it, too.  That dork…

    “Nothing,” you replied smoothly, trying to act as nonchalant as possible as you fiddled with the sleeve of your dress.  “I just have some things on my mind.”

    “Like what?”

    “Oh, just things.”

    A  chuckle rumbled from his throat, and he leaned forward slightly to rest his chin on your shoulder.  “Really, _________.  You can tell me what’s on your mind.  Perhaps I can help.”

    “Well…”  You sighed, mentally debating whether you should bring it up.  If you didn’t talk to someone about it, it would surely bother you for some time.  And who better to talk to than Fee?  “I don’t think I’m fit to be a future queen of Erebor.  Not with my situation,” you blurted.

    Fili turned his head to look at you with concerned eyes.  “We’ve been over this…”

    “No, we haven’t.  We’ve discussed how my injury doesn’t change the way you feel about me.  I know that now, that you and the Company love me no matter what.  But I’m worried about the people.  They need security.  To know that their future queen will be able to handle such a responsibility.”

    “________,” he said seriously.  “You are more than capable of handling the responsibility.  Do you know why?”

    “No, please enlighten me.”

    “Well,” he paused, leaning forward to place a kiss on your cheek.  “You are smart and clever.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who has a witty remark or quip for everything I say.”  You couldn’t help but giggle at his comment.  Fili smiled and leaned the other way to kiss your other cheek.  “You’re strong and brave.  You prove that every day.”  And he tipped your chin so your lips met his.  “And you care about the people.  I’d say you are most definitely qualified for the job.  Are you convinced yet?”

    “I don’t know,” you said slyly.  “I may need just a little more convincing.”

    He chuckled again and gave you another kiss.  “And now?”

    “I am thoroughly convinced.”  

“It’s my fault.”

Okay, so this is actually a fic kind of inspired by three of @meldy-arts‘ pictures. I wanted to draw one for her newest one, but then I also got a request do write a fic for this one, so I kind of incorporated that one in it too. And this one isn’t really in it, but after I saw this one I wanted to write a fic with a fire/explosion so that’s where that one fits in (also trigger warning for blood in all of the pictures and in the fic!)

Anyways, this fic is loaded with angst and feels…but it has a fluffy ending! (technically two endings…I couldn’t decide between the two…) 

Hope y’all like it!

Fic below the cut cause it’s over 2,000 words…

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Secret Lives (Part 6- Finale)

Words: 3k

Summary: After living at the bunker, you become closer to both Castiel and Dean.

Warnings: Fluff, smut (unprotected sex, minor dirty talk) language, some canon-level violence

A/N: Master tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.


You had been living at the bunker now for about six months and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love it. You had your own space for once. But you weren’t lonely because you had Sam, Dean, and Castiel to keep you company when you wanted it.

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A Serving Of Awkward Wrapped In A Shy Little Bow

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count:1600

Pairing: CastielxReader

Summary:  You’re desperately in love with Cas but you’re so awkward and shy around him that it’s comical. And, of course, in true Winchester style, Dean and Sam tease the hell out of you for it.

Part 2: The Food Run From Hell 

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submission - Meddling Friends/Family AUs
  • ‘Our mutual friend just told me that you have a crush on me and when I told you and asked if it was true you said that they told you I’m the one with the crush on you, now we’re planning our revenge over dinner’ AU
  • ‘I am going to kill my friend because they sent me on a blind date and I couldn’t turn them down without explaining that I have a huge crush on them’ AU
  • ‘Those two are such dorks. Wait they like each other? LET’S LOCK THEM IN A CLOSET- Don’t give me that look you knew what I was like when you asked me out’ AU
  • 'You showed up at my house with my friend and suddenly they handcuffed me to you and I’m so sorry this happens like every week, hang on I have a spare key but after you’re free wanna watch a movie?’ AU
  • 'My well-meaning friend read the love note I wrote to you with a megaphone in the middle of a park and I think I’m going to die of embarrassment’ AU
  • 'I told my sibling that I had a crush on you and in hindsight I should have known that was a bad idea. Anyway I’m so sorry that they tied you up I swear I had nothing to do with it’ AU
  • 'You think I have a crush on this one person and I don’t know whether to go with it or explain that I like you, either way I’m going to wear this outfit more often cause you think it looks sexy’ AU
  • 'Your friend is very intent on hooking me up with you and neither of us even likes each other but let’s just go on a date to shut them up, hey they’re paying so it’s free dinner for both of us right?’ AU
  • 'My friend shoved me into your arms and they thought we would accidentally kiss because they have no idea how physics works and I think I broke your jaw with my skull I’m so sorry’ AU
  • 'My sibling locked me in a closet with my best friend because said friend has a crush on me and I might be sort of thankful that they did that except that they lost the key so we’re trapped until the locksmith arrives’ AU
Michael Scofield X reader

can you write a prison break imagine where you are helping the boys break out and you get very hurt along the way and Michael is trying to help you deal w the pain?


I don’t why I thought this would be a good idea. To be honest, I don’t know what is good or bad anymore. I had 10 years to rot in a males prison. It was full of creepy looking men that were a lot stronger then I. At first I felt completely useless and was on my death row, but then I met Michael.

At first I was sceptical. Many prison guards and my lawyer has said not to fall for any of the inmates or ‘cons’ they like to call them… But it was by accident. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for a beautiful sculpted man?

-“Y/n” Michael brought me back to reality, snapping his fingers in my face. I let out a little confused 'huh’ - “If you’re done checking me out we need to get out of here”

I rolled my eyes, picking up a bible that was sat beside me and placed it onto the table. Sharing a smug look at Michael.

“Great. I’m glad the words of God is here to guide us”

I shared a pissed off look and opened the fake bible forcefully. There were just blank pages, creating a confusion in Michaels mind. I then flipped a couple of pages till I got to the middle. Once I was there it revealed a key that was nicely placed in a special cut paper.

-“This, darling” I said, picking it up to look at it closure- “Is the key to my heart”

We both shared a smile.

~ Now ~

It was a rush. We had just minutes to climb out of that window and get to the other side. I was second to last to get across and Michael was not far behind. Just as we got a way one of the guards fired a shot which unlucky hit my back shoulder.

I noticed straight away, I could feel each pour of blood dripping down my back and how hot it felt against my skin. I knew the guys didn’t know, especially Michael and I was okay with that. I didn’t want to hold back the group.

We got to safety and it was time to rest for awhile till we get back out and run again. I didn’t realise how much blood I lost and how the pain was truly effecting me till my mind was off running.

Michael was always in front of me, meaning he wouldn’t of been able to see the blood. Soon as I stepped foot in the room I collapsed. My body was truly drained and exhausted; what made it worse was the pain.

Although I didn’t faint, everything was still dark for a bit. All I could hear was Michael shouting my name and the panic in his voice when he saw the blood stained shirt.

Once I could finally see I patted his cheek as a sign I was okay. It was something we both did to each other whenever one of us was worried about each other.

-“Come on” he groaned, lifting my body to a near bed before rushing to the bath room for a towel and water.

I tried to sit up but Michael pushed me gently down- “Don’t. Let me look after you” before I could protest against it he spoke again- “Please, y/n. I can’t lose you”

The words hit the back of my throat, creating a hitch. It was truly powering to hear. That maybe, for once, someone didn’t want to lose me.

I stayed still and allowed him to clean, remove bullet and stitch me back up. I was slightly surprised that he even knew how to do that. I thought I was the medical genius and he was just, well, a genius.

Finally he allowed me to sit up. However he didn’t move, just looked at me with a smile.

“What?” I said with panic in my tone.

He shook his head, no. A smile still visible- “nothing”

I rolled my eyes, thinking he is just playing a game- “Whatever, dork”

“alright, bitch. I’m going to get ready for bed. Need anything?” I shook my head, no- “alright” he stepped closure to my bed, bowing slightly to kiss my cheek; something he’s never done before.

-“You missed” I said while he was still face close. Before he was able to ask I turned my head and kissed him on the lips.

Year of the Rooster

So what did I do in celebration of the Lunar New Year? I went to my friends house and participated in a Cock Fight.

Haha, no don’t sick PETA on me, they were just wind up chickens. We were each given some felt squares of fabric, scissors, glue, and 30mins to make costumes for our warriors.

I present to you Bruce Wing aka Batcock, lol. Yes, in case no one knew, the mediator of this blog is a huge dork, haha.

When Bruce was only nine, he watched his parents brutally murdered at a local KFC. Since then he’s dedicated his enire life o the pursuit of justice against all fast food chains which are the leading cause of slaughter of many defenseless animals and obesity around the world :P

Here is Bruce with his faithful butler and friend Alfred Pennywing

Here he is interviewing a fledge of potential Robins

No! no! Master Bruce, you can’t adopt them all!

oh hell, just forget it! And the number of Robins continues to increase!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Hope you had as much fun as I did and I wish you all the best 2017!

The Way it’s Supposed to Be

Summary: based on the above promt from phanfic

Word Count:1.8k

Warnings: mild swearing, blink and you’ll miss it

Genre: Fluff, it probably should have had more angst but it really doesn’t

The name had always been there, in small printing on the inside of his wrist.  Phil would run his fingers over the slightly raised letters so often that it became a bit of a nervous habit.  D-a-n-i-e-l-l-e H-o-w-e-l-l they read, in small neat hand writing.  Phil couldn’t wait for the day he would meet her.

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Summary: the reader is Stiles’s little sister and takes a definite interest in Liam after a lacrosse game which doesn’t fly too well with Stiles

Note: Hey so I know that I have a lot of requests that I need to write still but this idea popped in my head and I just had to write it. Sorry if it’s cheesy. :P I am working on all the requests though and am hoping to have them all done soon! :)

“Hey Y/N I- oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

           I glanced at my older brother out of the corner of my eyes as I turned the page. “What?”

           Stiles huffed. “You’re still reading?”

           Sniffing, I muttered, “Obviously.” It was hard to focus on my book when Stiles was having a little bitch fit in my doorway, so I reluctantly slipped my bookmark in place, crossing my arms and turning to glare at him. “Is that a problem?”

           “No, of course not- I mean, other than the fact that all you ever do is read. And eat. Then there’s the occasional bathroom trip, and… sometimes you sleep, I think. Or do you just suck energy out of the pages or something?”

           Rolling my eyes, I answered, “I didn’t realize reading was crime. Shoot me.”

           “Gladly, but that’s illegal.” Stiles sauntered across my bedroom as if I had invited him in, flopping down in my rolly-chair. I watched him carefully as he began to spin. “Listen, so, I was thinking… you spent the entire summer locked up in here, and then most of the first semester… why don’t you try coming up for air? Take a break from the books for one night. I promise your silly little Romeo won’t miss you too much.”

           I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the cover. “This is a book about middle schoolers discovering that they’re demigods.” Flipping the book over so that the summary was visible, I slid it across the bedspread for him to snatch up. “I honestly doubt Romeo is going to be making a guest appearance any time soon. Even if he did, I wouldn’t label him as silly. He’s more impulsive.”

           Stiles didn’t say anything; his calculating eyes were sweeping up and down the small paragraph. “Don’t strain yourself, slick.” I mumbled. He scoffed as he tossed the book back lightly.

           “What kind of name is ‘Percy’ anyway?”

           “Okay, dude, you really shouldn’t be talking about weird first names.” I smirked. “But if you must know, it’s short for Perseus. He’s named after the Greek hero who-”

           “-slayed Medusa and all that jazz. Yeah, got it. Read the Odyssey during freshman year.”

           I cocked my head to the side. “The Odyssey isn’t about Medusa or Perseus. It’s about Odysseus’s journey back to Ithaca after the Trojan War, and all the trouble he faced.”

           Stiles made a face. “Yeah, okay, whatever. Back to my original point, if you please. You need to get out. There’s a lacrosse game tonight. You should come.”

           I raised an eyebrow. “Are you actually going to be playing this time?”

           Snorting, Stiles hauled himself up and out of my chair. “Yes, of course… probably… maybe.” He stopped short in the threshold. “Just, c’mon, please, Y/N.”

           I groaned. “Fine. Get out. I have to get dressed.”

           Pumping his fist in the air, Stiles ran over to me quickly, grabbing my face in his hands and placing a sloppy kiss on my forehead. I screamed and swung at him. He sprinted out of my room, laughing. What an idiot.


           The bleachers were packed. I was honestly surprised. Who would have thought that this many people would actually show up? Especially with dorks like my brother and his goofy friend Scott on the team.

           I never really understood lacrosse all that well. All I knew was that it was kind of like football with sticks, I guess. That’s how it looked to me, anyways. It was very violent, and the ultimate objective was to throw the ball into the goal. Then again, there’s not a goalie in football… maybe it’s more like soccer but played with sticks…

           My phone vibrated. I fished it out of my back pocket. It was a text from Dad, asking where I was. He seemed surprised that I was actually out of the house. What can I say? I’m a home-body. I don’t like people or leaving my house for any reason.

           Once I had assured Dad that I was indeed okay, that Stiles had not kidnapped me against my will, and that the scoreboard indicated that Beacon Hills was winning, he concluded the conversation, hoping that I would have fun.

           Yes, because sitting alone at the top of some rickety bleachers surrounded by people you don’t know that are screaming at the top of their lungs as they watch a game you don’t understand definitely qualifies as fun.

           Still, I tried to stay optimistic. Scott had bought me a bag of candy, and Stiles gave me the rest of his Coke. My iPod was sort of helping to block out the crowd’s ridiculous roar.

           The stadium lights flickered on with a bang as night started to descend. The glare provided just enough light for me to take out my book and read. Score!


           I was in the zone. In my head, I was negotiating with Hades to the beat of Thunder Kiss ’65 by White Zombie… or was it Rob Zombie? He had switched at some point, but I forgot to which one.

           Suddenly, something flew right into my lap, causing me to scream and toss my book over the side of the bleachers in my moment of terror. Hand over my heart, gasping for air, I cautiously moved back to my original spot to see… a damn lacrosse ball.

           Furiously, I yanked out my headphones. “Stiles, you asshole!” I screamed, shoving my iPod into my bag, along with my snacks. The headphones were probably going to get tangled, but I was too pissed to care at the moment.

           At the foot of the bleachers, laughing, were the two biggest idiots I had ever laid my eyes on. When they saw me start to stomp down the silver steps, they both pointed at each other bestowing the blame of throwing the ball. I didn’t care who did it, to be frank. I was going to kill them both for good measure.

           “What the hell?” I shrieked when I jumped off the last step, standing toe-to-toe with my brother. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

           Scott snickered. “Your heart sounds fine to me.”

           I scowled. “You too, McCall! I can’t believe you! And here I thought that you were the perfect little gentleman… puppy… whatever. You’re just as much of a dog as Stiles!”

           “Dog remarks, huh?” Stiles flicked my nose. “Real classy, sis.”

           I swatted his hand away. “Oh, don’t you ‘sis’ me. I’ve had enough of you. First you make me leave the house, then you refuse to take me to the library-”

           “-hey, I was running late for the game-”

           “-and now this? Are you kidding me right now Stiles? And you wonder why I don’t want to come out of my room. It’s because you two bozos take every opportunity to tease the piss out of me, and I can’t stand it!”

           Scott scratched the back of his neck. “Y/N, I’m sorry… you’re just really easy to mess with. It’s funny. Please don’t be mad.”

           I mimicked him with a high voice, and Stiles rolled his eyes. “How mature.”

           “More than you are.”

           “Alright, whatever you say. I think it’s past your bedtime now; that’s probably why you’re so crabby. Go sit in the Jeep. I’ll be out of the locker room in like two minutes.”

           “Past my bed- boy, you do realize-”

           Coach Finstock cut me off. “Hey, McCall! Stilinski, and… smaller Stilinski! Get off the field!” Shoving past Stiles’s shoulder, I made my way over to the side of the bleachers.

           Stiles stalked after me. “Um, where do you think you’re going?”

           “To find my book, which fell over the edge when you threw a freaking ball at me like a five year old.”


           Eventually Stiles and Scott left me the hell alone, retreating to the locker room. Meanwhile, I strolled under the bleachers, neck aching as I scowered the ground for any glimpse of the green book. Damn. I was going to kill my idiot brother and his idiot friend.

           “Um, excuse me?”

           Gasping I whirled around to see a boy about my age standing back where I came. He was taller than I was, no doubt, with blond hair and blue eyes. His lips were pursed slightly, as if he were mulling over the words he wanted to say. When he stepped forward slightly, my heart skipped a beat.

           What was scarier at the moment? Bleachers somehow falling on top of me, or a boy I don’t know approaching me in the dark?

           Definitely the boy.

           Strangely enough, as soon as my heart beat escalated, the boy held his hands up slightly, as if trying not to disturb a frightened animal, and took three steps back, placing him the light. He looked like he was fresh from the shower with his wet hair and shirt that was sticking to his chest. “I’m not going to hurt you or anything. I just thought… were you looking for this?”

           In his hands was my copy of the Lightning Thief.

           “Yes!” I lunged, eagerly reaching for the book. I nearly plowed over him. “Sorry. Yeah, that’s mine. My brother scared me and I dropped it. Thanks.”

           “It’s no problem.” He shrugged, and the simple gesture made me think that he really believed it. “I just saw it and didn’t want you to be out here by yourself. There’s… you know…” He looked as embarrassed as I felt.

           “What’s your name?” I asked randomly, licking over my lips.

           “M-my name?” He looked startled. Why? Did he have something to hide? “I’m Liam.” He chewed his lower lip.

           “Well, it’s wonderful to meet you, Liam. You’re my hero. My knight in shining armor. My kitten-saving fire-fighter.” I joked, attempting to make him more comfortable. Liam cracked a smile, blushing as he shook my hand. “I’m Y/N.”

           Liam’s eyes bulged slightly. “Y-you’re Y/N?”

           Slowly, I nodded. “Yeah. Is that a problem? Did my terrible reputation as a quiet nerd girl create some kind of awful opinion of me prior to our meeting?”

           He snorted. “No, of course not. It’s just…”

           “And what the hell is this?” I rolled my eyes, turning around to see Stiles tearing across the field with an unhappy expression on his face. “I thought I told you to wait in the Jeep, not go around flirting.”

           “And I thought I told you that I was going to look for my book.” I spat back, crossing my arms over my chest. Then, as an afterthought, I added, “I wasn’t flirting. Liam found my book and gave it back to me. I was thanking him. We introduced ourselves. That’s it.”

           Stiles rolled his eyes. That seemed to be a habit we both shared when we heard total bs. But in this case, I was telling the truth. “Right. You weren’t flirting. Because that’s believable.”

           Alright, he wanted to be that way. Sighing, I held up my hands. “No, no, you were right the first time. We were about to just drop right down on the grass and go for it, but then you showed up, saving my virtue. I was too embarrassed to admit it. Oh, Stiles! How can I ever repay you?”

           Scott raised his hand from behind Stiles. “I have an idea. Never talk about your ‘virtue’ again.” He clapped Stiles on the shoulder before moving around to come stand between Liam- who was beet red- and I. “Well, it’s nice to see my Beta and practically my baby sister getting along.”

           “Whoa, you’re the Beta?” I exclaimed.

           Liam nodded. “You know about… about all of this?” He waved to himself and Scott.

           “Um, yes. My brother has a big mouth. The day Scott got bit, guess who he came to first?” I put on a falsetto. “’Oh my God, Y/N, Scott got bit by a big doggie and now he’s turning into Jacob from Twilight! What am I supposed to do?’”

           Stiles held up a finger. “One, I don’t sound like that.” Huh. I thought I did a pretty good job. He ticked off another finger. “Two, it was a terrifying moment. I had to tell someone because Scott wasn’t listening to me- and you bought right into it, so don’t even.” Can’t argue with that. Sadly, it’s true. But I was an impressionable eighth grader who read too much. I can’t be blamed… right?

           Then he was quiet, crossing his arms. “Well?” I asked.

           He sighed. “Well what?”

           “What’s the third thing?”

           “I don’t have a third thing. What makes you think I have a third thing?”

           “Usually, when people list off stuff, there’s three things. It follows the whole repetition of the number three from-” Stiles slapped a hand over my mouth, moaning, “Oh my God, I don’t have a third thing. Stop reciting your infinite knowledge about literary devices for once, please. I’m actually begging.”

           I shoved his arm off, but didn’t continue. Instead, I focused on securing my book into my bag. I definitely do not want to lose it again.

           Scott spoke up then. “Alright, well, now that that’s settled, Liam, do you want to come over for some pizza?” Stiles had told me in the car that we were going to Scott’s after the game for pizza and video games. Well, they were going to play video games. I was going to go upstairs into Scott’s room and read while I enjoyed my pizza.  

           Liam shifted awkwardly. “Uh, yeah, sure. Just let me text my Mom.”

           “Cool.” Scott said. I took the opportunity to dig my phone out too, passing it to Liam, whose eyes went wide. I laughed, “Put your number in.”

           “Oh no. No no no no no. This is not happening. This,” Stiles flapped his hand back and forth between us. “is not, I repeat, not happening. Negative. No no no.”

           I quirked an eyebrow. “And why the hell not?” I countered, placing a hand on my hip.

           “Because-” Stiles sputtered. “Because I said so! I’m the big brother! I’m always right, and whatever I say goes. So no. This is not happening.”

           “That’s not a reason; that’s an excuse.” I pushed my hair over my shoulder. “Besides, I could count on five hands the number of times you’ve been wrong today. You’re going to have to give me a more substantial reason than that.”

           Stiles was bright red in the face. “Because he’s a werewolf! And you’re my baby sister who acts like she’s all quiet and shy but really is a sarcastic nerd who is super confident and hates people and dear God you don’t need to corrupt this little explosive ball of rage. He’s a werewolf with anger issues. You’re someone who’s main goal in life is to piss other people off with your wide range of freaky intelligence about books. It’s a recipe for disaster.”

           Liam tried to butt in with, “I’m a what?” but neither Stiles or I acknowledged him. We were dead set on each other, glaring like we were two fighters on opposing corners of the ring.

           I crossed my arms. “So?” Stiles blanched, “So? What do you mean ‘so?’”

           “So what if I’m a bitch and he’s a werewolf? That doesn’t mean anything. You’re not Dad, Stiles. And I’m pretty sure he’d be happy that I’m talking to someone other than him, you, and Scott. In fact, I’m positive that he wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

           “Jesus,” Stiles raked a hand through his hair. “I know I’m not Dad. But I don’t wait you” he pointed at me, “or you,” he jabbed a long finger at Liam “to get hurt.”

           I rolled my eyes. “We’re not going to hurt each other. We just met. Honestly, what do you think is going to happen?”

           “I think that you like him.”

           “Well duh! Why else would I get his number?”

           “So you can text him and meet up or, or, or have him sneak into your room late at night when you think me and Dad are asleep, but I’m not asleep, and I’ll hear-”

           “-Malia telling you to grab a condom? Guess what Stiles. I’m not you. I’m not going to ask my were-partner to sneak into my room in the middle of the night Edward-Cullen-style and screw me. That’s your style, not mine.”

           “Oh my God, you heard that?” His pale face flushed with color. “That was one time.”

           “The point is-”

           Scott butted in. “-that me and Liam are standing right here and are hearing everything you’re saying to one another?”

           I blinked. Oh crap. I totally forgot that they were standing there. Awkwardly, I looked away from Stiles to see Scott staring at his shoes and Liam blushing like mad while tapping his thumbs across his phone.

           “Oh, um… hey guys… sorry about that… just a little sibling spat…” I trailed off, shifting my weight from foot to foot. “This is awkward.”

           “No sh-”

           “Here you go.” Liam cut Stiles off when he handed me my phone back. I mumbled a thanks. I was about to stow it away when it vibrated. I thought I had told Dad that everything was cool…?

           From: Liam ;P

         I like you too

         From: Liam ;P

         Now I feel like a nerd

         From: Liam ;P

         Please don’t laugh.

           I couldn’t help it. I snorted, shaking my head before patting his arm. “Adorable.” I said.

           Stiles, in his infamous nosy way, leered over my shoulder and read the texts. “Oh, great.” He groaned. “He likes her too. Wonderful. This night has gone beautifully.”

           Scott chuckled, taking in Stiles’s distress and Liam’s red face. “And so it begins.” He snickered.

Wedding Series TW: The Proposal

Scott :

Scott, Stiles, and I decided to go to the movies well originally it was supposed to be a date for Scott and I, but he felt bad for Stiles after he told him he couldn’t hang with him tonight. I didn’t mind though Stiles has become one of my closets friends almost like an annoying brother who I love very much, besides arguing with him about random things is pretty funny. “Well the movie doesn’t start for another half hour sooo what should we do” I said and looked at both boys they looked at each other and shrugged “we could play that shooting game” Scott said I looked behind me “how about you guys go shooting isn’t my thing meanwhile I’m going to the bathroom” I said and walked to the bathroom. For some reason Scott seemed a little nervous and kept looking at Stiles but then again those two are always acting weird. I touched up my make up a bit before walking back out. As soon as I walked up they both shut up about whatever they where talking about, probably boy stuff I thought to myself. After they finished their little game we went to try and win something off the machine with the claw. Of course none us had luck but I did come close to getting this stuffed monkey but ended up falling off the claw. “Y/n let’s take pictures” Scott said and tugged my arm towards the photo booth “we should start off with silly faces” Stiles suggested “um… Stiles I think it can’t fit us all” Scott said scratching the back of his neck it looked like realization had hit Stiles maybe that was Scott’s hint that he wanted some alone time with me, I don’t know but for sure they were acting weirder than usual. “You guys go ahead I’m gonna get some snacks before it starts” he said walking away, I felt kind of bad “we can make it work” I suggested and he looked at Scott so I looked at him but he just smiled it was a sneaky smile though. “No no its fine I been third wheeling long enough” he said “you could always call Malia” I said even tho they broke up they seem like they want to be together again “yeah we haven’t been on speaking terms and last time I tried talking to her she glared right at me… kind of scared me” he said and walked away. Scott and I got into the booth and put our money in and decided on our theme. “How about first normal, silly face, kissing, and me kissing your cheek sounds good” he asked me and I nodded. The countdown began and we did our pose which was normal, then we turn to each other and stuck our tongues out that’s when I saw what he had pulled out. He had a ring I was so overwhelmed I forgot what was happening and all I heard was clicking from the pictures “marry me Y/n, you’re my world and honestly I couldn’t picture my life without you” he said tears were about to escape my eyes “of course I’ll marry you” I said smiling as big as I can. Our last picture was him putting the ring on “I wanted us to remember this day and whats better than pictures of it” he said and kissed me “is this why you and Stiles been acting weird tonight” I asked “I wasn’t sure how to propose but I knew tonight was gonna be the day. I’ve been wanting to ask you for weeks just couldn’t figure it out. Since the day I met you I knew I wanted to marry you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I just had this feeling that I finally found my soulmate. I love you princess” he said and kissed me “you’re the sweetest baby I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend” I said and hugged him. We got out the booth and Stiles was standing there with the cheesiest smile “come here you two I’m glad I was part of this night kind of. My two best friends engaged” he said putting an arm around both of you. The three of you happily went inside the theater.

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And You Are? Part Two


And You Are?  (PART ONE)

hemmodweeb asked:

Part 2 of and you are?!?!

As asked, here is the second and last part to this imagine :)

*if you have a request do ask!*

It had been seven months since Ashton had come home, how we have had to slowly piece his memories back together and it’s been difficult to endure. At times when we would go out with his friends he would be confused about how they knew more of my past than he did. On many nights we sat and talked until the sun came up, just to become more familiar once again, neither of us giving in.

Seven months of hospital visits to check on his progress, see how his memory has come back in small pieces, he can remember moments but not specific chunks of our relationship, but it’s better than having no one at all. Today we have to go back for the weekly visits to the hospital, these visits are draining for both of us. They make us sit and they do tests on Ashton’s memory, from the last thing he can remember and events in the world he missed out on and how the accident happened. He knows the story off by heart having it hammered into his memory now. He may not remember living through it but knows how it happened at least, he isn’t living in the complete dark.

A couple of weeks ago we had Ashton’s family stay with us since we couldn’t get back to his home, the doctors thought flying for such a long period of time would be damaging. Having his family here was difficult at times for sure, but mostly it seemed to relax him which is what is good to see. Seeing him bond with his siblings and help out his mum it makes me smile thinking of it all.

After the hospital visit we come back home, the usual run of events after a visit is to refresh ourselves then watch films all night and talk about anything that Ashton wants to know. It can range from my upbringing to how I learnt to drive or my first kiss. Things that he knew once like the back of his hand, but now it’s alien to him but it’s not his fault. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be sat next to him today, brushing his golden curls out of his face, seeing those dimples form when he smiles to me or the fully amazed and interested look he has whenever I tell him something new.

To begin with when we got home initially I felt like I was walking on ice around him, he was kept in a wheelchair for a few weeks in case he caused anymore damage in his legs or was prone to falling which may have resulted in his head to become even worse. I would avoid him and sit upstairs in my study just to cry, he didn’t quite understand why or knew about how upset I would be, as he didn’t know me. For a while he didn’t talk a lot, he seemed like part of him was holding back every time we ate a meal or when we said good night. He admitted recently how scared he felt, that he was living with a stranger who was supposedly his fiancée and that this was his life. I always told him if it wasn’t for him I would understand but he remained persistent, eventually I joined him.

As we both walk in, hand in hand he goes and makes us a drink each. Some people think that the relationship isn’t normal, how I am trying to make him remember me, those people think I’m holding him back and that he should live his life now, not trying to remember everything that did happen. Ashton remains perfectly capable of everything he did before, playing the drums and singing with the guys, dancing terribly and naming every single Pokemon character. He now knows so much about me, it’s almost like everything was the way it used to be, almost.

As Ashton walks into the living room handing me a drink I give a small smile, he raises an eyebrow and sits down next to me, taking away my drink so he can hold me close. Four months ago he picked back up on my mood and how it can alter, this wasn’t something I had to explain it was just his own instinct. He knows how tough I find the sessions, reliving the night of the accident and he always holds me close, never wanting to let me go.

Neither of us say anything, we sit there in silence embracing each other, finding peace within the muted world. Sometimes he will say soothing words, or repeat an old story or tell me about something he remembered us doing once, it may only be a small glimpse of a memory but I usually fill him in on what he missed, we make it work.

Once we usually feel better and share stories I go up and refresh whilst Ashton orders something for dinner. We have a routine as the doctors told us that routines tend to be good and can help with the brains activity, so we came up with this routine of things at least on Tuesday’s.

“Ashton, I’m just going to have a shower!” I tell him as I see him pick up the phone, nodding to me.

When I reach the bedroom I take out my dressing gown and place it on our bed, I remove my necklace and place it down looking at it carefully. It was my engagement ring. As Ashton came home I kept the ring around my neck, rather than on my finger as it wasn’t something to show off now. It wasn’t a symbol of what we have, it’s a symbol of what we had instead, it’s something I want to hold close to my heart instead. I head for a relaxing shower and once I get out and dry my hair off I secure my dressing gown around myself and go to put my necklace back on, only to see it isn’t on the bed side table.

I begin to look around it and in the draws, trying to prevent myself from freaking out or breaking down. It’s around somewhere that’s a fact, maybe Ashton would know.

As I head down the stairs I rub my eyes, feeling tired and spreading black under my eyes even more so than it originally was. “Have you seen my necklace?” I ask letting out a yawn, not paying attention to where he was whilst I got some water.

Taking my glass and heading into the living room I see candles lit across the room, the tv on and Ashton sat on the sofa, an array of food and my favourite snacks nearly presented. “What’s the special occasion?” I ask surprised.

He looks nervous, but there’s no need to be. “Just wanted to treat you, you deserve it y/n.” He says walking towards me and kisses me softly.

As he pulls away I let out a chuckle, “Guess I feel a bit under dressed.” I motion to my dressing gown and my damp hair and make up under my eyes.

He twirls me around and then stops me, pulling me close to his chest. “You look beautiful to me whatever you wear or don’t wear, how ever you look.” He kisses the top of my head and I snuggle into his chest, smelling something different.

“Is that a new aftershave?” I jolt my head up to face him and he shyly nods, as if he was worried I hated it. “It smells great Ash,” I say winking to him and we settle down on the sofa, tucking into Chinese. “So what are we watching first?” I ask with a mouthful of noodles.

He chuckles at the sight and bites into some prawn toast. “Actually I found this film that I wanted you to see.” I raise an eyebrow with curiosity. “Remember when we showed each other films from when we were kids, of us singing or playing around?” I nodded remembering it well, Ash joked about how I looked cuter then and my singing voice has gotten worse with age, I joked about his hair mainly. He let out a soft chuckle at the vivid memory we shared, “Well the thing is I found one more.” He said and I put my food down and moved closer into his chest wrapping my arms around him, he placed an arm around my back instinctively.

As it began I could hear some commotion and some distinctive voices. “Ash why did you drag us here? I was playing Mario kart!” I knew that was Michael, the distinctive moaning regarding video games has never faltered.

“You know why dummy, now cheer up. I went to the effort to style my hair.” Luke said now visible pouting to the camera, I let out a giggle as Michael rolled his eyes.

“That took effort? I thought you just woke up ten minutes ago?” Calum spoke up and Luke went silent, his facial expression saying it all.

“You guys are such dorks.” I heard a voice behind the camera, looking to Ashton who smiled to me, pulling me closer to him. “So, what do you wanna say?” He asked the boys as they sat on a sofa which I recognised as the one we were sat on now.

“About what? Sleep? Life? Sex? Food? Be specific mate.” Michael spoke up and Calum hit him.

“You know what Mike, it’s important.” He mumbled to him and Michaels expression changed to one of joy.

“Ohhhhh that!” He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes, finding it so weird yet normal of Michael in terms of his behaviour.

“So, y/n?” Ashton said behind the camera and I could feel myself blush, turning to Ash who had his eyes focused on the camera.

“She’s almost as good as me at guitar.” Calum spoke up but laughed.

“Cal you’re crap at guitar.” Luke joked, and Calum shrugged his shoulders.

“Exactly.” I let out a laugh, thinking back to when I wanted to learn guitar but Luke gave up after half an hour whilst Calum watched.

“She is very good at looking after us, especially you.” Luke motioned to behind the camera, “She didn’t give in on you, that’s love right there.” I smiled, wishing I could thank Luke for the kind words.

The boys turned to Michael waiting for an answer. “I mean, she’s kinda cool I guess.” He shrugged his shoulders and there was a long pause. “Oh I’m just fucking with you.” He scoffed, “Y/n,” he pointed to the camera, “you make Ashton so so happy it’s crazy. You’d think after all that shit most people would be out of the door the first chance they got, but you, you stayed with him. I remember seeing you sat there for five days straight, in and out of his room and you barely spoke, you occasionally blinked or accepted coffee, but mainly you just wanted to be by his side so he didn’t feel alone. Even now after he couldn’t remember you you stuck to him, helped him remember. That is what love and commitment is, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you.” He nodded signing off and I had tears in my eyes, amazed such kind words could come from Michael.

“Plus she has a great butt!” I heard Michael yell and the others agree as the screen went black.

I laughed at the comment and turned to Ashton, still incredibly confused. “They aren’t wrong you know.” He said looking to my butt, but I shook it off, wanting to see what was going to happen next.

The screen came back on and it was his family. His mum, and two younger siblings, on the same sofa. “Okay guys, gotta take this seriously.” I heard Ash breath in and out behind camera, trying to calm himself down.

“Ash be calm, y/n loves you with all her heart. You can do this, I raised you to be a gentleman.” His mum told him and I smiled, hearing him mutter behind the camera.

“Mum, you can start.” Ashton told his mum who readjusted herself on her seat and looked at the camera.

“Y/n, sweeetie. Since the first time we met I have always seen you as a part of the family, you are amazing with the kids and were so willing to get involved with every aspect of our family lives. When Ash toured you came to visit when you could, keep the kids company and joke around with them. After the accident you remained strong like I knew you could, I always told Ashton to find a woman who is capable of anything, and I think he found her.” She points to the camera and smiles.

Ashton pokes his head around and is very close to the screen pulling a stupid face. “She means you dummy.” I smile and look to Ash who is blushing like crazy. “Lauren? Do you want to go next?” Ashton disappeared behind the camera and she nodded happily.

“I thought a lot about having a sister when I grew up, what she would be like to play with or talk to about girly things.” She started, “Like I have mum but it’s not the same, Harry doesn’t understand and Ash is well,” She points to behind the camera, “He’s Ash.” She jokes. “But when Ash said he had a girlfriend I got nervous, when he was coming home and introduced us to you immediately I felt at ease. You were so friendly and were interested in me and what I cared about. You helped me with my homework when Ashton was away, we went shopping and baked cakes together.” She laughed and I let out a watery laugh now, “Y/n you’re the sister I always wished to have, now my dream is becoming a reality.” She finished holding onto her mums hand. Her mum kissed the top of her head, telling Lauren how well she did.

“Right, it’s all down to you Harry.” Ashton said and a thumbs up appeared in front of the lense.

“Okay, y/n. My brother means a lot to me, he was like our dad growing up. He cared for us when there wasn’t an additional figure to help. When the accident happened we broke down, mum practically fell apart and Lauren didn’t talk, that meant it was up to me, the man of the house to take control. I remember you helped me out a lot, you spoke to me when you could even though when we visited I could clearly see how damaged you were. I admire you y/n, and I am happy for you and Ashton, always will be.” He gave me a thumbs up and I wiped away a tear that fell.

“Thanks guys, you all did great.” Ash said behind the camera and the screen went black, I shifted in my seat as I wiped my eyes, wanting to try and seem like I was together for this.

Ashton now sat alone on our bed, he held his hands in front of him leaning on his thighs. He let out a sigh, and picked up a piece of paper that was next to him, muttering whatever he had written before putting it down and facing the camera once again. “To my beautiful, most caring and committed girlfriend y/n.” He started and let out a shaky breath. “You were my everything, and I’m so glad you still are. We went through hell, you went through hell watching me suffer in silence, I was told about how you didn’t leave my side and still managed to look after my family, my friends and even me when I didn’t know. I vividly remember waking up and seeing your face, God you were so beautiful, you were exhausted, crying but you looked perfect in your own way. When you told me you were with me, I wished I could’ve danced, but you didn’t see it. I didn’t want to let you go, I was desperate to know you again but a part of me was afraid you wouldn’t want to. I was scared to be alone again, I saw all the pictures and heard your laugh, I saw you cry and I’ve seen you dancing at 4 in the morning just because we couldn’t sleep. You looked after me in the best possible way and loved me through it all.” He paused and rubbed his face, I took the moment to hold back the sob I suppressed, rapidly wiping my eyes. “We’ve known each other for so long now, and I have had the pleasure to fall in love with you all over again, thank you y/n, I love you.” He smiles and gets up to turn the camera off, the screen goes black and the film ends.

Ashton removes his arm from me and we sit up, both of us seem to be in a bit of a state, he wipes my fresh tears and kisses me passionately, once we pull away, breathless he moves away from me, standing up.

“Y/n.” He holds his hand out for me to take and I accept, standing in front of him. “The day I woke up do you remember what day it was?” He asked and I nodded.

“It was our wedding day.” I told him, once I would have burst into tears thinking about it, but now I am thankful that Ashton is alive, my wedding day was the last thing I thought of when we were sat in that hospital room.

He took my hands into his, “I know how prepared we were to be husband and wife, how by now we would’ve hoped to have moved or planned to move somewhere else in the country, planned on having kids whilst I did a few more tours with the guys. In a few years coming home to the smell of cakes and cookies for the kids, seeing our children aspiring to be what ever they want to be. Having our families visit for the holidays, being one big unit.” I imagined it all so clearly, it seemed like so much pressure placed upon that one day, the day we should’ve had that pressure placed on us was the day some of the pressure was lifted off of mine. “Thing is y/n, I love you, I love you so much it hurts me at times. When I woke up part of me knew I loved you and that I would never stop.” He moved away and went down onto one knee, I brought my hands up to my mouth in shock, now trying to stop myself from crying anymore. “I may have lost three years of our lives together, but I don’t want to miss anymore.” He pulled out from his pocket my necklace with my engagement ring on it, he chuckled as I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah, I took it whilst you were in the shower.” He joked, easing the nerves we both felt. “So y/n y/m/n y/s/n, will you do the honours of being my wife?” He asked looking up at me with that same look in his eyes of aspiration.

Before I could even speak I was on my knees and crashed my lips onto his, kissing him deeply and passionately. As I abruptly pulled away, panting and catching my breath I nodded. “Yes Ash, yes a hundred times over.” I giggled as he removed the chain from the necklace and placed the ring back onto my finger.

“I love you so much.” He pulled my into a hug.

“I love you too Ash, forever.” I let tears of happiness fall down my face as I smiled brightly.

“Never again will I forget you.”

Pick Up Lines (Luke Hemmings Blurb)

Relationship: Luke x Reader

Words: 1372

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Author’s Note: This one starts of kind of slow but I really like how it ended up. Thanks for sending in a request! As always, feedback is welcomed! 

Saturday sleepovers were always your favorite part of your friendship with the boys. It was the only time you really spent alone with the four without interruptions. As much as you loved hanging out with your girlfriends nothing compared to the antics you got into with the boys around.

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Babygirl. (Gang/Dally Imagine)

This is for dallysgreasergirl she requested it plus shes just amazing and stuff ((: Hope you like it!!

The boys and I were going to the drive in tonight, I was going to see my boyfriend, I didnt know about the rest of the guys. Dally was the one that was always lookin out for me, well more than the others did. I was like Dallys guardian even though I was about as old as him, I took care of him when he was sick and made sure he wasnt gettin into trouble that could cause jail time. He always caught me and he decked every boy that he caught lookin at me sideways. Dallas loved me and everyone knew it. I loved him too, man when I found out Sylvia was cheating on him when he was in the cooler I damn near killer her. I went over to her house cause I had driven Dal there once or twice and it was the only place im sure id find her. I pulled a blade on her, I told her if she ever thought about gettin within an 100 foot radius of Dallas every again she better be askin for a death wish, I cut down her leather jacket and spit on her, she didnt do anyhting cause she knew if she touched me Dal would make her wish she went with my offer. 

We were just gettin to the drive in when I saw Kristy Cendell in the car in front of us. Man i hated that broad, she was with Mac before we were going together and she was a real looker so that added 10 to her intimidating factor.
“Okay guys I just want you all to know..” Two bit trailed off, he was already plastered. He started in again about two minutes of confused silence later. “that Im going to be causing trouble and anyone is welcome to join me.” He hiccuped and the started laughing hysterically, everyone laughed with him because Two just had one of those laughs that you couldnt help but laugh too cause he was so full of life and it just made everyone around him happy. Soda had one of them laughs too but he was so adorable it wouldnt matter if he was a bland as a brick you’d still smile just looking at him.
We picked our seats and I watch Darry go sit with old football buddies and Two, Steve, and Soda ran off to cause trouble. It was pretty cold outside but nothing i couldnt handle. I decided to go look for Mac.
“here take this (y/n), it’s gonna start gettin colder” he handed me his leather jacket and I went off.   

I sighed out of relief because I eventually I saw Mac sittin on his car hood with two cokes in between him. I smiled and walked closer to his car, my smile fell about two cars away from his when Kristy walked around the car and hopped on the hood. She snuggled into Mac and he wrapped his arm around her. My jaw clenched and i went to go buy a quick coke. I made my way back to Macs car after the extremely long line at the concession stand. I put a really cute smile on my face and walked around the front of the car to Mac. I sipped on my coke, “Hey babe, Hey broad.” I looked at the both of them. Macs mouth dropped open and he tried to explain. “Shut it Mac, I know you’re used to girls falling for your shit lies but unlike all your other broads im not birdbrained and I know when Im getting cheated on.” I smiled and leaned forward a bit, I threw my coke in his face. “wow Im real sorry for Mac.” I grabbed the coke off the snack tray hanging on the next car. I pretended to sip on it. I started to walk away but stopped by Kristy. I ‘tripped and slipped my coke in her face and down her shirt. “tripped man, ahh what a waste.” I made a mildly upset half smirk and walked off.  I wasnt going back to Dally and the dorks so i walked off to the fence surrounding the drive in. On the walk there I passed kids I knew and kids I didnt want to know it hit me that Mac and I were done for, after 8 months…who knows how long he was cheatin on me. I got to a part of the fence that was private enough for my liking. I slid down the chain link and my butt hit the ground. I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms tight around them. I didnt dare open my moth cause I knew all that would come out was whimpers. I didnt cry anymore, I wasnt just sayin that to sound tough either, i just didnt well more like I couldnt. Guess I just cried my self dry when I was young. 

Roughly thirty minutes later Pony came runnin up to me, I didnt notice until i saw the dust from him skidding to stop in front of me.
“(y/n) whatcha doin over here?” he knelt down and put his hands on my knees. “I dont wanna talk about it right now Ponyboy.” I said real quite, my voice cracking. He looked at me understandingly and sad like at the same time. He didnt say anything else he just sat beside me. I started to shiver from the decreasing temperature. Pony wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I love Pony, he’s a real jem ya know. Like he just gets people and I admire him for always helpin someone when they need it. He really needs people to appreciate him more.
“thanks Pony”
“well no problem (y/n) you know I care aboutcha.” Pony looked at me smiled
”thats not what I mean Pone, i mean thanks for everything, thanks for helping people, thanks for taking the time to understand people, thanks pony. You’re genuine Ponyboy.” he kissed my cheek, we both knew it was just a friendly gesture. 
We didnt say anything else. 
After the first move was over Dallas found Pony and I. 
“Hey Ponyboy, go watch over Johnny all the others split again. Ponyboy jumped up without question and Dallas took his place. When Dal wrapped his arm around me it sent shivers down my spine. 
“(y/n) why ya out here all by your lonesome.” he looked down at me. 
“I had Pony..” I said quietly. I knew what he meant.
”You know what I mean.” Dal was the only person i could open up to without hesitation. I told him everything that happened with Mac. I started to making the noises that came with cryin but no tears came. After I had calmed down Dallas asked what kind of car he drove.
”Mustang, black, convertible. Real nice lookin” 
“You datin a soc?!” Dally was heated.
”no, I dont know how he got it. His family looks and sounds as poor as dirt,”
I sighed and looked away from Dally. he turned my head to look at him “You’re a real tough girl (y/n) real tough.” He kissed me, got up and walked away. He kissed me. Dallas Winston kissed me. I touched my lips with tips of my fingers and smiled ridiculously. 

Twenty minutes ago Dallas came back with his fists scuffed up and blood stained. We didnt say much until I asked him why he did that.
”Nobodies gonna get away with hurtin my gal” Dally smiled and picked me up. We met the gang at the Curtis boys car and everyone asked why I was gone the whole time and Dally was bloody. Neither one of us said anything I just squeezed his had.
After everyone decided to head to bed Dallas suggested I go to bucks with him tonight. He knew I couldnt take my sister yelling and cussing at me tonight. I said yes and we started walking. Dallas wrapped his arm around me. “Listen I really am sorry about tonight. Mac doesnt deserve someone like you” He smiled at me. 
“thanks Dal.” He pulled me closer as we walked into Bucks. He glared at everyone who set eyes on me, we both sat at the bar for a bit and drank a couple shots. We both needed about one or two or twenty. A dirty lookin guy sat next to me at the bar, Dally glared at him for ten minutes before the guy said anything. 
“Hey doll” he looked at me grinning. I just laughed at him and leaned back. Dallas threw his arm across me and into the guys nose, swear i heard a crack. “Look man I was jus-” the guys was holding his nose and blood was pouring everywhere. 
Dallas didnt let him finish. “dont even look at her pal, shes mine.” Dallas pulled me up and lead me to his room. There was no hesitation after the door was shut, Dallas grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I blushed and kissed him back, Dally and I were both fairly intoxicated so i didnt think about this. He used his hips to press me against the door, I sighed out of pleasure. I wasnt one to admit things but I was in love with Dallas Winston and i knew it from the start. Dallas picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed when we agreed through slurred word and droopy eyes that we were getting tired and dizzy.

Dallas and I never officially dated, we just cared about each other endlessly and made out at Buck and at the drive in and at the Dingo and on the streets…I hung on Dallas and he hung on me but there were never labels, we both thought they just made things complicated and serious.
We both knew we were in love with eachother and we didnt want to ruin it. Sure the gang asked if we were dating a couple times but we never really clarified anything. 

When Dallas died I ran away to Arkansas and stayed with my aunt. I never knew Johnny died until I came back and Soda was gone too, drafted for the war. I stayed with the Curtis boys once I came back, I helped them with bills and slept with Ponyboy and comforted Darry when most people couldnt. We got the knock two weeks before Soda was supposed to return home, it was devastating and the only time the Curtis boys cried about it was when we were all alone together. I spent endless nights holding Pony and stroking his hair. We never really believed Soda wasnt coming back. Two had even forgot he was gone fore a hot minute and brought up the fact that Soda shoulda been home in two days. Pony and i left the room, Darry was at work, thank god. Two bit didnt mean it though. Steve and Pony got closer after Soda died and Pony took over half of Soda shifts at the DX. Ponyboy became a real ladies man. Soda was right, he just had to grow into it.   

  Wow okay I hope you guys liiiked it D:    

A little something for @madahenriques who has not been having the best time at the moment, and whose birthday it also is! Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I hope you like mates, jealous!Derek and cheesy love confessions. I blame @halewithstilinski‘s post for the direction this took. 

Derek tries not to look as Stiles dances with yet another guy. Erica is beside him, encouraging him with hip checks and cat calls and- why, dear god, why- booty slaps until Boyd thankfully pulls her away. There is only so many times Derek can hear “shake that money maker, Stilinski” and not have the urge to rip the person’s throat out Stiles is shaking his “money maker” at.

He’s not possessive. Well, no more than werewolves usually are. He thinks. Stiles can dance with who he wants. Fuck, he can sleep with who he wants, that’s not Derek’s decision, but it’s more than a little hard to see your mate grinding up against other people and oozing contentment all the while looking over at you every other five minutes. Derek gets Stiles likes to make sure he isn’t trying to sneak out on what has been, horribly, called “shake your groove thing night”, but still, way to unintentionally rub a guy’s face in it.  

Derek hopes it’s unintentional anyway.

Mates aren’t as common the books make it out to be, and it’s just Derek’s luck he not only ended up with one, but also fell hopelessly in love with him (to quote just about every cheesy romantic movie ever made).

Romantic mates are even less common. Usually mates are just people you have a special bond with; you feel everything more keenly with them, for them. You are connected to them in a way you aren’t with anyone else, but it doesn’t have to mean anything. Until you are stupid enough to fall in love with them, that is.

Derek knows it’s not impossible to get over a mate, but the problem isn’t Stiles being Derek’s mate, it’s the fact he’s Derek’s Stiles. That loud mouthed, annoying, persistent kid. That stupidly loyal, funny and crazy smart kid. That kid who is no longer a kid but a twenty-two year old grown ass man who clearly didn’t focus all his energies on studying in college (if the way his hips are moving is anything to go by).

Derek truly, desperately, tries not to whine, nostalgic for the days when he found it easier to tear his gaze away from Stiles.

In fact, he is so focused on maintaining his usual, indifferent highly preferred (he doesn’t care what the therapy books say about it being a defensive mechanism) persona (that is apparently fooling no-one these days, not even Scott), he doesn’t even notice when two perfect- fuck, why are they so perfect- mole speckled hands take his.

“Stiles,” Derek grunts, taking a moment before he looks up, scared of the heat he can feel rising on his cheeks at the skin to skin contact.

Derek used to think Stiles was a tactile person, the kind of guy who always got up in your space, but he’s noticed in the last few years how much Stiles shies away from the people he loves. The Nogitsune played a big part in that, Derek knows, but it’s not being afraid to touch anyone Stiles is wary of, like Derek so often is. It’s being scared people will reject that touch. He’s seen it, over and over, and he’s spent countless moments trying to figure out a way to give Stiles a hug without making it into the big deal it is, but stealth was never one of his strong suits. So he leaves it alone, even though it physically hurts him to watch Stiles holding himself back, holding himself away, when Derek sees he needs it. Having a stranger touch you is never the same, Derek thinks he knows that better than anyone.

Which is why Stiles doing something as simple as taking Derek’s hands makes his heart skip more beats than is probably healthy, because Stiles touching him like this, so freely, so easily, means he trusts Derek. Trusts him with something far more precious than his life. He trusts him with his trust, something Stiles rarely gives to anyone. If he ever gives anyone these days.

And then suddenly something changes, because one moment Stiles is holding his hands and the next he is slipping his arms around Derek’s waist, pulling him in, pulling him against him. It’s heaven and hell and everything in between.

Derek swallows. “Stiles, what are you doing?”

“I’m tired of playing hard to get,” he says, simply. Fact, even though Derek can smell his nerves. “Everyone keeps telling me this is something, so if it isn’t you have tell me now.”

Derek’s eyes flick up and sure enough, the whole pack is watching them. The assholes.

“Everyone?” he asks, a pointless question.

Stiles nods, eyes slowly scanning Derek’s face, lazy and unhurried like he could look at him forever. It makes Derek shiver.

“Everyone,” he repeats, licking his lips. “But it’s not polite to assume things. So?”

“So,” Derek whispers, dumbstruck, distracted, at how soft Stiles’ mouth looks this close up. Has it always looked that soft?

Rolling his eyes, Stiles leans in closer. “You and me,” he breathes, slowly, like a confession. “We could be…” He looks down.

“Good?” Derek finishes, breath catching because, wait.


“I love you,” Stiles says, shrugging, like it’s no big deal, even though Derek can hear Stiles’ heart racing over the music. Can hear it thudding. It’s the most erratic he has ever heard it and maybe it’s not the right time to smile, not when Stiles is looking at him like he thinks Derek is about to crush him, but he can’t help it. He feels drunk.

No, he feels happy.

“In Mexico,” Derek says, shakily bringing one hand up to cup Stiles’ face. “I- you heard me, right? What I said?”

Stiles frowns. “What you said?” he asks, clearly not understanding.


Derek blinks, confused. “You turned back, I…thought you heard me.”

“No,” Stiles shakes his head. “I mean, I thought-” He sucks in a breath, once, fast. “You mean-?”

“I said-” Derek begins, but his throat closes up, just like it did that night. “I said-” he tries again, but still, nothing happens. “I said-”

“It’s okay, I think I get it,” Stiles smiles, taking his hands again, and that’s all Derek needs to hear before he leans in and kisses him.

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Title: Rendezvous [] [ao3]

Rating: M (smut)

Word Count: ~2200

Summary: No one said that training to be a member of the Order of the White Lotus would be easy. But then again, there are exceptions to the austere conditions when one is dating the Avatar. Makorra smut.

Author Note: Something light for us all to enjoy. Maybe a late birthday present for selenicsoulmates since we discussed this idea a long while ago.



Mako grimaced and squinted his eyes against the biting cold wind of the South Pole night. He wasn’t a stranger to the cold by any stretch of the imagination; there had been far too many nights on the streets of Republic City covered by only a soggy piece of cardboard and his brother’s body to keep him warm for him to count. Then again, considering how bad the memories were he had no desire to tally such times up.

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leajsx  asked:

Hi!!! I love your blog seriously, and I was wondering if I can make a request on the RFAs reacting to accidentally see MC wear their clothes. ^^ TQ so much -3-

aah this is so cute! i hope you enjoy! xx


  • He was trying to find his coat but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere
  • “MC have you seen my—”
  • So that’s where it went
  • You had just come out of the shower and you saw it lying on the bed so you wanted to try it on
  • It stopped just above your knees since he was so tall
  • His eyes were wide when he saw how small you looked underneath his big coat
  • “Oh! I’m sorry Zen, I just wanted to try—”
  • He didn’t let you finish
  • The beast was unleashed right then and there let me tell you


  • He was panicking because he couldn’t find his trusty hoodie
  • “I refuse to leave this house without it whERE IS IT?”
  • “Yoosung; is something wrong?”
  • There you were, his hoodie resting on your body and stopping mid thigh
  • He was blushing so bad that you thought he might explode
  • “M-MC…you found my hoodie…”
  • His stuttering was so bad you couldn’t help but giggle
  • “I just wanted to wear it because of how comfortable it looked on you!”
  • “It looks even better on you,”
  • Who says that Yoosung is completely innocent? not me 


  • You were looking through the closet and decided to try on one of Jaehee’s work outfits
  • “MC! I brought us some treats from the bakery down the road!”
  • She caught you pulling up the stockings and her cheeks heated up
  • “Oh…Hi, Jaehee”
  • She was so flustered but couldn’t seem to take her eyes off you
  • Especially when she saw that you hadn’t completely buttoned up your shirt
  • “Excuse me, MC”
  • You couldn’t help but smirk at the fact that she couldn’t even be in the same room
  • Now you knew what to do to get her in the mood


  • “Jumin, could you come here for a second?”
  • “Of course MC, what’s the matter?”
  • You sitting in nothing but his dress shirt was the matter
  • Especially on the bed like that MC what are you doing
  • You were blushing, pulling such a bold move like this but why not do it
  • It barely even covered your bottom as you sat there, trying to find the words to convey what you wanted
  • But he knew oh god did he know 
  • You wore his shirts every now and then especially now that you knew that that’s how he would react


  • “I can’t find my jacket what kinda bullshit”
  • “Is it this jacket?”
  • You were in a superman pose you being the dork that you are
  • Seven froze, his glasses fogging up as he cleared his throat
  • Error error 707
  • He left the room and you were puzzled because hello pay attention to me
  • But when he came back you simply couldn’t contain the laughter as he copied your same pose
  • In your sundress
  • “Best idea you’ve ever had, MC!”
  • “Saeyoung you dork I love you.”

anonymous asked:

AU: Highschool - If a dragon slayer guys s/o was sitting on a bench waiting because they had a date planned but the guys were a hour late and s/o was mad what would they do to surprise them to make them happy or blush when they do get there?

awwwe this is so cute~! i wish the dragon slayers went to my high school

NATSU: The dork wouldn’t even realize that he was late until he showed up at the meeting place and saw his s/o looking upset. He had been held up fighting with Gray. And it wasn’t the first time this had happened. So he knew his s/o had every right to be angry at him. But he had no idea how to make it up to them right then, well that is..until he saw that little patch of wildflowers in the park close to where the bench was. And after a few minutes he showed up in front of his s/o holding a fistful of pathetic looking dasies and a few weeds. He would nervously give it to them and mumble an apology. “I’ll make it up to you, promise. Just please don’t be mad.”

LAXUS: He would probably already knew he was going to be late by the time he started towards the park where his s/o was waiting. He had gotten detention that afternoon and couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it, and on top of that it was raining out now. He knew by the time he would get there his s/o would be most likely pissed at him. And as soon as he found them, he knew he had to do something to get their mind off of the fact he was really late for their date. So he stepped behind them and tapped their shoulder. Once they turned around he scooped them up into his arms and placed a sweet kiss onto their lips. “I’m sorry that I kept you waiting sweetheart~” he would whisper and give them a little smile as he leaned over to kiss them again.

GAJEEL: It technically wouldn’t be his fault that he was late, he just had really bad luck with the teachers. Seeing as they thought he was some type of asshole just because of piercings that covered his skin and unusual red eyes. So he was held back after school with a teacher that was insisting that what he wore was against dress code. And he would have had to stay later, if it wasn’t for the fact he knew his s/o was waiting. Well that and the fact his patience was wearing thin. Resulting in his pushing past the teacher, mumbling swears towards them as he sprinted out of the school building and towards the bench behind the school where they met up after school every day. And when he showed up he would just pout at their upset expression. After apologizing and kissing their: nose, forehead, cheeks, and head. He would promise to make it up to them, taking their hand in his as he led them off so that they could start their date now.

COBRA: As soon as he arrived he already had his hands up in surrendur. “I know, I know. I’m an asshole, and a twat, a douche. And any other swear word you feel like calling me right now. But hey, at least I showed up?” Cobra was always running late, probably because of all the trouble he got himself into at school. But whenever he kept his s/o waiting he would do his best to make them happy again. Because after all, that’s all that really mattered. Resulting in him treating them out and doing whatever they wanted to do. Doing his best to make sure that there was a smile on his s/o’s face, all the way up till he kissed them goodnight on their doorstep.

STING: The blond hadn’t realized there was practice the same day that he had planned a date with his s/o, and he couldn’t Rogue to cover him. So he was forced to stay at football practice for over an hour until he could make up an excuse to leave. And once he finally showed up he was already apologizing to them. Wrapping his s/o into his arms and murmuring how sorry he was to have kept them waiting for so long. Which resulted in him patting their head and placing a kiss onto their forehead. “Well, we missed our movie night at my place instead?”

ROGUE: He didn’t actually have an excuse for being late. He had just lost track of time. He had been sitting at home fiddling around: watching a movie, eating junk food, and clearly not looking at the clock. So when he finally did check the time, he was horrified to discover that he was an hour late, when he usually always got there early to meet his s/o for their dates. After grabbing his jacket and running out the door, he arrived at the bench his s/o was sitting on, out of breath and his face red. “S-sorry..lost track of the time..” he would look at his s/o awkwardly as he kept repeating how sorry he was. “What would you like to do instead today? My treat.”