I did a re-draw the crossover between Yuri On Ice! and Nightmare before Christmas.

I don’t like it. 
I’m sorry. I have 450 followers and I can’t show how thankful I am!
I’ll say it with words: thank you!
It’s an hard period for me and, as I said, I’m not in the mood.
I still wanna draw though.

The pose is so static and they don’t even look at each other.
I’ll try again in the future!
Thank you again!
See ya~


Here’s the OTHER of the “SEVERAL THINGS” that I was working on, a collection of doodles of Billie Fresh and Dippy Fresh from the wonderful Fresh Falls AU. @norrisontheclumsy and I have been going bonkers over stuff for this AU and these designs will, in fact, be the starting basis for my Billie Fresh cosplay I have planned to complete this summer. So yeah! A different kind of terrible than the angst from earlier, but still terrible nonetheless ha ha ha I actually completely unironically love the Gravity Fresh AU okay please let me be rad in peace 


-Nana Graye

15 minutes warm up sketch on the old phone tablet thing (because Hana was playing word games on my computer). Things I miss: drawing directly on where I’m looking. Things I don’t miss: no pressure sensitivity. Things I miss terribly: This blue bastard on TV. 

Season 3 of Rebels won’t be airing for another year over here, probably, so I am left with scrapings on Youtube:(

This was actually an experiment with facial features, to see how would those Disney animated ones look like on a real person. I’m taking votes on who should play Thrawn if we ever get him on theatre screen.