my doggy friend


Baron is a stripper. Unlikely, but in this story, true.

Pairing: Baron X reader
Rating: M, smut
Words: 1.4k+
Warnings: dirty talk, sex work

All of your girls were in the same place tonight. Your best friend was getting married and you were the maid of honor, so you arranged the party to be at your place. Only at the last second Sasha, another bridesmaid told you a secret.

“You didn’t! Oh God, tell me you didn’t hire a male stripper!” You cried, putting appetizers out to combat the champagne that was already flowing.

“What?! It’s gonna be fun. You’ll like it!” She called over the music. “Plus, Carmella’s gonna love it.”

“Jesus, don’t tell me it’s Enzo, Colin, or God FORBID James!”

“Nah, girl! I hired a professional.” She winked. “He’s gonna be here at ten to close the party.”

“Well, I’ll be hiding in my room for the last hour of the party.” You smirked and continued to serve your friends.
You hadn’t even noticed when ten rolled around. You were just hanging, enjoying yourself when he arrived. Grabbing a bottle of champagne from the kitchen, you missed his entrance. Coming back out to the living room, you nearly dropped the bottle.

He wasn’t some cut pretty boy. He was a /real/ man. Long hair, beard, rugged, lean, tons of tats, and hot as hell. He had an intensity to him that drew you in like a magnet. You watched him dance for a while just enjoying the show. You didn’t even notice how much attention he was paying to /you/.

Then he beckoned you with a dark smile on his face and a dangerous look in his eyes. You shook your head bashfully. You were in front of all your friends! You were shy! No! No! No!

“Go! Go! Go!” The chant began quickly. Charlotte was even shoving you toward him.

Eventually you were looking up at him just inches away. “Hi,” you whispered, smiling in embarrassment.

“You the maid of honor?” He asked in a voice that made you melt.

“Uh-huh,” you nodded.

“Got something for you,” he smirked and winked. Then you watched as he took a bottle of chocolate sauce out and he poured it over the tops of your breast. You had plenty of cleavage to work with. The girls all cheered.

“Wha?” Was all you said before he began to lap it up. “Oh!” The girls screamed and you grabbed the back of his head; fingers weaving in his hair. It felt so good, and he was barely doing anything. His hot mouth on your skin just felt right.

When the chocolate was gone he leveled his face with yours, and flicked his pointed tongue over the tip of your nose. You nearly fainted. The girls all “ooo!”’d, and you laughed, face burning with arousal and shame. He had you soaking through your panties.

Next he did a special dance for Carmella. It was sexy, yeah, but it wasn’t anything like what he’d done to you. Plus, his eyes kept flicking to you. He finished up after that.

Sasha paid him and he was about to leave when he looked to you. He approached you and your heart started pounding.

“Hey, I’m not much of a smoker, but can a bum a cigarette if you have one? Just feel like that was pretty intense in here.” He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

“I know who has some. Hang on.” You left and came back with them. “Want me to keep you company outside?”

“Yes, please,” he nodded empathically. You led the way and he followed. It was drizzling outside so you took him to the garage.

He lit up and you were quiet at first, simply assessing each other. Then he went to put up his hair and you couldn’t help the “don’t” that slipped between your lips.

“Sorry?” He replied.

“Nothing,” you blushed and looked at your feet. Then his feet appeared on either side of yours. He was right in front of you. “I said don’t put it up. Your hair is great.” You continued to bashfully stare at the ground.

His fingers tilted your face up gently. The cigarette was gone. You looked up further and the dark look in his eyes made you shiver. You locked gazes for a long moment. Then he looked at your lips and swallowed hard.

“I never do this. I never hit on the girls. … but there’s something about you…” He was waiting for your name.

“Y/n,” was your timid reply.

“Nice to make your acquaintance. I’m Baron.” His eyes kept drifting to your lips and then back up.

“Baron,” you repeated. Then, unable to help yourself, put your hands on his shoulders. He closed his eyes and sighed. Then your hands moved down his incredible arms. Back up them to his chest. Down his chest to his abdomen.

That was the last straw for him. He attacked your lips with his, ferociously nipping them to get you to open up. When you did, he drove his tongue inside your mouth. He tasted like smoke, but he was such a good kisser it didn’t matter. Then he started moving his tongue in and out of your mouth, mimicking sex; you fucking melted.

“I- want- you-” You panted between kisses. It was almost an animal need you were feeling. It was becoming unmanageable, even painful.

“Oh yes,” he groaned, picking you up and bending you over the hood of your car. “Is this okay?”

“Uh huh,” was all you could do. He pushed your leggings and panties down just enough to expose your ass and pussy. He gave it a slap and chuckled at your moan. When he covered your body with his, you felt tiny. It made this all that much more heady. He was so masculine and massive. It was a huge turn on.

He mirrored your outfit by pulling down his own pants, and slid his cock inside your /very/ wet cunt. He groaned as you gasped. He gave a test stroke and you squealed in delight. He groaned again, but deeper this time.

“Goddam, it’s like you were made for me,” he growled in your ear.

“Same,” you moaned as you saw stars behind your eye lids. It felt so good, you were almost drooling. “Holy shit!”

He began fucking you at an impossible pace, holding your hips like his life depended on it. You just held on to the car as best as you could as wave after wave of pleasure took you closer to orgasm.

He took one hand off your hips to grab your hair and turn you to his mouth. He left bruising kisses on your lips, neck, back.

“You fuck like an animal,” you moaned. “Just mount me, bite me, mark me.” You complimented. “It’s perfect.” At that point, he slid his hands under you to grab both your tits and started a pace you didn’t think was possible.

“Yeah? You like this?” He grunted in your ear. His breath hot on your neck.

“Ugh! Yes!” He changed the roll of his hips and you were certain you were done. Ruined for all other men but him.

“You like being treated like an animal, y/n?” His voice was harsh and you knew he was getting off on the idea.

“Hell yes, Baron,” you huffed. Unable to hold on much longer.

“Animals cum in their mates,” he groaned. “You want my cum?”

“Ohhh yes,” the idea made you burn. “Baron, I’m- I think- Oh God yes! So good!” You screamed as you came. So lost in pleasure you forgot you were outside.

A few more wild thrusts and Baron was a groaning mess, sending his cum deep inside you. His hands moving from your breasts to embrace you from behind, laying his cheek against your shoulder.

“Holy shit,” he breathed. “That was incredible. Thank you.”

“Thank /you/,” you smiled and turned to kiss him. This time his kiss was soft and slow and languid. He held your face gently, and when the kiss was through he placed a peck on your nose.

“So, everyone probably knows what just happened out here.” He chuckled. “Sorry about that.”

“Oh, like I care. That was amazing,” you told him. He smiled and kissed you again. “Lets go join the party, huh?”

He pulled back from you and you turned over. You felt exhausted, but seeing him undressed in such a filthy way brought you to life again.

He must have seen that in your eyes, because he was on you again in a flash.

“Or,” he said, right against your ear. “We can keep our party going out here.”

“Good idea.” You nodded.

He smirked darkly. “Thought so.”

A night at the club

My friend and I went to nice club one night. We had a few drinks and danced for a bit, on the floor this really sexy guy kept hitting on me, he bought a few drinks for me. I looked at my friend, probably with a worried look on my face and she gave me that ‘go for it’ look, so we kept dancing and grinding I each other. He invited us back to his place for some more drinks. He had a decent place and not to far from the bar. He put on some music and got us each a few shots. At some point he and I started making out on the couch My friend started to rub his back. Then she started taking off his clothes. She whispered in my ear ‘I want to watch him fuck you, but will you be mad if I fuck him too?’ I told her I would love to share. She started kissing my neck while sexy pulled off my dress and started rubbing my inner thigh softly just driving me crazy. My best friend now making out with me and this guy was rubbing my legs so soft, slowly making his way up to my wet pussy. He slipped a finger in and lowered his sexy face to kiss my clit, it sent waves of pleasure through my whole body. My friend pulled off her dress and said to me 'do you need a sweet pussy to lick baby?’ I smiled, of course I wanted to lick her pussy. She go on her knees and pressed her dripping wet little pussy to my lips. I first kissed then licked her lightly, she loves to have her pussy teased, just like I do. Sexy got excited when he looked up to see me eating out my best friend right in front of him. He asked my friend to lie on her back so he could watch me lick her pussy while he fucked me. He had a nice sized cock bigger than my husbands, quite a bit wider, it felt incredible. I love to be fucked doggie because I love the way it feels to have his balls hitting my clit. I could feel my friend edging closer and closer to her climax just about the same time he grabbed me hard and really started fucking me hard and deep, I could feel my own climax creeping up as he slammed into me harder and deeper with each thrust, it was more and more intense. I had my two fingers deep into my friends pussy softly kissing and licking her clit and pussy lips when she started to tense up I felt her pussy almost clamp down on to my fingers as she came. Seeing and feeling my best friend cum like that sent me over the edge and I came hard on his dick. After a few more hard thrusts I felt it, his fat steamy load of cum bursting into me finished out my orgasm. It was intense. Next thing I know my phone was ringing and it was my husband I had told him I would call around 2am to let him know if I needed him to pick us up and I forgot. I told him I was just going to take a cab home in about an hour or two. After I got off the phone with my husband I called for a cab to pick me up in about an hour. My friend looked at me and asked if I had time for a little more fun, I said I’ve got about an hour, the guy came out of the bathroom and got back into bed with us. He said 'are we ready for round two?’ We both smiled. He started making out with my friend while I made my way down to his dick, I could smell the mix of his cum and my cum all over it and it turned me on immediately, I kissed the tip, lightly licked it then swallowed as much of it as I could. I sucked his cock while he fingered my friend, he then looked at me and said 'I’m gonna fuck your friend, then I’m going to fuck you again. So he got my friend into doggie and I sat next to her head so we could make out while he fucked her. After about 15-20 minutes of him slamming into her, and her having multiple orgasms he motioned for me to get on my back so he could fuck me. My friend kissed my neck while he dumped another hot load inside of me. After resting a few minutes I got up, put on my panties and dress, and told my friend I needed to get going. She said she would call me in the morning. She stayed the night with him. They had a good time. After I got home I walked into my room and my husband was in bed asleep. I went into the bathroom and took off my cum soaked panties. I came back into the room and walked over to him, I started to get on top of him. I was still so horny from cheating on him. I sat down on his dick. 'It’s so wet baby’ he said. I told him I had been flirting all night and it made me horny. He like that and told me I was his naughty slut We had the best sex ever that night. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Sarah :)

Badass Yui is back

Now on Shin version.
Okay, i loved her reaction so much.

YAH TELL HIM part 2.
should i say that she pushed him back when drinking her blood before this

© Edit/translation by me. Forgive le shittyness ;-;


Deeks’ first snow! I was worried he’d hate snow (being from Spain and living in a shed all his life before he came to me), but apparently it is The Best Thing Ever. He even chases snowballs. He won’t chase regular balls, or sticks, or even play fetch with his toys (NO PLAY ONLY TIDY). But he will run after and pounce snowballs.

Also he likes to lick snowmen.

Once I accidentally stepped on my friends little doggy and he kinda kept following me trying to  get beneath my foot so i can do it again? He was a little fucking masochist.

Which confirms that dogs are better than cats.

5 Things Tag

I was tagged by this sweetie pie: @thecoffeestudyblr

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • At least one book
  • Lip balm
  • Menstrual cycle products
  • My wallet
  • My bike lock 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • Books everywhere 
  • Cornstarch
  • Lip balm 
  • Candles
  • My medications

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Travel all over Europe and Australia 
  • Go with Chris Fallows to study the Great White sharks in The Cape of Good Hope during winter <3
  • Road trip all over America 
  • Live in a small village somewhere in England
  • Have enough money to help other people and animals all over the world

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • My doggies!
  • My friends and family
  • Videogames/YouTubers
  • Nature photography
  • Cuddling under a warm blanket

5 things I’m currently in to:

  • Grey’s Anatomy 
  • All live acoustic performances by The Pretty Reckless
  • Silver/grey hair
  • Better Cheddar sausages 
  • Lemonade mixed with flavored vodka(cherry, blue raspberry, etc.)

5 things on my to do list: 

  • Water my grandma’s plants, get her mail and paper in. (she’s on vacation)
  • Buy a new bike lock, granola bars, and more lip balm 
  • Cuddle with the doggies
  • Save money to get my hair done
  • Watch more Grey’s Anatomy  

I tag: @bestfriendswithcas, @ejhutch75, @winchesters-guardianangel, @deathscytheeevee, @clarissachristina, @queen-of-broken-hearts-posts, @cosmiccatarts, @stargazingwithfireflies, @im-parker, @jenthefirewalker, and anyone else who wants to do this!

i used my dog to steal

not even kidding… 

I spoil the shit out of my puppy, and for christmas I got him this big puffy ass coat with POCKETS. I (very) recently started lifting, so when I realized there were pockets in it… *cha chiming bitches*.

I wanted to spoil my boy with some toys, so I put the coat on him (its fucking cold here so no one really cares or thinks anything of it other than saying how cute he is in it because he really is fuckin cute), and I would slip different things up his jacket or into the pockets and then zip up the pockets. 

I bought dog food because it’s kinda weird to not buy anything.

I think next time I take him to Petsmart & he has a nail appointment or something I’ll just take the jacket off of him, pay for the nails and then wait in my car (with my puppy jacket full of puppy toys!)

just a new idea for my doggy loving friends. I’m sure if you had a cat you could use your cats cage to conceal. That’s pretty dope actually. 

harley-quinn-94  asked:

PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this respond with 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 people. (It's miss-scientia!) 😊

Hey boo!
I’m in great need in this today. I’m struggling.

1. My doggies
2. My friends online and irl
3. My mom
4. Writing
5. Game Grumps