my dog is weird

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

Y'all I’ve been googling a lot about how to determine if a dog is in heat as I earn my dogsitting money breaking up some weird horny dogs and y'all. Y'all. I did not realize the degree to which ABO is dog sex. I thought it was dog sex inspired. But. I’m reading these checklists of how to deal with my very very very horny dog, and it’s like fuck I’ve read this on ao3 guys, I’ve seen this exact checklist from prompted on kinkmemes. I can’t believe this. It’s just dog sex but with people. I can’t believe it. Specifically I can’t believe I knew more about the specifics of abo fics than I did about the actual reproductive cycles of actual living real creatures.

how did red skull tie his shoesies?

with little nazis

If straight girls keep calling each other their girlfriends then I’ll just start calling my dog my boyfriend and if anyone thinks it’s weird that means they think it’s more likely that I’d date my dog than another woman.