my dog is sniffing me

Drug Bust

So one day at school we had a sudden lock down that the teachers didn’t even know was going to happen. It lasted for over an hour and once it was over we got stories from several classes that they were made to line up and got sniffed down by dogs. My friend sat down next to me in the next class and couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently the biggest drug dealer in school was about to get sniffed down so when the cop and dog were turned around he took an entire HANDFUL of weed from his pocket and swallowed it all in one second. He was so high he didn’t even know where he was. STILL somehow got away with it.


How about one where the reader has a dog and let’s them know when a walker is coming or people and Rick and the group comes across them and Rick isn’t too sure if he can trust the dog and sometime the dog protects Judith, and they are welcomed. Daryl likes the reader and decides to stand up for them.

“What’s wrong Storm?” I asked as my dog stood there sniffing. This was his way of letting me know something was coming. “Shh.” I said hurrying and crouching down behind the pharmacy counter.

I was on a quick run and it seems someone else is too.

A small group, only three people came barging in the door causing a ruckus.

I noticed my bag was out in the opened, and I knew they’d take it if they saw it, so I took my chances and made a grab for it.

“Did you see that?” One of them said.

“What?” A gruff voice asked.

“There’s someone back there, I saw a hand.”

“C'mon out, ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of.” Another voice said. I stayed down for a few more seconds and didn’t say a word. “I don’t want this to end bad.” The same voice said.

I sighed and stood up as I held my book bag in one hand and the other hand placed on my gun.

Storm got up next me and started growling.

“Is that a walker?” The Asian one asked.

“No it’s my dog.” As I said that Storm ran out and sniffed everyone, then he walked back to the door to keep watch.

“You alone?” The same guy that told me to come out said. He had a beard and dark hair.

“Maybe.” I clutched tighter on my gun.

“There’s no need for that.” I’m guessing this guy was their leader.

“Lower yours.” I challenged.

“Fine.” The man with the beard said and slowly lowered it.

“You too Robin Hood.” I said to the guy with the crossbow.

As they all lowered their weapons I slowly removed my hand from the gun.

“Where ya from?” Robin Hood asked

“Up North.” I was keeping my answers short and simple, they didn’t need to know about me. “Now I’d like to continue scavenging and be on my way thank you.”

Storm started sniffing again and pouncing up and down.

“Walkers comin’.” I said and pulled my knife out. I walked up by Storm and sure enough one was coming. I waited until the walker was close enough to plunge a knife through its brains.

I shoved the knife back into its holder and continued on for what I came for.

“Did you really trust that dog on that?” The one with the beard asked.

“Of course, he kept me alive all this time.” I rolled my eyes and shoved a can of soup in my bag.


“Naw Rick, I heard of that before.” The Asian one said.

“Well Rick, and guys, it’s been a pleasure but I have to go.” I said nodding my head and getting up to leave. I stopped as soon as I saw Storm pouncing and sniffing again as a herd was emerging from the woods.

“Well I guess you’re gonna have to wait on that one.” Robin Hood said.

“You don’t say.” I said moving towards the door and pulling it shut. I hurriedly moved a shelf to block it, I knew it wouldn’t hold but it would buy a little time.

“There might be another way.” I said walking towards the back.

“There’s a lot of them out there.” Crossbow boy said.

“Yeah now come on and help me think of a plan.” I said looking around. That’s when I saw what could be our escape. Right behind the counter where I was before, there was a door in the floor. I went to pull it opened, but it was sticking.

“Here.” Rick said and took over.

The door popped opened and there was a set of stairs, and from the looks of the outside, we might as well take our chances.

Rick went down first followed by me and Storm and the other two.

We found a back door and slipped out of it.

“Where ya goin’?” Robin Hood asked me. “You’re comin’ with us.”

I didn’t want to tell them no, because being by yourself is kinda lonely. I had Storm, but this could potentially be better for us.

We got in a car and Storm instantly took a liking to Robin Hood, he was even licking his face. I glanced over and we shared a small smile and I looked out the window for the rest of the way.

We rolled up to huge walls, and when the gates opened, it was like heaven.

*Daryl’s POV*

“Rick, I think we should give her a chance, she can’t be that bad. Hell she’s been alone for who knows how long?” I whispered to him.

I glanced over to her and her dog who were by Carl and Judith. Judith was petting Storm’s head and Y/N was sitting there smiling.

“Alright, but only cause I trust your judgement.” Rick said and clapped his hand down on my shoulder. He went to go put Judith to sleep and I took this opportunity to go sit with Y/N.

*Your POV*

I looked up as Daryl came over to sit down by me.

“Thanks for convincing Rick to let me stay.” I said smiling.

“Yeah.” He said and nodded his head. Storm jumped up on his lap and laid his head down.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at how forward he was with Daryl. I knew I was okay because Storm hasn’t given me any signals since we got here.

I knew I’d fit in with them eventually, and they’d all grow to accept me fully.

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Personal life post so if y’all don't’ wanna read it or you don’t give a fuck then yeah, pass this up.

A N Y W H O. I made a post the other day about how I didn’t know if this girl I’m seeing was A C T U A L L Y into me. Well, we spent the day together and cleared all that up and she I S into me. And we went on a walking tour with Christmas lights for a date and it’s about a two-mile walk. (And I stopped going to the gym and walking on the treadmill because I’m lazy and I’m busy all the time and tired.) Well today my legs are actual limp noodles and I got off the couhc and F E L L. Fucking C R U M P L E D to the floor like a damn ribbon. My dog came over and sniffed me and my dad laughed. That is all.


This afternoon, outside our building, in the snow…

ZELDA: *sees two other dogs*

ZELDA: I gotta go talk to THOSE DOGS.

ZELDA: *pulls frantically*

ME: Calm down.

ZELDA *pulls frantically*

ME: Okay, girl, okay.

ZELDA: Have … to … go … over … there …

ZELDA *pulls frantically*

ME: *takes to other dogs*

OTHER DOGS: *wag tails*

ZELDA: *stretches out on ground in frozen puddle, displaying all the goods*



ME: Zelda!

ZELDA: What?

ME: You are in A PUDDLE.

ZELDA: But I have to show these dogs my junk?


ME: Girl, no. No. Get up.

ZELDA: Why? This doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing you would normally have a problem with. I have no SHAME about MY JUNK.


ME: That’s not what this is about.

ZELDA: I’m just trying to determine your position vis-à-vis me displaying my junk to these dogs.


ME: My problem isn’t you displaying your junk. It’s the fact that you are doing it in a puddle of freezing water on a freezing day.

ZELDA: You have a political issue with puddles, then?

ME: I don’t have a political problem with the puddles. My concern is hypothermia. And after that, the filth.

ZELDA: That last bit is totally a book title.

ME: Maybe. Just get out of the puddle.

ZELDA: brb *splays wider*


ME: *lifts Zelda out of puddle*

ZELDA: But …

ME: *takes Zelda to day care*

At day care, 3 minutes later…

ME: *tells story of the junk and the puddle*

ME: And so anyway, that’s why she needs a towel.

DAYCARE: Hey, you know, we assign all the dogs here a high school personality. Want to hear what Zelda’s is?

ME: *is uncertain*

ZELDA: *wags tail at door to the dog room*

DAYCARE: She’s that cheerleader that everyone wants to get with?

ME: ಠ_ಠ

ZELDA: *wags tail at door to the dog room*

DAYCARE: But not a slutty one.

ME: ಠ_ಠ

ZELDA: *goes into dog room*


anonymous asked:

Does wearing sunglasses confuse dogs, because they can't see our eyes? I was at a park today, wearing my sunglasses and was sitting under a shade. A dog approached me and sniffed around for a bit and then stared at my face for good 5 seconds. Its expression was so adorable haha.

It can. Dogs that aren’t exposed to certain things can be easily spooked. Like beards, hats, skateboards, or bikes!