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Scenario? Where dazai girlfriend who is shy shares an milkshake with him.

Dazai Osamu
“Hm?” At the sound of Dazai’s voice, you snapped back to reality.
“You’ve been staring at that menu for ages now! Do you now what you want?” He asked, smiling.
“O-oh, sorry… I haven’t yet” You blushed lightly and looked back down at the menu you were originally staring at; you weren’t even reading it before, just daydreaming and happened to be looking at it. An innocent smile appeared on Dazi’s lips as he thought of an idea.
“How about we share a milkshake? That’s something that couple do, right?” Your eyes widened slightly and your cheeks darkened at his words.
“S-sure, if you want to.”
“I’ll let you choose the flavour! I hope you can decide on that” Your lover chuckled as he waited for your response.
“Is strawberry alright?” You asked, sliding the menu into it’s holding slot.
Dazai responded with a ‘Mhmm’ and called over a waitress. After he ordered, the two of you were silent, it wasn’t an awkward silence but a comforting one. The two of you gazed out of the window at the drizzling rain, grey clouds and busy streets, occasionally catching each other’s eyes in the reflection. The silence was broken by the waitresses return with your drink.

“Enjoy~” She smiled as she walked away. Before the two of you, stood a tall glass of pink milkshake with cream spiraled on top, lined with chocolate sauce and topped with a single strawberry. Two straws stuck out at the sides, one for you and one for Dazai.
“It looks delicious!” You smiled, it was almost too pretty to drink! Dazai took one of the straws and sipped it.
“Mmmm! Aren’t you going to have some?” He asked.
“I-I was going to wait until-”
“But there are two straws so you won’t have to wait!” He pushed the glass towards you slightly, gesturing for you to dink some. As you took a sip, Dazai did too, his eyes meeting with yours. The short distance between you turned your cheeks redder then the strawberry on the milkshake; you adverted your eyes straight away earning a light chuckle from your love.

You both stopped drinking and reached for the strawberry, Dazai’s hand reaching it before yours.
“Do you want to have the strawberry?” He asked, a smaller smile forming on his lips, you nodded. He put his elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand then held the strawberry slightly in front of you. As leaned in to eat it, he took the opportunity to kiss you, turning you pinker than the milkshake in front of you. You hid your face in your hands, this made Dazai laugh.
“Did I surprise you? Here” This time, he gave you the strawberry, still laughing a little from your response to kiss actions.”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you so much!” He was still giggling ever so slightly from how you responded, he really didn’t expect it! You took the strawberry and looked down, refusing to look at him, a blush still dusted across your cheeks.
“Will you forgive me if I give you the rest?” He slid the glass to you slowly, which you took and sipped just as slowly as he passed it to you. He looked straight at you before blushing pink ever so slight.
“I love you” He beamed as he said those words. Although this made you blush even more, you couldn’t help but smile and look at him.
“I love you too”

I’m sorry this turn out long! I really enjoy writing things like this so I can’t help myself. Once again, I apologize if it’s out of character but hopefully, I’ll get better at writing for them as I do more!

SkyMall may be dead, but SkyMallism is thriving more than ever

More than a humorous listicle generator and the inspiration for half-serious wish lists (hey, my dog really does need a carpeted bed ramp), the magazine of oddities was likely many readers’ first brush with artistic surrealism. The catalog echoes the 20th-century French poet Comte de Lautréamont’s famous surrealist dictum that beauty lays in the “chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella.”

SkyMall as we know it is going away, but its surreal legacy is immortal.