my dog is kind of stupid

when is a girl gonna hold my hand and kiss me like i’m the only girl in the world and look cuter than i do in my t shirts?? free snuggles all the time?? i want that i had a bad day, let’s go for a drive with the music up and windows down kind of love. i want dedication and who the fuck cares how far away from each other we get as long as we both make sure we get back. self love is really cool and all but i can’t give myself hickies and good sex and my shotgun seat is empty and i want someone to raise dogs with

headcanon where everything’s fine after infinity wars. there’s still some awkwardness, but the avengers are back to being okay with each other. steve is trying his best to win tony back, and tony, being the little adorable shit that he is, loves to play hard to get, because, hey, steve kind of deserves it, okay? steve tries everything. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. he’s so desperate that at some point he even tries some stupid crap lines like,

steve: if i were a cat i’d choose to spend all my 9 lives with you, tony

tony, casually sipping coffee: i prefer dogs

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can we talk about ep 9? ciel assigns the trio to take a photo of sebastian with a camera that reveals what is most precious to the subject that is not of this world. later sebastian says that it's an honor to learn that the thing ciel most treasures that is not of this world is himself. but i've been thinking that maybe ciel is the thing that sebastian most treasures as well since sebastian took a picture of ciel too! canon or not that episode was really cute :3

Yeah, I remember I thought it was kind of a mutual thing in that case too!

My only problem with it is that the stupid naked dog totally ruined it

but well… the anime team’s questionable decissions are not our fault after all xD

It was a good filler episode indeed anon :3

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fucked up story of the day: this white kid in my band class was talking to this asian kid and he said "the reason you dont have any dogs is because you eat them all" and he just had to laugh along but i could tell that hurt him and i just wanna give him a hug

that’s horrible. omg you know what me and my friends do though which is kind of … interesting? Every time a white person says something stupid or racist, we put a dollar in a jar and then at the end of each month we go out to a nice dinner :) thanks brayden from math class for being a dick !

Stealing a dog AU - Wolfstar

Based on this prompt: 

“Did you just steal a dog?”

“It wasn’t happy.”


  • Honestly Remus should have expected it. Sirius had all the signs. It all started last week.
  • Him and his boyfriend were walking along some road, just enjoying the spring sun and getting to know about their new neighborhood.
  • It was when he was turning to glance at Sirius, that he realized that his boyfriend was had stopped walking some moments back and was now sitting on the pavement petting some random dog.
  • It was a well-known thing that Sirius was a dog person. In fact, during their years in their boarding school, James (one their best mates and who was currently dating Sirius’ brother. So literally, he was family now) said that Sirius was like a puppy: always craving physical contacts, always seeking attention and mastering the puppy eyes and being the best at it (just before Regulus).
  • Remus would be lying if he said that his heart did not melt at least a little (that is, his heart turned into a puddle straight away) at the sight. Sirius smiling like a child whose Christmas came earlier than usual, cooing sweet words to the dog and just looking all cute.
  • The dog itself was really beautiful. It was a small black puppy, nuzzling Sirius and bathing in the attention.
  • Making the few steps to meet his boyfriend, he sat down on the pavement, ruffling the puppy’s head and earning a lick.
  • He chuckled slightly and looked back at Sirius. “Don’t you dare thinking about bring it back home. He probably has a master so-”
  • He didn’t have time to complete his sentence that some bloke, with a slight nasal voice came out of the house nearby and shouted: “OI! What do you think you’re doing? That’s my dog!”
  • “Oh I’m sorry. It’s just that he was so cute and ca-”
  • “Whatever! I don’t care. It’s going to the shelter at the end of the week. I don’t need some poofters touching that thing. It’ll be hard enough to to give it away.” On that the guy picked up the dog and went away.
  • Remus was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected that. Sirius, on his side, was fuming. He seemed ready to have at least a small talk with that asshole.
  • He grabbed Sirius’ hand to calm him. “Leave it love. It’s not worth it.” Sirius seemed like he was about to protest but finally just slumped on himself.
  • The two of them made their way back to their flat. Neither saying much on their way.
  • Back on their flat, they found James and Regulus cuddling on their couch. They weren’t really surprised, they had given the couple a key the very next day after buying it.
  • Sirius gasped loudly. “My brothers snogging! Oooh Moony save me from this sight.” He pressed his head into Remus neck and began to mutter loudly about traitors.
  • All of them rolled their eyes. He’s being doing this act since they were doing their A-levels: 4 years back. Needless say, the act was getting old.
  • “Sirius could you not please. And why don’t do tell them about our day while I make tea?”
  • *****************************************************************************************

One week later.

  • Remus was dragging his feet over the three flight of stairs after one long day of work.
  • Standing outside the flat, he froze. He could hear some barking and some voices cooing.
  • No. That couldn’t be true. Sirius wouldn’t dare.
  • He dared.
  • Coming inside he took in  the sight in front of him. James and Sirius was sitting on the floor, with their legs spread wide, with huge dopey grins on their faces. Regulus was sitting on the couch, trying to look like he didn’t like the puppy.
  • He was failing miserably with his grin on his face and his eyes repeatedly glancing at the dog and his boyfriend.
  • Raising his eyes, Sirius noticed Remus. He stilled and apparently decided to play it nonchalantly. Raising and picking the puppy with him, he pecked Remus lightly on the lips.
  • “Oh you’re home, love.” He rose the dog at eye-level, who gladly started to lick Remus on the cheek and nuzzling him. “Meet Padfoot”
  • “Did you steal a dog?” Remus asked deadpan. And believe me when I say it was hard to keep his face blank when all he wanted was grabbing the puppy and kissing and petting it.
  • “It wasn’t happy.” Sirius answered earnestly. “James and I were in the neighborhood and saw it. We didn’t have any choice when it started nuzzling us.”
  • He had his puppy eyes now. “Please can we keep it. Please?”
  • Remus rolled his eyes but nodded. Honestly how could he say no? With the puppy - Padfoot being his cute self and Sirius looking at him like that?
  • In his end, it was Remus who petted the dog most. He even gave it a place on their bed (Sirius grumbled loudly at that. He wanted a cuddle that night and it was Padfoot who got it. But how could he complain when his boyfriend was looking all cute and sweet?) 

Today’s been a really good day! :D I wrote and posted three cards (though I missed the collection time – what the hell kind of post box has a single collection at 9am? So my bf’s bday card and my mum’s mother’s day card are going to be late ;__;), I saw a cute dog, I cleaned the bathroom sink, played some Zelda, did a shit ton of washing up (I’ve been too sick to do it for… two weeks? Eep), made some sweet potato fries, and now I’m gonna catch up on tumblr! I’m starting to really flag now, but I had a day! :D :D

Oh, and my friend added me to their Spotify Premium family account for free! :D

So… what do I do with it? Get all 90s by listening to Wet Wet Wet. I should have my privileges revoked, lol.

I feel a little better now. I’m going to vent about what a mess the first part of the day was

We went to Disney and I was having trouble with Nalla not listening (until I took off her shoes, then she was perfect). 

I had some asshole scream across a shop that Nalla is a fake service dog because I have her “muzzled”. Nalla was in a halti and had her mouth open panting. What kind of shitty muzzle is that.

Nalla was wearing shoes too for a while and within an hour 55 people had said something along the lines of “OMG LITTLE DOG SHOES”. That’s almost once a minute. It was crowded but still, just keep your stupid comments to yourself. I know the dog is wearing shoes because I am the one who put the shoes on the dog.

Someone took a bunch of pictures of Nalla, I know because my ipod camera malfunctioned and I asked the nice Jawa if I could switch phones and try again and he nodded and this lady behind me goes “Oh I took a bunch and they came out great”. I went off on her for doing that, but she was already almost drunk so she called me a bitch and walked away.

So it was like one annoying thing after the next today and I starting getting really angry, and for whatever reason I pass out more when I’m angry its so frustrating.


thank you to the lovely @harrywavycurly for tagging me to do the 6 selfies thingamadoodle!

so this is me. I worked as a dogwalker over the summer, so hence the ridiculous amount of dog-selfies (let’s be real, dog selfies are the best kind of selfie (also, literally the only kind of selfies I have haha)).  I wish I had some more interesting selfies but sadly I do not.  I was stupid and didn’t take any selfies when my hair was pink so I am left with only basic blonde selfies with a side of cute dog lol

About me: so my name is Lia, I love narry more than anything.  I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, One Direction, and all fluffy animals.  My life goal is to pet every single dog I see. lol.  No but actually, I love dogs more than life as you can see haha. I also love fancy tea, accents, the color pink, music, and photography.  So yeah, that’s probably about it haha.

I’m gonna tag @louissgoldchain@butterflytattoohaz, @missy14us,  and @narryrendezvous to do this if they want (no pressure if you don’t want to though) and also literally anyone else that wants to do this too because you are all lovely and beautiful.

Me after waking up and remembering last night: My life is shit, I fucked up everything, I should just go into hiding and never talk to anyone ever again, why am I so stupid and needy and vulnerable

Me after minutes of playing with my dogs: Life is ok and we all make mistakes and I understand that sometimes feeling vulnerable is ok. this also showed me the kind of person they really are and how I truly deserve good things.

RFA+V and dogs

Kind of a stupid one but my dog gives me life and inspired me.


  • yoOsUN Love DoGES !!!!!!
  • he loves all animals so it’s natural he’ll love dogs
  • he’ll stop mid-conversation to point out a dog
  • spies dogs in cars
  • somehow spiritually connected to dogs because he’s just an adorable puppy
  • knows how to make them melt and show their pink bellies!!!


  • prefers smaller dogs because they’re easier to manage 
  • yeah whatever you say Jaehee
  • so puppies always just put a smile on her face
  • dog cafes
  • although she dislikes how unsanitary it is
  • she absolutely LOVES playing with the puppies
  • whenever things get too stressful at work she goes there for a cup of coffee and a quick play session with a whole bunch of puppies


  • he’s kind of weary of them
  • admires them but in person, he gets kind of tense
  • don’t get tense they SENSE IT!!!
  • whenever he’s out on a run and someone’s walking their dog, he will diverge from his route and gets lost
  • despite this, he constantly uses the dog filter on snap


  • he is a cat lover
  • but he doesn’t hate dogs
  • he just prefers the company of cats
  • they are low maintenance and quiet
  • dogs are obnoxious and dirty
  • but they can be cute


  • REALLY doesn’t like dogs
  • gets anxious around them and sometimes goes on the verge of a panic attack
  • if you have a dog, he’ll ask for it to be in the other room
  • poor puppy whines and he feels TREMENDOUSLY AWFUL AND GUILTY
  • he doesn’t deserve dogs


  • loves dogs, indifferent of cats
  • thinks dogs are great company
  • sally was his favorite dog until she passed
  • he probably gets one of those seeing eye dogs
  • and not only does it help him with seeing but it helps feel so loved

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*BBBBZZZZZZZT-* Dang it! Stupid communication.... Oh! Hi! Sorry, communication signals are kind of hard to manage in space... I'm Taylor, formally of the ship Varia- Oh, that's not a proper introduction, is it? Sorry, a bit of a habit. You are? (-@askcadenttaylor)

Woops! It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve dealt with my fair share of communication errors.

I’m Adams. V Adams! I live…somewhere cold. I have a dog named Blue. And I’m kind of, sort of, being hunted by a megalomaniacal organization that thirsts for my very life that happens to be run by my “father.”

It’s a life?

But– I’ve made the mistake of talking too much about myself before!!

What about you?

ELF is talented at scolding ㅋㅋ

MC :  I heard that last time when you came to our show and said some stuff about Kyu, all SJ worldwide ELF scolded you?

DinDin :  Yes, after the show was broadcasted, my SNS was flooded, I saw all kinds of languages that I had never see before, I thought might be they were praising me? But then after I roughly used the Google translate… all of then were c…dog…stupid… then I realized that our SJ sunbaes are such a wonderful group!

Kyuhyun : Yes, now millions of our ELF are waiting for Kim Gura to open his own SNS..   ©

Here’s a bunch of shapeshifter AUs for anyone who wants them

You’re that annoying dog that keeps stealing my food so I called animal control on you AU

I’m just a bird/mouse/fish trying to mind their own business but this stupid cat keeps trying to eat me and oh turns out you’re also a shifter well this is awkward AU

I somehow ended up getting adopted by my best friend/crush and now I’m stuck until I can escape but they’ve really taken a liking to me and I don’t want to break their heart and I kind of like living with them but they’re worried sick about human me after I suddenly vanished AU

I got caught and put in the pound and you’re here with your friend who’s looking for a pet and you recognized me and now you’re laughing your ass off but you look like an idiot so ha joke’s on you AU

I continually feed this stray on my street but one day I forgot to put food out and you ended up knocking on my door demanding to know where the food was AU

I decided to get a job as a vet since I’m a shifter and can understand what they’re saying so I make the best vet ever but you just walked in on me having an argument with a cat and I swear I’m not crazy AU

I know what this looks like but I promise I didn’t steal this tiger cub, he’s actually my cousin, yes I’m a tiger too, and no you cannot “ride me into battle” AU

I swear to god if you get drunk and come give me a shitty cat serenade at 2am one more time I will throw something at you AU

You found out I could turn into a dragon and I was worried I might scare you off but actually you just want to recreate HTTYD scenes AU

When I heard you were a shapeshifter I expected something really cool but turns out you can only transform into a duck and no I will not stop making puns about your “fowl language” AU

I ended up pissing you off and you honest to god hissed/growled at me wtf AU

God dammit stop leading animal control back to our house, I’m sick of the police questioning if we’re keeping a wild animal as a pet AU

I thought you were a fellow wolf shapeshifter but it turns out you’re actually a werewolf and there’s a huge difference and I have no idea how to deal with this AU

Why does your place always smell like dog, you don’t even own a pet AU

We both got drunk and I dared you to run around the city as a lion and you actually did and oh god now the city’s in utter panic AU

Honestly sasukarin fans are the most pathetic, deluded bunch ive ever seen

“Kraken is just as strong as sasuke”
What kind of crack are they smoking???
My dog’s shit has more potential than her. At least it can fertilize grass. The most we’ve see karin do is want to rape sauce and lick him in the middle of war. What was it that sasuke called her?
“ you’re nothing but a tool to me?” “If you’re WEAK enough to get captured i have no use for u?”

“Hahaha ss fans are the truely pathetic bunch. Karin is saradas mother”
They really don’t use what little brain they have eh? If kraken is saradas mother then answer me this. Why the fuck did sasuke take her child away from her and have sakura raise it when kraken is alive? Why did sasuke called sakura his wife? Why did orochimaru not recognize the children and let a true uchiha escape from him? Why did suigetsu even believe that sasuke won’t be that much of a scumbag to touch kraken? And Why did suigetsu believe that the only way karin can be the mother is if she raped sasuke?

So i guess to these sk fans they don’t even care if karin is seen as a rapist by suigetsu, dangerously obsessed by kishi, and useless by sasuke so much so that he took her child and had a sane female raise her. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

The more deluded these sasukarintards become the more i weep for humanity’s future. Think about the offsprings they’ll breed?!! Considering sktards already glamorize cheating as ‘fantastic’, rape as ‘hilarious’, and stupidity as 'amazing’

what the hell kind of sense does that make

Yandere Dev Quotes

Mun: I got bored and watched his live stream playing Far Cry: Primal… So enjoy this hahahaa

“Die piggy die die piggy! Oink oink mother fucker!”
“I won’t tell you about my kink. If you guess it then i’ll probably confirm it.”
“What kind of poop butt are you?”
“Gonna sing a song about breast~”
“Stop it doggy! Bad puppy doggy! No dog treat for you!”
“You ass dick i have 2 bars of health!”
“Well good o'l sir!
"It’s time for a spot of tea! Chop chop!”
“Pip pip!”
“Your not a good sir! You’re a bad sir!”
“I’ll smack you to the mouth!”
“Take that you stupid motherfucker.”
“Oops… I set my kitty cat on fire.”
“Nemo? My kink is not nemo…”
“How do i me-ify it?”
“Hey come on kitty.”
“Come on not oranges…” (Someone saying his kink is oranges)
“Calm the fuck down, dude.”
“Google senpai.”
“I walk in and kill anyone and the base is not mine… The game is just. Okie doki”
“Busty pink haired school girl.”
“I’m confused as fuck right now!”
“Crossdress? Nope.”
“Boku no Pico? NOPE.”
“You walk in and i walk out dededee yay!”
“I knew this girl is in trouble cuz i walk in yeyeyee”
“Spanking? Uh- i’m sure it could be fun.”
*Random yawning noises*
“So it’s like good, great, excellent, okay and shit.”
“What’s 9 + 10? 21.”
“Kirby is pretty cool. But it’s not my kink tho.”
“Mario is petty cool but i don’t see anything kinky about it.”
“I died almost immediately.”
“Fuck you and get out of here when a girl does not like you back you creep.”


“You ask this of me and have the gall to have my face as your icon.”

The mother of all dares, skipped right past the double dare.

real talk though I can’t stand when people make stupid remarks about a dog based on their breed because I see it done all the time to my dog. people have left the dog park when he enters because they see he’s a pit bull and it breaks my heart. when people find out he’s a pit bull they say “oh you know their jaws lock right?” and then I have to spend a solid 15 minutes telling them that they’re wrong and it’s just a stupid rumour that someone created in order to make people hate pit bulls even more.

It’s a personal pet peeve of mine when people say ridiculous things like that, regardless of the breed or how silly/severe they’re being. I know it may sound silly and like I’m taking things too seriously and I know I am but I mean you can tell by my blog that I’m kind of serious about my love for dogs lol

anyway, people will always be stubborn and think what they want. some people will do it purposely because they know it’ll annoy people and they somehow get some sort of validation out of that.

hope you all have a nice day and get to pet many dogs 💕🐶

falling asleep with calum would include:

  • watching you get ready for bed with his hands behind his head
  • “oh my god baby you’re so cute”
  • telling him he’s grown more facial hair as you cuddle
  • him telling you about stupid things the band did
  • talking about bass riffs
  • his arm around your shoulder as you trace circles in his chest
  • late night kissing
  • gently rubbing up and down your side
  • putting his hands in your underwear to grab your butt
  • cute kisses on the jaw
  • pressing your back against his chest as his arms wrap around your waist
  • “babe are you asleep?” “kind of” “can i tell you something?” “sure” “i want a dog” “are you serious”
  • his adorable giggles as you tell him funny stories
  • venting to him about anything
  • always holding you close
  • gently pushing his hair out of his face
  • saying i love you before going to bed
  • falling asleep on his back
  • feeling his arms around you in the middle of the night
  • sighing happily
  • “i don’t wanna get up” “babe you have to you have a busy day” “no sleep with me for five more minutes”
  • waking up to find him making breakfast naked
  • “good morning baby”
  • smiling as he wakes up next to you