my dog is kind of stupid

headcanon where everything’s fine after infinity wars. there’s still some awkwardness, but the avengers are back to being okay with each other. steve is trying his best to win tony back, and tony, being the little adorable shit that he is, loves to play hard to get, because, hey, steve kind of deserves it, okay? steve tries everything. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. he’s so desperate that at some point he even tries some stupid crap lines like,

steve: if i were a cat i’d choose to spend all my 9 lives with you, tony

tony, casually sipping coffee: i prefer dogs

The vagabond and his dog

Dont even ask lmao. The breed is a King Charles Cavelier for anyone who’s interested thy are like, the least scary dog in the world.

The alleyway is cold and unforgiving.

The rest of the crews panicked yelling had died with his ear piece and so he finds himself half dead and alone, bleeding out behind an overflowing dumpster. Not quite the dramatic death he’d imagined. It’s pathetic actually. He coughs into his hand and wipes the blood on his shirt.

Ryan hears footsteps and swears under his breath. He’s in no condition to defend himself, if he’s spotted he’s fucked.

They come to a stop a few feet away from where he was hiding and he holds his breath.

“You’re sure he came down here?”

“I know I saw something!”

There is a rustle and he presses himself closer to the wall. The assailants swear.

“A fuking dog? Are you serious you saw a dog?”

There’s a muffled yelp and Ryan waits until the footsteps fade before crawling out. 

It is a dog. A tiny dog. It’s almost as pitiful as he is and he can’t even tell the colour of its fur behind the dirt and grime. It spots him and climbs to its feet shakily, snarling. Considering its barely reaches above his ankles, Ryan thinks that’s a rather ambitious move.

He sits in front of it and crosses his legs. Slowly its hackles lower and its growl turns into a small whimper. He reaches out a hand, ignores the bared teeth and picks it up.

“You saved my life huh?”

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


He passes out.

Ryan wakes up with the little dog bathed and clean, snuggled up to his side. They make an odd pair. Her scruffy coat and tiny body next to his blood stained form. He thinks he likes it.

As soon as he’s walking - and doesn’t have Jack breathing down his neck - he goes out and buys her a bandana with a skull on it. Jack thinks it’s adorable, Gavin thinks it’s stupid. Geoff kind of looks like the word is ending. Ryan is too distracted feeding his little dog treats to care.

When she finally understands sit the glee on his face is probably terrifying.

He doesn’t take her on heists. Of course he doesn’t, she’s small and breakable and well, hardly intimidating. Turns out he doesn’t have to because she finds a way of making it there on her own.

Michaels maniacal laughter is cut off into a startled yell when he spots the little dog in the rearview mirror, grooming her paws as if she’s meant to be there and she isn’t surrounded by screaming and explosions. Michael swerves and screams when Ryan appears at the window, opening the door, tossing Michael out and throwing him his explosives before climbing in the driving seat, driving her home.

The others return an hour later to him scolding her.

The next time the go on a heist, Ryan make a point of taking off his mask, giving her a look and locking her in his bedroom.

This time she’s in Geoff’s car.

In the end they realise she can’t be stopped, Ryan also realises that she’s a crafty little shit who somehow manages to remain unharmed. Their enemies very quickly learn that any attack on the dog is the worst sin they can commit.

He watches her latch on to the leg of one of their enemies amidst gunfire and blood shed and decides to call her Hurricane.

When she turns, gives him a smug look and sits on her haunches he decides its appropriate.


Paws - Jason Todd

Prompt: “ Dick Grayson / Jason Todd (your choice!) x reader where reader just got an alaskan mamaluke puppy and all of the reader’s attention is on the puppy? how you choose to write is really up to you! x” (x) requested by @tgwltw

A/N: I decided to go with Jason. Hope you like it!

     Jason sighed in relief when home came into sight. He had been away on a mission with his brothers for the past week and was glad to get home to you. It was late and the window of your shared apartment were dark, he didn’t expect you to be still awake. So he was as quiet as he could be when he opened the window next to the fire escape and climbed in.
      Loud barking made him jump. His guns appeared in his hands before he even registered that there was a dog. Or more of a puppy. It stood a few feet away from him, barking as loud as it could. Jason starred at it, his mind failing to come up with a reason as to why there was a dog in his home.
     Lured out by the barking you entered the room, holding a baseball bat ready to strike at whoever the intruder was. Seeing it was Jason you quickly dropped your weapon and rushed forward to greet your boyfriend. “You scared me.” you admitted. The puppy, seeing your reaction to the stranger, stopped barking and watched you carefully.
     Putting his guns away Jason took his helmet off. Turning to you he rose an eyebrow at you and shot the puppy a glance before shaking his head. You laughed when you saw him pout. His eyes returned to you, drinking in the sight of you.  He had missed you. Reaching out he pulled you in for a kiss, earning a smile from you as you drew your arms around his neck.
     The puppy, not understanding what you were doing, barked. At first Jason only rolled his eyes, but then you turned away without giving him a kiss and bend down, calling your dog. Crossing his arms, the vigilante glared at the canine. Well, wasn’t that just great.
     Hesitant because of the stranger the puppy shambled over into your waiting arms. “Such a good boy. You’re watching out for me, aren’t you?” you cooed to your four-legged friend, rubbing his ear. Wild tail-wagging was your answer. “Yeah you are. But Jason isn’t going to hurt us, he is living with us.” you explained to the puppy.
     You were unaware of how Jason was watching you. He would admit, it was cute how your entire face lit up when you were looking at the puppy. Even if he didn’t like the animal and would have it rather that he would have been the one you were looking at like that.
     Looking up you signed for Jason to kneel next to you. it wasn’t hard to guess what you wanted and really he didn’t want to, but one look into your face and he just couldn’t say no. With a sigh he crouched down and held out a hand for the puppy to sniff.
     "Max, this is Jason.“ you told the dog. Still petting him you turned to Jason. "Max is a alaskan mamaluke. I found him abandoned on the streets one day on the way back from buying groceries. And we did talk about getting a dog.”
     He studied the dog as the latter did the same with him. Finally Max barked and Jason sighed. “We did talk about it.” he admitted. Mainly because he just hadn’t been comfortable about leaving you alone at home each time he had to on patrol or a longer mission. “But I thought we would pick out one together.”
     Understanding you nodded. “I know.” you agreed, turning back to Max. “But he was all alone and needed a home.” You picked up your puppy and sat him in your lap, facing Jason. “Besides, can you really say no to this face?”
     How you would react if he did was the real question here. For Jason could say no to the the dog, no question. A laugh ran from your lips as you tried to avoid getting licked by the affectionate puppy and he felt his resistance  break down. You clearly loved your new pet and he wouldn’t hurt you by telling you to give it away. “We see how it works out.” he said and reached out to scratch Max’s ear. This earned him the brightest smile from you.

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What Happens In Vegas... (Part 1)

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

Summary: After a nasty breakup, you head to Vegas to try and have some fun, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed and alone. However, your bartender comes to the rescue, making you an offer you don’t want to refuse. Thanks to him, your week long vacation certainly turns out differently than you could have ever expected.

Author’s Note: This is my first ever Bucky story and I am so excited! It was written for @bionic-buckyb‘s AU Writing Challenge in celebration of 5k followers. My prompt was ‘vegas’, so I really hope I did it justice! I’m planning on turning this into a mini-series, so please, let me know what you think!!! 

Warnings: Language; mentions of cheating; pure, teeth rotting fluff; heavy make-out session

Word Count: Roughly 5,000 (yikes)


Sliding onto the stool with a sigh, you propped your chin on your hand and stared at the colorful bottles of various alcohols in front of you. This was so not how you wanted to spend this night, but it was better than locking yourself in your room like a hermit. If you were being honest, just thinking about the next few days made anxious nerves twist in your stomach. This trip was mistake, I should’ve just left well enough alone-

“What can I get you, sweetheart?” The deep voice broke your trance, bringing your attention to the bartender.

“I’ll have a shot of Patrón,” you mumbled, straightening up and pointing at the bottle. “Silver, please.” You watched as he poured the liquid into the glass, picking it up and slamming it back as soon as it was full. Shoving it back toward him with a grimace, you cleared your throat before speaking again, trying to talk around the burn. “Hit me.”

Not taking your eyes off the glass, you watched as he poured you another, once again slamming it back and repeating the request. After the third, you needed a break.

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renovation au stevebucky, thinking they're being Subtle (TM): "we need an extra huge custom bed b/c we have threesomes sometimes and y'know what if we found a 3rd person we fell for and wanted to add to our relationship permanently and needed the room??? just a thought exercise haha????? completely unrelatedly do you think there's enough space for a workshop in the basement"/ tony, thinking: is this their way of telling me they're interested in someone else?? pepper: *facepalming in background*

Pepper would be so torn lol. On one hand she’s sworn off of being involved in Tony’s love life ever since the Tiberius debacle when she’d walked in on Ty sweet-talking Tony while Tony clutched at his bruised cheek and looked like he was about to accept Ty’s apology (he still has a restraining order against her, but whatever, they needed to surgically remove her stiletto from his thigh so she won). These guys look like they couldn’t hurt a fly except by accident and then they’d cry about it.

On the other hand… This is two guys who could break Tony’s heart. And they’re pretty big. She could probably defend Tony from one of them but she’d be hopelessly overpowered by both of them. She confides in her friend Natasha. “Steve and Bucky are big doofy dogs and all you’d have to do is raise your voice to scare them. But don’t worry they’ve been gushing about Tony to me so they’re sincere. Stupid, but sincere.”

Pepper thinks about that for a while. “The last guy who mistreated Tony had to have my stiletto surgically removed from his thigh.” She gives Natasha an intense look. “Tell them that.”

(”I am both frightened and aroused,” Bucky admits.

Natasha shrugs. “Yeah that’s how I felt too.”)

Being best friends with John Wick would include:

Originally posted by thebloodybaronishere

It’s my first imagine\headcanon in English, it was pretty interesting and cool :D (english isn’t my native language)
Thank you @my-dear-watson and @queenselana for the support! It’s important to me!
So, enjoy and please leave some feedback!

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To those of you who are suffering from mental illness who are undertaking the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert Examinations this week (Applies to everyone else too):

I haven’t seen much of this around so I thought I’d write something :) I’m sorry please don’t take this TOO seriously I am trying to be helpful and I hope I don’t come across as rude in any way! This may not apply to just Irish students, it can apply to those taking finals or SATs or whatever exams you may have in your country.

-Take care of yourself during the time. You’re probably going to be even more stressed and exhausted than usual. Even if you truly can’t sleep, go to bed early anyway. If you’re having intrusive/stressful thoughts, maybe listen to music 

-Make sure to eat properly, even if you don’t want to. If you struggle with eating, remind yourself, set alarms, or ask a trusted person/friend to remind you. Your body is going to need nourishment to fuel your brain, and even something as small as a piece of fruit (like an apple or banana) is better than nothing.

-Coffee may seem like an obvious solution for combating tiredness and for instant energy, but if you suffer from exam anxiety or an AD in general, try to drink as little as possible. Caffeine makes anxiety and your nerves 100x WORSE. (I know this one from experience)

-between exams try and spend some time outdoors. Good weather is promised for the exams and it may be refreshing and calming to be outside instead of cooped up inside all the time. I know people who bring their books outside and sit and study somewhere quiet. This may help you to calm your nerves.

-In the exam hall, don’t stress over others. Personally I’m in my own room during my exams due to my own anxiety but if you’re in a centre with hundreds of others, don’t take any notice of them. They’re NOT looking at you. Chances are they’re just as worried as you are and really couldn’t care less about you, they’re focused on their own exam.

-if you’re anything like me by the time you get home from exams you’ll have lost all motivation, energy and will to live and will instantly flop into bed for a couple hours, if not the whole evening. Try to avoid this. When in motion stay in motion, and instead go to bed early that night. You’ve done well to get up.

-If possible, try and get some form of exercise on the weekends or a day off. Even a 20 minute walk will do! It may seem daunting but the exercise will release endorphins and make you (hopefully) feel calmer, more content, and oftentimes more motivated.

-Spend some time with family and/or pets during free days. When you’re not studying, spend time with other people. This can be a way to de-stress. Personally my dog helps to calm me down when I have an episode.

-If you’re on any medication, don’t stop taking it for the sake of exams, (it sounds stupid but I’ve heard of people doing this)

-Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend taking any kind of relaxant or pill the day of/night before your exam that you haven’t used before. Rescue Remedy is a popular choice, but I mean things like Xanax. It could have disastrous results.

-I’d recommend finding a friend you can rant out stuff to. Like your worries for the maths exam, what might come up on the science papers, how you think you did, etc. While sometimes this can be more harmful than good as it CAN turn into a comparison of who found it easier (and the “oH MY GOD they found it easy that means I’m stupid I failed” effect), it can also be a sense of comfort and may help you. 

If you want you can even inbox me and go “yo so I’m fucked for maths wbu” and I’ll probably reply with a “hey m8 SAME!” or anyone else. Tumblr JC/LC students are all in the same boat. We’re all going through what you’re going through (you might have it worse however with illness)

-Find something to work for. Maybe it’s the college you want? or a pair of shoes your mother promised? or a trip to a Gaelic final? for me, it’s the prospect of gaining a new graphics tablet. (and a trip to comiccon haha) Set yourself something to work for, or maybe ask your parents to buy you something you’re looking for if you succeed.

-Don’t lose sight of summer. summer is soon. think of all that freedom. You’ll be free. Able to do what you want. Meet your friends, go on holiday, even watch netflix all day like a pig. (me lmao) It’s all so soon. You just have to get through these next few weeks. You can do it. 

-Don’t feel bad about not being able to do higher level maths. most people can’t.

-Your best IS good enough. You are good enough. You do know more than you may think. 

-Not being able to do a question does not make you a failure.

-failing an exam does NOT make you a failure

-you are good enough and you can survive this.

-Exam results do not reflect your worth as a person. In fact, they do not reflect your intelligence. They reflect your academic skill and memory recall.

-Life goes on after the exams

-Life exists after the JC/LC

-You can do this I believe in you you are strong

-Make me proud

ID #60032

Name: Mari
Age: 19
Country: Italy

I’m not really good at introducing myself but… let’s begin! I’m just a normal girl who’s looking for her place in the world. Right now, I’m really confused about what to do with my life, and it would be great to have someone I can talk to about these kind of things, and open up a bit, so I can avoid drowning myself in my thoughts. I’m more of a listener than a speaker,but I express myself better with writing and drawing. I’d love making a new friend who I can discuss all kinds of different things with, from silly talk to deep meaningful conversations. I used to have a schedule full of things to do, but now I’m taking a long break and I feel like I’m becoming lazy. Among the many things I love there are: dogs, as I have a big fluf dork myself, animals in general, the sea, cooking yummy dishes, reading all kinds of things from comics and mangas to psychology essays and adventure novels , travelling , expecially by train, writing and making notes about everything that inspires me, reflecting on life and its poetry, magic, going to the cinema and watching all kinds of movies besides horror or stupid ones. I also love tv series such as Stranger things, the good place, castle, ncis, but most of all animation, in which I wish to pursue a career, and cartoons -between my favourites are Wbb, Miraculous Ladybug and maaaany anime- and drawing, of course, so it would be great to exchange opinions, advice and sketches with someone who loves art too. Right now I’m learning French and Japanese, but I’d really like to practice my french with someone,even if my skills are close to zero. Finally, I cannot live without music, one of the most crucial things in my life, and I love movie soundtracks other than various artists. If you read this till the end, you have to know that I’m looking forward to a penpal with wich I can share lots of thoughts about different interests, passions and a new culture, thoughts about life and very long messages as well such as this one as well as silly one who can light up the day a bit. I’m not so serious as I sound, really, and if you can tell me about new, interesting and different things, you’re welcome!

Preferences: Not really, just be a nice, honest and respectful human being, and sincere about yourself. Age maybe 16-23.

Coffee Shop Rescue IV

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1340

Summary: You’re enjoying your time with Peter, and start making connections. (I’m so so sorry this has taken so long. I just graduated college and had to move and I’m working on finding a job, and I got a one week job at a summer camp, and I got rear-ended, and yeah, life has been hectic, but I’ve missed this story so much! And mostly I miss you all! But I also wrote myself into a corner that I just figured out how to get out of, so here it goes…)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

You learned a lot about Peter over the following weeks. He was right - he was a nerd, absolutely, but so were you, just about different things. He knew photography and science, you knew literature and grammar. The common ground came to movies and tv shows, which you were both pleased to find out you had a lot in common on that front. You were more into Star Wars while he preferred Star Trek, and he liked Narnia to your Lord of the Rings, but you both loved Harry Potter possibly more than should be considered reasonable (and were both able to realize that Snape is a controversial character but not exactly a good one, which was the most important thing in regards to that fandom). You could debate the two for hours - and had - without actually getting angry at each other.

T.V. was a little different, neither of you had much to get heavily involved in shows, but you were still clinging to the ones you’d had time for in college. Peter, on the other hand, tended to jump between shows sporadically.

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hm030900  asked:

Idk if this is kind of a stupid question haha, but I genuinely can't find an answer. We are getting another dog soon, a puppy, and I know until they've had their complete set of shots they aren't supposed to be set down on the ground and the like, but I've also heard that that's pretty much the critical window for socialization and I don't want to stunt her lol. I take my other dog with my pretty much everywhere, so I was planning on doing the same and just carrying the puppy so she could 1/2

get used to lots of sights and sounds and such (especially because we live right near downtown). My question is, would it be bad to set her down to go to the bathroom? Obviously not in any dog heavy areas, but like in general? Or is there a risk that she could catch something? Or should we not even take her out? She’s already enrolled into a puppy kindergarten class so it wouldn’t be like her only socialization experience.

The main thing you’re going to be worried about your puppy avoiding is parvo - a really nasty virus with a super-low survival rate. Your puppy will get three stages of shots to inoculate against it, which is why they tell you to not take her out until they’re done. Parvo is shed by dogs who have it for a couple weeks after symptoms disappear, takes a while to die (sunlight can kill it in a few months but indoors it can live up to a year), and is easily tracked around. 

So you don’t want to avoid socialization but you do need to be careful where your puppy goes - no pet stores, high-traffic areas, or dog parks. Carrying her is a good idea, but also setting up socialization experiences in safe places, like playdates in a backyard where they can guarantee no parvo dogs have gone recently. 

Also, be careful about taking your puppy everywhere - you don’t want to overwhelm it during the socialization period, either. 

a little surprise

Lukas sits in the diner down the street from his Computer Studies class and eats his burger, drumming his fingers on the table. He hates Tuesdays now because his and Philip’s schedules are exactly opposite, and they don’t get to see each other until late because Philip’s History of Photography class runs until seven.

He texts Philip. Thinking about me in class?


Always Philip replies, a moment later. You eating dinner?


Lukas picks at his fries, dipping one into the ketchup. He types out a response with one finger. Sadly. Lonely. We only get three hours together tonight before we have to go to sleep.


Lukas sighs, wishing it was Friday already. On Friday they both only have two classes early in the morning, and then they have the whole weekend off.

We’ve got date night Thursday. Then Friday and the weekend are all ours :)

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When I was walking towards the polling station I got harassed by a group of 13 year old boys they were half my height and looked 9 there were about 10 of them. They were making stupid noises ( the kind you make to get a cats or dogs attention) and saying things like “ come here kitty kitty kitty” they were running up behind me trying to catch up with me. I continued to ignore but then they started calling me a stupid bitch and started acting like I owe them the attention. I wanted to retaliate but I was walking with my little brother, so I just kept walking and ignoring them until I got into the building. I was so hyped to vote beforehand and try to participate in campaigning and making the future better, but they were so young and so rude I kinda lost my faith in humanity. My little brother asked me why they were doing that, I told him they were being rude and immature and because I’m a girl, he looked at me with disbelief and responded with “ what’s wrong with being a girl? Those stupid little boys need to grow up, you should tell their mums” my little brother is seven and I’ve never been prouder to be an older sister. Maybe things won’t change in my lifetime or the next but there are still glimpses of hope for a better future and I’m going to do everything in my power to stride towards it. Whether that’s campaigning or teaching my little brother respect (not that I need to) whatever I can do I will, and maybe my little brother and all the other innocent kids will grow up in a time where things aren’t that difficult and they aren’t judged on their outer appearance. I’ll do it for them.

ID #23408

Name: Lena
Age: 16 (will be 17 on December)
Country: Greece

penship people,
my name is Lena and I’m almost 17 as you can see above. I came back to this website because through it I’ve met some amazing people that I can’t imagine my life without so it would be great to meet some new people that are looking for a serious, longterm friendship. Don’t be scared though, we’ll chat for a bit in the beginning to see if we get along xD So here’s a bunch of stuff about me. I’m a dancer, I’ve done ballet for 12 years, contemporary for 2 years but I dropped them both when I was introduced to hip hop which is what I do right now and it’s my biggest love:P Other than dance, I have many interests like reading books (I’m pretty much addicted to reading, it’s not even funny), writing, playing and listening to music, watching movies, anime and series (skam, ouat, ouat in wonderland, vampire diaries, teen wolf, gotham, skins, pretty little liars, rookie blue and supernatural- yeah, I’m addicted to series too><). I love art, I seriously interpret everything that happens in my life through art and I have a special place in my heart for those who can draw. I also spend a lot of my time with and learing about animals. I have a dog and he is the memeber of the family I’m closest to. If things go as planned, in a year I’ll be in Uni studying veterinary. So, if you can deal with my awkward (mainly in the beginning), clumsy and talkative self I’ll be more than happy to get to know you! I’ll seriously talk your ears off about feminism and human rights and many serious stuff but also you’ll get to see the not so serious side of me that talks about every stupid thing that comes to mind.

Preferences: I prefer someone around my age (15-19) and also, I’d like to talk through fb messenger or tumblr cause snailmail is kind of distant and it’s easier to lose touch through it. I’d definitely like it though, if we exchanged parcels and a few letters now and then!

darksakura94  asked:

Well... How are you, guys? How is your actual relation with Stan's gang? And Clyde, Token, Jimmy...? Sorry if anything is "inentendible"? I'm Spanish jeje..

TWEEK: Oh, we can answer this easy! I’ll grab some paper.
CRAIG: Shit, gonna get all artistic huh?
TWEEK: Shut up, dude. I’m a great drawer.

TWEEK: Okay so, Stan’s gang are all kinda dicks. I had my fill of them when I had to be part of their group..
CRAIG: They all still owe me 100$..
TWEEK: Yeah, overall theyre just kinda bad news.
CRAIG: Why’d you color in Kyle with the white crayon?
TWEEK: Because he’s literally that white, dude.

TWEEK: Clyde is a pretty cool guy to have around. He’s stupid, but it’s like how a dog is stupid. It’s an endearing kind of stupid.
CRAIG: I bet him he couldn’t eat 20 doritos locos tacos in one sitting and that night he called me and I had to comfort him while he was on the toilet.
TWEEK: Gross, omfg-

TWEEK: Token is really chill but also has no chill whatsoever.
CRAIG: He tried to lecture me on the importance of investing and tried to explain the stock market.
TWEEK: He means well.

TWEEK: Fuck– Dude?! Why’d you draw dicks all over Jimmy’s page?!
CRAIG: Because Jimmy’s a hoe. And hoes need dicks.
TWEEK: Ugh.. Jimmy’s really funny! He and Craig act like they don’t get along but we’re all friends. It’s like that whole best friend deal where you’re dicks to eachother but not for reals.

TWEEK: I added Kevin in too cause he’s been hanging out with us a lot lately!
CRAIG: Jimmy actually brought him into the group. He helped Jimmy with manual labor things around his house that kinda require the use of legs.
TWEEK: Yeah! And he’s a really cool and shy person! He made snacks for last weeks movie night and they were fucking amazing!

Stealing a dog AU - Wolfstar

Based on this prompt: 

“Did you just steal a dog?”

“It wasn’t happy.”


  • Honestly Remus should have expected it. Sirius had all the signs. It all started last week.
  • Him and his boyfriend were walking along some road, just enjoying the spring sun and getting to know about their new neighborhood.
  • It was when he was turning to glance at Sirius, that he realized that his boyfriend was had stopped walking some moments back and was now sitting on the pavement petting some random dog.
  • It was a well-known thing that Sirius was a dog person. In fact, during their years in their boarding school, James (one their best mates and who was currently dating Sirius’ brother. So literally, he was family now) said that Sirius was like a puppy: always craving physical contacts, always seeking attention and mastering the puppy eyes and being the best at it (just before Regulus).
  • Remus would be lying if he said that his heart did not melt at least a little (that is, his heart turned into a puddle straight away) at the sight. Sirius smiling like a child whose Christmas came earlier than usual, cooing sweet words to the dog and just looking all cute.
  • The dog itself was really beautiful. It was a small black puppy, nuzzling Sirius and bathing in the attention.
  • Making the few steps to meet his boyfriend, he sat down on the pavement, ruffling the puppy’s head and earning a lick.
  • He chuckled slightly and looked back at Sirius. “Don’t you dare thinking about bring it back home. He probably has a master so-”
  • He didn’t have time to complete his sentence that some bloke, with a slight nasal voice came out of the house nearby and shouted: “OI! What do you think you’re doing? That’s my dog!”
  • “Oh I’m sorry. It’s just that he was so cute and ca-”
  • “Whatever! I don’t care. It’s going to the shelter at the end of the week. I don’t need some poofters touching that thing. It’ll be hard enough to to give it away.” On that the guy picked up the dog and went away.
  • Remus was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected that. Sirius, on his side, was fuming. He seemed ready to have at least a small talk with that asshole.
  • He grabbed Sirius’ hand to calm him. “Leave it love. It’s not worth it.” Sirius seemed like he was about to protest but finally just slumped on himself.
  • The two of them made their way back to their flat. Neither saying much on their way.
  • Back on their flat, they found James and Regulus cuddling on their couch. They weren’t really surprised, they had given the couple a key the very next day after buying it.
  • Sirius gasped loudly. “My brothers snogging! Oooh Moony save me from this sight.” He pressed his head into Remus neck and began to mutter loudly about traitors.
  • All of them rolled their eyes. He’s being doing this act since they were doing their A-levels: 4 years back. Needless say, the act was getting old.
  • “Sirius could you not please. And why don’t do tell them about our day while I make tea?”
  • *****************************************************************************************

One week later.

  • Remus was dragging his feet over the three flight of stairs after one long day of work.
  • Standing outside the flat, he froze. He could hear some barking and some voices cooing.
  • No. That couldn’t be true. Sirius wouldn’t dare.
  • He dared.
  • Coming inside he took in  the sight in front of him. James and Sirius was sitting on the floor, with their legs spread wide, with huge dopey grins on their faces. Regulus was sitting on the couch, trying to look like he didn’t like the puppy.
  • He was failing miserably with his grin on his face and his eyes repeatedly glancing at the dog and his boyfriend.
  • Raising his eyes, Sirius noticed Remus. He stilled and apparently decided to play it nonchalantly. Raising and picking the puppy with him, he pecked Remus lightly on the lips.
  • “Oh you’re home, love.” He rose the dog at eye-level, who gladly started to lick Remus on the cheek and nuzzling him. “Meet Padfoot”
  • “Did you steal a dog?” Remus asked deadpan. And believe me when I say it was hard to keep his face blank when all he wanted was grabbing the puppy and kissing and petting it.
  • “It wasn’t happy.” Sirius answered earnestly. “James and I were in the neighborhood and saw it. We didn’t have any choice when it started nuzzling us.”
  • He had his puppy eyes now. “Please can we keep it. Please?”
  • Remus rolled his eyes but nodded. Honestly how could he say no? With the puppy - Padfoot being his cute self and Sirius looking at him like that?
  • In his end, it was Remus who petted the dog most. He even gave it a place on their bed (Sirius grumbled loudly at that. He wanted a cuddle that night and it was Padfoot who got it. But how could he complain when his boyfriend was looking all cute and sweet?) 

So I recently wrote a couple of fanfics based on these soukoku bedsheets… and ended up laughing so much about them that I talked myself into buying the Chuya bedsheet too. And then when it came.. I decided I had to take stupid photos of my Dazai nendoroid on it… And of course the Chuya nendoroid would also come in, annoyed and horrified. XD I’m kind of glad I dropped money on the soukoku nendoroids now..


Pairing: You/Dean Ambrose

Summary: Mox is a wild thing. A free spirit. You tamed him for a spell but he won’t stay that way for long.

A.n.: A special thank you to @wweobsession1029 for helping with inspiration for this little piece. Like i duno what i’d do without you.

Sometimes he feels like a tiger she keeps on a leash. A vicious, wild beast kept in line with a firm hand and a short lead for her to trot out, for people to ooh and ah over. A party piece for others so she can hear “I can’t believe you managed to tame him.” He burns inside for the next fight, the next taste of blood. It is an energy inside him that must be released but one gesture of her small, soft hand and he winds himself around her legs like a house cat.

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goetics try to puff themselves up but honestly they’re some of the most desperate assholes I’ve worked with

the current asshole machine who I cut off all work with until he stops being a problematic shit gets pretty angry that I no longer pay him attention during storms, which he loves the hell out of. he also cannot properly get at me because I work for something bigger than him and he isn’t willing to start a clusterfuck there, so it’s just a game of him trying every manipulation tactic until something works.

“You can’t do ___ work without me.”

Funnily enough this guy did very little that was useful or educational. He spent 90% of the time proclaiming his power without actually showing anything for it, and not only that but I work with spirits who are better than him in every area he tried to proclaim his power in so lmao sorry bud better hit the road

“I have a gift for you.”

:) mmmmm sure, you gonna pay off my student debts

“You’ll regret losing me.”

man oh man am I in pain. look at me. so much pain. my heart is aching from separation :(

“I loved you.”

makes you wonder why these guys are so desperate that they’ll stoop to dumb statements like that. Are you really relying so much on every little follower? also no we did not even have that kind of relationship 

“I’ll kill your dog.”

1) Oh boy, smells like a bluff met bullshit! 2) Why in the upside fucking down would I work with someone who threatened to kill my dog??? why would this ever give you bonus points with me ya stupid onion

“Your jacket looks nice.”

Look buddy I am fully aware this jacket is hot that is why I bought it and also I’m still going to enjoy violently banishing you if you’re not out of here in the next ten seconds

Seriously. There are countless spirits out there who are not weirdly desperate and full of shit and I’m not sure why “But I’m a demon!” is an excuse for abusive behaviors.  He also whines that my wards hurt him and??? buddy oh buddy let me give you a 101 crash course on THAT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT

Customer brings his bichon in matted soild legit excuse hes been poorly and not been able to brush him it’s been nine weeks since I groomed him last so I explained why I would have to shave him and how it would be cruel to try and dematt him coat.. the guy isn’t happy but agrees Cut too two hours later he comes to pick up his dog.. “ Oh my god… you look so stupid what has she done to you… my goodness you look awful.. what’s the nasty groomer done baby?” Me:…. “excuse me but please don’t refer to me as a nasty groomer I was left no choice but to shave your dogs coat off as you have left him 9 weeks with out bathing or brushing him.. i understand youve been ill but bichons have a high maintenance coat and need a to be brushed every day you should of made arrangements I’m not a magician I cannot magic the knots away.. I was the very kind groomer who made him feel better” Him: “Well… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause offence” Me: “no offence taken”

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Boots on the Ground (A Silverflint Modern Warfare AU concept)

The quickest way to end a war is on the homefront.

2026: history, unheard and unlearned, repeats itself. Geopolitical chess collapses, as it always does, into the human factor: violence on bodies and minds, blood watering the earth.

John Silver, a rising star in the Associated Press corps, has come to the Red Zone to capture the truth and bring it home. The political elite have their immunity, the rich have their vested interests, those on the ground are powerless - and so John Silver is determined that this war will be tried in the court of public opinion. The right photograph can cut through the bullshit and electrify a hundred million hearts.

He is embedded with a front-line unit, under the charge of Sergeant James Flint. It’s tension at first sight: they’re total opposites. Flint, a hardened soldier, worn down by what he’s seen and done, Silver with his messy manbun and a Promethean duty to the truth.

Flint knows that Silver’s cause is kumbaya BS. He’s going to go home disappointed, or dead, and the war machine will keep grinding its human grist. So it goes. But as weeks turn to months, as Silver files copy, as these two come to know and understand each other… nothing is inevitable.

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