my dog is cooler

New bicycle! I went for a solo ride to get all the gears and stuff figured out since it’s a bit different than my last bike. It was waaaaaaay too hot to bring the fishes. It’s still too hot to take them out…We ride at midnight!!

Shaving double coated dogs

Hey guys, since there’s a lot of ignorance going on in the dog world in my country about shaving dogs in the summer to “help them feel cooler”, I wanna shed some light on the topic and write an article for the dog magazine. 

I’m gonna look through my uni’s database and google a little so I get my facts straight and present some more sensible arguments than just “it’s ok to do it bc my dog feels better when I shave him!” or “it’s not ok bc my dog feels worse when I shave him!”, but I’d love it if any of you know of any articles I could check out too!

Soooo any resources maybe?

Hi, my name is Kyoko. I’ve had this blog since March 2008, its changed names overtime and a lot of you have seen me and my dogs grow up on here. I’m 31 years old now and i’m out in the world adulting. Actually, i’m not. I’m in the world just completely fucking things up but at least its under my terms. 

What else? Man, I don’t know quite frankly. I’m really just trying to survive at this point and I don’t have anything overly exciting to share with you. Got a house, that’s cool. I’ve added a couple more dogs to my squad (and a cat) so thats even cooler. Nothing too inspiring. Honestly, everything has been pretty mundane and I can actually appreciate that. I needed boring for a couple of years so I could catch a breather.

Still unwed and without child. #blessed.

I plan on getting out of this boring phase next year, just come at January with a Hadouken and fuck shit up. That’s my plan anyways. 

Thats it. I check my messages daily so i’m around if anyone actually really needs me. I’ll get back into the swing of things, I promise.

Love you, mean it.

hiddentins  asked:

July 19th

July-what do your summers usually consist of?

I live in Texas so it’s SUPER hot in the summer time. I go to the pool a lot and on slightly cooler days I have picnics and take my dog for walks

19-what do you look for in an s/o?

I look for someone who is loyal, someone who is my best friend, someone that I know I am trust and be myself with, someone that I can cuddle because cuddling is very important, someone with a loving and creative personality, and someone who loves animals. They’ve gotta love animals! 😂

eravioli  asked:

Suggestions for keeping dogs cool in the summer? I have a Saint Bernard/Border Collie mix who's about 140 lbs and has a lot of trouble cooling off in summer. Our house doesn't have ac and he mostly refuses to stay upstairs near the window ac units during the hot days. We've tried chicken broth popsicles, but they don't last very long once he sets on them. There's always water for him, but he's still too hot.

You can get a cooling vest! They are coats that you soak in cold water, wring out, then put on your pup. Of course a kiddie pool or sprinkler set up in the shade. Dogs sweat from their paw pads, so those are the most important parts to get wet. They also make cooling beds! You can give him ice treats like you have been, you can even stuff a kong and freeze those. Encourage him to lay in the coldest part of your home, even if you have to crate him with a fan. My dog doesn’t understand what makes him cooler, either. He doesn’t seek the shade, and he doesn’t sit in the pool, so sometimes you gotta help them out!