my dog is better than your kid

Ok so

Just to make it clear, i bloody love those imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4 e.c.t. posts floating around but they’re all so??? Flawless??? What we need is some more of the wild out there stuff like,,,

  • Imagine short person A trying to get something off the top shelf in the kitchen and falling and they’re screaming on the floor covered in animal crackers while person B is wheezing hysterically in the corner. Bonus; person C recorded the whole thing and uploaded it everywhere.
  • Imagine person A and B holding hands and being all lovey dovey until they hear an ice cream truck in the distance and it’s a battle to the death to buy the first cone with sauce and a flake.
  • Imagine person B browsing memes at 3 in the morning and keeping person A up with their obnoxious snorty laughter.
  • Imagine person A running a pastel aesthetics blog and they’re snapping a pic of some really cute unicorn figurines when person B pops their head up into the shot the moment it’s taken. A, in a hurry, posts the pic in a photoshoot. They don’t notice the photobomb until it has 10 notes already. Bonus, person C has a pretty big follower count and reblogs it every day much to A’s horror and B’s amusement.
  • Imagine person A filming a house tour video and right in the middle of it, person B is sitting on the dining table with their underwear on eating marshmallow fluff with a spoon.
  • Imagine person A spamming person B’s blog with cute anon messages only for person C to spam the same things, exchanging every noun for banana. Person A thinks it’s the same guy and they’re very confused until they hear laughter in the other bedrooms.
  • Imagine person B falling off their bed during a skype call with A.
  • Imagine person A as a joke, saying fuck you instead of bless you every time B sneezes. B does it back to A/A then tries it with C and they start crying.
  • Imagine person C and person D making obnoxious and weird noises in the background whenever A is on the phone to B. They once played a really loud clip of a goat screaming and B fell off their chair.
  • Imagine person D drunk buys a dog, knowing B always wanted one as a kid. They scream and continuously hug the dog and call it a really stupid name while A hides everything that could possibly break and C screams at D that they’re an idiot and there’s no way they can keep a dog in the house. They eventually all decide a dog is better than a kid anyway.
  • Imagine person A talking to person B about their hopes and aspirations and then B gets a phonecall and yells ‘MY BABY IS HAVING A PERSONAL RANT DON’T INTERRUPT THEM YOU GIRAFFE BASTARD’ into the receiver. They get a call back from the number after A’s finished. It was their parent/grandparent asking about a visit.

Imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4, random shit and screwups edition

Single - Part 1

Summary: Dean tries to plan a camping trip for his son and the reader doesn’t make it easy for him.

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,419

Dean never planned on braving this world as a single dad, hell he never planned on being single again. He married the love of his life nine years ago, only to discover that she was an adversary in disguise.

Once Dean’s home life became unstable, he knew it was inevitably heading down a rocky road. Leaving was a tough decision because of his son Drew but it turned out being the best thing for everyone.

So that’s how Dean ended up here, here being a charming ranch styled house in the middle of a Kansas suburb. Not a day goes by where he’s not thankful for having the strength to rebuild his life.

Although it definitely helps that Dean’s supportive parents and brother live close by. It helps that he grew up playing on the same dirt that his son is now. And it helps that his sporting goods store became wildly successful, allowing him to do what he loves.

“Alright, Drew. This is your last hurrah before school starts so make it count.” Dean plops down at the kitchen table with a pen and pad in hand.

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signs as messages I've gotten on tinder

Aries: We went to McDonald’s and I took my pants off oh my word

Taurus: What’s wrong with comparing butts?

Gemini: quick question. Robert, Alana, Jake, Taylor and Laurie are trying to find seats in a movie theater. Robert must sit next to Laurie no matter what. Laurie cannot sit next to Jake. Taylor just sits on Roberts right even if Jake sits in the aisle. There must be a seat between Alana and Robert. If Taylor sits in the aisle, will you sit on my face?

Cancer: Hey, are you a gorilla exhibit? cause i wanna put a kid in you ;)

Leo: Woof… I’m a good boy! A hypoallergenic one at that. I’d give two theoretical nuts to be that spoiled for a day

Virgo: oh jeez don’t lower your standards hun

Libra: yogurt, cereal, soup,you.. these are all things i wanna spoon

Scorpio: I think we should see other people.

Sagittarius: Nay, I just ate 6 bowls of cereal

Capricorn: is your name Katniss? because you’re causing an uprising in my district

Aquarius: My dog gives better high fives than I do

Pisces: I want you to be the girl I am supposed to meet

Undeniable Heat Chapter 28: Relaxing

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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As soon as you stepped foot into Jared’s spacious Austin home, you could feel the tension melt off of you. His house was large, but it was comfortable and lived in. With rustic coloring and furnishings, it fit into the Western feel, without being too cheesy or overdone.

You followed Gen as the men came behind with the suitcases. The boys had already run off, glad to be back home and playing. Gen walked through the house, heading up some wide, wooden stairs. “Your room is towards the back of the second floor, far enough away from the boys you won’t hear them wake up early. It overlooks the lake, and you actually have a balcony to enjoy the nice evenings.” She rambled on, filling both her side of the conversation, and yours. You let her, while you just took everything in.

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Monsta x as things I've heard on the bus
  • Shownu: Because the more I drink the less there is for the kids to drink.
  • Wonho: If you think nothing is impossible, try to slam a revolving door.
  • Minhyuk: I can't dance to save my life, but the moment I step in dog poop I can moonwalk better than Michael Jackson.
  • Kihyun: The last thing that blew my mind was the wind.
  • Hyungwon: My goal this weekend is to move only enough so people know I'm not dead.
  • Jooheon: Don't annoy me this weekend, because if you do I will give your number to all the kids and tell them it's Santa's hotline.
  • I.M: Why do you always see lightning first and hear the thunder later? Because your eyes are in front of your ears.
Just a rant

I was just randomly browsing through some facebook fanpage making fun of moms that act in a rude or really stupid way on social media, including judging people for having no kids (or pets instead of kids, doesn’t matter). I must say it was quite entertaining but then i made an awful decision to read the comments…

How can people be so hypocritical? You are offended by some mom on internet telling you you are spoiled because you are 27, have two cats and don’t want to have kids? Yeah, you have right to be, because it’s rude. 

But it makes you a hypocrite and a sad human being if in the next sentence you basically judge women for becoming mothers before they get phds or whatever (maybe you have two, but guess what, it doesn’t make you better than other people), or focusing on motherhood, or just simply wanting kids at all. It makes you a hypocrite to spit out some bullshit about how “dogs can ruin your carpet but kids will ruin your life”, because yes, it’s rude and just simply… dumb? I mean, there is a difference between saying “starting a family isn’t something i want and it would change my life in a way i wouldn’t want it to change” and demonizing them as feces-producing monsters and parasites + claiming that motherhood is some inferior life path, that makes you a slave to man and robs you of intelligence.

There are probably educated, nice, cultured women around you, that have kids or want to have them in the future. Think if you would tell her the same thing, judging or questioning her life choices and making rude remarks about her children (because, yeah, saying they ruin someone’s life is kinda rude), just as some people may judge you for focusing on your career. (also if it’s your friend and you would comment like that then… yikes)

The saddest thing, I guess, is that moms that were made fun of in that group are clearly undereducated, coming from pathological background, which explains why they act the way they act (explain, doesn’t excuse of course) and their poor spelling. People commenting there seemed educated, quite smart and witty and yet they couldn’t process the thought of people wanting a child more than a dog and had an urge to ridicule them just for that. 

If you can’t understand why people want kids and judge them as stupid or automatically assume that they made this decision because they aren’t educated (for example because on the subject of pregnancy or feminism) or have no “””higher ambitions”””, then you are no different from those rude moms on facebook saying that you will die alone because of your childlessness and/or that you are spoilt and dumb for wanting cats over kids.

Seriously, i can see no difference. Both of you:
1) are getting triggered over other people’s life choices
2) feel like you are better than others because you chose a particular path in your life 
3) have an instant need to judge those who chose differently.

PS I am not saying that these people shouldn’t have critisized the rude behaviour of said moms. I am talking about ridiculing others for being moms, choosing motherhood over higher education or career, or, God forbid, having more than 2 kids and being a stay at home mom. Also i am not only refering to the fanpage, it’s a general trend i guess.

PS2 Yeah i know it’s tiring to get comments about you not wanting kids, but don’t lash out on others. There are many women getting very rude remarks because they have more than three kids (doesn’t matter if they were planned or not, if parents are rich or not). So you are not the only side getting judged, persectued in some conspiracy to pull women away from jobs and education. It’s just people being judgemental pr*cks (sorry for the language).

muttsterously-salavage  asked:

I heard from my uncle that dogs are treated almost better than kids in Germany. And that if your dog is well behaved, they can come in restruants or stores with you, and that sometimes kids arent allowed in restruants. Is this true?

Both dogs and children are expected to be well-behaved in public places in Germany, including cafes and restaurants. ;) Yes, it’s true that it’s okay to take a well-trained dog to restaurants, pubs or cafes - you will see dogs quietly sleeping under the table as people enjoy their meal. In stores they usually have to stay outside and there are things to tie them up to just outside the store as you do your shopping. Very generally speaking, neither shrieking kids nor barking or begging dogs are often seen in public in Germany as compared to other countries - that is because it’s considered rude to let your children or pets misbehave in public places.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) I was at the store with my 7 y.o. nephew when we saw a man with a service dog. He pointed the dog out to me and asked why he had his dog in here (not in a rude way). I explained that sometimes some people need help doing things so there are dogs who have jobs to help. He then asked if we could pet the dog. I told him, "You know how when we go see mommy at work and you can't go behind the counter? Well this dog is working so we don't want to distract them."

(2/2) My nephew smiled at me and gave the dog a thumbs up and said quietly, “You’re doing great!”. The owner of the SD came up to me and said “Thank you for explaining. I really do appreciate it. Your nephew understands better than majority of grown adults I’ve met!” He gave a small wave and walked off. I’m really proud of how well my nephew handled that.

You should be proud! Honestly in cases where I hear kids asking questions like that, if I’m not busy I will ask the kids if they want to ask me any questions. Especially with your nephew because that’s stinking cute. 


Shit said in Navy

  • At least I got a cool nickname instead of “Dickhead”.
  • Where the fuck is my sandwich?
  • Motherfucker, where am I gonna make donuts?
  • I dunno, the shredder?
  • Bye [name] 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Did you know they have two foot Scorpions?
  • That sounds legitimately terrifying.
  • Did you know that Strap On backwards is No Parts?
  • I’m in your Section, idiot!
  • Everybody wants to get fucked up, not fucked down.
  • It’s Updog, not Downdog!
  • Fool! You know nothing of Yoga!
  • What is fire?
  • Yeah, but what IS fire?
  • You can’t touch fire, but fire can touch you.
  • Music touched me inappropriately.
  • I’m gonna fight myself for _____ of the year!
  • Eat dicks cuz I wasn’t here!
  • Apple Juice is better than you.
  • It is not the worst, I could be doing cocaine.
  • Is that enough for two Hot Dogs?
  • Did you know that there’s no straight way to eat a Hot Dog?
  • Gaston killed my family.
  • I’m judging you based on your pen.
  • I’ll ruin your cock and your Hot Dog!
  • You wouldn’t give a kid a real gun? Yeah I would!
  • Just cuz they four don’t make them not American.
  • This is twice you have pulled the Fuckery.
  • Do you even Hydrate bro?
  • Sandwich eats the cards, I eat the sandwich, I draw cards.
  • We all gravitate towards dick.
  • If I skip myself, no one can skip me.
  • They’re like Human People.
  • I swear to God if you say the Earth is flat, I’m gonna slap you.
  • The Earth isn’t FLAT, it’s BOWL SHAPED so the water doesn’t leave.
  • How the fuck did you misspell Bowl?!
Stay-at-Home Stan

Okay so.  I had this idea earlier for an AU of the Stanley McGucket AU where Stan gets taken in by the McGuckets while he’s a drifter, so they don’t know his real last name (he’s going by “Stanley Forrest” at that point), and he doesn’t pick up as much of a southern accent as in the main ‘verse.  Things similar to main ‘verse still go down though, and it somehow warped into Stan being a stay-at-home dad?  Like, he does other things with his life, but no babysitter will watch the kids and he hated his job anyways so he might as well do this.  Ford gets a hold of Stan, who says “I can’t come to Gravity Falls, but if ya really wanna talk, come see me in San Diego” and then this scene happens.

               Ford knocked uncertainly on the door.  He tried to calm his nerves.

               This is the address Stan gave me. He huffed.  Can’t believe Stan refused to come to Gravity Falls.  The door opened.  

               “Hey, Ford,” Stan said.  He was clearly disheveled, and seemed tired, but he looked better than Ford expected.

               Hell, he probably looks better than I do right now, given the way he’s staring at me.

               “Uh, come in,” Stan said, standing to the side.  Ford walked into the house, still on edge.  His nerves more or less dissipated when he saw how cozy the somewhat clean living room was.  There were children’s toys scattered around the off-white carpeting, which confused him.

               Maybe Stan has a roommate who has a child.

               “Do ya wanna talk in the kitchen?” Stan asked awkwardly.  “I, uh, I think we’ve got some coffee.  And it looks like you could use a cup.”

               “Yes, please.”  Ford followed Stan to the kitchen, then took a seat at the table.  He continued to take in his surroundings while Stan dug around in cupboards.  And the sound of footsteps, Stan and Ford turned around.  

               “Hey, kid, you’re supposed to be nappin’,” Stan said.  The girl, a toddler no more than four years old, rubbed her eyes with her free hand.  Her other hand was busy holding a large stuffed animal frog.

               “Woke up,” she mumbled blearily.  She stared at Ford.  “Who’s he?”

               “A…friend,” Stan said hesitantly.  The child frowned.

               “Looks like you.”

               “Your point?” Stan asked.  The child scrunched up her nose, clearly dissatisfied with Stan’s response.  “I can’t play right now, y’know.”

               “Don’t wan’ play.  Wan’ foods.”

               “All right, we can do that,” Stan said.  He picked up the toddler and sat her in a chair at the table, which Ford suddenly realized had a booster seat in it.  “Whattaya want, kiddo?”

               “My name’s not kiddo.  ‘s Daisy,” the child said petulantly.  Stan chuckled.  

               “I know that.  Whattaya want?”


               “The stuff your ma makes?” Stan asked.  Daisy nodded.  “You’re in luck.  She made some before she left.  Can ya wait ‘til I get the coffee started?”

               “No,” Daisy said flatly.  Stan looked over at Ford.

               “Mind waitin’ on the coffee until I get Miss Daisy her food?”

               “That’s fine,” Ford said, slightly blindsided by how good Stan was with this girl. He looked over at the child, who was staring at him.  “H-hello.” She zeroed in on his hands.  Ford fought the urge to hide them.

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So I was thinking about it earlier (really all day) and isn’t the Multiverse Theory fascinating?

Every possible outcome has happened or will happen or is happening now. All at the same time. On this earth you go to work and school and just go about your day. On another earth you are a celebrity who everyone adores. On this earth you have your best friends who you love and would die for. On some other earth you may be strangers. Isn’t that crazy? It blows the mind to think that not only are all outcomes possible, but that for each new decisions another world could be born. 

And if every scenario is happening, is it possible then, that every time a writer has an idea, that they’re actually peering into past the veil that separates our worlds? They’re seeing into another world where this is a real thing. It’s not just fiction to them, it’s real life. That mom of 2 really DID take down a Demon and then go grocery shopping. A government really did force it’s children to participate in a game that killed their fellow classmates. Coughbattleroayalenothungergamescough. Every book we’ve ever read, every story, it’s all true. It’s all real. There is no such thing as non-fiction because although it’s not a part of our reality it is REAL somewhere in the Multiverse. Dragons exist. DRAGONS. Fairies. Underwater civilizations. Living and traveling ALL of the cosmos. 

Now in classic obsessive fan fashion can you see how awesome this concept is when applied to our fandoms? Like. In another world it’s not just a show. It’s a REALITY. Avatar is actually happening somewhere with real benders. There really is a world where Vigilante Justice is carried out by people in masks. There are half dog demons. There are people who get stuck in video games. Or transform into a giant robot. Some people can fly. Some turn into weapons. Magic. Of every single kind. Demons really can eat your soul. Some big dude really is chasing kids around a lake. A toy doll is stabbing innocent bystanders. A Man really IS killing kids in their dreams! So….. okay, some universes are better than others. 

But, if every scenario is possible then think about this. I’ll use Supernatural a my example, because of course I will. If all things are possible than say Supernatural is a TV show across a bunch of different worlds, but each world has a different version. On one they’re all girls. On another THEY are the monsters. On yet another Sam is married to Jess and it’s a RomCom about his brother who comes to sleep on his couch. On yet another it’s a soap opera. Another has Dean married to Lisa. Cas dating Meg. Charlie a warrior princess. Kevin a college student. All things are not only possible, but happening.  Literally any outcome is possible if the Multiverse theory is correct so in many different universes there are fans just like us watching the show that they love. That has shaped their lives and changed them in so many different ways. And in many different universes there are shippers just like us who are waiting for their ship to be Canon. And according to the Multiverse Theory every outcome is possible so every ship is a possibility, it just depends what Universe you’re in. So if you ship Megstiel, as a long term relationship (with Meg still living) it’s Canon. Wincest? Canon somewhere. Sabriel? They’re having a wonderful time out there. Bobby/Crowley Canon. Sam/Jess, Dean/Lisa, Charlie/Fairy girl, Bobby/Ellen, Dean/Jo, Dean/Pie. All Canon. All real. All valid. 

And I know I excluded a big one. Destiel. Well, that’s because it is true that according to this theory it is canon that in one reality that Dean and Cas Canonically tell each other they love each other. They date. They kiss. They share a more profound bond. All of this is canon. I’m just holding out hope that the reality that it happens in is this one. OURS. How nice would it be if they SAID they loved each other? Or held hands? And man, how jealous would the other universes be that WE got the ending that they wanted? I mean if everything is possible then it’s possible that this outcome CAN happen in our world. Our ending might very well be the ending of a very, very, very long slow burn fanfiction in another universe. 

…….Speaking of fanfiction. Think about all the fanfiction we’ve read/written. According to this theory, they’re all REAL. In some universes our favorite stories are probably even MOVIES. I mean, more like porn, but you can still watch them all the same. So…Enjoy that thought.  

Also you can now shut down haters so much faster. 

“That’s not canon.” 

“Yes it is.” 

“No it’s not!” 

“They’re canon somewhere in the Multiverse.”

“But I’m talking about HERE.” 

“Are we not part of the Multiverse? Check and Mate.” 

Man this theory is awesome and has kept me entertained all damn day. 

*Courtesy Post⠀
Hi! My name is Obi, and I am a springer spaniel/hound mix. I am 1.5 yrs, approximately 50lbs, and a wonderful boy. I get along with others but I’m better with female dogs than males (which isn’t saying much because my only male dog experience is a cranky blind mastiff). I am laid back, like kids and my life goal is being a couch potato. If you enjoy walks on the beach, wading in rivers, spending time in the hammock, and you need a buddy to keep you company, I’m your guy! PM us or call 828-817-8749⠀

Sometimes i think dogblrs and people in general are totally intolerant to other opinions. Like this is just MY opinion and MY preference. I dont give a flying monkeys what you fucking do or think. Provided you aren’t hurting anyone i dont care.Im not instantly shaming anyone or insulting them and theres no need to start arguments because you think you know better or act all righteous on me. You have an opinion. You dont get to guilt trip me or start calling any other opinion wrong. You dont even need to comment or send me hate on it. Just accept its another opinion and move on (but if you did that, how will people know that you’re better than me?!)  

Recently i made a post stating that I personally dont like to be called my dogs mum,  i didn’t birth those fuckers. At NO POINT did i state that i hate people who do like being their dogs mothers. At no point did i state that i thought anyone who did was odd, weird or fucked up. At no point did i do anything that hurt anyone, i just expressed an opinion. Yet i got a SHIT TON of hate on it. Like guys, its an opinion. I clearly love my dogs, they are obviously not being hurt because i refuse to think of them as ‘fur babies’ rather than my dogs. I still treat them like i’d treat any child - i provide love, attention, food, play dates, boundaries, food and all the mental stimulation their little brains could hope for. I just don’t call them my children. Calling them my dogs doesn’t mean they are any less valuable or important than kids. Dogs are awesome wonderful creatures and the word ‘my dog’ to me symbolises an amazing bond, a relationship formed out of choice on all parties and it can be a wonderful lifetime of friendship. My Dog is the highest commendation i could give. It is the highest level of relationship i could have. No one understands you quite like your dog. No one is there for you unconditionally quite like your dog - not even a child. I dont call them my kids because to me they are better. They are my dogs and that is the highest title i could ever give them. 

But obviously none of you give a fucking shit because you’re too busy being personally insulted that someone voiced an opinion you dont agree with. You can say you’re your dogs mother, brother, neighbour, third cousin twice removed or your dogs fucking pet budgie for all care. As long as you dont hurt the lil guy i dont care what words you use to describe your relationship. So lets stop with the hate ok?! I delete all messages anyway and move on with my life. Anon is now turned off :) 

Father’s Density

based off this submission

Gabriel stared down at the hat on his desk. Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She was a brilliant girl, hiding her signature in the hat was pure genius, and it managed to have the mayor’s daughter run off. That Chloe girl was a pain, her father having spoiled her until she was rotten.

“Mister Agreste, Miss Cheng is here” Natalie said through the intercom. “Send her in” Gabriel said. Marinette swallowed nervously as she entered Gabriel’s large office. “Ah H-Hello Mister Agreste…i-is there any reason you called me here?” she asked Is there a problem with my design? Did he find a better one? What’s happening? Marinette thought.

“Hm…Miss Cheng…How would you like to work under me as an apprentice?” Gabriel asked. “Eh?” Marinette asked, confused. “You have a lot of potential…both from your hat design to what my son tells me about you…” Gabriel said “E-Eh?! Adrien talks about me?!” she asked, almost too excited. Gabriel stared at Marinette with his usual serious expression, though inside he was smirking.

So his guess had been right, this girl was interested in his son.

Well, she was a better suitor than that spoiled Bourgeois girl…he would allow her to spend time with his son, so long as he wasn’t too dense to see for himself the feelings this girl had.

“Yes, on occasion…now…would you like to work under me as an apprentice? I can give you time to think if you wish’ he said. “Ah…wh-what does being an apprentice involve exactly?” Marinette asked. “You’ll come with me to meetings on occasion, mostly with other designers, you can help me create new designs. And I may even help you make a few of your own designs a reality if you wish. Also, if you wish to go to college to study fashion, I’m sure a letter of recommendation from me would make it easier to get accepted into any school you wish” he said.

“I…I’d get to meet other designers?!” she asked “Yes, and even a few models if you wish…if they take any interest in your designs it would be a jump start into a future career in fashion” Gabriel said. Marinette’s eyes widened “Yes! Yes! I’ll be happy to be your apprentice!’ Marinette said, smiling. Gabriel nodded “Very well…we’ll start tomorrow, make sure you dress nicely, we’ll be heading to a meeting with another designer, a new comer.” Gabriel said.

“Yes Mister Agreste! Thank you so much!” Marinette said, smiling, resisting the urge to hug the man before running out of his office.

Let’s see how this turns out… Gabriel thought to himself, smirking.

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Rules: tag 10 of your followers you want to get to know better

Thank you to @blackteelester for tagging me! I mean, she’s really a terrible person, actually, but I can kind of tolerate her. (And if you take any element of that sentence seriously, you are unable to detect extreme sarcasm, because Dani rocks my world.)

name: Kimberly

nicknames: Ymmik and Adverb

gender: female

star sign: Aries (or dog in the Chinese zodiac)

height: 5’1” (yes, shorter than most 10-year-old children)

sexuality: asexual

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff all the way! Phil and me both! And Dani too!

fave animal: kids (the goat kind, not the human kind)

average hours of sleep: 7-8

current time: 7:13 pm

dog or cat person: cat

blankets you sleep with: none in the summer, two in the winter

dream trip: a fancy hotel room with a fabulous view, a balcony with a little table and chairs, a huge jacuzzi tub, 24-hour snazzy room service, and free wifi … and no need to go outside for a while (preferably accessed by train so I don’t have to face the TSA)

dream job: something using creativity to fight stigma/prejudice/bigotry

when i made my blog: October 11, 2016 (anniversary coming up!)

followers: 1,103

why i made a tumblr: because this was the only place I found a community of DnP fans, and I was looking for a community of people with whom to share my extreme amount of enthusiasm (and my fic)

reason for my url: because I fell in love with Phil for multiple reasons, but two of them were that he’s adorable and that he’s a dork, and the combination of the two words just amused me (I actually would love to change my URL to something less cringey, but I have so many fics out there now that I’d be leaving dead links all over the place and it just doesn’t seem practical)

I invite (with no obligation) @myaani @willowmoon9901 @teddyhowell @swallow–nostalgia @lexou-chan @9990zara @imsimplystupid @mostlyphil @p-hantasticpheels @sweetcharite and anybody else who wants to do it. :)

Change in scenery

(A/N): you guys I love Sam Wilson so much

Warnings: none

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

   This was most definitely not what you thought you were going to be doing with your Friday night, locked away in some prison cell with your teammates while Team Ironman were free men. Wanda was chained and shackled like some animal and the rest of you were locked up in these cells for god knows how long. 

   “Well,” You can hear Sam through the glass in the front of your cell. “At least it’s a nice change in scenery,” You merely crack a smile, rolling your eyes at Sam’s attempt to make everyone feel better. 

   “You do realize we’re in prison, right?” You cock your head to the side, awaiting Sam’s response. 

   “God, you’re even denser than Bucky,” Sam chuckles, no doubt with that stupid smirk on his face. “I was being sarcastic (Y/N),” You open your mouth to retaliate when Scott, the new guy, interrupts you. 

   “Are you guys like married or something? ‘Cuz you two sure as hell act like it,” 

   “Nah,” You hear Clint say, “Not yet, we’re all awaiting the news though,” You groan, throwing your head back against the wall in exasperation. 

   “I don’t think I can handle being stuck in here with all you losers,” You joke, smiling when you hear Sam gasp in mock horror. 

   “This is the best your life is gonna get (Y/N), what’s better than being stuck on a boat prison with your best buddies?” 

   “Try not being stuck on a boat prison with my ‘best buddies’,” Sam only chuckles, shaking his head as he stared through the glass, hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one of his teammates. 

   “You know you love us,” Sam mutters, not really expecting (Y/N) to hear it, unfortunately that kid had the ears of a dog or some shit. 

   “Yeah, I guess I do, except you, you’re annoying,” Sam can only laugh, smiling softly at (Y/N)’s joke. 

   “I guess you’re annoying too,” 

  “Is this a confession I hear?” Clint perked up from his seat on the bed, smiling softly as he does so. “Will I have the pleasure of telling the story of how (Y/N) and Sam came to be?” Sam opens his mouth to retaliate when he gets cut off by none other than (Y/N). 

   “Maybe Barton, maybe,” 

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Hi! My name is Obi, and I am a springer spaniel/hound mix. I am 1.5 yrs, approximately 50lbs, and a wonderful boy. I get along with others but I’m better with female dogs than males (which isnt saying much because my only male dog experience is a cranky blind mastiff). I am laid back, like kids and my life goal is being a couch potato. If you enjoy walks on the beach, wading in rivers, spending time in the hammock, and you need a buddy to keep you company, I’m your guy! PM us or call 828-817-8749