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Hey We love your art and you are very talented, but just wondering, have you actually gotten bored of drawing just cats? Do you draw other things?

Thank you!

The cats do get dull on occasion, or if I’m in an art slump the daily updates feel like a chore. My solution to that though has been the occasional break from the cats (themed weeks with dogs, birds, dinosaurs), or I change up my drawing style. Helps keep things interesting. 

I do have another art blog that is currently collecting dust..I’m not very good at updating that one! You can find it here > Heddar Sketch


My dog has a serious dinosaur hoarding problem, do you have any advice for him?

No, but my advice for you is to acquire more dinosaurs. (Especially stegosaurus)

People without OCD misunderstand it on so many levels. No it’s not a personality trait where you’re irked if things aren’t neat. And it’s not just anxiety either, not just chronic worrying or panic attacks.

OCD molds itself around the mind of whoever has it. It’s fine-tuned to whatever will strike at you most effectively. Sometimes it’s like water, taking the path of least resistance, and carrying you along so smoothly you don’t even realize you’ve been floating away until you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Sometimes it’s a surprise precision-strike, taking advantage of a second’s vulnerability and leaves you immediately crumpled on the floor, fully aware of what happened, but powerless to do anything about it after the fact. There are days when it’s just a goddamn pest, buzzing about you head incessantly, and while it’s not making you particularly anxious you just aren’t in the mood for swatting it off–for fuck’s sake, is one day of peace too much to ask for?

Imagine your neighbor has a small yapping dog with the most obnoxious bark a dog can have and it yaps at you non-stop for decades at a time. Now imagine that sometimes it metamorphoses into a vicious wolf, able to break free from its chain to come after you. Sometimes it metamorphoses into a velociraptor–it can open doors, call for friends, outwit you, out-run you and devour you, and all the while convinces you that the pain is all your own doing. Imagine it’s all three at the same time. And it’s also living inside your head. Some days it is your head.

It learns. It adapts to your fears and worries based on your situation on any given day, in any given location. It can even turn in on itself, making you question whether you have it at all. It can take any piece of you and begin picking it apart in to little shreds of doubt, until all you have left of yourself at lunch with your friends, sitting in the chair at the dentist’s office, at  2 am alone in bed, is a pile of scraps quickly burning into ash, and you hope grow back in to a person by morning.

OCD is fucking terrifying–not just what it makes you think, but its very nature, the way it works–and your only weapon against it, at the end of the day, is to train yourself to ignore and endure the terror until it gives up and lets you go.

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A - Age: 

B - Biggest Fear: 

Being dropped out of a helicopter into the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night.

C - Current Time: 

1:03 AM

D - Drink you last had: 

Seltzer water. (This is always my answer, sorry.)

E - Everyday starts with: 

The crushing realization that I am no longer asleep.

F - Favorite Song: 

G - Ghosts, are they real? 

H - Hometown: 

I - In love with:

My dog. Dinosaurs. Pizza. 

J - Jealous of: 

A life spent exclusively focused on my dog, dinosaurs, and pizza.

K - Killed someone? 

L - Last time you cried: 

A few days ago, when I watched About Time for like the 11th time.

M - Middle Name: 

N - Number of siblings: 

O - One Wish: 

A million more wishes. Duh.

P - Person you called or texted last: 

It was @lady-fett !

Q - Question you are always asked:

“What kind of art do you do?”

“You don’t drink at all, ever?”

R - Reasons to smile: 

Everything Spider-man does in Captain America - Civil War.

S - Song you last sang: 

That Squeeze song. You made me find the YouTube link.

T - Time you last woke up: 

9:50 AM or so.

U - Underwear color: 

V - Vacation Destination: 

Let’s say… San Francisco.

W - Worst Habit: 

Trail mix.

X - Any X-rays?

Have I ever had any? Yes. Many at the dentist, among others.

Y - Your favorite food:

Z - Zodiac: 

Kettle corn.

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My SIs are animals, dogs and dog behavior, big cats, dinosaurs, birds, musical theatre, singing, literature, writing, aaaand that's apparently all my brain can come up with lol that ADHD comorbid feel.

those are awesome!!! animals r great SI’s!