my dog evan

so i was feeding my bird when i had a random thought: dear evan hansen characters and pets????

evan would totally have a dog (and he’ll name them after a kind of tree smh),,, imagine evan coming home after school and hes having a shit day and the dog is at the door jumping with joy and evan just melts because who knows how long his dog has been waiting on the door mat for him
he cries in bed, and the dog just jumps in bed with him and sleeps by his side and evan is like, instantly comforted
he swears the dog knows when evan is feeling like shit bc it always lies by his side when he is
evan loves his dog so much ok

evan brings zoe over and she just pets the dog and plays with it for hours probably

connor would totally have a cat?? a house cat if u will and sometimes when connor has like those mad mood swings hed just look at the cat and observe how chill it is and he’ll just sit there talking to the cat and asks how it even does that and idk. connor loves the cat. he cant sleep without the cat by his side
he also spoils the damn thing and appreciates it when the cat brings dead rats to him because wow it took all that effort to bring him a gift and at the same time kinda pissed bc “what you think i cant get my own food?? smh cat”

jared ?????? would have a BIRD?? idk man maybe its just me being biased but imagine jared having a talking bird and he just teaches the bird how to say inappropriate things like “penis” and thinks its funny until his mother catches the bird saying “penis” everytime she says a word to it lmao
jared loves his bird to the moon and back,, he put the cage next to his desk so he can have company while working on the computer and it always makes jared snort when its super quiet and he starts typing and the bird just says “penis” in response


more murphy siblings headcanons

specially for @sincerely-insanely-me 😘

  • connor and zoe were the same height for like, 10-11 years
  • they looked really similar as kids
  • so people often thought they were twins
  • which isn’t too far off cos they’re 11 months apart
  • connor still thinks it’s cool that they’re the same age for a month each year but ssshhh he’s not supposed to be mushy right?
  • when he hit his growth spurt he just went grew so fast his whole family was stunned
  • he gets the tall genes from larry
  • but larry had always been tall, even as a kid
  • zoe was now sore about being the shorter kid
  • but cynthia comforts her by saying that she’s the shortest in the family (since zoe is a couple inches taller than her)
  • which isn’t exactly the most comforting but zoe takes it anyway
  • and he looks really badass/scary but inside connor is just a teddy bear
  • but if you tell anyone that he’ll make sure you’re taken away quietly and disposed of
  • he loves to read
  • and his eyesight is really bad
  • because when he was young he spent too much time lying on his bed and reading
  • he wears contacts most of the time because he kept breaking his glasses getting into fights in middle-high school
  • also his hair is shoulder length and zoe is secretly jealous of it
  • but he lets her play with it all the time so it’s alright
  • he gets most of his haircare tips from her
  • she knows all the right products and how to style it
  • cynthia thinks he looks amazing with the long hair
  • larry still isn’t too sure what to think but he doesn’t hate it anymore
  • connor also has a dog
  • she’s a black labrador retriever
  • they got her when connor was 12
  • to teach him responsibility or something, according to larry
  • she’s not a certified therapy dog but she knows when connor is upset and always comforts him
  • her name is skywalker because the murphys are huge star wars fans you can fight me on this 
  • skywalker is connor’s best friend and follows him everywhere around the house

they’re kind of a hot mess because i was supposed to be writing my essay when i did this, but i hope you like them 😅

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no one asked for these but i wanted to draw anubis!wraith feral form ,from that anubis au i did… you can also see how you see him in the shadows and moving in feral form, and also him interacting with other characters in that au (taking billy as housemate, the nurse as the doctor in the village, evan being the “problematic secret killer that gives him a job”) and. idk