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clintasha + debate club rivals au for @take-me-to-ny

Quote Prompts

1.       “Fancy meeting you here.” “I live here.”

2.       “Can you kiss my boo-boo?”

3.       “Why did this happen?” “Because sometimes life sucks.”

4.       “So I was thinking-“ “That’s a first.”

5.       “Disney World is the happiest place on earth, so smile.”

6.       “So before you go out there I just want to warn you someone broke in and destroyed our lamp. Thank god nothing was stolen.”

7.       “You can’t marry him.” “Why?” “Because you are supposed to marry me.”

8.       “Okay but hear me out, I’m pretty sure Bruce Wayne is Batman.”

9.       “I loved you. Do you understand that? I LOVED YOU!”

10.   “I hate you.” “No you don’t.”

11.   “Do you think birds are scared of heights?”

12.   “It’s always been you.”

13.   “How do you burn water?”

14.   “I think we should date.” “I think you should leave.”

15.   “If T-Rex’s had such big heads, how did they even sleep without falling over?”

16.   “It was an accident, I swear.”

17.   “I can’t. I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

18.   “You don’t like chocolate?” “No I’m not a fan of candy.” “Who are you?!” 

19.   “It’s like this every Thursday.”

20.   “Come get me?” “I’m on my way.”

21.   “So let me get this straight, Vader in German means father? He was literally called Darth Father!?”

22.   “So is that a no?”

23.   “I never wanted any of this to happen, you have to believe me.”

24.   “I wish for once, things would work out in my favor.”

25.   “Keep your head up kiddo.” “I’m older than you.”

26.   “Do you ever sleep?”

27.   “I think if dogs could talk they would get annoying quick.”

28.   “Once upon a time this was entertaining, now I just want to die of boredom.”

29.   “You jump, I jump.” “Oh my God, quit it with the Titanic references.” 

30.   “We should run away.”

31.   “Does anything ever last?”

32.   “You’ll be there right?” “Stop me if you can babe.”

33.   “I just think the life of a hobo wouldn’t be all that bad.” “You are literally homeless.” “So much freedom!”

34.   “Aww look at the happy couple.” “We’re brother and sister.”

35.   “If you tell them it’s my birthday to get free cake, so help me I will strangle you.”

36.   “Please. Please stay.”

37.   “I can’t live like this.”

38.   “That’s your third cookie.” “So what’s your point?”

39.   “Is this how it really ends?”

40.   “That’s it, I’m leaving.”

41.   “Someone is grumpy.” “Someone wants to die today.”

42.   “Weird, in that sweater you look just like my mom.”

43.   “How do you do that?” “What?” “Make me fall for you all over again?”

44.   “There was a time that line would have worked.”

45.   “How do I look?” “Well if you are going for drop dead sexy you nailed it, now change.”

46.   “What if we get caught?” “Then I bail and blame everything on you.”

47.   “I just wanted this to work out.”

48.   “I can’t live without you, why did you have to go?”

49.   “Hans Solo shot first, just saying.” “Oh so that’s what we are going to do today? Fight?”

50.   “I still love you.”

les amis + things my friends have said while drunk
  • enjolras: "no i don't WANT to play cards against humanity I REFUSE TO BUY INTO CAPITALISM JIM"
  • grantaire: "what's that old meme? cracking open a cold one with the boys? well that's what this is except it's like cracking open your deepest insecurities with your drunk friends"
  • courfeyrac: "i made like two hundred pizza rolls and also ordered us some chinese food" ("WHY?!") "you said you were hungry!"
  • combeferre: *in tears* "you can't kill the moth just because you're afraid of them, they might be afraid of you but they don't kill you! you can't just kill your problems, guys"
  • joly: "you're throwing up??? don't worry i'm a Good Friend i'll hold your hair like they do in the movies"
  • bossuet: "i broke... the shot glass." ("how?!") "it was... too heavy..."
  • feuilly: "shit do i work tomorrow?! wait no i quit that job. WAIT I HAVE THREE JOBS"
  • bahorel: *softly* "i want to fight ryan reynolds"
  • eponine: "i bet it's exhausting being perfect all the time. someone should ask my girlfriend how she does it"
  • jehan: "come to me little doggo i am the Dog Parent now, get into my vehicle" (the 'vehicle' is a bike btw) (also the 'little doggo' is taller than them soo)
  • musichetta: "it's a good thing i'm here to control all you rascals, you - oh my god there's a TRAMPOLINE CAN WE JUMP ON IT"
  • cosette: *whispers* "can we watch bring it on"
  • montparnasse: *after taking a selfie and starting to cry* "my eyeliner isn't sharp enough to kill a man anymore!"

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Dan had been on the fence about it for a long time, but this new place let them have a pet and if he had to listen to anymore of Phil’s whining about how cute dogs are and how much he wished he had one anymore, he’d lose it. Besides, Dan loved Phil and he couldn’t help but picture how excited Phil would be if he brought them home a puppy.

So Dan left the shelter with a corgi mix in his arms and a quiet “no going back now” said to himself. It was after buying the puppy of course that Dan started having doubts. The whole way back home he kept thinking of all that could go wrong. What if they didn’t have enough time to walk the dog and play with him? What if they had to go away for YouTube and couldn’t find someone to watch him? What if having another life form to keep alive was too much pressure on Dan and Phil’s relationship?

Dan hesitantly walked into their new home, puppy in his arms still. The dog licked his arm a few times and Dan smiled. This would be okay, right?

And all Dan’s fears vanished when he walked into the lounge and Phil stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of them.

“You didn’t,” he started.

Dan smiled sheepishly, “Surprise?”

“Oh my god!” Phil exclaimed, rushing up to Dan and patting the dog on the head. “Oh my god, Dan! It’s adorable?! Does he have a name- wait are they a he? Oh my god!”

Dan giggled. “He’s a corgi mix and oh god I didn’t even think about the responsibility of naming him, oh no.”

Phil lit up and took the dog into his arms. “Hi little fella!” He spoke to the dog, “Welcome to the family!”

Dan smiled at them, suddenly content with his decision. God knows he’d do anything to get Phil to smile like that.

So they spent the night watching the small puppy run around the house and familiarize himself with his new home- doing so by peeing on the carpet, but that’s what they signed up for, Dan supposed. And when the puppy hopped up into Phil’s lap of his own volition and curled up, Dan had to take a picture.

@danielhowell: 5 minutes in the house and he’s already picked a favorite (currently brainstorming name ideas)

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I got the idea of long distance au barisi, who meet online and fall in love across the country from each other and when they first meet after one of them moves back to New York, the first words out of Barba's mouth are, "Oh my god why are you so tall"


Okay, but that’s actually hilarious, although I do have to feel a little bad for poor Sonny bby who’s probably been running around like a puppy dog on crack all week because he’s so excited!! to meet!! his boyfriend!! after a year!! of dating online!!

And then what does the first thing out of Rafael’s mouth end up being?

“Oh my god, why are you so tall?”

Not, “I love you”, not, “I’m so happy to finally meet you after all of this time apart”, not even a snarky, “Oh, you’re much cuter in your profile picture than in person”.


“Why are you so tall?”

And Sonny is mentally just “!!?!!!??!!!” because he didn’t??! think!!? it would matter?!

But here’s his online boyfriend of a year staring at him as if he’s suddenly grown three heads now that they’re actually in front of one another.

The only thing that Sonny can think to do is lean down close, put his lips next to Rafael’s ear, and whisper, “I mean, we’ve had video chat sex, Rafi, you had to have known that I wasn’t exactly short…”, to which Rafael turns bright red and splutters, and pulls Sonny by the end towards the exit of the airport.

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what would be their fave non-sexual activity to do with mc? :D

• He loves just going on drives with you. The two most important things are combined - cars and love.
• Help him wash his cars. He’ll die. He’s so excited. You don’t even need to do the cliché water fights. He takes his cars seriously.
• Cars cars cars.
• Go with him to buy new cars.
• Car cruises!!!! Car shows!!! Cars!!!!

• Of course he loves playing LOLOL with you. Join the same guild as him. Don’t tell him you have another profile on a rival guild.
• He really just loves doing anything REMOTELY relationship-y with you. Taking walks, coffee shops, movie dates.
• He also, believe it or not, is a big fan of decorating the house. It takes him a lot of motivation to clean, but he just thoroughly enjoys decorating the house with you. It makes him feel like you two are married.
• Take him to the humane society. Oh my gosh, take him to the human society. Volunteer there with him. Talk to him about all the dogs you two are going to own when you get older.

• Coffee dates, of course. Every coffee shop within a twenty mile radius, you two have gone to.
• She doesn’t get much time off, but when she does, she really just loves bringing home takeout and sitting at home, eating with you.
• She loves when you do the laundry with her. Help her get all of Elizabeth 3rd’s hair off her clothes.

• He takes you on trips with him whenever he can. Normally it’s business trips, but oh my god if he wouldn’t rent an island out just for you two.
• He loves coming home from a busy day at work and just listening to you talk about your day and what you thought about what was happening with the company.
• Grooming Elizabeth 3rd together. Of course, anything Elizabeth 3rd related. You pick out the cutest collars.

• When you surprise him at rehearsal, he legitimately thinks he is going to faint. He pretends he does.
• You bring him flowers after all of his performances. He presses at least one from the bouquets in a book.
• He loves taking you out shopping. He could watch you try on clothes for hours. (of course, he tries on clothes with you. it would be a tragedy if you didn’t get to see him modeling as well.)
• Get on his motorcycle. It messes up both of your hair but you can go home and fix each other.

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Unnie, can you do one gif react about GOT7, when you appear in home with a little dog ?

Sorry you had to wait too long for this. As an apology I did All the members instead of just the HL like you asked. I hope you’ll like it :D

Mark: “He’s too cute. But do you think it’s a good idea to bring him home? We can barely manage to take care of Coco, let alone a second dog.” 

Jaebum: “Does this mean I have to keep Nora with my parents all the time. And how are you going to take care of it by yourself? Did you think about all of this before adopting it” fun ruiner

Jackson: “omg I always wanted a dog. He’s too cute and too adorable and.. oh my god can I name it please.” *Super excited and literally rolls on the floor  petting the puppy*


“Honey, is that a d-dog?”

“Isn’t obvious Park Jinyoung-shi”

“Why you didn’t tell me you were bringing a dog home? Where did you get it?And how old is it? Please tell me it has been vaccinated!”

“Yes it is, don’t worry. It was too cute I couldn’t resist. Come closer and see by yourself.

“B-But honey, you know dogs hates me” 

Youngjae: “omg is that a puppy?? He’s soo adorable. Coco come here and welcome your new friend. Hiii puppy~~”

Bambam: First he wouldn’t mind but once he’d see you constantly giving it more attention than him he’d start complaining.

“Would you mind giving your man some attention here. I can act cuter than him if I wanted to! I can’t let that dude win” *eyeing evilly the puppy*

Yugyeom: *As soon as he sees the dog he’d start squealing* 

“Look at this ball of fluff”

Gifs aren’t mine. All credits goes to the owners.


Stony Prompt #33

Anonymous said: “Steve finds a stray animal wherever they go. Or they find him. Like they just sense this guy will be nice to them and they follow him around and Steve kinda feels like a stray so of course he always has to find them home. It’s become a regular part of the routine at this point and Tony finally just opens a shelter specifically for adoption out Steve’s strays. It’s very successful. Everyone wants a cat or dog that was saved by Captain America.”

Steve is out for his morning run. He pushes himself a little further than normally, wants to feel the ache of his muscles that comes from exercising. His shirt is already soaked, mostly thanks to the drizzling rain. The blond enjoys the feeling and sprints through Central Park.

Half an hour later, he decides to stop for today and comes to a halt near one of the exits. Steve is a little out of breath and he leans against a tree for a moment. It’s quiet today, but that might be because of the early hour. He checks his watch and smiles; it’s almost 7am which means Tony will still be in bed when Steve comes home.

He’s just about to turn and leave, when a soft noise catches his attention. The blond stops, turns and looks around for the source. And sure enough, a cat sits not too far away from him. It’s a young one, maybe a year old – Steve chuckles to himself because of the fact that by now, he can tell an animal’s age by appearance.

“Hey”, he says to the cat and crouches down. It takes a few steps towards him, hesitant and careful. Steve holds out one hand and a moment later he feels the damp nose press into his palm, followed by a rough tongue licking his fingers. “Are you lost, hm?”, he asks and as if to answer, the cat meows pitifully. Steve pets it, deliberately keeping all of his movements slow, as to not scare the animal off.

When the cat allows it, he gathers it up in his arms. Briefly, Steve thinks of Tony and what he will say when he comes back with yet another stray animal, but the grey-striped cat in his arms shivers a little, cuddling against him for warmth and he can’t resist.


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Hozier’s Post-Tour Plans? “Sleep for a Week”

“Take Me to Church” became a worldwide hit last year and Hozier hasn’t slowed down since. The Irish singer-songwriter is still on tour and likely won’t get a break until November at the earliest. So what will he do when he finally get home to Ireland?  Sleeping and spending quality time with his dog are high on his list…and unpacking is definitely not.

Asked to reveal the first thing he’ll do when he finally gets off tour, Hozier tells ABC Radio, “Oh God, I don’t even know…use a wardrobe again, I think. Like, just put clothes in a wardrobe.”  Then, reconsidering, Hozier laughs, “In fact, no, that’ll probably take me weeks to do. So I will avoid doing that task at all costs.”

OK, so then what does he really want to do when he gets back home?  "I don’t know, see my dog. I haven’t seen my dog in a long time. Catch up with my family and friends, I think,“ he says. "Maybe sleep for a week. Who knows?”

For now, though, the Grammy nominee, born Andrew Hozier-Byrne, is just enjoying being on tour.  Despite is success, Hozier says he’s not a diva when hit comes to his list of backstage demands: a few voice-soothing remedies, healthy snacks and he’s good to go.

“Throat Coat tea keeps me going, I have to say, and then a lot of Manuka honey,” he tells ABC Radio.  “You find every artist’s dressing room has hummus and avocados in it nowadays, so there you go, I guess.”

Hozier is playing a bunch of festivals this summer in both Europe and the U.S. On September 4, he’ll embark on his fall North American tour, beginning in Aspen, Colorado. That tour runs through October 23, then he’s off to play a string of dates in Australia and New Zealand.

I enjoy that people are most excited for Stone to do this, and that the image of Stone duck-walking through an ice bucket is now in my head.

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I feel bad for Makkachin while at the same time I'm like, my dog once ate a Bluetooth headset, a pill bottle with sleeping pills still inside, and every bottle of lotion within reach (all on separate occasions, of course), and she was like, "Ain't no thang." Meanwhile Makkachin's dying from rice balls and I'm subtly like SUCK IT UP, PUNK. (A happier post for everyone sad 😜)

OH MY GOD YOUR DOG SOUNDS AMAZING 😂😂 How does she even manage to swallow those items?? And if your dog can do that, I BELIEVE MAKKACHIN CAN SURVIVE THIS!