So my dog seems to be aware of where appropriate places for me to be on the floor are? Like if I’m on the kitchen floor, for any reason even just to clean a spill, he’s like
“Oh no, human! You’re on the floor!”

At first I thought it was just because he wanted to play (he’s a very high energy dog), but I can flop down in the living room (floor) a la Tumblr style and he’ll just be
“My human is so dramatic.”

But if I’m in the hall
“No, human, are you okay?”

Sitting in front of the shoe rack
(That one may also be because the shoe rack is sometimes an indicator of a walk)

I have never had, seen nor heard of dog doing this, it’s very odd


Dear Friends,

I will keep this short. This is Lili and she is one of my best friends since 2007 and she has issues with her health. I need your help. Please take a look at this page to see the details and see if you would like to help. Thank you for your time, I will continue to make your day by cute animal pictures but this time, mine needs your help, let`s do this.