my doctor x rose feelings

Some lazy Sunday afternoon sketchy Ten/Rose smooches for you all. :)

things to remember

The Doctor/Rose fandom of Doctor Who experienced:

  • thirteen episodes where an 800+ year old godlike alien fell in love with a 19yo human girl
  • and we loved him and we loved her and we loved them together
  • (and the fanboys tried to destroy us.)
  • and then he died
  • he DIED
  • and then we had to accept a NEW PERSON being called by his name and we hated him at first. we hated him (we always loved her)
  • and then we loved him
  • and then we loved him and the girl together
  • (and the other-ships fans told us he didn’t love her. and the fanboys tried to destroy us.)
  • and then after only a few more episodes we had to accept that our OTP was separated by a universe. that she was effectively dead.
  • and that they could never see each other again
  • and that they’d never even kissed. not really (spoiler alert: we never get an actual kissing scene. much less anything else)
  • and we watched him mourn over a whole season 
  • and then he started to heal after another whole season
  • (and the other-ships fans told us he didn’t love her. and the fanboys tried to destroy us.)
  • but! she clawed her way through the skin of the universe! like the BAMF she was!
  • but. she was only brought back. and left with a clone of the alien. forever. 
  • and that was the end of their story
  • and then the alien died. again
  • HE DIED (he died alone)
  • and then we had to cope with ANOTHER NEW PERSON taking his form who still loved her but was also moving on bc what else do you do when thousands of years pass
  • all while a narcissistic and misogynistic showrunner we often hate with bitter vitriol rose up and destroyed what was left of our show and made fun of our pairing in public and in the series
  • (and the other-ships fans told us he didn’t love her. and the fanboys kept trying to destroy us.)
  • and few of us really watch the show anymore even though it’s still ongoing and one half of our OTP is, technically, still there

And you know what? It’s been 11 years (7 years since they interacted on screen). ELEVEN YEARS and we’re still going. We regenerate all the time but new meta posts and edits and gifsets are still being posted every single day. Lots of them. People still make friends and band together and flail about actors’ comments and haircuts. There must be at least 25,000 fanfics about our pairing. Probably more. And that number is still growing.

That’s pretty awesome, you guys. 

“Can I…?”
“I’m still just an image. No touch…”

anonymous asked:

so i was just wondering, since you have that massive selection of fic recs, do you know of any BAMF rose fics or things like bad wolf!rose or time lady rose? thank you for your time!!

Hi! I’ve read and know of quite a few actually :D. This got long so I’m putting it under a read more and dividing the list into three categories.

First: Bad Wolf Rose fics

Warning: telling you that these are BW fics is a little spoilery for some fics (gif not mine)

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