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💎 Seventeen Blog Recommendation!

I was looking forward to making a post like this, and someone requested it so it’s the perfect chance! I’m going to list some of my favorite blogs that post about Seventeen here (a little big of everything: scenarios, bullet-point, fake texts..). You might already know some of them, but if you don’t, please check them out! 

I’d like to make comments about every single blog I’m going to mention here, but they’re a lot and I don’t know much about some of them, so I’ll just say things about a few ones, but I’ll recommend at least one of their works for each blog. ♥

also, i’m gonna use they/them pronouns in most blogs because i don’t know them/haven’t really talked to them so… I don’t want to misgender anyone(?)

💎 @17mounteens : Their scenarios are just so good, I’m sure that most if not all people following me and seeing this will already know this blog, but since this is mostly about me letting you guys know what are my favorite blogs(?), I just had to mention them! 

Recommendation: You get into a serious argument and one day you pass out (Hoshi) , You confess to Wonwoo but he rejects you because he has his sights on someone else (angst to fluff)

💎 @hansolmates : Their writing is really good, and if you like Vernon, they have a lot of scenarios for him and you’ll really enjoy them! Though they have also written for most of the members so check them out! 

Recommendation: Soulmates!AU (Vernon)

💎   @banhchan : I just discovered their blog a few days ago and their masterlist doesn’t have much yet but her Minghao scenario ‘sweet on you’ totally captivated me and it’s now one of my favorite scenarios ever. I read that they’re about to start a semi-hiatus but still check out their blog!!

Recommendation: Sweet on you

💎 @sunnysidewrites : I already recommended her blog on my last Joshua scenario, but I’ll do it again just because she’s amazing. Everyone please check her blog out!! She also writes for SF9 and Victon!

Recommendation: Wolf!Wonwoo , Love You More (Joshua) , The Dove and the Peacock (Joshua vs Junhui)

💎 @mentallydisturbedmind  

Recommendation: Stealing flowers (Minghao) , The Contest (Minghao) (Minghao is my ultimate bias, don’t blame me(?))

💎 @jihoneywritings : I started following them because of her Constant series, it was very good and I absolutely loved it, as well as the rest of their scenarios. Please check them out too!!

Recommendation: Constant (Vernon)

💎 @ajuimaginary : They’re very good writes, and also the admins are so nice ♥ I love them and their blog very much

Recommendation: Their ‘Best friend Confesses’ series (the link takes you to their masterlist so you can find the scenario for each member)

💎 @theliqht

Recommendation: I’m Sorry (Mingyu)

💎   @saythename17scenarios (another blog that probably everyone knows but well, i love them)

Recommendation: Baseball!Hoshi , Idol!reader appears in Seventeen’s new MV and falls in love with Vernon

💎 @17hansolah  

Recommendation: Lost (DK) , Rivals (Joshua)

💎 @dumbbelle : She has been one of my favorite blogs for a very long time! Her blog inspired me a lot to make fake texts because hers are just so good and some are very funny. 

Recommendation: A not-so-secret crush on Joshua ,  Moove oolong, nothing to see (I KNOW. I’M SOFT FOR JOSHUA)

💎 @goodlordexo : She’s super nice and her texts are amazing. I’m totally hooked on her Seventeen texts ‘The Bet’ and I’m intrigued to know how will the multiple endings be. Everyone please check her out if you haven’t already!

Recommendation: The Bet

💎   @soloelcielo : My last recommendation is this sweetheart!! She makes scenarios, fake texts and moodboard, but she still doesn’t have scenarios for Seventeen in her masterlist so read her request info and request something! 

You get brought up during an interview (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he always got blushy when you were brought up- “oh um yeah Y/N is doing good”

Jeonghan: -he loved talking about you when you were brought up  but he didn’t talk about you til then- “yeah we’re doing good together we’re really happy like normal”

Joshua: -you were known but there wasn’t much known about you. You were one who kept yourself out of the lime light so hearing about you was all people would get to know- “well she’s doing really well. Still really shy and all”

Jun: -all people knew was you were dating one of the boys but since no one would state which boy people had to guess til Junhui pointed it out- “me and her are dating. I mean we’re like always together”

Hoshi: -he always wanted to talk about you to the point it got annoying and the others had to shut him up. So they all naturally groaned as he started talking- “my Y/N? She’s doing very well. I love to talk about her all the time

Wonwoo: -he was very nervous to talk to you because it was going to be the first time you would even be mentioned in anything- “well Y/N and I just started dating recently so you know we’ll have to see what we’re going”

Woozi: -he was very awkward when it came to details about you neither of you wanted to be mention your relationship to many people- “well we’re you know good and all”

DK: -you guys were very out there about your relationship. People knew a lot about you as a couple so questions meant nothing- “what else would you like to know about us? You already know so much”

Mingyu: -you were a real mystery to people. You were in all of one picture he took. That was before they even debuted so they weren’t sure if you were really together or not- “well yeah Y/N and I are together but you know we just don’t make it some big deal”

The8: -there was so many odd pictures of you and him together. You two were goofs together so many people questioned your alone pictures- “well we’re you know happier together than when we’re alone”

Seungkwan: -you guys were happy being private and he wouldn’t talk about it without asking you first. So he never talked about you guys because you didn’t want tones of people to know everything about you guys- “Y/N and I like being private we’re ok with it. We’re too awkward for everyone to know”

Vernon: -the others talked about you two more than. They made you two seem like you were completely wrong for eachother. But Hansol made sure everyone knew you were compatible- “we have a lot more in common than everyone thinks. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be in a relationship with”

Dino: -you two were kinda together kinda not. You two wouldn’t say you were dating but you acted like it. He liked you and you liked him.- “we’re really not together but at the same time you know we’re together. We’ll get there eventually”

SEVENTEEN REACTION To them finding their girlfriend talking to the phone in her native language (they don't understand a word) (Jun, Hoshi, The8, DK and Seungkwan)

Again, sorry for the delay on posting!



“Não mãe.. Está tudo ótimo por aqui.. (No mom.. Everything is great here..)” you were talking to your mother for a while now. 10 P.M strikes on the clock, making Jun wonder what you two were talking about to take such a long time.


“That’s so cool jagi… I don’t have any idea of what you’re saying but I’m loving it!” Hoshi would stay at your side while you talk to your parents on Skype, a silly but proud expression stuck in his face.


“I really should improve my language skills if I want to impress her!” he’d find it so amusing the way you talk so naturally another completely different language from korean, so, he might decide it was his time to impress you.


“Ok two can play this game!” he’d talk a lot with his parents on the phone so you would be like him since you didn’t understand a word, like small competition.


Mr. Best Quality English would try his best to understand what you were saying, but as you get excited and talk even more fast, he’d just make his ‘I’m so done with this shit’ face and give up.


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~ADM Pandacchi

You say they’re your ideal type on live TV (SEVENTEEN)

You’re an idol and the interviewer asked what your ideal type is

S.Coups: “On my way to make you mine!!”

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Jeonghan: *other members stare at him with curiosity* *gif*

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Joshua: *on the outside* 

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*on the inside* “I’m the man. I’ll be her man.”

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Jun: *gif*

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Hoshi: “That’s right! You heard her! Other men better back the hell up.” *Says it with confidence*

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Wonwoo: “She says.. *giggles*.. that I’m.. *giggles more*.. her ideal type..*lots of giggles*… OMG.. *giggles*…” *overall just giggles like a teenage girl*

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Woozi: *can’t handle the feels so starts biting on someone*

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DK: *is so happy he starts singing random words* 

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Mingyu: “OMG! She loves me!”

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The8: “I’ll make you mine”

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Seungkwan: “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!”

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Vernon: “(Y/N), You’re mine now!”

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Dino: *happy dance*

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Seventeen on a hike
  • S.coups: "Did everyone pee before leaving?" Counts heads every 10 minutes. Is carrying somebody 75% of the time.
  • Jeonghan: trips alot. "People probably died out here". Most time spent on S.coups' back
  • Josh: Nature puns. Not the best hiker but a good sport. Carries an extra water bottle. Goes down with Jeonghan every time he trips
  • Jun: Tries to scare everyone with stories. Barks when he sees dogs. Gets lost and becomes Nature Man™
  • Hoshi: Another poor hiker, but makes up for it in enthusiasm. Fights Jeonghan for a place on S.coups' back. Bird calls
  • Wonwoo: Only went because Mingyu did. Says he has to pee a lot. "I dare you to fight that lizard"
  • Woozi: "but if i go who's gonna tell everyone where you went when you don't come back?" Forgets where they went
  • DK: Claims to know exactly where he's going. ends up leading them in the wrong direction. Screams a lot. Repsonds to Hoshi's bird calls
  • Mingyu: Packs snacks and bear repellent. Backpack full of first-aid supplies. Holds branches out of the way
  • The8: The best hiker. Kicks nature's ass. Never even breaks a sweat
  • Seungkwan: Screams when he sees a bug. *Twists his ankle* "tell my mom i love her!!!"
  • Vernon: Claims to be The Best Hiker™. Has never been hiking before. Eats all of Mingyu's snacks
  • Dino: Runs ahead and tries to climb mountains. Gets yelled at by S.coups for eating a bug

“Seventeen’s reaction to when you intertwine your fingers with theirs.” 


He would totally be up for it because seeing someone as cute as you holding his hand would make him just the happiest baby alive! In his mind he’s doing a small dance and on the outside he’s just singing and swinging both your hands up and down. We’re holding hands~” 


He would be confused by it at first but smile and tease you about it. He would just look down at your hands intertwined and smile for a bit before addressing it. He would plant a small kiss on your hand and look up to you So, you’ve been wanting to hold my hand all this time? Why didn’t you hold it sooner?~


He would totally be okay with it! He wouldn’t tease you because the teasing could backfire like the cuddling teases! So all he does is keep his mouth shut and smile. Occasionally he would give your hand a small squeeze to indicate that he does notice that your holding his hand but that he enjoys it a lot. 


Oh gosh this kid would tease you nonstop till you use your hand to punch him in the face. Ha, if you wanted to hold hands you could’ve just asked ya know~ You didn’t have to be so shy about it.” After all this teasing you wouldn’t be holding hands with his but with his face.


Omigosh he would be so cute about it. He would look down at your hands intertwined together then up at you and back down at your hands then up with a huge cheeky smile. Yaah~ No one can resist Hoshi, not even you can resist me and my charms keke~” 


He would take it as a friendly gesture but still flirt/tease you about it by making kissy faces at you and getting close to your hand and whispering dumb little remarks in your ear that make you either flustered or laugh really hardHey, Mingyu’s not going to be happy about this…you better watch out.” 


He would be slightly flustered by it but try to keep it cool by laughing at it like it’s no biggy but really in his head it’s a huge biggy! This means he’s one step from being able to hug you whenever he wants and not having to ask before hand! “Yah, you know what this means right? I can hug you whenever I want cause you can hold my hand whenever you want.” 


He would embrace this new thing and keep it going. He would take it as a sign that he could do the same thing! So out of no where he’ll just grab your hand and hold them even when you guys are out in the open and just walking about. “I’m allowed to hold your hand whenever now right?” 


He’ll do the exact thing that DK does and adapt to it! He’ll find it to be a regular thing between the two of you and occasionally make a joke out of it to make you laugh of course cause that’s all he wants to do! Ahhh~ Look what time it is! Time to hold hands~”  


Oh gosh he would just try to make himself believe that it’s not real because he just can’t believe that someone as cute as you would be holding his hands right now. No, no, someone as cute as you can’t be holding my hands right now. Nope, I’m just daydreaming! Then you would pinch him with your free hand and he’ll realize he’s not dreaming and just get so shy.  


Yes, yes, yes!! Is all he’s saying in his mind because he is 10/10 up for this hand holding business! He’ll watch the clock to see how long you guys have been holding hands and just cherish it.  Yes, I’m very okay with this! Is this going to be a regular thing from now on?~” 


Yeah this kid is not going to be able to process the fact that your holding his hand for about the first 20 minutes or so and just sit there stone cold frozen. In his head he’ll be going crazy! What if my hands sweat!? What if my hands are dry and ashy? What if my hands start to twitch?!


It’ll take him sometime to process the fact that someone as wonderful and cute as you is holding his small tiny hands. He’ll go through a list of bad things he did to you recently and wonder if your going to get revenge on him by making him extremely nervous by holding his hand. I-is this your sick way of giving me payback for dumping coconut milk in your conditioner!? Y-you know I can’t handle holding hands with someone cute..” 

Hello tiny children!! (゚∀゚) Tis bubbles! I’m extremely happy and excited to post this request because I thought it was really cute and that I executed it very well !! (●´ω` ● )ノ And don’t worry anon I do the same with all my friends. I mean I am the mom of all my friends, a moms gotta hold her kids hands right? keke~ (●≧v≦) Please enjoy this reaction everyone! Give it and me lots of love please!  (´● ・ᴗ・ ●`)

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svt as study buddies
  • s.coups: made flashcards ahead of time to share and quiz each other with, brings you coffee and snacks halfway through, has 5 extra pencils and lead if you ever needed it
  • jeonghan: tries hard to focus, gets sleepy real quick, "but that's tiring", falls asleep unless there's food (or coups lol), can find him in the bathroom taking 5 minute naps
  • joshua: perfectionist at heart, aims high and studies hard, signed up to be a tutor in class, wants to help everyone pass the exam, becomes honorary teaching assistant tbh
  • jun: knowledge is power sloth meme, reads things as scripts to memorize them, pretty face and pretty mind, somehow has study materials from the teacher that were never handed out in class
  • hoshi: cracks puns every 3 seconds, nothing gets done but process over product okay, "wait when did the teacher say that?", studies using dance moves as a memorization technique
  • wonwoo: nose in a book, brings up the random facts the teacher never even talked about, sings random parts of songs without warning, leans over to look at what you're reading
  • woozi: doesn't study but still aces the exam, "it was easy", on his phone listening to music instead of studying the material, taps his pencil to new beats he's thinking about
  • dk: stays positive even at 3am and the exam is in 5 hours, the wanderer that goes to different tables and talks with everyone, tries to imitate the sound tape dispensers make
  • mingyu: doesn't actually know how to do all the problems but has good intuition, guesses on problems are 89.4% accurate, doodles in the margins of his and your notes
  • the8: actually helps you study, brings up good debates and wins you over with his answer when he shines his smile, he's on top of his study game and still has time for b-boying
  • seungkwan: diva studier, in the last few hours of studying "THERE'S SO MUCH TO STUDY I'M NOT GONNA PASS TELL MY MOM I LOVE HER I-", worries for nothing because he always passes
  • vernon: asks lots of questions, "why?" "what?" "how?", tbh y'all just end up in a circle of questions, makes a lot of faces when he comes across something he doesn't know
  • dino: bought a set of multi-colored highlighters and uses a different color for each word, wants coffee but is not sleepy???, looks at the answer before trying the problem, "oh i knew that, next question"

“ Vocal Unit Reacting to when they find out your a 95-00 liner “ 


For this sweet angel, he wouldn’t be too surprised if you were a 95-98′line. He assumed that you were already around that age, so of course it doesn’t surprise him but anything above 99′line will surprise him a bit because that pretty young. A three year age gap between him and a 98′line is already pretty big. Now if you guys want to get into the dating subject, I can definitely do that! Our pretty boy would most likely stay dating someone more around his age, so about 95-97′line. But depending on how much you guys have in common and get along he might go for a 98′line. Now for just being friends he’s willing to be friends with everyone!! 


No matter how old or how young you are, Joshua will always be there to support you and be your friend! He’d be surprised if you were anything younger than a 96′line to be completely honest. This entire time he thought you were at least his age or a year younger at most. Now if you were anything above a 98′line he’d be blown out of this world because he’s just curious on how someone so young can act so mature and funny around him. For dating wise he would probably not date anyone above the 98′line because a 98′line is already pretty young. And of course friend wise, he’s willing to be best friends with anyone who he gets along with and has fun with~


This kid isn’t surprised to hear that your a 95′ or 96′ or even a 97′ line. Since you were so smoll he knew you’d be either the same age or younger than him. Though if you were a 95′line meaning you were older than him then he would be a little bit surprised because of the way you act. He would probably give you a hard time if you were a 95′line and tease you about being older than him. He would always coo “Nooooona~” when your around! Now if you were younger he would still tease you and pinch your cheek since you were younger than him. 


It would take him a bit of time to let the fact that you are a 95′ or 96′ line sink into his brain. This entire time he’s thought you were the same age as him! He would mind you being older, it just gives him a chance to tease you a bit every time it’s your birthday like “ Keke, noona your getting older and older each year~” Now if you were anything above the 97′, 98′, and 99′ line then he wouldn’t be too surprised because he originally thought you were around that age anyways! Now that your almost the same age as him, he can’t really tease you about getting older cause he’s getting older himself. ;; 


Let’s all be honest here no matter how young or old you are Seungkwan will be there to tease you till you punch him. He’s not, I repeat not surprised that you are a 95′, 96′, 97′, or 98′ line. He’s used to everyone being older than him because he’s around 10 other boys that are older than him 24/7. Hearing that you are either a 99′ or 00′ line will definitely shock the hairs off his legs because this never happens. He never gets to be older than people unless it’s Vernon and Dino, but they don’t count! You’ll honestly never hear the end of how young you are from Seungkwan, he’s going to bother you everyday about it. 

Waah hello babies!!! ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。Tis Bubbles with a short Vocal Unit Reaction!!!ヽ(;▽;)ノ Sorry it’s so short, I’m honestly just so tired from taking mid-terms from yesterday and just tired overall..( ̵˃﹏˂̵ ) I really hope you guys don’t mind it being so short!(。’▽’。) But holy cow I can’t believe over four people requested almost the same thing?(。・o・。) So I just put it all in one reaction! keke sorry for being so lazy~ (๑•́u•̀๑)On another note, how have you all been this past week? I hope you all have been having a good week, and aced any test or assignments you had~♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) This week was my mom’s birthday and I got her a present she really enjoyed.(●´□`)♡ Happy birthday to anyone who’s had their birthday this week as well!!(๑・ω-)~♥” Well that’s all I have to say today, so please keep taking good care of yourself bbies, and enjoy this short vocal unit reaction!! Please give it and me lots of love like always!!~٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ 

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