my diy projects


So I bought a betta tank plant terrarium and I put this together. I am so pleased with it! It has a baby Fern and Scottish Moss. I decided to keep my lucky Onyx Shark in it (he’s special because I found him with a broken tail at the crystal shop and he was glued back together by me). There’s also a bunch of crystals that were gifted to me, beach glass from a place I call “home” and just all around awesome good vibes. More than anything, this was a self-care, self-healing and self-love project. I poured a lot of love and energy into making this and I want to keep healing and growing!!!  ❤😍🌱



I’m currently selling these miniature clay echeveria succulents that I have been hand making! I have two sizes and two colors as of right now and they are…

👆🏻NOTE 👆🏻 these prices include shipping anywhere in the United States

measured across / price
📍2 inches left image / $20
📍4 inches right image / $30

If you are interested in ordering anything please feel free to message me 👏🏻👏🏻📨📬

Many thanks,


So as all of you know I gave my girlfriend a open when box filled with around 30 open when letters and she opened this one… she loves iced coffee and well you know, its the little things 💕

Hubby hung the pallet and lights this morning. I absolutely love it! We paid to have all of our windows from the 1930’s on our porch replaced with energy efficient ones a couple of weeks ago in the hopes of extending the length of time we can use the three season porch. DH wired a couple of electrical outlets out there so we can plug in a space heater. So far, so good.