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As an infant, Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped because of the magical properties of her long blonde hair; she was raised in an isolated tower, knowing her kidnapper as “mother.” Having been forbidden from leaving the tower her entire life, Rapunzel now desperately yearns to see the world outside at least once. When the infamous female thief Eugenia Fitzherbert (AKA Flynn Rider) accidentally takes refuge there, Rapunzel demands that she be her guide. The two young women strike a deal, and together they begin a whirlwind adventure.


disney dreamcast → hercules (1997)

beyoncé knowles as calliope • janelle monáe as clio • jennifer hudson as melpomene • uzo aduba as terpsichore • amber riley as thalia • chris pratt as hercules • aubrey plaza as megara • danny devito as phil • samuel l. jackson as zeus • sofia vergara as hera • woody harrelson as hades • aziz ansari as pain • ben schwartz as panic

[inspired by]


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

To commemorate the recent start of Tangled: The Series, I went back and redrew Rapunzel’s chalk mural from the movie that she draws during the kingdom dance montage..

The original version I made of this is by far my most popular (and stolen) piece of art online, but sadly it was lost to me due to the infamous hard drive failure of 2013.

Original artwork by @claireonacloud

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one! This was kind of two projects in one. I had to do a book cover for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration course. In addition I did this as a personal project; a graphic novel retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The script is still a working progress but in the meantime I will update with concept art until it is time to reveal the final piece. :)