my disguise is brilliant

anonymous asked:

Oh my goodness I love your Omegaverse AU! OmegaMiyuki in disguise is just brilliant!! NGL I died a little bit. No pressure if you don't wanna, but are you gonna make a continuation? :)

Ah, I’m glad you like Omega!Miyuki anon! Tbh, I’m pretty weak to the “omega in disguise” trope. I don’t know, but I just enjoy that SUSPENSE, ya know? Especially when the omega is a prideful character like Miyuki.  

Also, I’m definitely planning on doing a continuation! I’m not sure whether I’ll keep it sawamiyu exclusive, but it’ll be nice to explore other possibilities like furumiyu too. (Not sure whether I’ll keep it as two different scenarios or have one giant furumiyusawa AU.)