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get to know me: 1/5 actresses; dianna agron
“after the first season of Glee, i felt this sense of relief. i was doing what I set out to do and had people’s respect again. i was again comfortable in my body, as a woman, and then a whole new range of exploration was allowed—at least in my mind. it was the right time for it. i traveled as much as i could, took in people’s stories, experimented in different ways, it all has informed who i am today. ”

Do you guys ever watch the music video for Sam Smith’s “I’m not the only one” and have all these mess of feelings because of Dianna Agron? Cause I do. I know we’re not supposed to hold an actor to a character, but there’s so much Quinn in the video character… Like, I can totally see that happening if Glee had stayed on air for longer and actually followed Quinn’s story after high school.

I can see Quinn marrying that dude who had a brilliant law future ahead of him and treated her like a princess during college. He was polite, handsome and wealthy and it was what was expected of her. And even after so many years and so many deviations from course, she can’t quite shake the image of the perfect little family she should have, according to her upbringing. She thinks he’s kind of boring but he loves her (at least at first) and she haven’t heard from Rachel in years, so she says yes when he proposes.

The newly weds happiness doesn’t last. She is bored out of her mind being the perfect little housewife and soon enough she starts spending less and less time at home with her. And when Quinn goes to one of his work events and meets one of the only female partners at his firm, she instantly knows, that even if there’s nothing between them yet, it’s only a matter of time. Still, she smiles at the woman, makes small talk and pretends she doesn’t see the way she looks at her husband and the way he looks back at her.

For a while, things go on like that. She’s miserable, lonely and turning a blind eye. She was never in love with him, but she’d thought he was a good man and that he loved her. That illusion is out of the window now. 

One day, though, she sees Rachel’s face in an add somewhere online. And all those feelings she tried so hard to bury for so many years come rushing back with a vengeance at the mere sight of the brunette’s face. 

So she takes a hard look at her life and realizes that she can’t do this anymore. She can’t pretend to be this blind suburban housewife that seat home and does nothing but read romance novels and cook dinner all day. She can’t be miserable anymore. She can’t pretend she’s not still in love with Rachel Berry.

So she tells him. She says that she knows about the affair and that she wants a divorce. He laughs and looks at her like she’s crazy. Pretends not to understand what she’s talking about. Tells her to stop with this nonsense and that he’ll see her later, but that now he’s late for work. He kisses her cheek and leaves, still shaking his head.

Just like that, as if someone flipped a switch, she is head cheerio Quinn Fabray again. No more subdued housewife. HBIC Quinn Fabray is back. This woman knows how to get what she wants. And what she wants is to get divorced from this man, move to New York and fight for a chance to win Rachel’s heart.

She hires a PI to get prove of the affair and once she has it, she makes him sign the divorce and manages to get a really nice check out of him too, for all the humiliation she’s felt, threatening to leak the pictures to his bosses if he doesn’t give her what she wants. The firm has a morality clause and he’d loose his job if work got out, so he agrees. 

And then, finally, she stops denying herself and goes after her dreams. She finds a small place in New York and despite not having worked for the last couple of years, she had been top of her class at Yale and her teachers had loved her. So she sends them a few emails, to see if they have connections in the city. They do, and soon enough she has a job as an assistant editor at one of the city’s biggest publishing houses. She loves it and can’t figure out why she had stopped working when she got married. 

Almost everyday now, she sees Rachel’s face. The girl had made it. Her face was on billboards, on buses and on the  subway as the newest Broadway starlet. For a few months, Quinn is content to admire her from a distance. She goes see Rachel’s show a couple of times, but never goes to the stage door. She is getting used to the city and that’s fine for the moment. She’s just enjoying getting to know the city and Rachel’s probably already with someone anyway, so why go to her, only to have her heart broken?

She finally takes a chance one night when she hadn’t even been to see the show. She’s passing by the theatre where Rachel works and she hears the crowd’s noise get louder outside of the doors and she knows Rachel has just gotten out. She crosses the street and stand by the end of the crowd. Centuries seem to go by before Rachel is done signing everyone’s Playbills and taking selfies, but then it happens. Rachel’s eyes fall on Quinn and they gaze at her, piercing her soul. Several emotions passing through the expressive brown orbs, from surprise, to disbelief to happiness.

“Quinn!” Rachel exclaims, before taking a few steps and evolving the blonde in a tight embrace.

“Hey, Rach” Quinn says, returning the hug just as tightly and enjoying the smell of Rachel’s shampoo filling her nostrils.

They take a step back and smile at each other happily. 

“You’re probably tired from the performance, but, uh, would you like to have a drink with me? We could catch up…”

“Yeah! I’d love too!” Rachel says with excitement. “I know a place.”

And that’s how it starts. The beginning of Quinn’s happy ending.