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F(r)itz is a Romantic: AOS Meta

Me? Write too much meta for my own good? Surprisingly, this actually hasn’t happened in a while but I & my internal political philosopher got really excited so here we are.

Now, I would LOVE to talk about all of Fitz’s many many Romantic traits and examples of them but for now I’m just gonna focus on Fritz because well, you’ve gotta start somewhere and I don’t have all year. (Although, asks are welcome). This is based on what Aida said about Fitz being a romantic, but expanding beyond the idea of grand romantic love, and into other aspects of Romanticism that Fitz and Fritz also display and how, as Aida said, no matter what the circumstances his “true nature” keeps peeking through. 

TW: I should mention that this meta contains references to abuse, and some elements of how the Hydra regime works, which obviously parallels Nazism.

Because it’s hella long and therefore, going below the cut, the elements of Romanticism I will discuss are:

  1. Love & Grand Gestures
  2. Freedom & the Individual
  3. Emotions, Passion, Intuition over Hard Science
  4. Heroism

…and how Fitz & Fritz show these traits or values, and how they’re gonna be what breaks him out and bites Aida in the behind. Enjoy!

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Just a Phonecall Away.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Smut - phone sex 
Summary: Reader misses Bucky and decides to call. 
A/N: So I was inspired by this audio post -  and just had to write something. This is my first time posting smut , let me know what you think! 
Word count : 735

You dialled his number with ease, the numbers ingrained in your mind. At first he didn’t want a phone, not use to the technology but then you convinced him after you sent him some choice photos. Bucky was away on a mission and you always missed him terribly. The phone rang and rang , maybe he lost the phone. Finally you heard a breathy “doll?” on the other line and your heart lightened at the sound. 

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Home Alone (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Hi! Sorry for not updating The name is Pond, but I got that request and here it goes! It was fun to write and I kinda writer-blocked myself, with all the job interviews and stuff… But I’m k now :D So sent in requests! They are so much fun to write! Love ya! And enjoyyy!

Request: 63: ‘I think there is someone in the house’ with Barry

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: I think there is like one swear word or something

Originally posted by secretsocietyofwonderland

             I was aimlessly scrolling through Top Picks on Netflix, desperately trying to find something interesting to watch. I was slowly realising that I watched all good content already and started to wonder why did I even pay for the account. Yes, I shared it with Barry so it wasn’t so expensive, but still. What was the point of paying for something I no longer had a use for?

             I switched the TV off and dropped the remote angrily. I was so extremely bored. I knew there was nothing good on the regular cable and I started thinking what even was the point of having a TV. It did set the direction of the furniture, but that was about it. It was useless.

             Annoyed I looked at my phone and saw no new messages. I wasn’t going to be clingy. I was not going to be clingy. I’m not gonna text him. I wasn’t going to text him just because I’m probably gonna die from boredom. I’m gonna die from boredom and he’s gonna come home and find my rotting body… He’s gonna be so devastated… I can’t do that to this poor soul.

             Trying to contain my thoughts was never my strongest suit, so after few seconds I texted Barry.

What’s up?

             Few minutes later, I looked at the screen, few times and he still didn’t read it. He’s cheating on me. Right this second. I knew it. I needed to punch something.

             I went into the kitchen and decided to eat something instead. Trying to occupy my overreacting brain with something different than my piece of shit, cheating boyfriend. No, scratch that. My lovely boyfriend, who was probably busy, since he working for the CCPD, being the smartest person I knew. Being his loving self and probably not having a time for his lazy, bored girlfriend.

             I poured myself a cup of coffee and made my way to the lounge. Before I could get there I heard the sound of broken glass. That was not good. That definitely did not count as something I would like to check out. I’ve seen the films; I know how that ends. And as much as I wanted to think of myself as a badass hero, I was most definitely not trained to take out burglars or murderers, or rapists, or fuck knows who was in my lounge. I slowly retracted to my kitchen, setting the cup of my coffee on the table as quietly as possible.

             Slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible I took out my phone and dialled Barry’s number. He picked up after third ring.

‘Hi, Y/N! What’s up? I was about to call you!’ he said, with his cheerful voice.

             As much as my heart warmed at that sound, I could not forget what was actually happening in my flat. I gulped quietly, trying to calm my beating heart, which I thought, was trying to break free out of my chest. And was doing a good job of it as well.

‘Barry… I think there’s someone in the house’ I whispered, my voice trembling ‘No. I know there is someone in the house…’

             Before I could say anything else, large man showed up in the kitchen’s doorway, with a huge gun that was pointed straight at me. I dropped the phone and froze. I couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything just stare at him.

             He was easily twice my size, with huge muscles and a cute ‘I love my mum’ tattoo on one of his biceps. Adorable. His face was calm as he looked at me, but for some reason it didn’t make me feel better. Go figure. His dark eyes were looking into mine and for a second I thought we had some freaky connection.

‘I like your gun’ I blurted out, still not really knowing what was I supposed to do in that situation.

             I was most likely going to die. That was a given. The odds were not in my favour. At least I’m gonna have a hole in my chest and die quickly. Unless obviously he’d miss. But then again he would have to be the worst shot in the universe to miss in such short distance.

             The man smirked, taking the safety off and I closed my eyes. I thought about Barry and his lovely smile. My beautiful boy, that I loved with all my being. His laugh, the way he said he loved me and the way he was proving it to me every single day. I wasn’t sure where I was going but I knew I was going to miss him, oh so much.

             I heard a woosh and realised I wasn’t dead. Confused, I opened my eyes and noticed that there was nobody in my hallway. I turned over 360 degrees, still not really understanding the situation I found myself in. Was I dead? Did I actually die? Because hell, heaven or purgatory, or whatever happened after you die, looked oddly like my kitchen.  

             In that moment another person showed up in my hallway. Someone I’ve never thought I’d see in real life. Someone who was kind of a legend, someone who was most definitely a hero. Someone, who I suspected has just saved my life.

‘Y/N… Are you okay?’ he came closer and brought his hand up, to touch my face.

‘Bro, I have a boyfriend’ I said stepping back ‘But thanks for saving my life.’

             He was mere centimetres from me, when he smirked. I looked closer at his face and realised that I knew it. It was covered in a red mask, but it really didn’t cover that much… I saw his eyes and I realised that those were the eyes that looked at me lovingly every morning when I woke up. Those were the lips I kissed, so many times and I knew every curve of them. This was the voice that sung to me when I was sick or feeling down, the voice that made me feel safe, that made me feel at home. That made me feel loved.

‘Bartholomew Henry Allen’ I said, stepping closer to the red-clothed superhero/my boyfriend ‘Why in the hell are you running around saving people?!’

             Before he could deny any of my words, I grabbed his emblem and pressed my lips against his, feeling the familiar tingling. I smiled when he kissed me back.

‘Y/N… I…’ he started.

             I shook my head.

‘Barry, I love you’ I said, looking into his wonderful, green eyes. ‘And I understand.’

             I really did. I understood. I knew why he would keep it a secret. And I knew that he would tell me eventually, when he felt ready. When he felt, that I needed to know. I loved him too much to be angry, I loved him even more now, knowing all the good he did. All the people he saved. Everything he must’ve sacrifice. I wasn’t going to let him go.

             My boyfriend was a hero and I was really okay with that.


Requests are still opeeen! My Masterlist. And Prompts

Title: Heart
Pairing: Naruto/Hinata, Implied Boruto/Sarada
Summary: A rare weekend of for the Hokage turns dangerous when Hinata collapses, causing some old memories to resurface.

A/N: Another entry in a series of prompts from @fruit-snack. This one basically wote itself, it was great fun. If you could leave a review you’d make me very, very happy

(AO3) (FF)

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Shop ‘Til We Drop

Hey there!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine about you and your crush going shopping together, and they hate it! But they stay because you enjoy it :) thank you xx

AN: Sure :) Thanks for requesting and sorry this took so long xx


Your POV:

It’s saturday morning and I was supposed to be shopping right now with Bree and my other friends, but they had decided to bail on me. I was pacing my room when suddenly the thought came to me to call Y/C/N. He’s one of my closest friends and I bet if I offered to buy him an ice cream after he’d come. I grabbed my phone and dialled his number.

After a few rings, I hear a grumbly, “Hello?”

Shit! I must have woken him up. “Hey, Y/C/N!”

“Y/N?” he begins, his morning voice is utterly sexy and just the sound of it makes my heart flutter.

“Yep,” I reply, “It’s me. Just wanted to know if you could pretty please come shopping with me?”

“Shopping?” he asks, “What for?”

“Well I really need to buy myself a new set of earphones and I was supposed to go with Bree and them but they bailed on me.”

He sighs. “And you want me to come?”

“Pretty pleaseeee?” I ask hopefully. “I’ll even buy you an icecream!”

He chuckles from the other end. “Anything for you Y/N.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squeal. “Come over in half an hour?”

“Sure.” he replies, I can practically hear the smile in his voice, “See you soon.”


I hang up and collapse on my bed, smiling. I can’t believe he actually said yes. This is going to be a great day.

I get dressed and wait for Y/C/N to arrive. I decide to sit on my bed and listen to music until I hear a noise and pause it.


Y/C/N’s already here. I run downstairs and let him in. He immediately brings me into a hug.

Y/C/N’s POV:

As soon as I see Y/N, I lean down and hug her. She’s so adorably short that she fits perfectly under my jaw. She hugs me tight and then lets go.

“Ready?” she asks.

I nod. “Born ready.”

She grabs her handbag and we get in my car. As I’m driving, Y/N turns the radio on and starts singing along to the tracks. I must admit, she’s a really impressive singer. It’s really lovely to turn and look at her while she’s singing, and the light hits her Y/H/C hair perfectly. She’s so beautiful and I fear she’ll never know it.

*Time Skip*

“Thanks for coming with me Y/C/N,” Y/N begins, smiling up at me as we eat ice cream together, sitting in her favourite ice cream store, “It was really nice.”

I nod. “Thanks for letting me, I really like spending time with you.”

She smiles, then goes back to her ice cream, a look of utter and complete contentment. It’s times like this that I fall even more in love with her, but I’ve decided within myself that this is the time I tell her. Finally.

“Y/N,” I begin, looking into her eyes, and taking her hand in mine. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She looks shocked for a second, but then her mouth blends into a smile. “I think I’m falling in love with you too.”

Then I cup her face and pull her close to me. Our faces are almost touching when I lean in and feel her soft, pink lips to mine, and I’m in heaven.

Marc Bartra Requested Imagine -;

‘The number you have dialled is currently unavailable, please try again later’
I have heard that annoying voice at least 20 times in the last hour. Why the hell wasn’t Marc picking up!?
He told me he was going to visit a friends house and that he would be back in an hour. It was now midnight and my heart was hammering with worry and anger.
He knows how worried I get so why isn’t he picking up? Maybe he’s been in an accident? What if he’s hurt? Maybe he just doesn’t want you anymore my subconscious adds and I groaned and put my head on the table, exhausted physically and mentally.

I heard a loud knocking on the door and lifted my head up off the table. I glanced at the clock which read 2 in the morning so I must of gone to sleep. I wondered who it could be until I realised that Marc still hadn’t arrived home yet.
“Where the hell were you?” I questioned loudly rubbing the sleep from my eyes as he strolled in.
“Sorry” he mumbled running his fingers through his hair
He has got to be kidding me.
“Sorry? I’ve been waiting up all night sick with worry and all you say is sorry!? I hiss. I am fuming.
"I just got caught up in some stuff and fell asleep I didn’t mean to worry you I swear” His eyes are filled with concern as he tries to cup my face with hands. I immediately shrug him off and sigh loudly, pushing some of my hair off of my face. 
“Then why didn’t you answer my calls? I must of called you at least 20 times? You cant even begin to imagine how worried I was. Not knowing if you were just ignoring my calls or if you were actually hurt in some way” I begin to explain, grabbing a tissue from the table and blowing my nose.
“My phone was on silent and I meant to text you but I went to sleep. I am so sorry baby” he spoke calmly his eyes softening.
My heart wanted to forgive him because he had a valid reason but he still left me at home worried sick. Even if I did forgive him he would probably think it was okay to treat me like this

“Babe? You’re not angry at me are you?” he questioned softly

“No” I mumbled even though my entire facial expression begged to differ.

“I’m going to bed” I murmured, walking up the stairs.
I entered our room and closed the door behind me. I believed him but I was still very annoyed at his careless actions.

By the time I had changed into my pyjamas it was already 3 in the morning. I got under the covers and was about to set my alarm when I heard a soft knocking then Harry’s voice pleading with me.

“Come on babe please! I know you’re upset it was an accident. I couldn’t bear it if you were angry at me because I love you!” he sounded frantic and my heart warmed at his loving words.

I felt so guilty and terrible that I had made him feel so bad.
I got up out of bed and opened the door and found him sitting next to it.

“You do realise it wasn’t locked right?” I smiled trying to lift the mood
“Yeah I know but I didn’t know what you would do if I came in” he sniffed and got up off the floor. 
“Marc I know it was an accident but I love you so much I dont want to lose you” I explained biting my lip.
“You will never lose me baby” he smiled tucking some loose strands of hair behind my ear and then stroking my cheek. He leaned down and planted a soft warm kiss on my lips. He then pulled back and scanned my expression, trying to figure out if I wanted him to continue. 
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him towards me. Our lips met and the butterflies in the pit of my belly were fluttering uncontrollably.
He smiled against my lips and I tugged and ran my fingers through his tamed hair to which he realeased a deep throaty moan.
“Baby” he breathed.
He shut the door with his leg and took off his jacket whilst kissing my neck.
“I want you,” he murmured and those three words made me convulse. My fingers moved into his hair, pulling his head back so I could claim his mouth, fire licking hot and high in my belly. He groaned and pushed me back onto the bed. He sat up and ripped off my sweatpants, undoing his fly at the same time.
“Ah …” I groaned as he filled me and he stilled, grabbing my face between his hands.
He moved in a torturously slow pace. “I love you baby,” he murmured and very slowly, very gently, he made love to me until I came apart, calling his name and wrapping myself around him, never wanting to let him go.
We laid down breathless and sweaty after the best make up sex ever. 
“I’m so sorry for worrying you I won’t ever do it again I love you so much” Marc breathed. 
“It’s fine I just over reacted, I shouldn’t worry so much you’re a big boy you can take care of yourself” I muttered as sleep began to slowly wash over me.
“It’s not your fault it’s mine. Sleep for me baby” I heard Marc murmur as he kissed my forehead and I slowly drifted into a deep but peaceful sleep.

EXO reactions ; Fragile Baby (pt.1)

This is too cute. Prepare your HEARTS. I exert effort on researching Chinese baby names and their meanings

Xiumin : She wailed once again. I want to make Hyun-Ae stop but I can’t. ______ told me to check her diaper in case she pooped. I made face to her already but she didn’t stop. I know I have to pick her up but I don’t want to. What if she falls while I’m holding her? I just hope ____ is here. ‘Call me when you need me.’ I fished out my phone and dialled her number even though she’s out to relax. “Yes Min?” “I need back up.”

Luhan : “Xiaohui, stop crying,” I pleaded as I watch her turning red. _____ went out for awhile since her favorite book comes out today. I let her since ever since she gave birth to our daughter, she was stressed. “Xiaohui, don’t make this hard for me.” ______ usually carry her while singing a lullaby. Can’t I just sing to her? “Xiaohui—” My phone suddenly rang, ____ name was displayed on screen. YES! “Hello ____! I need help.”

Kris : “Yah! Lu-ge, don’t hold him that way,” I told Luhan while he was holding Minzhe. My son’s face is already turning red. “And how should I hold him exactly?” he asked, his eyebrow raised. “Make sure you hold him carefully. _____ would scold you once she sees you!” “Hold him. Show me.” Minzhe continued to wail. Luhan handed me Minzhe. “A-Alright…” I mumbled. Son, don’t hate me if you fall. All of a sudden, my phone rang. “Oh, it’s ___.” “Put her on speaker.” And once he did, I told her immediately. “Don’t hate me if Minzhe falls.”

Don’t tell me someone will complain again. T^T

Kent knows that he didn’t have it that bad. His mom supported his hockey dreams no matter what and when he came out to her over dinner when he was 13 she barely batted an eye. He knows that it could have been a lot worse.

He also knows it could have been a lot better.

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Oneshot: Clean

Robin has just broken Regina’s heart. She goes for a walk and it starts to rain heavily but she doesn’t care. Both Emma and Henry are worried so Emma goes looking for Regina and finds her soaking wet. Regina winds up with a bad cold and they look after her - Regina fan. SQ and Swan-Mills Family feels.

Thanks for the prompt. Title comes from the Taylor Swift song of the same name. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Regina stands frozen at the town line as she watches Robin leave. Except she’s not watching anything. One second he was there, the next he was gone. He chose Marian going on about honour and duty. What honour? Where was this honour when he was sleeping with her while Marian was frozen? Where was this honour when she was trying to heal and he kept pushing and opening up that fresh wound in her heart?

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