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Some people gave me the green light so grab your blankets and get comfy my children, story time it is.
It all happened this morning when I was about to go to my aunt’s house where my actual cat is (mine is too small so I can’t keep any pets in there. It’s a department) and suddenly I see a cat in the parking lot that was way too similar to mine. I call her name and immediately she reaches me and rubs herself all over me. That was too suspicious but since I was in a hurry I took the fucking cat with me and got in the car. I thought “maybe she escaped while no one was looking” “my aunt probably hasn’t even noticed yet” And as soon as I arrive there and somehow manage to knock the door with both my bags and the cat in my hands I ask my aunt if America (that’s my cat’s name) is there. She looks over and replies “Yes, she’s right here with us” I FELT LIKE THE DUMBEST PERSON ON EARTH WHAT THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT CAT NOW
After I gave her food and figured what the fuck just happened my aunt convinced me to return her to the place where I had found her. Reluctantly I had to agree, unfortunately we have no place for another one. Then my cat looks out to the window and gives her a killer look, like “who’s this bitch” I swear to God my cat is the most jealous hoe ever
Finally I returned her to the parking lot and I hope I get to see her as soon as I arrive home.

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Is that a chocobo feather earring Prompto has? That's so cute!!!

Yes, it is a chocobo feather! It’s his good-luck charm. I gave it to him for few reasons. 1) I like how it looks :P , 2) This boy loves chocobos, and 3) Chocobo feathers have Haste-casting abilities in other Final Fantasy titles, and since Prompto is quicker and more agile on the field than his bros, it kind of fits!

He has to take it out during Episode Prompto, though, because the metal in the earring would make him more susceptible to frostbite D:

Ocean Waves (I Can Hear The Sea)~ First Impression

海がきこえる -  ファースト インプレッション 

glitters on the dash.

now i know i’m going to be a uni student for another year i feel weirdly motivated to actually finish the uni au and I’ve restructured it a bit so it’s going to be like six chapters that are 15k (ish) each and once big bang is done and dusted i’m finally going to finish it 💃🏻💃🏻


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

Basically this book…

Decided to draw one of my many favorite scenes from The Dark Prophecy without giving away major spoilers


YOI Flora and Fauna AU [Victuuri-centered] 

Floras are the peacemakers of the mythical world. They have the ability to rejuvenate and control nature, and they can heal those who are in physical pain. They might be fragile beings, but when angered, their power can be destructive. The royal Flora family is protected by only the chosen mighty Faunas.

Faunas have anthropomorphic bodies, and they used to serve under the Flora kingdom as their guardians. Most of them have gone to live a free wandering life, but some chose to stay with the Floras. When they reach their absolute form, their strength increases tenfold. 

In this AU, Viktor and Yuuri were raised in the world of the mortals. And one point in the story, they go back together to where they originally came from to resolve the conflicts of their kingdom.

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