my desperation to trans

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1. 슈가형과 함께! 사진도 같이 올렸는데 이제 그만 괴롭혀요ㅋㅋㅋ 개구장이들 같애ㅋㅋ ©

Together with Suga hyung! I have even uploaded a photo together, stop teasing me now kekeke We look like brats keke

2. 개구쟁이 슈가형과 지민이 ㅎ저희 친합니다! 정말이에요 ! ㅎㅎ 맞지 형? ©

Brats Suga hyung and Jiminnie  he We are close! Really ! hehe right hyung?

Suga’s reply:  아니. ©  >> No. 


Tfw I’m an acesthetic [He/Him]

I desperately need help

My name is V. My partner and I are trans, disabled, and homeless.

I work as a server at IHOP but school has just started and my boss cut my hours, so tips AND my paychecks are small. My partner just got a job, but it will be several weeks until they get a paycheck and even more until we get enough together to get indoors.

We have a 2 year old son that we have hardly been able to see in several weeks because we have no food and it’s too cold for him to sleep at night. We have no resources and nobody who is willing or able to help us, and winter is fast approaching. We are desperate. I am desperate. I am BEGGING. We need to get funds together to get an apartment before the winter.

I can’t stress this enough. We NEED to be indoors before winter, and ideally, we should be indoors before October. We live in Alaska and winter/fall is bitterly cold and miserable, especially at night, obviously. It’s already dropping below 50 at night. We sleep under 3 thick blankets and in layers and we are still freezing.

Our goal is to try and get $2000 together, for deposit and first months rent. The cost of living here is very high and we need at least that much to have any guarantee of getting a place before winter. My paypal is Please, please donate and/or signal boost this. Thank you for reading.

Urgent Help Needed

Hey everyone my name is Lily and I’m a trans woman in desperate need of help for moving costs. I was just told today that my lease for the apartment I’m at expires tomorrow, and I have to get out as soon as possible. I need to leave for my own health and safety because I’ve been living for the past six months with a woman who abused and molested me, I can’t even keep food here for myself without it being stolen from me. I’m hoping to get 900 dollars to cover a security deposit for a new apartment as well as additional moving costs. I have one week (until August 20th) to raise this money, or else risk homelessness for me and my wife. Any amount at all helps, small amounts can add up and be an incredible help to get me out of this situation.

My paypal is, if you can’t donate please reblog this so people who can might see it. Thank you.

i’m so tired of being cis people’s learning experiences 

i just want one romance and breakup where it doesn’t feel like it ended because of my transness

stop hurting vulnerable and desperately lonely trans women in your quest to find yourself. we’re not your fucking tools or stepping stones to enlightenment, we’re people with real feelings and wants and needs. 

anonymous asked:

Were you ever really bitter about being trans and say some probably transphobic things about yourself? Is that normal at all? Any advice to accept myself in a nicer way? I want to not feel ashamed or anything

The beginning stages of discovering myself were as full of fear and anger as they were relief and comfort. I could finally understand why I felt such an intrinsic sense of discomfort but I was upset about what it meant for my life. After a life full of hardships I was desperate for a sense of normalcy and in my mind being trans was just another thing to deal with. It didn’t feel fair. I didn’t want to accept that that was my reality and so I tried to deny it. I was a stick of dynamite lit from both ends - simultaneously consumed by dysphoria and consumed by the anger I felt for being dysphoric in the first place. I would’ve given anything to not be trans. Moving from this place of hatred to self-acceptance was a long and painful process that ultimately came down to me realizing that my options were to accept my reality and live a happier life or to continue denying my reality and not live very long. This post talks a little more about that process and I think you might find it helpful.