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hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye


some monsters from Taiwanese folk stories

From top left :

芒神(魔神仔)Moo-Sin-A, evil creatures appear in the wild or mountains who love to prank ppl.

貓鬼 Cat ghost. They sneak inside the house and kill one month old babies. That’s why some old ppl believe we need to hang died cats on the trees to avoid they become this kind of ghost.

竹篙鬼 The bamboo ghost which will kill ppl or steal ppl’s spirit.

海中毛人 The fluffy monster lives in the sea, who points directions and creates winds for sailors

地牛 The underground cow which will cause earthquakes when she turns her body over.


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.


demon or angel?? just playing around with some designs! it’s not something i do much, so i tried a cuter style for it. some thoughts on them under the cut!

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HOLA MY FRIENDS!!! I’ve been working on this new concept art for this new illustrated story of mine that is about ( Costa Rica) my country’s culture, traditional art , leyends and ancestors and a little bit of my imagination! (It’ll be made originally in spanish tho,) Find more of this story in the tag!

“ Wha if I told you all the stories your abuelita told you when you were little about old and terrifying creatures, like “El Cadejos”,”La Cegua” or even the terrifying “Llorona”, are real?”

“Would you believe me?”

thERE HE IS, floofy golden werewolf boy )v)

shoutout to @toastycyborg for her awesome skyrim/opm crossover, i inspired this design on her genos aH! i hope you don’t mind it <3