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BigBang's Day Off in Sydney

So our boys had a day off today after the two day MADE concert in Sydney and each member decided to do something fun. Jiyong, Daesung and Seungri was going to go to Circular Quay on a fancy yacht with fancy friends and TOP was invited to go to the zoo with Youngbae. Youngbae always took good care of his hyung afterall, so TOP went outside for once instead of staying at the hotel all day looking on Instagram of chairs and weird art like the usual. 

Little did TOP realize that it wasn’t just going to be the two of them. Our Bae invited his own ‘bae’ too. It’s sweet and all but poor TOP started to feel awkward. His only comfort was Mr. Giraffe… our oldest hyung is feeling the loneliness. If only he had someone by his side as well to spend his day off with.

On the other hand, Jiyong, Daesung and Seungri was at Circular Quay having a good time with other people and enjoying the good view along with good food. Jiyong was having loads of fun with his two maknaes and the maknaes loved the company of their hyung. Little did Daesung know though… that the true “heroine” of Ti-Bang-nic wasn’t actually him but the youngest of the two maknae. 

Poor Daesung felt awkward to be caught on the famous “Nyongtory” ship. Even Jiyong-hyung posted on Instagram of Seungri’s super zoomed in face and tagging it #뇽토리. They even left the boat at one point to eat with one another. Daesung thought to himself, something must be done. He’s dying from the the fact that he’s become a third wheel and how lonely he felt. If only he had someone who’s constantly weird and clingy by his side for that loneliness to go away. So … a phone call was made.

“TOP hyung, what are you up to right now?”

“Feeding Mr. Giraffe and his family.”

“Sounds like fun, what about Youngbae-hyung?”


“What’s wrong, hyung?”

“He brought his bae….”

“…. Oh. She did go to both days of our concert right.”

“Yeah… what about you, what are you up to?”

“We’re on a yacht around Circular Quay.”

“Sounds fun.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I think I boarded the wrong ship.”


“Nyongtory… Save me hyung!”

And thus, the reliable yet weird hyung of BigBang flew or drove to Circular Quay to rescue his own “bae”. Thus, the BigBang double date began and all lived happily ever after.

(FANFIC kinda… by Yours Truly)

anonymous asked:

hi, sweetie! i know it must be hard comforting other all the time, and i hope that you are doing well. but i do have a problem... i'm diagnosed with psychosis, and i have these delusions saying that i will be rewarded (my highest wish will come true) if i do as my voices say (stop eating, stop taking medicin, drink alcohol and other stuff). i now know that i'm sick and i that it's not real, but a part of me wants to listen to them.

hey baby !! I’m honestly really proud of you for reaching out. what you’re coping with definitely isn’t easy. I understand that these experiences can be very distressing and I just want you to know that you’re always welcome here without judgement. 

don’t isolate yourself. find people you can talk openly with about your delusions. consider joining a network or forum, or maybe even start your own blog.

identify your triggers. notice when the voices are louder, more frequent, etc. recognize when you feel paranoid and more distressed. with who, when, where, and what is it about the situation?

• consider encouraging your close friends and family to educate themselves on how they can help you effectively. sending them a good link can inspire them to keep exploring.

• practice mindfulness.

• try using “I statements” for coping with voices. for example, if a voice tells you you’re no good, say out loud “right now I feel not good”. with this technique you are saying that what you are hearing is your own thought. this is very different than saying “the voices say I’m no good”.

listen to music you love to diminish the intensity of voices. it’s not about playing it loudly, it’s about listening to something you genuinely enjoy that catches your attention.

• some physical factors are known to negatively effect voices such as fevers and pre-pms. caffeine, sugar, alcohol, street drugs, and antihistamines can also worsen the intensity. it’s good to be self aware of if and how they affect you. if pre-pms is a problem for you, you may comfort by reminding yourself “this is temporary, it will only last a few days”. ask close friends and family for extra support during these times.

some resources:

cognitive model of delusions

intrusive thoughts brain metaphor

dealing with psychosis pdf

intervoice the international community for hearing voices 

new USA hearing voices network

hearing voices network, manchester, UK 

voice-hearers yahoo support group

hearing voices movement wiki

I hope some of these are helpful sweetheart. you’re so strong.💕

me: *sees angsty bagginshield gifset*

me: nooooooooooo





my excitement’s like a bubble about to burst in my head i can’t believe sherlock series 3 is only hours away

i got into the show after s2 had aired so this is the first time i’m going to be watching and screaming with people

it’s going to be so much fun asjdkflajsf not to mention that new things are going to happen??? on the show??? new things to edit and analyze and watch???? I CAN’T WAIT


so i rewatched TEH, and i’ve decided that it’s a hot mess. i mean i love it and it’s very enjoyable but

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