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Lmao I have my own aesthetics tag named “my aesthetics” also credit to the artists of the nail art and the female model. I had them in my storage for a while now lol. I will try to find and tag them… oopsie )^: but feel free to ask me about my aesthetics! I love this kind of stuff!

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Old Lady Refuses to Settle Down and Act Her Age

I’m sure many of you are familiar with my Inquisitor Lavellan character, Dei, but recently I’ve been working to re-vamp her for a personal project I’m working on. It’s particularly fun because in it she’s now a fiftysomething war veteran with a twenty-two year old son. Overall her personality and looks have changed a good deal in the process too.

Y’all are still gonna see Lavellan, especially in context of the Sisters Lavellan AU, but going forwards I’m gonna be overhauling Lavellan’s design too so there’s a visual difference there. If y’all are curious at all about Dei Lindirane vs Lavellan pls feel free to inbox me! I love talkin about this girl.