my defan heart


I’d just like to say fuck everyone who was on Stefans dick for acting like a dick. At the time, he had just lost his brother. I don’t care who damon was to everyone else but it’s Stefans brother and they don’t expect for him to act different. His face when he saw that damon was really there showed that all he needed was his big brother to make everything all right.

greenfaeriefly  asked:

I have decided that on top of Bamon inside jokes I will also need a healthy doe s of Bamon knowing each other better than anyone else. Just knowing these insignificant things that they've shared with each other over the last four months. Like everyone making dinner and Damon making Bonnie a plate with no mushrooms and when everyone looks at him funny he just goes "what? Judgy hate mushroom, childhood trauma" and when Bonnie comes in and he gives her her plate the first thing she says is

(cont) “oh good, no mushrooms.” Or the girls are Christmas shopping and Bonnie suggests a cd as a gag gift for Damon and when Caroline and Elena look at her funny she goes “you know, from that summer he followed them for their whole tour? He literally saw every show they played…?” Bc of all the drama I fee like these characters never get to just sit and get to know each other, and Bonnie and Damon had months to do that. Even Stefan and Damon have been on the outs for so much of their life.

(cont) I’d love a scene between Stefan and Bonnie where they sit and talk about who Damon really is now, and how he’s the same/different from the man Stefan knew before they were turned.

OMG, my Bamon heart and my Defan heart, both melting together into one large, messy, feelsy puddle. I really hope they give us something like this. Their bond runs DEEP now, and I want them to show us how deep.