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[ tents fingers together ]

Do I make my next rp blog dedicated to my Imperium supporter, Kovac, who will fulfill my love of writing awful antagonists, or do I go with Gladstone, my LLC-sponsored big game hunter who satisfies my love of big women with big guns and badass scars.

These are the big questions, friends.


anonymous asked:

Just wanted to pop in to tell you that I am so happy to have found your blog. Your writing is so good and always accurate, and you've only made me love Kuroshitsuji more. I feel the emotions in each of the characters ever time you write. You're very dedicated. Thanks so much for that. Please keep being you. :)

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Thank you so much, sweet Anon! Your words mean a lot for me and I couldn’t hope for more than to hear from the people that my portrayal is good and truly reflecting the character’s personalities. I’m also doing my best, I feel flattered that you noticed my dedication - I’d rather not do something at all than do it bad and that’s why all my writings here are made with full interest, if I can say so, even though they may contain some language mistakes. I’m proud I could make you grow more fond of Kuro, too, mission completed! :D

Thank you again, your message made me smile so much ♥

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We’re here for you whenever.

I have legitimately thought about whether or not I can get away with including some polished up, academically friendly version of “the Dracula tumblr fandom” on my dedication page once I get down to the formatting. You guys are a large part of why I’m doing what I’m doing right now, and I’ve been so happy to be a part of this loose community of vampire-liking persons for so long. :)

Fun story. I refused to play endless summer because of the art style until i ran out of diamonds and only played it to get the measly one diamond per chapter. Now its my favorite. I wrote like 85 fanfics about it. I doodled all the characters all over my notebook for class so now i have no room to rake notes during lectures and i literally dedicate all my money to this game. I never misjudged something so much before.


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)