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would 'alec learning who magnus' father is' be a good prompt for you?

i’m pretty sure this is from december when i hit 500 followers and hdskdfsgdhjfgj i’m so sorry for taking so long!!! i hope this doesn’t disappoint??

“This mission has top priority so I expect you all to get ready immediately.”

Alec was up and out of his seat almost before his mother had finished talking. He could feel the eyes burning into the back of his head as he walked out of the briefing room.

Sure enough, he had only taken a few step into the main area when he felt a hand on his shoulder, effectively stopping him in his tracks.

When he turned around, both Jace and Clary was looking at him like he was some bomb and they were just waiting for him to go off.

“You okay, buddy?”

Taking a moment to control his emotions and not say something stupid, he looked back and forth between with an unimpressed look on his face.

“Why wouldn’t a be?” At that, his parabatai snorted, but there was no real joy behind it.

“Dude, your boyfriend’s father is a greater demon!” More than a couple of people turned their heads as Jace’ voice spilled out into the room, a lot louder than necessary. “But maybe you knew that already?”

Alec squinted his eyes, unable to believe the words he was hearing or the accusing tone that accompanied them.

“Are you kidding me right now?” No response. “First of all… how is this any of your business?” He looked between the two of them, hands clenching and relaxing repeatedly at his sides.

Jace opened his mouth. His eyes flickered to Clary for a moment, unsure of what to say.

“You know what I don’t care.” Alec held a single hand up in front of him as if to signal for them to stay silent. “Why would I not be okay?”

None of them dared say a word, both noticed how his words were dripping with venom.

“There’s nothing wrong with Magnus being half demon and the fact that his father isn’t just a regular demon doesn’t change that.”

They glanced at each other before looking back at him. Not expecting them to say anything, he turned on his feet and started heading for the armoury to suit up before his mother found them.

Before he could get too far, however, he turned back to face them.

“Oh and if you think it’s an issue? Then I strongly suggest you go find another warlock who can fix your problems for you.”

Jaytim on Their Anniversary

Sometimes it’s only Tim who remembers it (rare occasion, if he’s on good mood, he will kisses Jason as a surprise gift), sometimes it’s Jason (he remembers it the most and he will shows up on the cave or Tim’s safe house with a bouquet of red roses, sometimes lilac), sometimes both of them remember it and they will spend it on a dinner date even during patrol (they bought chili dog and eat it on rooftop)


After more than two weeks without drawing anything remotely successful, this has been a crazy creative day, and it feels wonderful. Vin and Elend here, inspired by the costumes in Becoming Jane.

Vin and Elend is my dearest OTP, and the emotions in the film inspired me so by their love. I hope to be able to finish them soon! ☺️❤️

Who are your favorite OTP? 😍


Edward of Woodstock (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376) and Joan of Kent (19 September 1328 – 7 August 1385)

Edward had only returned to England from the Rheims campaign in France in November 1360, just a few weeks before Thomas Holand [Joan of Kent first husband] died at the end of December, and yet by the spring of 1361, barely three months later, the prince had not only persuaded Joan to marry him but had also secured his father’s [Edward III] approval for their marriage. There is no doubt that the prince’s affections were deeply engaged. Froissart and Chandos Herald, both contemporaries who knew the prince and Joan personally, record the prince’s great love for Joan, the latter succinctly stating that ‘he loved her greatly’. His fondness for his cousin was long-standing, as is evident from the gift noted in his accounts in 1348 where she is described in affectionate terms as ‘Jeanette’, and the strength of his love is evident from the letter he wrote to her in 1367 after six years of marriage, addressing her as ‘my dearest and truest sweetheart and well beloved companion’.

Edward and Joan appeared to be a very loving couple. Before Edward left for the south, the couple “very sweetly embraced and took farewell with kisses.” And on his return, they went on an informal walkabout: “The Princess came to meet him, bringing with her her first born son…very sweetly they embraced when they met together. The gentle prince kissed his wife and son. They went to their lodging on foot, holding each other by the hand.” In his will the prince had directed that he should be buried in the middle of the chapel of Our Lady Undercroft, in a marble tomb, ten feet away from the altar. The chapel of Our Lady Undercroft was the chapel which the prince had founded in accordance with the Pope’s mandate giving him permission to marry Joan. It was a moving tribute to the love the prince felt for his wife that he wished to be interred in the chapel which commemorated their marriage. In the ceiling of the chantry chapel (now used by the French Walloon church) there can still be seen a carved stone boss of a woman’s head, with her hair in a netted fret, which was a popular fashion at the time. It is the largest human face among the ceiling bosses, and clearly represents Joan, although it is not known when it was placed there. xx