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Strong desire to read your yelling about why n52 Tim is Bad

So to start– as a character, why n52 Tim is bad as a representation of Tim is because he’s selfish (Tim is loyal), was never Robin (that was an enormous part of Tim’s character AND the Batman Universe) and he’s flat as a character (Tim evolved and grew so much). + a bunch of other issues I have with him and the way people treat him and interact with him but that’s not the point of this.  

But my theory for that, plot-wise, in-story, however you want to phrase it– is because it’s not… actually… Tim? 

Essentially, when the universe reset, everyone kind of got shifted over one slot. Everyone’s essence got transferred from one universe to another and that got used as the building block for who they are in the new universe. Except, Tim’s, for some reason, didn’t get the memo everyone was jumping ship. They pulled one big cosmic Home Alone on Tim, somehow. 

So there was just this big ~Tim Drake Shaped Gap~ in the universe blueprints for the N52/Rebirth universes. So the Cosmic Powers That Be were kinda like “lol o shit what do we do we kinda need a tim drake in here somewhere” and kind of reshaped the life of the next best “Tim Drake” understudy they could find. 

Which happened to be a dark haired, blue eyed prodigy kid who lived in Gotham, with rich parents and a craving for heroics. (I call him Nathan.) So when he fucks up trying to play hero and has to go into witness protection, he’s given the name Tim Drake and falls into Batman’s hands and the universe powers are like: 

So it explains why he’s similar looking, why he acts kind of like Tim but he’s missing some of those crucial characteristics, why his real name isn’t even Tim Drake, why he’s just a little bit Tim but not quite right.

And because I love death and dying, I decided to try to coherently flesh all of this out so I could write a fic where The Actual Tim Drake comes back instead of Tim_Drake_2.exe and is like “guys what the actual fuck”.

Getting older

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“Does my hair bother you?” He asked one day; making Sara look up at him from the sofa where she was laying and reading a book. Her eyebrows furrowed as she saw Leonard standing in front of the mirror they had in their living room; hands on his now fully-white hair. They were still close-chopped but even with his mostly wrinkle-free face, you could now see that Leonard was over 45 years old.

The small blonde didn’t say anything for a minute before she stood up and walked next to him. Sara placed her hands on Leonard’s shoulders as she tip-toed and pressed a small kiss on his cheek. He turned to face her and she continued to have that stupid grin on her face.

“Are you afraid it makes you look old Len?” She asked and honestly; it did… He was feeling normal, same endurance in every department, same will to do things. He didn’t feel old; but his hair was telling him otherwise.

He remember that Lewis’s hair was beginning to turn white after he was over sixty, but his own was starting to turn grey as soon as he turned forty.

Now, 5 years later he was living with a thirty one year old assassin who was full of life and she looked so young. Leonard would never forget the look on Quentin’s face as he walked inside his home; holding Sara’s hand. His eyes fell on their joined hands and then on his graying hair. He had told Sara if she has thought through dating a criminal who was that older than her and even though she had defended him and declared that she loved Leonard and his age or past occupation didn’t matter one bit to her… he didn’t want people to look at them on the street like they did. He didn’t care about what people thought of him because he never had, but for some reason he didn’t want people to talk about Sara. For her friends to judge her on her decision to be with him… And in the end for all these comments to make Sara realize that being with Leonard wasn’t worth all of that, even though they had seemingly accepted the being together and they were being friendly to Leonard; with the exception of course, of Oliver Queen.

“Len, I think the hair makes you look hot.” She finally said with a sultry voice. “And when I look at you; I don’t give a damn how old your hair makes you look, or how old you are. Because practically you are dating a twice-deceased woman and, because I love you. And your hair doesn’t matter not even a little bit to me. It never did…”

Leonard looked at her; marveling at the beautiful human that was Sara Lance. The woman who had made his life better and who was right; again.

“I love you.” He said before the blonde took him by the hand and leaded him away from the mirror.

“And I love you very much.” Sara responded as she pushed Leonard back and he fell on his back on the sofa. “Maybe next Christmas you can grow a beard and dress up as Santa.”

The man smirked as he flipped them and now he was on top and pressing on all of the right spots; making Sara release small moans underneath him.

Well now he really had to show her that just because he had white hair; that didn’t mean that he was any less tireless due to his age… or had any less stamina.

Y'know i realize jokers appearance and personality, old timey jokester in a suit, was mostly accurate for the time he was created, maybe like a decade or two off, but never really changed….

So like, Imagine a modern joker who’s just as much of a goofball as 40’s - 66 joker but wears bright neon clothes from the 80’s and 90’s and has a more modern sense of humor. Like he’s still a clown but all of his crimes play out like shitposts, he robs taco bells at midnight, get’s everywhere on a pair of heelies and orchestrated the clown epidemic of 2016