my day today!

If you ever feel stupid just remember that I once dated someone who, on the 1st and 2nd date:

  •  showed me their Tumblr that was full of pictures of body gore
  •  told me about their past hookups including details about receiving oral
  • told me they have a Tinder just to send mean messages to people about their appearances
  • told me about how they get blackout drunk
  • told me about the time they took Adderall with booze at an indie concert
  • said they hated Taylor Swift out of nowhere and spent 5 minutes explaining why

Just remember friends…we all make mistakes

Sana Bakkoush is #7 on Buzzfeed’s “43 Of The Most Impactful Female Characters From 2017″

As a young Muslim girl raised in North America, I never really saw myself represented in the media. So that fact that Sana Bakkoush, a character who’s existence quiet literally changed my life made it on to this list, fills me with pride and joy. Representation matter so much. I cannot explain how much this means to me. (link)


Do I need another reason?