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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! :)

This is cute so I’m gonna try and do it! 

5 Things That Make Me Happy: 

1. My boyfriend <3 

(not posting a real picture cause I don’t think he’d be down with that ^^’ Sorry ya’ll - maybe one day!) 

2. My puppy <3

(Not posting an actual picture cause I must protect my son XD ) 

3. Delicious foods <3 

4. Perfect Atmosphere <3 

(cold room, fluffy blankets and pillows, and a Disney movie playing) 

5. Blue Exorcist! <3 


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holy crap you're amazing and i look up to you and your blog is awesome and you better stop me because i could rant forever about how awesome you are.

Honestly thank you so much for the kind words, and honestly it’s so cool that someones actually looking up to me, and I feel really honored, so I’ll try to be a positive role model.

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This is kind of random, forgive me, but I was reading your ALDNT story and in chapter 12 there's a small part that goes: "he has an arrangement with the owner of the Whole Foods on third: she looks the other way when inventory doesn’t quite match up" and I wanted to tell you that that part had be cackling for a good five minutes because I actually work at the third street Whole Foods in Brooklyn, so please thank you for this delightful image

Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING!!!!

No joke, when I was writing that chapter, I spent way too long looking up grocery stores in and around Brooklyn to figure out which one I thought Magnus would use. I didn’t want to leave it vague, and then I thought maybe there’d be a tiny chance that someone from the area might pick up on the fact that I’d used a real Whole Foods location and appreciate it.

So this is just a million times better than I ever could have hoped!!!!!!! Honestly, thank you so much for sharing this with me! You’ve just completely validated that afternoon I spent clicking around google maps street views of grocery stores. This absolutely made my day and I can’t tell you how happy I am! 💜💜💜

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I don't want to say "I love you" bc that would be overkill but not only did you publish the Quicktaser fic with X-Men Peter (MULTICHAPTERED WTF THE HECK), no, but you also made an edit AND a playlist so... idk, but I think that justifies the sentiment kinda, so here we go: THANK U I LOVE YOU ✨❤️

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AWH!  Omg, thank you for this!  <3  I’m so glad you liked it!  <3  It was based on that Quicktaser Ficlet I wrote this month… The Time in a Bottle one?  (Was that you?)  Anyway, I was super inspired and wrote a fic this week.  <3  The playlist was like…a no brainer because with two characters so very serious about their tunes?  I felt like a playlist needed to happen.

And omg, that manip.  I wanted to make it look like one of those 80s album covers?  Where a lot of shit is going on in front of a neon-y background and you’re just like “yikes, well…the top track was good, let’s give the rest a listen…” Idk.  Most of the fic takes place in 1987, so I really wanted to set the mood with the playlist and the edit.  <3  

I’m super excited about this fic, and while this is a super rarepair and I’m not getting my hopes up about hits or anything, I had a LOT of fun writing it.  Like, so much fun. So, I’m hoping everyone who does read it likes it!  <3  

I was on the bus about 3 days ago, just chilling and listening to music and this family came on the bus, the youngest who was about 6-7, kept turning and looking at me even his dad realised and told him not to.

Not even 10 seconds later he jumped out of his sit, ran towards me, I took off my headphones and he was saying “I like your hair, it’s just like mine” and I was like “it’s kool, isn’t it?” He was like “ I like it, it’s just like mine” then he reached out his hand and was like “let me touch” so I leaned towards him and he was like “it’s soft just like mine” with his little squeaky voice lol I heard the biggest “awwww from the back of the bus” and when I looked up everyone was smiling. Looked towards his parents, his mum was smiling and his dad was laughing while saying sorry lool I hi fived him as he was leaving and ran straight back to his sit. Took me out of the numbness I felt that day. I couldn’t stop smiling, everyone couldn’t stop smiling.