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Everlark Advent Day 2 - O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum

Rated G

It seemed like a great idea; a walk through Katniss’s uncle’s hobby farm to pick out and chop down our very first Christmas tree together. An afternoon together in the snow. A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or possibly with pine needles.

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AYO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Today is a very special day!!! I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my good friend Chrysa, otherwise known as @allaboutthespn !! This request is how our friendship started fam, and I’m so thankful for it!! This is for you!!

Original request:

Heyy! So can you do a fluffy imagine where y/n has her birthday and her boyfriend jungkook can’t decide what to get her but the members and her friends help him to surprise her😀 (I have my birthday in December so u can take your time😅)love ya!


SUMMARY: I would normally give a summary, but the request kind of does that for me loll.

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swwWOOP went the sound of a text message leaving Jungkook’s phone.

JK: That’s just it though.. I really want to make y/n’s birthday memorable, but I don’t know how. You know I was never really good with girls…

SG: your point?

JK: … well.. I thought you could help me.. Maybe?


SG: I’m going back to sleep. Have fun with that.

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Not OnS related. Is there going to be a movie of Yuri!!! On Ice ? And what exactly is Hwarang ?

For the YOI movie, I doubt so. There sounds like there will be a second season (not confirmed though). 


Basically, it’s a show set in olden day korea, where a certain Queen rules the kindom of Silla. She has a son, the rightful king, but she had kept him hidden because she was afraid that her enemies would kill him. So, she assumes the rule of the kingdom while her young son grows up. Now, this kid is getting sick of sitting in the shadows and wants to become a good king his people can respect. By the way, this is the king, my fav 

((he damn handsome right))

However, the ruling Queen likes the throne, and doesn’t want to give it up. The other politicians are getting fidgety and want to dethrone the royal family. In a bid to ensure the safety of the royal family and the kingdom, the Queen decides to form this elite group of bodyguards for the king. They will become her dogs, doing her bidding. Buuuut, not just anyone can join. She only wants the prettiest and most talented young men in the country. Hence Hwarang (which literally means flower boys) is formed!! They get to live in the same house, train etc. Basically it’s a show filled with beautiful men doing beautiful things beautifully. There’s also the main character, who is female (and very lucky to be surrounded by so many hot men) (but not all of them are interested in her) Now on to the characters (If you wanna skip the post, just press the J key on your laptop. It skips the post for you) (but why you wanna skip) 

The girl, Aro 

Her father is a well known doctor, though they are not rich. She lost her brother at a young age due to some issues. However, he came back!! (or did he) (you gotta watch to find out). She also helps out the family finances by working as an story teller that specializes in erotica. People pay good money to listen to her stories. She is a half breed, born of a noble father and a lowly mother. 

  next up, her ‘brother’ Sun Woo/ Moo Myung

he’s the other main character and falls in love with the girl!! He’s hot headed, and all his decisions are made with a roll of a die (quite literally, he carries one around) Since he comes from the province, once he enters the city, he can’t read/write/do city things at all. The poor kid that needs to be protected.  Unfortunately, he likes to stab people, which is how he ends up meeting….. 

Sam maek jong/ Kim Ji Dwi 

but didn’t I say he was the king???? Yes, he is. He got fed up with his mom restricting him so he decided ‘screw you i’m pretty i’m smart I wanna join the hwarang’ and so he enters under a fake name. He is reaaaally good friends with sun woo, they even hang from the rafters together ;)

He also likes the main girl, because her stories lull him to sleep (ohohohoho). He just doesn’t quite like her ‘brother’. 

There’s also this guy, Han-Sung. If you search the hwarang tag, it’s all him, because other than acting, the actor has a very solid music career as 1/7 of the popular BTS. 

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This guy is precious and must be protected. Smol and cute and innocent. He is Not Ready For Anything

He hangs around with a very flamboyant Yeo Wool 

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This is the first scene he appears in, (context: everyone was forced to get drunk and fight for their roomates, even the best fighters end up tired and disheveled He is sitting in the best room all prim and proper) his first words are “why, haven’t you seen a beautiful man before?” when the two main characters stare at him. A++++++

The last 2 of the main cast are Ban Ryu and Soo Ho (they really need to start dating) 

Originally posted by cyyphr

Ice prince, one of the most handsome and powerful young men. However, he hates the queen and refuses to join Hwarang until he got baited into a fight with….

Originally posted by choiminoh

Soo Ho!! Don’t worry, his slapping is justified. You see, he’s a horrible play boy who dates several women at a go. Even his sister (who Ban Ryu likes btw) said “I don’t have any female friends because my brother dated them all and broke their hearts”. Soo Ho and Ban Ryu hate each other with a burning passion. They hate each other so much they ended up drunkenly brawling and ended up sleeping on the same bed (hue hue hue hue hue) 

So that’s the main bunch of pretty boys that I watch the show for!! There’s also things like dancing 

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

pretty boy football 

Originally posted by meredith511

the occasional shower scene 

Originally posted by lets-go-north

and of course, fighting!!

Please support the show!! 

Today is the first day of classes, and it has come to my attention that some of my favorite very strong, capable students from my teaching assignment last semester, which was my hands-down favorite an enjoyable class to work with, will be participating in a research course I’m working with this semester. 

I am very glad I learned this before walking into the class, because it’s probably uncool when your TA yells “OH SNAP, IT’S YOU LOT!?” and starts doing a really stupid victory dance whist demanding your participate in starting a ‘math math maTH MATH MATH MATH’ war chant. 

…Because that’s exactly what I would have done. I’ll probably still embarrass them, but not nearly as much.


MIS MUERTOS!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Halloween may be over, but as a hispano, Dia de los Muertos has just started. I wanted to draw something to resemble the Day of the Dead and also wanted to draw @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier, since I was not able to draw digitally for a while ( as you can see.) yeah it’s not very good, but I kinda like it. I do enjoy the Day of the Dead since it is special to my heart and what’s better is it lasts two days. Hope all of you like it. Feliz dia de los muertos. que tenga buen dia :)

oh god this one guy sat next to me in the bus… in his balding fifties… started talking to me… he’s a tr*mp voter… excited for the inauguration… “he surrounds himself with good people”… “he has a strong family with strong values”… ??????? … saw my iron man shirt… “it’s as if iron man was the president!”……. longest forty minutes…. of my entire… life……… i am so tired… so wounded…. my day hasn’t even started…. i need coffee intravenously… i need to swallow at least seventeen angry living bees to redirect my thoughts…….

Title: Madly in love with you

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: KuroDai

Description: It’s 1 January and Kuroo pops up in Miyagi.

Christmas gift to @brokuro!

“According to my theory, the things you do on the very first day of the year will have an effect on the whole year.” he says. “If you have a good day, you’ll have a good year. If you mess something up, your whole year will be full of failures.”

“That sounds pretty harsh.”

“I might just be a surprisingly melodramatic person,” Kuroo admits.

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Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 11

S18 E45 Little Acorns: I liked these moments because she calms Raf, in a kind way, so they can focus on operating on Evie. She reassures Mikey, and gives him some good advice. But she’s also just very practical and professional in her focus on healing Evie and doing her job.

It’s one of those moments where it becomes very clear that 1) Bernie has grown since she started working on Keller, and 2) she can switch between work mode and colleague/friend, and sacrifice neither kindness nor her work focus. And I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Previously: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.

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Hi, I am looking to start a bullet journal this new year and I need some beginners advice. What brands for journals and pens do you recommend that aren't too expensive but will get still do a good job? Thanks.

hello! i have been using regular store brands for a long time before i got my moleskine. the journals at target and michaels are really nice and have cute designs on them, and hobby lobby has some great deals on theirs for many days out of the year. 

but some pens have been very nice to me! pilot g-2′s and some pentel pens get the job done, and they aren’t the most expensive thing out there. i’ve also used any ink pen (rather than ballpoint) to write smoothly. 

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5 fine frøkner is trending in The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Estonia, Denmark, Finland etc on Spotify viral and I couldn't be prouder. Skam is slowly taking over the world. Thank you Norway for giving us Skam and thank you Ingrid for being so patient and calm with all the questions the fans have about Norway, you are my favourite Skam blog, keep up the good work :) Btw how has your day been?

What??? I didn’t know that that’s so awesome!! Holy shit!! It makes me really happy that my country did this. And it makes me happy to be able to help people understand the show and our culture the way I can! I’m glad you think I’m doing a good job.

My day has been fine. Started very well, I walked my dog in the forest and I love being outside when it’s cold enough to wear a scarf and you get rosy cheeks! But I was supposed to study for my tests and I tried, I really did but I sat ten minutes and quit. Tried again, quit. Tried a third time and then gave up! Were supposed to go to the gym after but that flunked as well lmao. I wish the weekend was longer, I need time to gather myself. Plus things are tense with my mom. Sorry to write an entire essay but I don’t have any friends 😂😂 but its been a great weekend and day overall, and I’m hoping the trailer comes sometime this week!

I know Julie returns from vacation the 15th of Jan, so maybe they’ll start filming then?? I’m so hyped!

Sunday Seven

1. I had planned on posting at least once every day, but then life happened.

2. The last two days at work I was sitting in on interviews for a very important position. It was definitely a good sign that I was asked to be part of that process.

3. As the interviews were concluding, got a text that my wife had fallen at work and had to be taken to the ER.

4. I thought I had at least 20 more years before she started falling. Ha ha.

5. She’s OK, but her knee is jacked up pretty good. Going to see an ortho doctor to figure out what is going on.

6. So our weekend plans have been wrecked. The wife has been in bed pretty much since Friday evening. Thankfully my daughter has been able to help out. She’s such a good kid!

7. Too much cleaning to do. Have a good day!


MY BOOKS ARRIVED YAY! Over the course of 9 months I have acquired all 4 of the current TTMIK grammar books and I love them so much. I also got two cute little magnetic book marks that I’m very happy with!

These books are easy for me to read and learn from! These all go into my notes and then I come up with some (not all) of my lesson from these! These books have been very beneficial to my Korean learning - I got book number one during Christmas 2015, book two this spring, and for my birthday just gone I got three and four.

Delivery was a day under two weeks which is quite good for books travelling from Seoul to Ireland and as per usual they came in perfect condition. I really reccommend these to everyone! Even though it took me a few months to even start understanding and looking at these books but my knowledge has grown so much from these in less than a year!

I hope everyone looks forward to my future lessons as I continue to learn from these wonderful books!

You can find these books and more at the TTMIK book store:

I give these 10/10 definitely!
Thanks guys!

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I just recently read your "Visiting Abusive father" headcon/thing idk what to call it exactly and honestly it made me cry (In a good kind of way) because in two days I have to go visit my very abusive father for a week, thank you for writing that

(Edit done.)

It’s one of my earlier posts when I was starting out as a mod, so I’m really happy to hear that! ^^

I hope that things will go well when you meet your dad >_< Times has passed, things are now different. Even if your dad is still abusive, you’re now stronger than before. :3

Idk how to convey exactly. Think of it like Zuko. He got a pretty shitty dad who burnt the fuck out of his eye which left a scar and forced him to catch an evasive avatar WHO WAS TRAPPED IN FUCKING ICE THE WHOLE TIME. But if you know the ending of Avatar (and even in S2 of avatar), he got really stronger. Yes, Zuko has his flaws. But he is stronger now and doesn’t take shit from his father anymore.

… What is with the example I feel I might have twisted and exaggerated the story of Avatar. I blame myself for burning midnight oil again. But I think you get what I mean now, hopefully? All the best while meeting your dad, and I hope things will go well. ^^

~ Ion

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hey, I've been out of tumblr for a while now and I was just wondering since I used to frequent your brother's da:o stream. is he still streaming?

Not these days… my brother has been very, very sick. This summer, I’m intending to move out west to live with him. It’s my hope that with my support, he can get better and perhaps start streaming again. If you were a fan, I’m sure you know, he’s very good at it. I liked how happy it made him… so after I get set up out west, if I have the money for it, I’d like to have a third room turned into a mutual office with a set up for streaming for both him and I to use. Fingers crossed! 

Thanks for your question~ I’ll be sure to let him know people are still asking after him. <3






this has been a very emotional psa thank you for your time

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Mealla is five years old, and her nanae is having a bad day.

Sometimes Nanae has those. This one starts off with waking up in the big bed, and Nanae looking very far-away, and calling Mama my lady. They call Mealla my lady, too, which makes her giggle because it is very silly. But their eyes are sad and their shape keeps going funny, and so after Mama finishes getting her dressed, she tells Mealla that she is going to be spending the day with Papa and Nenae instead.

When nanae has bad days, Mama gets sad.

“I can stay!” Mealla insists. “I can make Nanae feel better.”

Mama smiles at her.

“Yes, you are very good at that,” she says. “But Nanae needs to rest and be quiet, until they are less out-of-sorts. And besides, Papa and Nenae are looking forward to seeing you for breakfast!”


Mealla does like having breakfast in the big hall. And if Nanae is just going to be resting…

“Okay,” she decides.

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You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to use this meme. That day has finally come.

So I got bronchitis. My chest is killing me and my doctor said it took my four good coughs to break up the sounds in my lungs so that means I was borderline pneumonia I guess so I’m very thankful and lucky. I literally don’t have time for this I start clinicals this week at the hospital! I can’t be coughing all over people I’m gonna take care of! UGH and GUH

I can actually feel my bronchioles in my chest when I breathe which is so freakin cool but they hurt. Not the best start to the semester but I’m gonna stay positive! I can’t wait to get this semester started so I’m one step closer to working in the department I want to be in!

Away in a Manger

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Cas x Friend!Reader

Summary: You decide to decorate your room in the bunker for the holidays. In which Cas thinks a manger is inaccurate and this is the first time he’s ever heard you sing.

A/N: So this is the first fic I post on this profile, so feedback would be very much appreciated. This was my entry for @winchester-writes’ SPN Christmas Song writing challenge. In which I choose a Christmas song and object and write something that has to do with Supernatural with it! I chose the song Away in a Manger and the object was nativity scene.


It started out with humming. Then it slowly turned to you singing your favorite childhood hymn, not knowing your best friend could hear you through the walls of the bunker.

Today had started out like any boring day. You, being born physically weak and premature didn’t think it was a good idea to hunt down a vengeful spirit in Houston. Sam and Dean agreed. Which is the only reason you stay in the bunker and do research. Minus the well known fact that reading is a gift to humanity according to you.

So here you were, a couple hours after Sam and Dean left to go on their care in Texas. You were decorating your room with what little decorations you had; which consisted of gold and silver tinsel, a small string of red and green lights, a Christmas tree that could fit on top of your dresser, and your late grandmother’s nativity scene.

You had just placed the miniature fake tree on you dresser, satisfied, you turned to your bed. Where your un-assembled scene lay. You would start with the manger.

Christmas music was faintly playing in your room. Then, all of a sudden, Away in a Manger was playing. Childhood memories flooded your mind. Especially Christmas time. It was your favorite time of the year, still is. You started humming the piano intro, remembering Sundays singing this in the church’s children’s choir.

The singing started faintly,

Away in a manger Jesus was born,

You took the clay figure of the Virgin Mary as you placed her beside the small manger where the tiny baby Jesus lay.

No crib for his bed,

You turned back to your bed, ready to get Joseph in his green robes.

The little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head,

The singing as getting louder by the second. You grew up with music, having been in choir since middle and high school, singing hymns every Sunday. After you placed Joseph by Mary, you grabbed the three wise men.

The stars in the sky look down where He lay,

You put them on the right of the barn. You were almost done. All you needed was the shepherd and the angel Gabriel. You chuckled at the thought, the archangel Gabriel being there for the birth of his half brother.

The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay

“What’s so funny?”

You jumped, glad you weren’t holding anything. You sighed in relief when you raised your head and realized it was just Cas, your best friend. “Cas,” you began, “you should stop scaring me like that.”

“Sorry,” Cas said, probably not sorry at all, “I just heard singing. You have a lovely voice, Y/N.” You blushed. Though you nearly everyone you know knew that you were in choir, you never sang by yourself in front of anybody.

“Thanks,” was all you said.

Just then, Cas noticed the nativity scene sitting next to the Christmas tree. “Now I see why you were all of a sudden singing,” Cas said, pointing to the scene. You turned your head, looking at the clay set. You smiled, nodding slightly. “Though I must say that that it is very inaccurate. I assume the reference was from the Holy Bible?”  Cad continued.

You nodded, confused. “How is it inaccurate?”

“Simple, the robes were different colors, there were six wise men, not three. Shall I go on?”

You shook your head, not wanting to have to deal with Cas at the moment. “Right, well I’m still going to finish putting it together the way I did as a kid, accurate or not,” you said walking over to you laptop to pause the song. Cas nodded, his hands went to his pockets, “Maybe I will tell you the story of my half-brother some other time.” He then took out his phone. You nodded, realising that someone was calling him. Probably Dean. Your best friend left the room, leaving a big dopey smile on your face. You shook your head, closing your bedroom door.

You turned to the laptop on your bed, playing the Christmas music again. Just fifteen more minutes, that was so you needed to finish making your room look like Christmas.

My YouTube Story

I just spent a good while crying about some really beautiful messages I’ve received in the past couple days and I thought that now was a good time to write this.

This is a very long post and to avoid clogging up all of your dashes I have cut it off here. Essentially, this is me pouring my heart out to all of the Internet about how my time on YouTube has changed my life. Read if you dare.

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I was tagged by @valbirch
Thank you Val!

A - Age: I’ll be 17 in a week!

B - BIGGEST FEAR: Jumping on a trampoline, doing a wicked flip and landing on the bar, snapping my spine and killing myself

C - CURRENT TIME: 9:17 pm


E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: Contemplating death and deciding if going to class is worth it

F - FAVORITE SONG: Take On Me by A-ha (although the cover by Ninja Sex Party is very good also)

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL: Umm have you seen Ghostbusters???

H - HOMETOWN: Lawrence, Kansas

I - IN LOVE WITH: Stranger Things, memes, food, animation

J - JEALOUS OF: People who can draw without reference. Especially anatomy like HOW DO YOU DO IT????

K - KILLED SOMEONE: In my head, during one of my many hypothetical, twisted, what if scenarios.

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Last night, from laughing too hard



O - ONE WISH: A whole episode of Stranger Things, dedicated to Mileven

P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: One of my best friends

Q - QUESTION YOU WERE ALWAYS ASKED: “What are you drawing?”

R - REASON TO SMILE: Stranger Things exists, 80’s music, memes, kittens and puppies, spongebob memes

S - SONG LAST SANG: Redbone by Childish Gambino

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6:30 am (that should be illegal)

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: dark blue

V - VACATION DESTINATION: Disney World and Universal Studios!

W - WORST HABIT: Just being myself (I’m lazy AF)

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: I think I’ve had a CAT scan before??

Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Steak and mashed potatoes 💖💖

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius

I tag @raesberri @eggosanddragons @eggo-loving-eleven and @baileytsample