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Being nonbinary is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to be bursting with pride, ready to shout it from the rooftops if that’s just not who you are, but nor should you have to hide it, keep it tucked away. It’s a part of you, big or small, and you shouldn’t have to worry about life being complicated because of it, or what other people may think.

You do you. Be nonbinary. Pin the flag to your wall, or just whisper it to yourself in the middle of the night. Lead rallying cries for nonbinary support groups, or just reblog nb posts on tumblr. Be nonbinary, whatever and however that means for you.

Identical Quadruplets

Based On These Aesthetics


These will most likely be expanded on at a later date (to some extent).


It took me until midterms of Fall semester of my second year of college to realize that all the men in my art activities weren’t all the same person.

I met Virgil Sanders first. He was in my dance class. He and I were cut from the same cloth—we tended to lurk in the corner. When we reached the ballroom unit—our second unit after ballet—he and I were partners since everyone else latched onto their friends the moment the teacher told everyone to find partners. We became good friends after that. We were the odd ones out. But it was easier to be the odd one out when there were two of you.

Next I met Roman in Theatre Club. I was in it for fun, but he was a Theatre major. He took it ridiculously seriously, but I didn’t mind. I thought he was Virgil and Virgil liked theatre more than dance so he opened up. I was wrong but apparently Roman never bothered to correct me, even when I’d greet him as Virgil.

Logan Sanders was in my private lessons group. We had one teacher—who played probably every instrument on the planet—and there were a couple of us all taking from that teacher. Logan was a violinist, and I played the flute. So we sat on opposite sides of the room. I’d wave and smile every time we made eye contact, still thinking he was Virgil. He was more reserved during music so I wondered if Virgil just didn’t like it as much as theatre. Logan had glasses, so I figured Virgil just needed them to read music, or see better or something.

I met Patton last. He was in my painting/drawing class that I was taking for fun. He too wore glasses, but again I thought that he was just Virgil and Virgil needed glasses for more up-close activities. I also guessed that Virgil liked art more than dancing because he was animated and talkative and overly friendly when I saw him in class the first day and sat down next to him.

Let’s just say that the day of Theatre Club’s first play was… interesting.

It was midterms, and the Theatre Club was putting on our first performance. They weren’t big performances, like the theatre classes’ productions, but ours was fun. We’d all written it together—a horribly confusing hodge-podge dramatic comedy combining as many Shakespeare plays as possible.

Due to my tiny size and youthful appearance, I’d been shoved into the role of Juliet. Roman—who I still thought was Virgil—was Hamlet. He’d volunteered for the part in contrast to me being forced.

We were in the smaller theater on campus in the arts building for the performances. We had three of them—one Friday night, and two on Saturday, in the afternoon and the evening.

It was Friday night and I was backstage, putting my makeup on. I already had on the frilly, floaty white dress that was my costume. Roman-who-I-thought-was-Virgil was parading around in his costume—a white coat with a red sash and black slacks—being the self-appointed director of the play and self-proclaimed stage manager. No one in the Club really minded. He had the most experience, apparently, and it was easier just to let him do what he wanted.

He clapped. “Places, everyone! The house is full and we’re scheduled to start in five minutes!”

I closed my eyes. Freshmen started panicking. He really should have worded it differently. After sighing and shaking my head, I finished my makeup quickly but deliberately and backed away from the mirror.

He placed his hand on my bare shoulder where the thin straps of my dress kept it from falling off. “Are you ready, my dear friend?” he asked.

I blinked. “Ready as I’ll ever be, Verge,” I remarked.

All he did was smirk and stroll off to consult with the actual stage manager after patting my shoulder.

The chorus girls—mostly freshmen who hadn’t earned their place and seniors who didn’t have time to memorize lines anymore—all rushed out onto the stage. I was hiding behind the curtains to watch since I would join them shortly in the Capulet ball.

I wished I could have been Lady Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing—the only Shakespeare play I actually liked—but no, I still looked like I was fourteen so I was forced to play the most cliché role on the planet by everyone else who all fawned over me like I was a toddler playing fairy-princess and assigned me to the character without letting me have any input.

It was okay. I’d get back at them later by writing a play where everyone but me died. That’d be fun.

With a sigh, I strapped my masquerade mask onto my face and strode out into the dancers. The ballet unit of my dance class definitely helped me appear graceful, even though usually I was everything but. I spun around through the dancers as they backed away from me and more Romeo and Juliet characters joined me onstage. Including the junior playing Romeo—who I thought was incredibly obnoxious and would rather have been playing opposite Virgil. At least, who I thought was Virgil at the time.

I was just spinning around on the ball of my foot—

When I nearly fell over.

I’d caught sight of someone familiar.

Or, I suppose, some-three.

They all looked like Virgil—in fact, one of them was Virgil. I could tell because of the black jacket and bangs brushed down over his forehead, and the fact that his hair was suddenly purple, which was a very Virgil thing. The other two were in glasses. One had a gray cardigan tied around his shoulders and the other was wearing a necktie with his polo shirt.

My mind started reeling as I continued through the rest of the scene and then got to flee off the stage.

I looked for Apparently-Not-Virgil the entire rest of the time I was offstage. We had a couple scenes together but we never seemed to be on the same side of the offstage at the same time and it wasn’t like I could just ask him in the middle of the scene.

When the play was over, I rushed out to the house, barefoot, to find the three men who all looked like my friend.

When I reached them Hamlet-Not-Virgil was standing with them, letting Cardigan-Glasses-Not-Virgil fawn over him and shower down compliments like a spring storm. Necktie-Glasses-Not-Virgil was blankly holding a bouquet of four roses, looking disinterested. Purple-Hair-Definitely-Virgil was sharing a similar expression.

“Okay!” I exclaimed, pushing my way over to them. “Someone’s gotta explain something to me. I thought you were all the same person!”

Definitely-Virgil snorted. “These are my brothers,” he remarked, giving a sweeping gesture to the other three. “That one’s Roman.” He pointed to Hamlet-Not-Virgil. “This is Logan.” His finger moved to Necktie-Glasses-Not-Virgil. “And that… is Patton.” He nodded at Cardigan-Glasses-Not-Virgil, who was still happily telling Hamlet-Not-Virgil—or rather, Roman—what an amazing performance he’d given. Roman was listening with a Gaston-like expression on his face, drinking in the praise with rapture.

“Okay,” I began to Virgil. “Because I have you in dance, Hamlet over here in Theatre Club, Professor Necktie in my music lesson group, and Mr. Sunshine in my painting class—and I thought you were all the same person!”

That got Logan to chuckle and diverted Patton’s attention to me. “Hey!” he greeted, throwing his arms around me. “You did such a fantastic job, my little Juliet! I’m so proud of you!”

“She thought you, me, Logan, and Roman were all the same person, Pat,” Virgil informed him.

Patton started laughing and ruffled my hair. “Well isn’t that sumthin’, sweetie!” he exclaimed. “I can’t believe we didn’t realize that sooner!”

“We did,” Logan muttered. “Virgil told us all after the first week that he suspected she’d met all of us.”

“Okay, but why do you all look the same?” I interrupted.

“Identical quadruplets. Obviously,” Logan answered curtly.

I ran my hands through my loose hair. “Alright. Well… it has been a day. I’m going to go home and question the nature of human existence. See you all next week.” I waved at them and moved to go back to my car and drive home.

Once I put my shoes on, grabbed my stuff from backstage, and broke out of the crowds in the auditorium house, I felt like I could breathe.

“Hey!” a familiar voice called. I turned around to see Virgil extracting himself from getting crammed between two people and jogging over to me. “Lemme walk you to your car. It’s getting dark out and I wouldn’t feel right about letting you go alone.” I jerked my head in an indication to follow me. Virgil fell into step beside me. “Sorry about the mix-up. Honestly I thought you’d figured out your other classmates weren’t me.”

I shrugged. “Not your fault,” I replied. “Identical quads. That’s so rare that I never would have thought of it.”

“Yeah… my bad.” He paused for a moment. “I’m the youngest. I’m twenty minutes younger than Patton. Thirteen younger than Logan. And seven younger than Roman.” There was another awkward pause while he pushed the door open for me. “Hey, you did a good job tonight, by the way. Before I forget.”

“Thanks,” I muttered. Identical quads, I thought, still surprised. It certainly explained a lot. The different attitudes, the glasses, the wardrobes. So much more about my first fourth of the year made so much more sense.

We walked in silence until we reached my car—an old SUV with an all-metal body. Virgil, impulsively for him, wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I hugged him back.

“See you Monday?”

“See you Monday,” I confirmed. “Unless you’re coming to the other performances.”

Virgil wrinkled his nose. “Watching Roman perform once is enough,” he mumbled.

I chuckled. “Monday it is then.”

I climbed into my car, waved, and drove off for home.


I am legit listening to their new album on a loop for the next 24 hours there is no hope for me their voices came from heaven and unicorn tears and I want them to narrate my life okay and I preordered the album a few days ago and woke up this morning so excited like yes their album is released today I can’t wait then I remembered I live in America and it probably won’t arrive for a month oh well I will stream the shit out of everything I would love for them to get a win for this and that MV was the most precious thing I have ever seen I live for it my ears have been blessed and my day has been made alright happy rant is over now carry on everyone 😊

Stood Up

Pushing the hair out of his face, Joe’s eyes scanned the room, trying to find the phone that was ringing loudly.

Spotting it, he moved quickly around the piles of clothes to grab it, checking the caller id before answering it.

“Why are you calling me?”

“Oh, hello, Joseph! I’m doing wonderful, thanks for asking!”


“Yes, my day has been going good. You’re so kind for inquiring.”


“Alright, sorry,” Jack laughed through the phone, “But I was calling to see how everything is going.”

“Well….” Joe trailed off, glancing around the room that was half in a disaster.

“I can still come over to help, if you want.”

It was Joe’s turn to laugh, “You? Clean?”

“I know how to clean!”

“Sure you do,” Shaking his head, Joe nudged a pile of clothes with his foot, “But it’s going. I’m nearly there.”

“Meaning you’re nowhere near done.” Jack confirmed, “How much longer do you have?”

“Uhm,” Glancing over at his clock, Joe did a quick calculation in his head, “About four hours until she shows up.”

“Plenty of time!”

“If someone lets me get off the phone, sure.”

“Please, like you don’t want to talk to me while you clean,” Jack replied, the eye roll evident in his voice.

“But you’re distracting.”

“I think you’ve confused distracting with entertaining.”

“Right, entertaining.” Joe replied, tucking the phone between his ear and shoulder as he bent over to grab the laundry, “Did you finish your video?”

“Hey! You can’t switch the topic! We were talking about you and your mum coming to visit!”

“Actually, we were talking about me cleaning.”

“But it’s for your mum.”

“You say that like I don’t know that,” Joe threw the clothes into the washing machine, quickly turning it on before he leaned his hip against the machine, grabbing the phone again, “I very much am aware that my mum is meant to be here in four hours.”

“You’re still nervous.”

“I’m fine!”


“Really. I’m fine.”

Jack’s sigh carried clearly through the phone, and Joe ran his hand through his hair, knowing he was caught.

“Everything is going to be perfect, Joe. Stop overthinking shit.”

“I’m not overthinking anything…”

“It’s been years since you two have seen each other, of course you’re overthinking it.”

“Okay, maybe I’m a little nervous. But what if—“

“No. We went through this. No what if’s. Just enjoy the visit with your mum. Remember?”

“Yeah,” Joe smiled, “I remember. Thanks.”

“Any time. Now stop standing around and get back to cleaning.” Jack told him, and Joe couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“How do you know I’m standing around?”

“Because I know you.”

“True, you do.”

“Clean, Joseph!”

“I’m going!”

Five hours later, Joe swung open the door, blinking over at Jack.

“I got pizza. And wine.”

“You didn’t have to come…” Joe tried to protest as the younger man brushed past him and into the flat.

“Yes I did.”

“I would have been fine, Jack.” Joe headed for the kitchen to grab two glasses as Jack settled himself onto the couch, pulling up Netflix on the screen.

“Don’t bullshit me, Joe. I know you’re upset.”

“Not that upset…” The older man mumbles, shuffling over to the couch.

“Then why’d you text me to tell me she didn’t show up? You could have just not said anything, and I wouldn’t have been any the wiser.” Jack took the glasses from Joe as he sat down, shooting his mate a worried glance.

“Okay, so maybe I didn’t want to be alone.”

“I’m sorry, Joe.”

“Why are you apologizing?” Joe’s nose scrunched up as he picked up a slice of pizza, “You weren’t the one who stood me up.”

“I know,” Jack shrugged, “But you were looking forward to seeing your mum.”

“Apparently she wasn’t though.” Joe said bitterly.

“Which is why I’m sorry,” Jack told him, “Because I know how excited you were, and how much effort you put in to cleaning this place up. Everything was supposed to be perfect…”

“And look at that, it wasn’t.” Joe drawled sarcastically, even though all he wanted to do was cry.


“Can you just put on a movie, please?”

“Yeah, okay.” Jack nodded, looking over at Joe one last time before selecting a movie.

Halfway through the movie, Joe spoke up.

“Hey, Jack?”

“Hmm?” The younger man tilted his head to look over at him.

“Thanks. For coming over.”

“I wasn’t going to let you be alone.”

“But you could have…and I just…well, thanks.” Joe shrugged, offering Jack a small smile, “I appreciate it.”

“Any time, Joe.” Jack smiled back. “I’m always willing to show up with pizza and wine.”

“Good to know.”

Even more Alister sketches <3 

Maybe I should finally draw something else than only sketches XD (oh god I love this character so much I just want to draw him more… <3) 

EDIT: Damn I just noticed I drew Alister’s muscles wrong… D: (I forgot to search reference picture and since I never draw shirtless men I have actually no experience… Maybe I should start drawing shirtless lombaxes and men to gain some experience XD) I guess I’ll draw that part again for DeviantArt version… I don’t know…

13 Nov 15 // 4/100 Days of Productivity
After many lessons of no homework + no new content learnt, we’re finally getting back into maths and I’m so excited! Other than that, my day has been alright… I got my Science results + rankings (out of the grade) back and I’m honestly so devastated. Like, it’s a good mark, and a good rank, but I just studied so so hard for the exam, and it wasn’t a result that I wanted? D; I don’t know, I plan to use this as a motivator to help me study even harder for the next exam. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Ana! How's your day been? I hope it's been great:) so, would you mind doing Exo's reaction to you accidentally twisting your ankle and running into them and getting ice cream all over them in a ice cream shop? Thanks^^ Love your blog!!!!

Hiya~ my day has been alright it would’ve been better if I didn’t have uni, but I have survived OTL >.< But thanks for loving my blog, really ^_^


Xiumin: ….*shocked*

Luhan: Okay, okay, I’m just telling ya this- there ain’t no way I’ma wash these stains on my clothes, you hear me?

Kris: Oh man, this was like my favorite shirt of all time and now it’s…

Suho: But wait, honey, are you alright? *worried about you*

Lay: Don’t stress over it, baby, it’s alright. *kisskiss* I’m worried about your ankle though

Baekhyun: These were my favorite clothes, just don’t talk to me again- I’m angry! *starts laughing as soon as you look at his face though*

Chenchen: Oh shit..


D.O: *facepalm* 

Tao: EWWW I’M ALL STICKY NOW *judging you*

Kai: Wait, babe, are you okay? *puts his arms around your shoulders*

Sehun: Oh God, this can’t be happening. Keep your cool Sehun, keep your cool *self control so that he won’t bitch on you*


Anyways, hope you liked it~

And I’m sorry for not posting many reactions lately- my life has been hectic with uni and everything going on OTL.