my dashboard never fails to amaze me

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Send me a URL and I’ll spread some positivity.

@hhhotch cas is an absolute joy to have on my dashboard. every time i read their writing i am just blown away; it is absolutely PHENOMENAL and i feel like cas could definitely be a writer for CM with how accurate their Hotch portrayal is. And ooc, they’re also an absolute joy. they’re hilarious and i love reading all their antics & jokes with other rpers. not to meniton their metas; they have put so much thought and love into their hotch and they never fail to amaze me with their deep understanding of him & his character & his actions. Cas is just a wonderful person all around.

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I have a crush on this wonderful, sweet, lovely, kind person (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ☀️✨ They also own a blog on Tumblr that has AMAZING aesthetics!! Never fails to make my everyday when I see it on my dashboard 💫⭐️ I guess I should mention that it's you ....(/ω\) 💖

STOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asdfghjkl I’m blushing omg asdfghjkl this ask, omg THIS ASK stopppppp, I’m gonna die here,, you are too sweet and lovely and kind and cute and wonderful omg I LOVE U ANGEL!!!!!!! This made me really really really really happy and I’m gonna sleep well tonight bc of this…. My soul, omg this is too much!!! You are a real life angel and I’m thankful for you 💘⭐🌸⭐⭐⭐☄💌💌💌💘💌☄💌💘💌💘💌💌💘💌☄🌸🌸🌸💘💌💘💌💌⭐💘⭐💘⭐😍💘😍💘😍😍🌸😍💘😍😍💘😍🌸⭐💘⭐💘⭐💘😍😍☄😍💘⭐💘⭐💘⭐☄⭐💘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍⭐⭐☄⭐☄⭐☄⭐💘😍💌💘💌💘⭐💘⭐☄⭐💘⭐🌸⭐💘😍💘😍💘😍💘⭐


Hey there! I bet you didn’t see this coming lol okay jk. It hasn’t been that long since I made my first follow forever (like in 4/ 5 months ago). But then I reached another milestone of followers and I just got the time to spend on this. It’s nothing fancy and idk if anyone even cares about this. I just started my new semester and the first week was hella boring. 

Eh and after a few months, this blog has multiplied in the number of fandoms. I’m in so much pain due to this. K-pop has ruined my life, I never sign up for this /weeps in a corner/. Thank you for bearing with my super multifandom and super unorganized blog! 

Kay enough of blabbering, this follow forever is made to thank all of my amazing followings and followers. I want to thank everyone in my followings list, you guys never fail to fill my dashboard with rainbows and unicorns (which weirdly gives me a lot of pains haha). And my dear followers, idek why did you guys chose to stick with this sh*tty blog. Words can’t express my gratitude but THANK YOU EVERYONE, I TREASURE EVERY EACH OF YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU.

Pardon my graphic, I was going to make a few more but then eh I suck at making it. Here’s the list for my 2nd follow forever, it didn’t change that much. I’m sorry if I didn’t include any of you. I’m forgetful like that orz. Do talk to me! 

bold = mutuals ♥ | italic = tumblr crush | *aestrisk = fave

a - b - c - d - e
*ajummataeng aprils-end *athaenas ayo-sonyeoshidae bangsojin 
beastloren *beautifulgeneration beautifulvelvet bigbaeng boxxsaltz 
*buttaerfly dohdoro duoshitae *empirestateofgirlsgeneration *eventvr

f - g - h - i - j
favoun florensic *ggoh *girls-gen gor-jessicat gracefulparadox hersheyjerzey heylululu honey217 honeytaeng hwang-tiffany hwanggies hyosic ibleedpastelpink *icepearls idolizesicat itsgirlsday *jesschest jesseseo *jessicajungs jessicasboxers jjong *justmyperfectgoddess

k - l - m - n - o
k1myeon *kakkaiwa kidtaeyeon krystals kyungsifer leetaes lensosi m-iyoung *meemossi monoka naerong namtae neko-kyun *ninegorgeousdorks ninthwish *ot9s

p - q - r - s -t
pornshidae queensojin *redvlvets reydvelvet rookies- ruby-sica *sacrod sailorseo seotaku *seoulmateee sergeant-ashley *sicabrows *sicasamas soehyun sonyuhs soshiblaze *soshigotme *soshiplanet *southkoreans stepihwang sujongz taehyong taejumma *taengisc taengtime taesunamo teasica telepany *tellsmeyourwish tiffiana *tohososhi toldyouseo

u - v - w - x - y - z - #
wendy-blues wesleyaccola wonsoka wooricholding *yoonyvl yosics younas yxras 0-fivethirty 092252 4eversone 89418

Bonus: Lucky biggest fans!
mesufei glyncasi19 taewife firzah-lah



Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since i did my first follow forever. I’m making this follow forever to thank everyone for making my dash soooo beautiful everyday and my new followers ♥♥ Thank you guys for following me even though my blog isn’t that good, and I want to thank all my loyal followers who stayed with me!. I wanna thank these amazing blogs that never failed to shine my dashboard! (✿◠‿◠) 

aegyopanda; asoomatic; atgwanghwamun; butihatetumblr; cherryhyuk; chorgasm; choxide; coqonu; damnhaehyuk; dongaes; donghaais; donghaek; donghaeyah; ediiofcourse; eunhaelthy; eunhae-holic; eunmyhaedfyukjae; gaemq; gyulliblehaecheeks; haeface; haehyukyumin; haekey; haeland; haeppenis; haohaoeunhyuk; heechul-ssi; hyukjaeah; hyukwoon; hyukk-jae; isayni; ka-ng; kilmhyuke; kimyori; kjwkjj; kyucito; kyuxhae; leedonghei; lee-teukk; lteuk; ldhae; mama-cho; mingteukies; monkeilii; mrs-hae; myeolchiii; mysilver-sea; onlyloveeunhae; parkjngsoo; qiubutt; rurouneko; ryeongwook; sexyeunhae; shirade; shyukerjunior; siwook; stillhyuk​; welovehaehyuk; yehae; yempire; yetteok; 86milk; + blogroll.

Thank you all (◕‿◕✿).


i felt like now would be a good time as ever to make a follow forever, with us winning the treble (again), and it being summer and all! i put together a list of people that i hold very highly on here (basically, while going through the list of people i’m following i put in whoevers url made me smile) if you’re not on here, i probably still enjoy your presence on my dash very much, i  just can’t distinguish your url from other blogs yet! anyways, i just want these people to know how much they brighten up my dashboard and what incredible and amazing people they are, u never fail to make me laugh and always keep me entertained, tumblr for me wouldn’t be the same without you!


4fabregastasticxavi6 | almorataanusdemascherano | blueandclaretarmydaledanialvesdont-messi-with-me | emiliricart | fathermessi |  italynts | elrayllorente |


lacinquena | leonardomessymarc-stegen | marcbartrahmarcfartra | memphisdepie | messibtw | messithehumble | ney-is-bae |


papapique ( you’re ew though) | ppiquechu | rakiticevasergibroberto   | shakiraslays | the-messi-mathers-lpthe-fuckboy-dynasty | theswimminglemon | tinicucci | twopieceandabusquets | tomvermaelens | warriorblaugrana | xavimascheranos | xavismushrooms | xavi-the-mushroom-hunter | zabaleta-s | zlatanstrophywife |


I’m going on vacation for a little bit which means I’ll be on mobile so I decided to do it before I left. I really wanted to do this because 2 weeks ago I actually returned to this fandom and I’m both really happy (and sometimes scared) to be apart of it. Not only that but I’ve met SO many amazing people and following all these amazing people never fails to put a smile on my face. I’m incredibly grateful to all of you, and I’m so proud to call you all as my second family (✿◠‿◠) Thank you for being so loving and supportive in every way, I love you all so much, you all mean so much to me.  Thank you all for making my dashboard so beautiful and I wish all of you great holidays and keep gracing your blogs with pure awesomeness. 

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