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460x460 Jasper, Amethyst, and Steven Icons from an assortment of episodes, as a gift for @deadartistxx! ( these three are her favorite SU characters :3 )

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I know 22 September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday—but let us not forget that it is also the date in which Samwise Gamgee, last of the Ring-bearers, leaves Middle-earth for ever to reunite with Frodo.


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!


lol my ugly ass face on the internet, yay to kou for all the mistakes she makes!! the six selfies of 2016 ;-; ty for giving me purpose and blessing my dash with ur beaut gorg faces and tagging me : @studyplants @journalsanctuary @obsidianstudy @grangergrades @thxschool @acdemic @paperad @nahstudies

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「hello guys! welcome to my first follow forever! Today my blog became 6 months old and I also reached 1.6k+! which is really way more than I deserve. I never imagined that my blog will grow like this and honestly I’m still in the process of learning as I make new things and I’m really grateful to all my followers and mutuals for keeping up with me. I cannot thank you all enough for giving me so much love and making me feel so much at home in this short period of time. I’ve met here some awesome people and made many amazing friends who are no less important than my real life ones. Thank you for the sweet messages, asks, liking & reblogging my post and thank you so much for following me! You have no idea how much it all means to me. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH (ಥ‿ಥ)

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actual real life study tips

Okay, so I see a lot of “how to make cute note” etc. etc. tips on here and while aesthetically appealing notes totally help some people, there’s way more to being studious and productive than spending hours writing or rewriting your notes! Personally, I get by just as well on functional notes as those that I’ve doodled, dotted, and dashed into oblivion– in terms of decoration, it’s best that you do you. I used to be a pretty awful student, and note taking guides did jack squat to help me. So my 4.0 and messy notes are here to give the advice that they can–  here are some study tips absent of frills and squiggly lines– how shit gets done. 

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Looking for active animal crossing blogs to follow!

i made this account a few days ago for animal crossing and my dash is pretty dead despite following over 50 blogs so far. like or reblog this if you’re an active animal crossing blog! i’ll give ye a follow, and feel free to follow me back if you feel like it! thank you

Adrienette Month?? I thought we had one already...

So I’ve been seeing a lot of things pop up on my dash for “Adrienette month” which left me feeling really confused because I thought we already had Adrienette April… So I look around and sure enough there is a prompt list. WELL I decided that instead of doing an Adrienette month (because lets not kid ourselves I am going to be doing Adrienette things all the time anyways) I decided that I am going to take the prompt list and instead give a doodle a day (Once I catch up) to some of the things on the show that get LESS love and attention, because there are already tons of people out there who are far more talented then I showering the love square with affection anyways. I will be calling it Alternative Month ^_^ 

Day 1: Made for Each Other

Plot Twist in ASOUE
  • Me: I feel weird that they would keep the parents alive but also happy because it restores hope...
  • ASOUE: Shows the fancy door
  • Me: Uh-oh...
  • ASOUE: Children approach door
  • Me: Please no...
  • ASOUE: Parents approach door
  • Me: The world can't be this cruel...
  • ASOUE: Door begins to open
  • Me: Just give me a little hope here come on...
  • ASOUE: Dashes all my hopes and dreams
  • Me: (crying) I should have seen that coming, I mean the show is literally called 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Guys. We should talk more about Bare - a pop opera. The music is beautiful, there are amazing lyrics and it touches so many important themes. Don’t let me suffer on my own, join me.

since the holidays are near and this crazy stupid year has almost come to an end, i thought i would do something to thank you all lovely people who make my dash such a beautiful place…

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Spidey Senses

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IMAGINE: Peter finally conjures up the courage to tell you who he truly is, only you don’t believe and don’t give him enough time to prove himself. Then, when in trouble, Spider-Man comes to save you.

Request? Nah, I just have the Spider-Man, Tom holland feels at the moment. And wanted something other than Walking Dead on my dash. Which will happen a lot more actually, so send in requests! Please! I need them!

Also, i wanted to upload twice tonight since i’ve been very sloppy and short with my recent works! So here ya go!

I actually love all Spider-Man, especially Andrew Garfield’s rendition and felt he was cutt’d cruelly. Which terribly upsets me. And despite Spider-Man being a boy, i’ve always wanted those cool spidey-powers and he was my hero growing up, and still is.

Ah! I’m done gushing, enjoy!

“Y/N… I don’t know how to say this.” Peter stuttered, staring at you in fear as you stood bewildered in his bedroom. Peter was odd, as you grew closer to him and your friendship grew in length, you’d come to learn this.

He was clumsy, but smart but also extremely dense. You loved him, and had for so long to which he returned the feelings. He was weird, unreliable and truthfully dishonest but that didn’t stop you from loving him. You continued and would forever love him.

So, when you zoomed into his room, excitement at the fact that you had aced your essay which you’d only been stressing about for over a month when it was first assigned. Peter had been your go-to-guy to complain and stressed too, so of course he was your go-to-guy to gush to. But, you didn’t expect to find him some weird rendition of Spider-Man.

You loved Spider-Man just like everyone else seemed to. And you knew Peter did too, he was always the first one to defend the Spider-hero if someone was to insult him. But you never thought you’d find him dressing up as him.

“I didn’t know you were into cosplay, Pete.” You dryly joked, brushing aside his panic stricken expression. When he didn’t laugh, you turned to him, confused. “Seriously, Peter. It’s fine. We all have our weird obsessions.” You tried to joke again, sitting down on his bed.

For some reason he felt it necessary to unzip, un-button? You didn’t know, his suit and you blushed suddenly from his good looking body directly in your face. 

“Y/N.” he mumbled, to which you redirected your focus on his eyes, not on your terribly good looking body. Seriously it was unfair how he could make you melt in a second without even having to do anything. “I’m… I’m Spider-Man.” He suddenly said, with a renowned confidence.

You took a moment to process what he said before tilting your head. “Umm, what?” 

“I’m Spider-Man, Y/N.” He gestured to his suit. “This isn’t a costume, well it is, but not because of cosplay. I truly am the Spider-Man.”

You stood up, bewildered at his habit of lying. Did he think you were dumb? You didn’t want to doubt him, but after all the times he’s told you things only for it to be the opposite, it made it hard for you to believe him. Walking to his door, you shook your head. “Yeah, and i’m the queen. Seriously, Parker, don’t lie.” You walked out, the excitement from earlier gone as you were slightly pissed at him.

How dare he lie like that? Sometimes you wanted to smack the pretty boy across the face.

You said goodbye to Aunt May on your way out, giving her a smile and a hug. She wished you well as she tried to call Peter down to walk you home, you reassured her you would be fine.

“Don’t worry, May. I’ll be fine.”

“Be safe, dear!”

It was already dark, and checking your phone you realized it was ten’o’clock already. Thank god you didn’t have work or school tomorrow, all you wanted to do was go home and fall against your bed. Maybe you would write? You weren’t sure. You would talk to Peter tomorrow, and try to figure what possessed him to believe he was Spider-Man.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts, you didn’t realize the footsteps looming behind you. Not until something grabbed your arm and slammed you against the back of the alley. You head smacking against the brick of the building, knocking your senses out of whack for a moment.

You blinked, your vision clearing to show a man, much older than yourself staring at you with a dangerous look in his eyes. You squirmed in panic. “What are you doing out here so late, little lady?”

You struggled, earning a kick in his groin as you quickly turned to flee. Only he was quick and grabbed your hair, slamming you to the ground. He stroked your cheek, covering your mouth when you opened it to scream.

“You’re a pretty little girl aren’t you?” He mumbled, letting his other hand fall lower down your stomach. Your eyes widened as you wiggled your hips. Your breath left you when his body suddenly went flying and hitting the building. You immediately grabbed the back of your head, a bit of blood leaking. You gasped when a blur of red and blue went by you.

The figure kicked the man who assaulted you in the head, knocking him out before he came rushing to you. “Y/N!” He yelled, and in shock you made the figure out to be Spider-Man. You recognized the voice and suddenly your mouth dropped open.

Spider-Man reached you, grabbing you by the cheeks as he scanned your body. “Are you okay? Oh, god, you’re bleeding.”

You felt yourself slipping and with one final blink, you whispered. “Peter…”

When you woke up, you were in Peter’s room. You felt uncomfortable and in pain, when all the memories came flooding back to you, you sat up abruptly. Immediately becoming dizzy and having to steady yourself.

“Peter… was Spider-Man?” You mumbled staring at your boyfriends room. You tried to piece the pieces together before you remembered earlier in this very same room.

“I’m Spider-Man, Y/N”

He wasn’t lying. You were just too stubborn to believe him. 

His bedroom door cracked open and you caught his eyes, relief flooded his eyes as he slammed his door shut and came running to you. The glass of water coming down on his night table. He gave you a hug, his breath laboured, you felt tears building up as you returned the hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered.

You shook your head, breaking the hug. “I’m sorry…” You mumbled.

His brows furrowed. “Sorry? For what?”

“For not believing you. I-I should’ve believed you. I’m terrible.” You gushed. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Peter grabbed both sides of your face. “Y/N. I’m not mad, I didn’t explain it right. Anyone would be shocked.” You nodded your head, before grasping him in a hug again.

“OMG! You’re Spider-Man!”

Did you enjoy it?

I never really make any post, but the way all my dash is talking about harry right now is really upsetting me.
I think that dropping a surprise single or like performing it at the brits and then starting promoting it actively and giving all the necessary infos would actually be a good strategy. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone seem to think the opposite. Why do you think it wouldn’t be wise? Cause he was off social media for like an year? I mean, and so what? Surprise droppings are a thing that - surprise! - not only Beyoncé pulls. In fact, I think this town was a surprise drop too.
I feel like larries are the only ones being upset and I don’t get why. I don’t like Jeff too, I swear to god, he makes me so mad, that fucking quote about metrics made me roll my eyes like few other things in my life have, but from hating Jeff to saying that Harry’s work would be a flop or a disaster or that Harry’s gotten arrogant.. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of these things are true and I’m really upset about my dash. Of course anyone is entitled to their opinion and I know that not all the people who are against this strategy are hating on harry, but I am seeing posts of people legitimately saying nasty things about him and I don’t like it. Harry has done NOTHING to deserve your hate and I think that before judging him we should at least giving him and his team the benefit of the doubt.

ALRIGHT, so of course I want to thank every single one of my followers for supporting me and encouraging me to stay on this blog, but below the cut are a few of the people I want to give an extra thanks to for multiple reasons. some of them have been there for me and calmed me down when i was in the middle of a panic attack, some have inspired me, and some have just overall been extremely kind to me. 

but before I get all sappy, I wanna give a shout-out to some of the people I follow, but may not feel I know well enough to write an individual thank you note to. these are the people that make me smile whenever i see them on my dash and who i’d like to get to know better. you guys are awesome.

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Dash! and Marsh!Fic: "Won't you be my (alien incubating) neighbor"

So excited to have written something for another of @monster-at-heart‘s stellar comics! Thanks so much for letting me borrow Marshal – hopefully he can warm Dash’s cold, pizza-clogged heart. ;)))

Even over the call link, light years away, Dash can tell that Harvey’s patience is thin.

“What’s the readout say, Dash? And give me the honest answer – the first time, please,” Harvey says.

Dash glares at the end of the thermometer. He internally debates lying and decides he doesn’t have the energy. He feels like absolute dogshit.

“One oh two,” Dash sighs, scratching the back of his achy neck.

“Point…?” Harvey pushes. Nothing gets past this guy. Except slime creatures, sometimes.

“Point three,” Dash croaks, defeated.

“You know the drill, man,” says Harvey. “Anything over 102 this early in the game, you get yourself to a hospital.“

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A strange nostalgic feeling came over me, and I think I know why. I have broken up with the Naruto franchise since its ending, and I ought to have blacklisted the series from my dash. But I haven’t. Why? Because unexpectedly, the SasuNaru/NaruSasu peeps whom I follow give me life. I will never erase their sass from my dash.
They are so real. They can be critical and outright hate the ending like I do, yet somehow they have never lost their devotion to the SasukexNaruto relationship. Because that bond was real–in the manga, and real for us, no matter what the ending.

I hope the SN/NS fandom likes this. I unearth this again for you guys. This was made way back when I was running on a lot of strong feels for the series. Even after all this time, underneath my risen salty levels: Part One was an important part of my life, and these two meant something to me.