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!!! I finally found you on my dash after searching so hard because I remember reading the anons who ask for advice and you just seem to put your heart into it and I feel comfortable talking to you. See, the thing is, lately I've been questioning my gender.. I feel that I know that both physically and biologically I'm a woman (the obvious parts kind of give it away), but when someone jokingly or whatever call me a boy, I don't mind and kind of.. feel happy and comfortable with it. ** (1/2)

**(2/2) I don’t think that I’d consider myself transgender as most times than not, I’m okay with the way I look and my gender. Though.. when asked questions like male/female in applications, I sometimes go through similar thoughts to ask where I’m confused. I think.. I want to have the pronouns they/their, but I’m worried about how other people react to that because my physical appearance is very feminine. Ugh… I don’t really know how to explain it and I can hope you can make sense out of it.

Hi Nonny!

Firstly, I’m so happy that my advice has encouraged you to come to me with your predicament! Second: Oh gosh, I’m not the best person at all to talk about questioning your gender, but I had one of my RL best friends go through something similar fairly recently, so maybe I can help a bit.

My friend, who I’ll call Jack, recently came out as a transman, and is now starting to begin the transitioning process after a lot of soul searching. He was around 30 when he started questioning, came out as transmasculine last year and as transgender just a month ago, complete with the full name change (he’s now 33). Jack, though, has always been a tomboy, and didn’t care if anyone called him “him” (which is what his nieces called him because they couldn’t say ‘her’) even when he was still Jill; perhaps the kids were more perceptive than we gave them credit for. 

ANYWAY, the point I’m trying to make is that when he was ready, he told us that he was more comfortable with “they”, and then “him” pronouns; and it was up to HIM what he wanted to be called, and he changed when he was ready to do it. In your case, it could be that you’re genderfluid, since some days you feel fine identifying as a he, and others as a she; from what I understand, transgender people are not comfortable being referred to their prior pronouns. If you want to be called “they” then YOU TELL PEOPLE it’s YOUR PREFERRED PRONOUN. You can be the most masculine man or the most feminine woman and still be genderfluid or non-binary or want to use a different pronoun. YOU define you, not the people around you. Tell people you “want to try on” using ‘they’ (that’s how Jack  told us to try out “he” just a few months before he changed his name and dead-named “Jill”), and if they don’t respect it, then gently remind them that you feel more comfortable with “they” and it makes you feel more like who you really are. 

Remember, Lovely, there is NO DEADLINE to when you figure yourself out. Try on whatever pronoun you feel comfortable with, and embrace it, and take some time out to do some soul searching – REAL soul searching. It will be terrifying, but you will feel much better once the fog of confusion lifts.

I welcome any of my trans / non-binary / genderfluid followers to offer their advice for my Nonny, since they would obviously know better than my second-hand opinion <3

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you've got some wicked talent, im really glad my dash threw your blog my way. you're really good with cute face shapes with all the round noses and plump lips and expressive eyes. you're giving me some good inspirational vibes and i wanna say thanks for that. your art and this blog and the space you've made here is good. it feels the way it feels to lay in a sunbeam coming through the window and feelin all warm and watchin the dust swirl around in the light. keep this up, this is good. its nice.

okay,,,, holy heck i can’t thank you enough this is such a cool ask aa!!

I know 22 September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday—but let us not forget that it is also the date in which Samwise Gamgee, last of the Ring-bearers, leaves Middle-earth for ever to reunite with Frodo.

Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

Polaroids : Jonathan Byers x Reader

Originally posted by gillijacobs

A/N: Oops, I went a little crazy on this one, but I hope you like it!

“Happy Holidays, Byers family!” You shout throughout the little house, all decked out in a cheesy Christmas sweater and Santa hat.

“Jonathan! Your favorite weirdo is here!” Will yells from the couch. You just give him a playful glare and he laughs. “You know you’re my favorite, (Y/N),” he says with a smile.

“I better be, Byers.” You point your finger at him and toss a box into his chest. Will reacts just in time and catches the box upright. “You’re welcome.”

Will’s eyes go wide and he jumps up to hug you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N)!”

Presents were a rarity in the Byers’ house, so you made sure that you would bring gifts for every holiday. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, or even weird ones like Arbor Day. You started doing that when you first spent Christmas with the Byers’ two years ago. There were maximum 8 presents to split between everyone under their little Christmas tree, and it made your heart hurt. 

“You’re welcome, Will. I have some more for everyone in my car if you want to grab them,” you pry him off and present him with your car keys. He eagerly takes them from your hands, dashing to the driveway. Jonathan finally appears in the living room with his hands behind his back, obviously holding something. 

“Hey, babe,” you say, greeting him with a small kiss. “I have a present for you.”

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, (Y/N),” he starts. “You always get me gifts, even for pointless holidays.”

“What?” you pout. “I can’t spoil my boyfriend?”

Jonathan places the little box on the couch before his arms snake around your waist, pulling you closer. You wrap your arms around his neck and give him another kiss. “It’s just that…I feel like I need to spoil you. You’re so amazing and you deserve everything, which I can’t give to you.”

“Hey, Byers, I don’t need any gifts. You are the best thing that I could have.” You smile, looking straight into his eyes. “Plus, I enjoy spoiling you guys a little. You all work so hard, especially your mom, and you all deserve it.”

Jonathan touches his forehead to yours gently. “Wow, I love you,” he whispers before attaching his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You start to melt a little when you hear the front door slam, prompting you both to pull away. Will stands at the door with a pile of presents in his arms, trying not to topple over. Jonathan just shakes his head at you, knowing that all of them were from you.

“What?” you attempt to look innocent but just end up smiling. You go over to help Will place all the presents under the tree as Jonathan takes a couple off the top of the pile. You all make your way over to the tree and set them down gently. Joyce walks in on you three, drying her hands on a towel, completely puzzled with what was taking place.

“Um, hello?” Joyce suddenly says, startling all of you. You’re the first to stand, followed by Will then Jonathan. “What’s going on?”

“Hi, Mrs. Byers!” You say, rummaging for one of her gifts. You find the one in gold wrapping paper and hand it to her. “Merry Christmas!”

A small smile forms on her face and she pulls you in for a hug. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). You have no idea how much this means to me. I feel like I need to repay you.”

“It’s really no problem, Mrs. Byers. I promise.” You hug her back and when she finally lets go, you can see a few tears in her eyes.

“Oh, wait! Let me go get the camera!” She quickly adds, wiping her eyes. She comes back a few seconds later with an old Polaroid camera in her hands. “Alright, all of you get together!”

You three arrange yourselves in front of the tree and smile wide, arms wrapped protectively around one another. “One, two, three!”

Joyce snaps two pictures and grabs them one by one as they slide out of the camera. She hands one to you and holds on to one for herself. 

She smiles at the scene in front of her, content for once in a long time. “My beautiful little family,” she whispers to herself. “My beautiful, little family.”

carrioncrowned’s 1K give away!

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Ken Penders is going to purposely stir the pot to drive controversy for attention because of the breaking information that Archie was canceled through Sega.

Why do you think he’s suddenly pumping merch and pages for his comic?

He is using the breaking information to get YOU to throw up his controversial content, so he can get people to check him out, because he, in and of himself, has to ride information because he, in and of himself, isn’t actually worth your time.

I am offering some advice, do what you will with it-just a list:

Stop blogging him.

Stop spreading his comic.

Stop reblogging people who do.

And let him die in obscurity.

Unfollow him on Twitter.

Ignore him as he controversially stirs the pot.

Throw water on his little fire and let the toxins wash away.

If the last twitter he made didn’t determine that his acts of prejudiced nature are obviously sensational to you, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Don’t let his demonstrably unreasonable derailed actions get traction.

Show solidarity and focus on something else.

I don’t know why people want to talk about it in the first place, but what would I know, there’s reasonable doubt that my content is nearly as interesting since I am only giving available to you simple art that is sporadic and instantly discardable.

And I’m not even talented.

So maybe it’s because I don’t offer wide reach news on actions within the community. However this Ken Circus that seems to make it to my dash whenever he does something extremely trivial has become extremely noticeable as of late and it’s interesting to me the timing of the slew of new content.

I only have one kind of content, and maybe other people on here need something to talk about between information getting put out otherwise which is why they give attention to broad unimportant controversial actions cultivating attention being given to a small minority within the community in favor of whatever else they could be doing with their own time. To me though this feels like it is just legitimizing content that focuses on aspects of the community that spread a sentiment of a part of the Sonic community that I would honestly rather assume everyone would desire to move on from. In other words *I want this to end*

In fact I would even argue the constant chatter existing around the external actions of a person who has easily become irrelevant actually has only made him relevant, and even continues to encourage him.

I want to ask why.

Why do we have to constantly drag this out?

Is there not content identified within the colmnulitive existence of the Fandom that could benefit from the amount of attention we grant Penders on his every waking tweet?

Ken Penders is designed specifically to be reported on, but it kind of reminds me of another person that states controversial things to stay in a spotlight.

Not to assert it’s necessarily the same, but akin to a smaller group Ken serves a specific capacity of wasting our time just as much as Trump does to a much larger group.

Personally I’m not going to ever be talking about this man again, I won’t be rebloggimg or discussing him, because he’s robbed me of my time. I want to protect my time proportionally to what I believe it’s worth and Ken Penders just doesn’t really come to mind when I think of something I could be doing with it-from here on out-

That is all I have to say about that.

Cas and humanity

Because I’m seeing so much “let Cas stay an Angel and those who want him to be Human are taking away his identity” posts on my dash… I feel I have to defend myself albeit very briefly as I’m not in front of my computer to give all the intricate details and gifs to go with it.

The reason I believe his endgame is to be Human is, the same as Destiel, because the writing of the show made me do it.

In my opinion:

The show has consistently told us that Cas was never “right” as an Angel, that he was always different, had a crack in his chassis etc. That he couldn’t do what the others did during the times of Herod, that he is always seen as “odd” in the other Angels minds, that he has always watched over and admired Humanity, finds that it never gets old.

After he was Human he said he was killing himself when he took back his grace, such strong words! Before that he tellingly didn’t answer Dean’s question if he was ok about being an Angel again. It has been framed as a loss of a newfound identity, hence his depression afterwards, stuck in the middle, when he has now had what he felt he wanted (even though it was a terrible human experience which even more emphasises the point) and he had to let it go.

In my opinion they have created Cas as a character who never was happy as an Angel, he never fit, it was never what he WANTED. It’s very akin to a coming out or trans person’s story for me.

Becoming Human is not CHANGING him, it’s allowing him to embrace who he truly has been all along.

Cas was never truly in his mind an Angel, he was never happy as an Angel, he discovered who he truly was and wanted to be in season 9 as a Human.

When has he smiled the most in the show? Around humans and thinking about his human experience via the pb&j. How does he say “I’m an Angel” v “I’m a sales associate”. Resignation v pride… It’s clear to me.

I’m not some asshole who wants him to be Human to “serve my ship”. It is a totally separate story and again, that is why it is so powerful. Dean and Cas’ love story leads them BOTH to finding themselves, Dean as bisexual and feeling worthy of love and Cas and human and also feeling worthy of love. They both help each other get to their own INDIVIDUAL endgames that are written as such in the story that is being told.

In my opinion Cas has found himself and his story is clear to me.

I don’t want him to CHANGE. Entirely to the contrary I want him to EMBRACE WHO HE HAS BEEN ALL ALONG.

Hey tumblr witches!

I’m fairly new to witchcraft and I’m looking for some other witches to be on my dash! I support witches of every religion, race, sexuality, gender, and etc. If you’ve got a magic vibe going feel free to like this or give me a follow :) Many blessings! ❤️🔮

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"You bought me a......what?!" write a short little Destiel ficlet??? Ty in advance if you do. I love you.

“You bought me a… what?”

Dean turned his phone off speaker and exited out of the picture as quickly as his thumb could find the button, but it was too late. Sam had caught a glimpse and was already smiling in the driver’s seat with ridiculous crinkles forming in the sides of his eyes.

Dean shifted toward the window, getting as much privacy as he could in the cramped car. Which wasn’t much.

“They were on sale,” said Cas proudly from the other side of the phone. “I used the credit card you gave me, and asked the woman at the store to pick them out.”

Blushing, Dean ran his hand across the front of his face with a sigh.

Cas’s voice fell on the other side of the line, clearly disappointed.

“You don’t like them,” he said plainly. “I’ll return it. I still have the receipt.”

By this time, Dean’s head was near his knees, his hands fruitlessly cupped around his mouth and the receiver at an attempt at some privacy.  

“No, it isn’t that I don’t like them, it’s just… I didn’t know we were into that kind of… I just thought we’d talk first–”

Cas cut him off: “It’s ok, Dean, really. I just wanted to surprise you. I should have asked you first.”

Dean squeezed his eyes shut, his nose practically on his knee when, after a labored pause, he whispered against his fingers.

“Keep them.”

“What?” Cas replied.

“Keep them.”

“Dean are you going through a tunnel? I can’t hear–”

Dean sat up, “Keep, the fuzzy handcuffs, Cas!”

Sam snorted next to him as Dean rolled his eyes, trying to hide the fact that he wanted the seat to swallow him up.

Cas’s smile was audible. “Alright, Dean,” he said, clearly pleased. Then, a little lower: “I’ll see you when I get home.”

Dropping the phone in his lap, he refused to look at Sam, who was clearly enjoying this way too much.

After a few minutes he grabbed his phone again, his knee bouncing against the dash as he bit his lip.

Just make sure you give me your safe word, Cas. I’d feel much better with a safe word. He texted

It took a few minutes before he finally got a text back. And, if a text could be seductive, this one definitely was:

The handcuffs are for you.


Dean blushed again, shoving his phone inside his pocket. He looked out the window with a smirk.


Sammy should drive home quick.

hello!! this is a new tumblr and i’m looking for blogs to follow! please like/reblog if you post any of the following:

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i’ll be posting a lot of gifs and edits and stuff so please feel free to give my humble fledgling blog a follow as well.

thank you! <3

Park Woojin | Soulmate AU!

  • Member: Park Woojin
  • Genre: fluffy
  • Word Count: 1488
  • Summary: soulmate au! Your dance partner Daniel bails on your practice, when Woojin ends up being his replacement, he’ll make a promise to you. With that one promise your fate was sealed. 
  • Requested: yes 

You wake up and get ready for school, you feel different today as if something big is going to happen. You look at yourself in the mirror and you see in your reflection, “don’t worry I’ll catch you” written just underneath your collarbone. The first words your soulmate will say to you. You trace your fingers lovingly over the words, you smile at the thought of meeting your soulmate. You’re lucky to have sweet words tattooed on you especially compared to some of your other friends, who either had common words like hi, hello, sorry or like had extremely dirty or swear words. You laughed the first time your best friend showed you her tattoo which said “fuckity fuck fuck fuck.” You really didn’t care what you’re soulmate would first say to you. You’re just happy about the fact you actually had a soulmate, someone who will love and care for you as much as you will, who’ll be your best friend all through your life. You don’t openly search for your soulmate like some of your friends do, you’re just more alert and aware of what people say but you know that one day you’ll meet them since as cheesy as it sounds, it’s fate.

You arrive at school and before you reach your class you can hear someone calling your name. “Y/n! Y/n!” you turn around and see Daniel running through the corridor to get to you. He skids to halt huffing and puffing, as your turn around to face him. You chuckle and say “you really need to work out more, you’re so out of breath.” “Hey! I do more exercise than you.” he justifies himself with a smirk. You just roll your eyes, he continues by saying in a pleading voice “please don’t get mad but I can’t make it to dance practice today.” You were instantly annoyed because today was the day you practiced the crucial and main point of the routine, which was the lift trick, it was inspired by the one in dirty dancing. He knew that you only trusted him to do it with. Last time someone else did that trick with you they ended up twisting your ankle as they put you down in the wrong way, making you not being able to dance for 2 months. “Why? Did something happen?” you inquire. “Uh-uh-uh ummm basically I found out my soulmate was Doyeon and I’m going out on a date with her” he said happily but also reluctantly taking a step back just in case you hit him. You knew he’s had a huge crush on Doyeon for ages also with the fact she was his soulmate, you really couldn’t get mad. You genuinely felt really happy for him but also disappointed that he couldn’t make it to practice, you sigh and give him a hug “okay okay it’s fine, I really am happy for you but you better tell me everything later and you better buy me pizza.” “YOU’RE THE BEST also by the way, one of my crew members Park Woojin will take my place. He’s an amazing dancer and I promise he’ll do the lift perfectly.” He says excitedly, happy you’re not mad. For some weird reason your heart feels super warm as you heard the name Park Woojin. You ignore the warm fuzzy feeling and you just nod in response and he gives you a quick hug whispering “good luck you’ll be amazing.” As he dashes off you shout “HAVE A GREAT TIME!!”

You arrive at the dance studio nervous for the lift, this was one of the biggest components of the routine and it was a duo stage. Originally it was supposed to be you and Daniel performing the routine but it hasn’t been confirmed if you’ll actually dance with him. You change into your clothes in the changing room and greet a few friends. You enter the studio and your teacher comes in, she notices how nervous you are and how much you’re fidgeting, she tries to reassure you by saying  “Y/n, Daniel notified me Woojin will be taking his place. He’s a great dancer so don’t worry about the lift too much.” You thank her and she tells everyone to warm up. Just as everyone finishes warming up, someone dashes into the room and you look up to see probably the most attractive guy you’ve seen. That’s saying something since your best friends are Bae Jinyoung and Park Jihoon, the two most attractive guys at school. You look at each other for a split second and your heart races and you give him a small smile. He returns with a toothy grin showing off his snaggletooth, you actually wanted to squeal because he looked so gorgeous smiling. Woojin had this sudden urge to go up and hug you and never let go, but he brushes it off. He goes up to your teacher and bows to her and probably said something like I’m sorry I’m late or something like that. You couldn’t hear because one of your friends was jabbering on about her routine. Though you weren’t paying attention at her, you couldn’t keep your eyes off Woojin. Every single time he’d glance at you, you’d quickly look away and blush, he’d then to smile to himself thinking of how adorable you were. Both of you were whipped already and you haven’t even said a single word to each other.

The teacher put the music on and told you how to do the move, neither of you were paying much attention because Woojin was pulling funny faces across from you making you giggle softly. He felt so good making you laugh, he literally thought your laugh was the best thing he has ever heard and couldn’t help but grin super brightly. Your teacher then laid out the mat to cushion any falls if they happen. You both get into your positions for the move, Suddenly all your nerves caught up to you and your hands started to get clammy, all your calmness disappeared into an instant. Woojin saw your worry and concern, he also felt so worried for you, he reassuringly and sweetly said to you “don’t worry I’ll catch you.” You instantly felt a warmth rushing through your body, but you were too nervous to register that Park Woojin was your soulmate. “You promise?” you replied nervously and softly. His heart melted at hearing your nervous hesitant tone making him feel like he needed to protect you “I promise.” he reassures you. Feeling calm and more confident because of Woojin, your teacher counts you to do the lift, 5,6,7,8, you run up and you feel two hands on your hips. You stretch your arms out and balance yourself. You feel a rush of happiness and relief, you actually did it! You give the biggest smile at Woojin, who grins brightly back. Woojin at that moment read the words on your collarbone “don’t worry I’ll catch you.” His t shirt was also loose showing of his soulmate tattoo and right there it was written “you promise?” You both look at each other with wide eyes, the realisation both hit you. You were each others soulmates. There was a wave of love and happiness overwhelming the both of you. But because of you and Woojin’s shock and realisation you were each other’s soulmate. He lost his grip on your hips and you lost you balance, causing both of you to fall. 

Luckily, well for you at least, Woojin had quick reflexes. So wanting to make sure you didn’t get hurt. He wrapped his arms around you and put his body beneath yours to cushion your fall. Thud! You both landed with him groaning in pain and you on top with him, your noses touching. You feel instantly warm and safe in his arms like that was the place you were always meant to be. You literally felt as if a part of you was filled like you were only living half of your life. Woojin felt the exact same way. You couldn’t help but softly giggle at the situation. Woojin didn’t look hurt and you traced the words “you promise?” on his collarbone making him shiver. Neither of you wanted to move from where you two were, not caring about the rest of your dance class looking at you two, trying to figure out what was happening. So you didn’t move. Instead you snuggled up to him put your head into the crook of his neck and whispered teasingly into his ear. “Hey soulmate, you didn’t keep your promise you didn’t catch me.” He looked at you with a twinkle in his eyes and a small smirk which made your heart flutter. He over dramatically but still sweetly whispered in your ear. “My beautiful soulmate, who I’m so glad I met, I did keep my promise, I did catch you but I also fell for you.”

okay I’m sorry this wasn’t very Woojin but i hope it still it made you feel fluffy!! This is my first time writing a soulmate au SO PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK. As always give me an anon or a message if you just want chat!!

I hope one day you’ll regret how you’ve treated me. I hope that one day, you’ll look into your black coffee dashed with cream, and feel your heart jump a little because it almost matches the same color of my dark eyes. You’ll look down into the coffee that is too hot to drink and think about how it lacks the depth and the fire that was in my eyes. I hope you’ll sit there for too long, thinking of the last words that you said to me. How you told me that this was all just a game. That all you wanted was something I wouldn’t give. I hope you sit there, thinking about the words that you have said and the things that you have done. And as you realize that you have turned into the person you always said you’d never be, your coffee becomes too cold to drink.
—  E. // Cold Coffee // quote #31

anonymous asked:

I really want Taylor to notice me. She's following me but she has never liked any of my posts. I am tired of self reblogging cause' it's just not cool. What's your advice for Taylor to notice me when everyone is spamming her fcking dash ? you'll probably never reply to this but okay !! ahahah

the thing is i dont like giving advice about things like this because there is never really a right answer or an answer i feel is particularly helpful you know? that’s why i avoid messages like this and when i do reply to them, it’s always the same answer:

you cant MAKE taylor see your posts when there are 5K+ other people constantly reblogging themselves and trying to make that happen leads to so much stress. use this setting/platform as an outlet you know? when you make it JUST about getting her attention, that’s when it becomes burdensome. there are so many wonderful souls on this site and in this fandom who feel the same about taylor as you do. there are so many potential friendships and good times to be had if you step back and see that. there’s no way to just MAKE taylor “notice” you (god i hate that word). there’s no strategy, it just happens when you least expect it and hell, sometimes she doesnt even make it obvious that she sees you but she does.

i dont want to say ‘stop trying’ but being a taylor fan shouldnt just be about making her know you exist. when you lose that, you lose the fun and happiness that comes with loving her.

day trips | cole sprouse

a/n: apparently you like cole one shots so i will deliver! a/n: apparently you like cole one shots so i will deliver!

prompts 6 “stop looking at me like that & 13 “i can’t believe you talked me into this”

“you excited?” cole teases as we drive to our secret location “i can’t believe you talked me into this” i complain rolling my eyes.

cole had managed to talk me into modelling for him and i was extremely nervous, you never consider yourself very photogenic and you would almost never let cole shoot you it was always you taking photos of him.

you’d know each other for years yet everytime he begged he was always unsuccessful but this time something was different when he asks so you decided to give the poor boy a shot.

you were now sitting in the passenger seat of Coles jeep driving to what he likes to call his ‘secret location’. after 20 minutes of guessing and begging him to tell me where we were going he just replied with “it’s a surprise”.

“you know i hate surprises” i complain dropping my bottom lip at him “oh god please don’t look at me like that you know how i feel about that” he warns

i batter my eye lids and fake sniffling and i can see him fighting with himself to not look and give in “stoppppp” he drags out the ‘p’ and fake whines.

i break character and place me feet up on the dash my long legs catching some sun “you suck” i tell him grabbing my phone and switching the song.

i glance at the window as we head through fields “where the hell are we cole?” i ask slightly worried at the lack of life. “you’ll see” he smirks.

i take a few pictures on my phone before i find myself feeling more at ease with the whole idea, i catch cole staring at me in the corner of my eye as my hair whips around my face in the wind.

after a few more minutes we pull into a dirt park and we hop out, i glance around breathless “it’s beautiful” i mumble glancing at the scenery taking in the smell the sound and the atmosphere.

i hear the clicks of a camera but im too engrossed in the surroundings “i know” i hear him replying snapping pictures of me.

“so?” i ask shyly turning to face him “what do i do?”

i scuff my cons in the dirt and he chuckles at my awkwardness

“here” he chuckles grabbing my hand and walking me over the small hill to reveal a field of flowers and overgrown grass.

“just explore and ill take some pictures and then ill take you into the field okay?” i nod fiddling with the ends of my cardigan.

i do as cole says and take in all my surrounds reaching out and feeling the small leaves in my hands frolicking around the fields glancing back every so often to make sure coles still trailing behind me.

“okay let’s sit you here” he reaches out he’s hand and i take it stepping over a patch of flowers i sit where he instructs “okay and just pose ill take a few shots and see what the look like”

he starts off at a distance snapping photos and then inching closer to me “your doing really good” he mumbles letting me know that im doing something right.

i remove my cardigan leaving me in my white sundress, he lowers the camera and stares at me as i fiddle with my hair. i blush as he refuses to break eye contact “cole!” i complain “don’t look at me like that- it’s making me nervous-” i giggle nervously.

he snaps out of his daze licking his lips “sorry- uh maybe you should put the jacket back on-” he stutters clearing his throat, i look at him puzzled.

“what? too much skin” i tease pulling my hair to one side “yes a lot i it’s distracting” he finishes his Adam’s apple bobbling.

i let out a giggle my cheeks turning red as i clutch my stomach “are you laughing at me?” he asks the camera clicking “yes” i reply trying to catch my breathe.

i can hear his laughs as he moves his angle taking more photos before moving closer i lift my dress up a little further up my thigh and i see his eyes dart to my fingers before trying to look anywhere but my legs.

“your such a tease” he mumbles almost inaudible “what was that sprouse?”

“tilt your head a little and maybe play with your hair” i roll my eyes and follow his instructions noticing the redness tinting on he’s cheeks.

after another 20 or so minutes he finally told me i could have a break, i stood slowly brushing myself down getting all of the grass and flowers petals from my dress and hair.

i start toward cole watching my step when i hear buzzing i stop trying to find the source i spot a few bees hanging around me, i squeal and try and dodge them running blindly toward the dirt track.

my screaming must’ve got Cole’s attention because soon enough he was standing in front of my camera dangling from his neck and his hands on my shoulders “what’s wrong?” he asks worriedly.

i turn my head in search for the evil insects but no sign off them anywhere. “fucking bees” i tell him and he laughs at my distress.

i face him again and i notice that he’s hands where on my waist, i must’ve been too wrapped up in fear to notice them snake around me but now that they do i can’t seem to make eye contact with him.

a minute or so passes and he moves away from me looking out to the fields “do you-” i pause and he turns around

“do you ever get like nervous or flustered when your shooting with really good looking people? the models you shoot with well they’re models”

he slings the camera bag over his shoulder “well i mean no, not normally but there are certain times that i do, certain girls in pretty summer dresses” i glance down at my cons to try and hide my embarrassment.

“shall we go?” he asks and i nod “wanna give me a ride back” i ask sweetly placing my hands on his shoulders

“jump on” i squeak as he lowers himself down enough for me to jump around his hands finding my thighs to hold me up “sorry if im heavy” i apologise as we take the short walk to the car.

“please are you saying i am not strong enough” he scoffs pretending to take offence “well i mean-” i joke and he losses his grip so i slip a little before placing me on the floor in offence.

i decided to play with him and scream out falling out as i fall to the ground grasping my ankle, he turns around in a split second the smirk wiped off his face “oh my god”

he drops onto his knees “are you okay- what’s wrong- oh my god im sorry-” he rambles running his hands through his hair.

i break character and begin to laugh hysterically, he realises he fell for it and springs up picking m up by my waist and throwing me over his shoulder “thats it your dead”

i squeal trying to squirm out of his grip “put me down!!” i yell laughing at the brunette boy.

he places me on the bonnet of his jeep and stands inbetween my legs “admit it i got you good” i tease poking at his chest. he tries to fight the smile working it’s way across he’s face but fails miserably and starts laughing.

i take my hand and place it on his face and he inches closer hands on my thighs, i slip my hand down to the nape of his neck and pull his lips onto mine. he kisses back as he hands work they’re way up to my face mine go through his hair.

i pull away both of us panting for air “god i had no idea you could kiss like that-” he tells me surprised before re kindling our kiss my legs wrapping around his waist as the kiss turns into a make out sesh.

a car pulling up next to us in the only thing that stops us from continuing, i hide my face from the strangers cole still standing between my legs with his hands on my thighs. he smiles and greets the people awkwardly and waits for them to start down the trail before lifting me off the top of his car.

“to be continued” he mumbles kissing me.

i smile at him hopping into the passenger side, my feet up on the dash the music blaring his hand on my thigh and the wind in my hair as we make our way back home, i slip my hand over his and watch him as he drives the sunlight hitting his face thats when i realised, he is so out of my limit.

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