my dash is silly


Season 4 anyone? :P

I’m so used to seeing the Bastille dudes on my dash and referring to them as dorks and poking fun at whatever silly thing I can think of that when I see a photo where they Look Like A Band™ or a mention of them somewhere big I realize oh right they’re a world-famous band with #1 albums and world tours and well yeah that’s a rollercoaster every time.

I can’t believe my first MM ‘art’ was a shitty vent doodle at 3am.

Soon enough I’ll draw proper fanart!!I swear!!! 
It’ll probably be of my generic mc being cute with Jaehee though haha;;

i just wanna thank

All the people who put up excellent fic the past couple days and filled my dash with sexy and silly and beautiful and distracting things.  It was a difficult day and difficult days make art (esp. fan-made art) especially meaningful to me.

@chileananderson, @puzzlingpeace, @sunflowerseedsandscience, @everydaymsr, @crossedbeams, @thefallfiles  and I’m sure others I noticed but am now forgetting.

more demi!Cas stuff for ace!Cas day because I said so  (*˙︶˙*)☆*°
destiel, canon divergence (probably some time after s8 finale where Sam’s fine and dandy after not finishing the Hell trials and human!Cas joins them at the bunker right after he falls)

Castiel is sure he’s the one; they’ve been hunting this siren for the past two days, and he’s tired and exhausted and just wants to go back to the bunker and rest.

He texts Dean and Sam the location of the siren while he keeps his eyes glued to the thing. He sips his drink and grimaces. Alcohol tasted much less like… alcohol when he was an angel.

“Hey there, sweetheart,” a woman slides beside him. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Castiel gives her a glance and back to their target. “No, thank you.”

“Aw, don’t be such a stiffy,” she says smoothly. “Though, I hope by the end of the night someone will be a little of that, if you get what I mean.”

Castiel frowns at this (he really doesn’t have time for this right now), and glances at her again. She smirks and tucks a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear, and leans a little lower to display herself better. She’s a very attractive woman.

“I’m a little occupied at the moment, but thank you for your interest,” he replies evenly.

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My dash is lookin slow! So I’d like to check out more blogs who post mainly nintendo stuff! Please only reblog this if you mostly post anything from the following list!

  • ★ Splatoon
  • ★ Kirby
  • ★ Animal Crossing
  • ★ Fire Emblem
  • ★ Super Smash Bros
  • ★ Mario
  • ★ Metroid
  • ★ Star Fox
  • ★ Nintendo Stuff in General

anonymous asked:

it took me months to get out of the larrie fandom. it is not easy. all my friends ( other than one staunch anti) are still larries. But i am really happy now. i took few month break and cleaned my dash and now all the 'drama' and silly little argument on my dash is centered on Harry and Music. will he appear there, no he wont, will he do duet.., yes please, no please... like?? i feel anticipation when i see notification but only cause 'could it be music from harry ' , it is not dread. i love it

it’s really nice when you’re not legitimately terrified about things that might happen….very refreshing. im happy for you anon. if you need anything, give me a yell