my dash is loading super slow

So theres over 600 of you now and i just? Why, theres no quality to be found here. I thought you all needed some love so I’m going to write a few things about as many of my partners as I can! This is in no particular order and please don’t be offended if I’ve forgotten you, I’m only human it was an accident!

talktorickgrimes- let’s kick things off with you Laurel because you came to my head first. Not only are you amazingly talented and have an incredible portrayal of Rick, you are also just generally an amzing human being. You are kinda like a big sister to me and I truly do look up to you, if I need advice or comfortyou are like the frst person I go to. You are like my little guardian angel and I don’t know where I would be without you.

andreasxdeputy- I am so blessed to have you in my life, you mean so much to me and I don’t even know your first name, thats crazy! You let me throw inSHANE (hahahhahaha) ideas at you and you are always patient with replies and I am so appreciative of that. Just remember no matter how long I take, I love you and I think you are talented and again I am so blessed!.

theyoungsir- My son, my moon and my stars. I’m like your biggest stalker (not in the im going to find you and kill you way, in the I love you and want to follow all your blogs and check on you and check you are okay 24/7 bc I never want anything bad to happen toyou ever)  You are the little buzz of positivity on my dash and I just think you are incredibly talented and have such a kind heart!

theres-us-and-thedead- Sweetie pie how on  earth do you put up with me? Not only do I throw crazy load of ideas at you but when we do thread I am super slow and just in general awful. You know I love you and if you don’t I love you. Tthank you so much for sticking by me and my lorick obsession. Your Rick is amazing

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