my darling you should smile always


THE GIRL IN THE PAINTING; “Makes me angry though, the portrait. It’ll always look like that, but I won’t. That’s why it’s smart to disappear: so you’ll always be the girl in the painting. That is immortality, my darling.”

you’re so like the lady with the mystic smile, it it only ‘cause you’re lonely they have blamed you? // must i be the only one who thinks these mysterious thoughts, some day i’ll die? // at only 15, i said 15, they say her future’s bleak, she should have started this at 3 // you say cool things like at least murder is interesting, cause the worst crime a person can commit in life is to be boring // it takes a hundred thousand colors to paint you // so scared of getting older, i’m only good at being young // i was not made for life // feel just like a baby, portrait of a lady // and there’s lots of pretty pictures, all of them of me // take a piece of my face so I can never grow old // all dead, yet still alive in endless time // the face that you have will enslave you // she had the face of an angel smilin’ with sin // can you clone me? i look like everyone you know now // honestly it can’t be fun to always be the chosen one // pretty from afar, like a dark star
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In the Moment-

Gender Neutral Mettaton/Reader

Mettaton gives you a makeover.


You tried to keep absolutely still. But god did your nose itch. “Mettaton, can you scratch my nose? Pretty please?” You asked, cracking and eye open. He sighed, giving you that sweet gentle smile. He was always gentle with you.
“You should know better than to distract an artist when he’s working, darling.” the robot chided, waggling a finger. Still, he did give your nose a scratch, to which you were very thankful. You got back into place as he continued brushing your cheeks lightly.
You’d never understand how a robot would be so much better at contouring than you.
“We’re just about finished anyway, sweetheart.” He hummed, making your heart flip as always. The metallic overlay to his voice always gave you a shiver up your spine. He was more attractive than anyone you had ever met, which of course, one would expect when the man was crafted to be perfect. But…it wasn’t just that. No, it was him. Who he was. His personality shined through every bolt and metal plate on him. God he was amazing.
If he ever knew about your feelings, he never let on. Then again,everyone loved him so he probably assumed you did too.
The absence of movement on your face pulled you back from your thoughts.
“All done, darling. No need to thank me~” He cooed. You open your eyes and see a mirror held in his pristine gloved hand.
…..Wow. You looked completely different. But still the same in a way.
“When did you find time to do my eyebrows?” you wondered aloud. Your eyes met his pink ones and you noticed he was…well staring. His lips were parted and his eyes seemed to be in another place.
“Uh Metta?” You felt kind of uncomfortable being stared at so intensely.
He seemed to wake up and laughed, obviously embarrassed.
“Excuse me, darling! You’re just…so very  lovely. Just ah…allow me to try something.” He muttered, cupping your jaw with his silk gloves.
Soft. Sweet. Metal. Silicone.
It took you a moment. He was kissing you. Quite enthusiastically in fact. You returned the motion aand you could feel him smile against your mouth.
“Just as I thought.” He whispered, only an inch between your lips and his. “You /do/ taste as good as you look.” He giggled and you threw your arms around his neck, kissing him again. There would be questions and feeling talks another time. For now, you just wanted to bask in this moment and the strawberry metal tinged taste of his lips.

Mukami Christmas cards. Requested by korutenshi1900

Finally it was completed.
Growing up you had been taught that a card from the heart was worth more then anything that could be store bought.
So that’s what you wanted to show them that card that you would always look forward to.
A little piece of your childhood since they never got to have one.

Holding the letter to your hand, you knocked on you on the door to his study and he bid you enter.
“What’s this livestock?” He questioned at the little card in your hands.
“When I was little we would always make cards and give them to each other. So I made one for you.”
Ruki took the card and was shocked to see how elegant it was.
Your handwriting was done in a beautiful cursive. And there was a heart filled message. That he couldn’t help but smile.
“It’s beautiful livestock. I should reward you for this with my attention. What do you wish of me today, darling?”

“Ooo~ what’s this, a love letter.” Kou normally didn’t care for them but this was from you. Anything from your was treasured by him. As he read it with tears in his eyes.
“I love you kitten-chan.” He smiled as he lightly kissed your nose. “Let’s do something just me and you.”

“Huh? What’s this?” Yuma paused as he looked down the card in your hand. Then furrowed his eyebrows staring.
Once he took it his browned eyes widen, it was something so simple yet so meaningful as you managed to put into words you passion for him. And the passion he loved so much.
As he sniffled and blushed tainted his cheeks.
Wrapping his arms around you he pulled you too him.

“I feel……and it…makes…me…alive…like you…do…and it…doesn’t…hurt.” Azusa smiled as he kissed your cheek. “I really….love…you…thank you…now what…should I…do..for you?” Azusa wondered as you leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his cold pale lips. Causing the very lightest of pinkest hues to appear in his cheeks.

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include...

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  • trying to pick up steve’s shield and failing miserably because, jesus, that man has a load of muscle that he most definitely uses
  • “’MURICA- JESUS STEVE I ALMOST BROKE MY ARM” “sorry, beautiful, i should’ve warned you” “TAKE ME TO HOSPITAL I’M DYING” “… you’re joking right” “OF COURSE I AM YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN”
  • nicknames like “doll” and “beautiful” and “my girl”, while you call him “spangles” and “cap” and “old man”, and other names like, “stevie” and “darling”
  • a point in time where whenever he walked into the room you played the american anthem, only stopping when you realised he was smiling smuggle when you did
  • steve’s new theme song is sexy and i know it by lmao, and he always looks very flustered when ever you play it, which makes you cackle
  • singing the star spangled man with a plan whenever steve makes any plans
  • cute fluffy kisses and romantic dates that has so much much thought put in, only for it to fail miserably 25% of the time
  • “it wasn’t supposed to rain” “we can still have a picnic in the rain” “the sandwiches will get soggy” “i guess that’ll be something we’ll both have to live with, stevie”
  • meeting sam after steve was dragged from the river by bucky, and asking to him over to dinner after you attended one of his therapy classes (he’ll never stop saying that you make the best trifle he’s ever tasted)
  • “have you tasted y/n’s trifle? because i honestly want to cry tears of joy every time i eat it it’s so good” “aw, thank you sam!”
  • steve telling you everything about what happened to bucky after visiting the exhibit with him one day, and you hug him until he’s okay again, and you promise to help him look for his friend
  • steve’s friends constantly letting themselves into your apartment to eat your food and for medical assistance
  • “sam, YoU’Re BlEEdiNG” “oh, yeah, can you patch me up?” “me too!” “NaT Why??”
  • insisting to meet peggy, because that woman was your idol growing up, and when you do you end up having a long conversation about steve, and peggy is glad that steve found someone else to love
  • crying along with steve at peggy’s funeral, because you loved her too, even if it was’ in the same way as steve, and because you’ll miss her too
  • tony showing up to get you to convince steve to sign the accords but you slam the door in his face, knowing that whatever steve is doing it’s the right thing
  • you being not sure what to think when steve arrives to take you to king t’challa’s mansion, and you being to meet bucky in his final moments before going back into the cryo
  • watching endless tapes of steve in the 1940′s and marvelling at him, because he was such an honest man
  • steve telling you stories of his war days and of howard stark and peggy and doctor erskine, and you looking them all up later to find that there wasn’t much record of doctor erskine anywhere
  • nights with steve where you help him catch up with 70 years of movies and music and books, and feeling so lucky when you see how excited he is by everything
  • steve buying you a golden retriever for the days where he’s on missions for weeks at a time, and you name him rogers, so when you call his name - and steve is home - you get two golden haired creatures coming running
  • showing steve the moon landing and him getting very overwhelmed when you joke about him being an astronaut, but also finding out that there are many people who think the landing was faked
  • “no steve, the moon landing was not faked” “BUT WHAT IF IT WAS, I FOUND 50 WEBSITES WITH SOLID EVIDENCE THAT THE MOON LANDING WAS STAGES” “holy shit lemme see”
  • after the “moon landing conspiracy” fiasco you make him read and watch the martian, and you watch him get overwhelmed all over again, because “no, y/n, there’s no way you can grown potatoes on mars
  • so you show him film theory’s video on the potato science and get bruce to double check the math, and watch steve get very confused when you tell him about it again
  • thai food, sushi, burgers, chinese, kfc, ihop, wendy’s, zizzi’s, pizza hut, mama’s; name the food and you have probably already taking steve out to eat it (except for texan)
The Deal ~Dean Winchester~ Part 3

Hello humans c: Here’s a part 3! I hope you like it! :) Let me know if I should do a Part 4 :)

*Not My Gif*

I sat on my throne as I stared at the ring on my finger. Crowley sat next to me
as he lectured a demon. When the demon walked out of the room, Crowley turned to
“Darling, are you okay?” He asked.
I looked up at him and nodded with a smile.
“If you’re worried about what happened with Dean, don’t. It won’t be long and you’ll
always be that evil. It takes time love.” He said.
I gave him a reassuring smile and nodded.
“Thanks Crowl.” I said.
He leaned over and kissed me sweetly. I pulled away with a smile.
I looked at my ring again.
“And whatever you do love, don’t take off that ring.” He said.
“How come?” I asked, curiously.
“It’s making you stronger. I charmed it so it will make you a stronger demon over time.”
He said.
“You’re so sweet.” I said reaching over and pecking him on the lips.

*Sam’s Pov*
“He’s controlling her by a ring.” Cas said as he appeared behind me.
I jumped a bit, then relaxed.
“What does it look like?” I asked as I opened my laptop.
“Black with a red rose on it.” Cas said.
I quickly typed as I brought up a website talking about the history of the ring.
“The ring is given to the girl when she becomes the queen of hell. He must of charmed it”
I said as I continued reading the page.
“We have to go get her and Dean.” I said, shutting my laptop and standing up.
“What? Just walk into hell?” Cas said, looking confused.
“We have weapons.” I said as I grabbed my coat.
“Sam. We can’t do that. It’s too dangerous.” Cas said.
“This is my brother and his girlfriend we’re talking about. We need to save them.”
I demanded.
Cas stared at me and sighed.
“Fine.” Cas said.
He put his hand on my shoulder and with a flash, we were in a dark hallway.
“I’ll fight them off, you go find Y/N and Dean.” Cas said.
I nodded as we went our seperate ways.

*Y/N’s Pov*
Crowley walked me into another room where one of the demons he was lecturing earlier was
sitting in a chair.
“You’re here to practice dear.” Crowley said.
“Practice what?” I asked.
“Destroying the Winchester.” He said.
I looked over at the chair and the demon now looked like Dean.
“I thought only a shifter could do that?” I questioned.
“I’m the king of hell remember?” He said with a smile.
I smiled. Crowley opened his coat pocket and pulled out an angel blade. He placed
it in my hand. I stared at it, then looked back up at the demon.
“I-i can’t.” I said quietly.
Crowley grabbed my shoulder and faced me towards him.
“Remember what I told you.” He said the familiar words.
Something clicked and I gripped the blade. I looked over at the demon and walked up
to him. I raised my arm and stuck the blade into “Dean’s” stomach. His eyes and mouth
lit up a bright yellowish orange color. I stepped back and smirked.
“Take me to him.” I said, turning to Crowley as my eyes turned a charcoal black color.
Crowley smiled at me as we walked out of the room and down the hall.
We stopped in front of the room where Dean was.
“You’re officially a demon, darling.” He whispered to me.
I smirked and kissed him.
“I’ll be back.” I said as I walked into the room, leaving Crowley behind.
Dean lifted his head and looked at me in horror.
“Your eyes..” He said quietly.
I smirked and gripped the blade.
“She’s gone buddy boy.” I said.
I walked up to him and got in his face.
“Any last words?” I asked.
“Bite me.” He simply said.
I got closer to his face where our lips were inches apart.
“Dean!” I heard a man yell from behind me.
I turned around and put my hand up, causing the man to go flying back.
He was pinned against the wall as he gasped in pain.
“And who might you be?” I asked the man.
“Y/N, it’s me Sam.” He said.
“Ooh you’re one of her little friends.” I said with an evil smirk.
“The more the merrier.” I said as I lifted the blade.
“Cas! The ring!” Sam yelled.
I turned around and saw a tall angel. He had untied Dean. He grabbed my arm
and took the blade, throwing it across the room. I kicked the angel back and
ran to get the blade back. Sam dropped and ran towards us. Sam grabbed one
of my arms as Cas jumped up and grabbed the other.
“Crowley!” I screamed.
Dean stood in front of me as a tear rolled down his cheek. I hissed at him.
He grabbed my hand and pulled the ring off of my finger. Cas and Sam let go of me.
I gasped as my eyes and mouth lit up, just like the demon from earlier. I dropped to
the cold, hard floor.
Dean kneeled down next to me and laid my head on his lap.
“Y/N.” Dean said trying to wake me up.
I didn’t budge. I just laid there, unconscious.
“Sammy, what’s going on? What happened to her?” Dean said loudly.
“I-I don’t know.” Sam said with panic in his voice.
“Is she still alive?” Dean asked.
“I don’t know.” Sam said as he knelt down.

Request an imagine in the ask :)

Imagine you failed. The first time ever you failed on a test. You did so bad you have to take it again. Such a thing never happend to you, even if you didn’t always got the best grade possible you never failed! What are you going to tell your parents? Your friends? Your boyfriend? They all were so proud of you, told you you were too smart, you would know too much to ever fail. And now? The first one you need to tell is obviously your boyfriend. Sherlock is waiting for you on the street like every friday, its your date-day. “Hey!”, he smiles. “Any wishes what we should do today my smart, beautiful darling?” his voice gets to your ear before he kisses you on your forehead. “I-I need to tell you something!”, you stutter. “I failed! I am so sorry, I know you are disappointed of me, I am so stupid! Sorry! I do understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore…”, with tears in your eyes you look down. You don’t want him to see you cry. Suddenly you feel a hand under your chin which lifts your face up. “Look at me!”, Sherlock says. Starring at you with a serious eypression, his eyes are as deep and dark as the ocean and it seems as if he’d stare right into your soul. “I could NEVER be not proud of you! You are the best thing I know, the best human that likes me. And it doesn’t matter if you fail or not, I love you! And you are smart! I know that, the way you talk to me, how we are able to discus, if you were as stupid as most of the people here, I wouldn’t have a chance to like you! Don’t you ever dare to say something that bad about you ever again!”

when asked to describe myself in three words i say: silk, velvet, & glitter
men love me cause i don’t want anything to do with them (they’re selfish like that)
they love me cause i’m fucking crazy
they want me cause they can’t have me
i’ve got sweet written all over my face but trouble in my eyes
& i don’t need anybody, just like nobody needs me
independent bitch & that’s how it’s always been
i make my own luck & i make my own bed, but i never lie in it
& i like to run away because i’m good at it & when you’re good at something you should stick with it
& i don’t wait for anyone so if you’re coming with me then hurry the hell up
nobody stands a chance if they’re in my way cause there’s something in my smile that makes everyone do whatever i want
& you can call me darling & sweetheart, but that’s not gonna change my mind
i don’t love you baby, i only love myself 
cause when things get too tough, i just say fuck it & give up
—  the girl made from diamonds & pearls