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The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is the most tragic thing this game has given us so far and that is a high goddamn bar. I’m so upset for the Noct’s pure mind protecting him from horrific pain and trauma but giving him a carnival to go to in his dreamworld until he can deal. I’m so upset. I love FFXV so much everything is terrible.

honestly the ‘Six Wives with Lucy Worsley’ documentary is so good. I mean generally its a really cool style, like you’re a fly on the wall with her in the 16th century, and she challenges all of the popular misconceptions about the six queens, but ultimatly the best thing is that I’ve literally never heard anyone call Catherine Howard ‘an abused child’ and I swear it washed away every bigoted thing I have ever heard David Starkey say. 

I’m making a Lucy Saxon gifset and was looking at the beginning of EoT annd Lucy’s in prison and the Ood is like “The most lonely of all, lost and forgotten.”, and I just started crying, because you don’t understand. She was corrupted and broken by the Master, and he abused her and made her all messed up, and then when she finally freed herself of him, the Doctor (the selfish overemotional brat that he is) just abandoned her to be thrown in prison without a trial, even though like he says, it wasn’t her fault. And she’s in there for a year and a half without family or friends, lost and forgotten, and still probably super messed up and traumatised, and then she finds out they’re bringing the Master back so she plans and she kills him and sacrifices herself to SAVE THE WORLD, and no one knows what she did, and it’s just so unfair. *sobs*

Action Figures

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Bucky Barnes x OFC (Daughter)

Word Count: 842

A/N: Based on the “They’re not toys, they’re action figures” drabble prompt. Happy reading!

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“Daddy, can I play in here?” Bucky’s four-year-old daughter asked as she walked into her father’s office holding a Judy Hopps stuffed toy in her hand. “I promise I’ll be quiet.”

Beaming, Bucky scooped his daughter up from the floor, her laughter filling his ears while he carried her in his arms. “Of course you can, my darling Lucy,” he placed a kiss on her forehead, brushing her dark hair away from her face. “Actually, do you want me to play with you?” Lucy nodded her head enthusiastically as Bucky chuckled, setting her down on the floor before sitting on the floor himself. “What do you want to play?”

“Can we play with your dolls?” she asked excitedly, Bucky raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“My dolls?

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     Take one son from a golden family of Gotham, add tragedy, and you get… no, not Batman, Lucifer Morningstar, though the only tragedy Lucifer suffered was a swollen sense of importance, all but disinherited before the age of 15, and a moral compass that had never, and probably never will point North. Constantly at odds with his father’s ideals, Lucifer went to church because he didn’t have the weight to throw around and completely dash their reputation, seeming to be as attentive to his father as he stood at the pulpit, an archbishop with an eye on the papacy. Of course, no one had told Adonai that there wasn’t a chance in hell that he’d be allowed close to that honour. With a slew of children from before entering priesthood, it still would have been a mark against him. 

      The Morningstars, before Adonai’s entrance into priesthood, were the backbone of importing and exporting, but with the scandal attached to Adonai’s father’s name, the only thing to do was cleanse it. Which Lucifer isn’t interested, going through the motions, even going so far as to ace his exams in seminary schools before simply dropping them the way one did a bad habit. As the eldest, Adonai had expected him to follow his footsteps, while Michael had been groomed to take over the family business. At seventeen, Lucifer convinced his brother to switch destinies, learning the business only to find that it was soon to be sold to Wayne Enterprises.

     Family business in jeopardy, Lucifer did his best to gum up the works, claiming that as an archbishop his father was no longer entitled to run the company as everything he owned was now the property of either the church or his heir, but no one listened to such an archaic argument, or the subsequent ten years of different angles. Best lawyers or not, Wayne Enterprises fought tooth and nail to obtain Morningstar Incorporated, which by the time they received was all but bankrupt as Lucifer had spent that time paying for lawyers and using legal means to bleed it dry. If he couldn’t have it, he damned well wasn’t going to allow anyone else to have it, making his own connections in the shipping business before finally leaving the carcass to be picked over,

     One of the properties, a warehouse near the docks, was renovated, and reopened as a night club. Lux soon became popular, especially with the underworld as it was chosen specifically for the smuggler’s tunnels beneath it, and the proprietor’s discretion when required. If you need guns, he can get them for you, need some art, or jewelry fenced? Just one small extra fee and not only will he fence it for you, he’ll also obtain a suitable excursion out of country until the heat dies down. It’s a far more lucrative business than what he’d meant to have, and he’s alright with the fact that sometimes the guns, or explosives, sold are used to terrorize Gotham, it hadn’t done much for him, he owes it no favors. For those not willing to meet The Penguin’s price, they’re always welcome to try and make a deal with The Devil.

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“I won’t kill anyone for at least a week. Maybe longer! That’s a real accomplishment” “I’ll apologize to Rufus for the Capone thing” “I’ll stop trying to shoot Wyatt even though I really want to…”


“lucy my darling light of my life favorite historian etc etc”

“what flynn”

“can i just shoot wyatt once”

“… what”

“just once i swear, in a non-lethal area, like the butt”


“please lucy”


“oh come on!!! it’s a great compromise”


“relationships are about compromise, lucy”

“…. lucy”


heads or tails

part 11 holy shit

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“-and what do you think, my darling Juvia?” Lucy asked her, giving a quick twirl and presenting herself like she was a wedding cake. “You like?”

“It’s fine,” I gave her the exact same passive answer I’d given everyone else. I was far too entranced by the swirly mints on the edge of the dressing room table to really notice what color dress she was wearing.

Lucy huffed, taking a keen eye to my apathy and walked over to the ‘boyfriend couch’ I was sitting on, poofy dress spilling everywhere like too much ugly champagne.

“Awww, somebody’s a grumpy-grump.” She pouted, crossing her arms and leaning her chin on my shoulder. “What’s up buttercup?”

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