my darling lucy


“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer


Lucy Saxon as the Doctor’s companion

As a young woman straight out of Uni, Lucy Cole - youngest child of Lord Cole of Tarminster - meets a mysterious man called the Doctor. For a brief while she travels time and space with him, until he leaves her to fight in a war he never wanted to be part of.

Years later she meets a man named Harold Saxon, she takes his name, and he too takes her to see the stars. Or rather, a future without stars.

After the Year That Never Was, and all the pain she endured at the hands of the Master, rather than abandon Lucy to her fate, the Doctor takes her with him.

Where she would otherwise be left to process her trauma alone in a cell, to finally sacrifice herself instead of being used as a tool by the Master’s followers, Lucy once again gets to travel the stars.

Once upon a time, I remember reading that RTD considered having Lucy travel with the Doctor. I’ve never been able to shake the idea, and after seeing Alexandra Moen act opposite Paul McGann, I couldn’t resist having her meet Eight as well. I started this gifset years ago and just unearthed it in my drafts, and thought it deserved finishing.

honestly the ‘Six Wives with Lucy Worsley’ documentary is so good. I mean generally its a really cool style, like you’re a fly on the wall with her in the 16th century, and she challenges all of the popular misconceptions about the six queens, but ultimatly the best thing is that I’ve literally never heard anyone call Catherine Howard ‘an abused child’ and I swear it washed away every bigoted thing I have ever heard David Starkey say. 

I’m making a Lucy Saxon gifset and was looking at the beginning of EoT annd Lucy’s in prison and the Ood is like “The most lonely of all, lost and forgotten.”, and I just started crying, because you don’t understand. She was corrupted and broken by the Master, and he abused her and made her all messed up, and then when she finally freed herself of him, the Doctor (the selfish overemotional brat that he is) just abandoned her to be thrown in prison without a trial, even though like he says, it wasn’t her fault. And she’s in there for a year and a half without family or friends, lost and forgotten, and still probably super messed up and traumatised, and then she finds out they’re bringing the Master back so she plans and she kills him and sacrifices herself to SAVE THE WORLD, and no one knows what she did, and it’s just so unfair. *sobs*


♥ ♥ Happy Birthday for my sweet Luci-chan! ♥ ♥

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starchyu  asked:

I just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am to you guys. I've been with this comic since about a year or two after it's beginning and I'm so honored to be a part of the fandom and be up to date with this story. You guys are wonderful and the story you tell makes life really... worth it almost lol and also, thank you so much for bringing my wife back, I missed my darling Lucy ; A ; 💕💕💕

Veronica: Ahhhh this is so sweet, thank you so much!! ;___; I’m immensely flattered, and I’m glad that Lucy’s back as well!!

Action Figures

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Bucky Barnes x OFC (Daughter)

Word Count: 842

A/N: Based on the “They’re not toys, they’re action figures” drabble prompt. Happy reading!

Originally posted by fostergasm-ftw

“Daddy, can I play in here?” Bucky’s four-year-old daughter asked as she walked into her father’s office holding a Judy Hopps stuffed toy in her hand. “I promise I’ll be quiet.”

Beaming, Bucky scooped his daughter up from the floor, her laughter filling his ears while he carried her in his arms. “Of course you can, my darling Lucy,” he placed a kiss on her forehead, brushing her dark hair away from her face. “Actually, do you want me to play with you?” Lucy nodded her head enthusiastically as Bucky chuckled, setting her down on the floor before sitting on the floor himself. “What do you want to play?”

“Can we play with your dolls?” she asked excitedly, Bucky raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“My dolls?

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