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“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer


Lucy Saxon as the Doctor’s companion

As a young woman straight out of Uni, Lucy Cole - youngest child of Lord Cole of Tarminster - meets a mysterious man called the Doctor. For a brief while she travels time and space with him, until he leaves her to fight in a war he never wanted to be part of.

Years later she meets a man named Harold Saxon, she takes his name, and he too takes her to see the stars. Or rather, a future without stars.

After the Year That Never Was, and all the pain she endured at the hands of the Master, rather than abandon Lucy to her fate, the Doctor takes her with him.

Where she would otherwise be left to process her trauma alone in a cell, to finally sacrifice herself instead of being used as a tool by the Master’s followers, Lucy once again gets to travel the stars.

Once upon a time, I remember reading that RTD considered having Lucy travel with the Doctor. I’ve never been able to shake the idea, and after seeing Alexandra Moen act opposite Paul McGann, I couldn’t resist having her meet Eight as well. I started this gifset years ago and just unearthed it in my drafts, and thought it deserved finishing.

honestly the ‘Six Wives with Lucy Worsley’ documentary is so good. I mean generally its a really cool style, like you’re a fly on the wall with her in the 16th century, and she challenges all of the popular misconceptions about the six queens, but ultimatly the best thing is that I’ve literally never heard anyone call Catherine Howard ‘an abused child’ and I swear it washed away every bigoted thing I have ever heard David Starkey say. 

I’m making a Lucy Saxon gifset and was looking at the beginning of EoT annd Lucy’s in prison and the Ood is like “The most lonely of all, lost and forgotten.”, and I just started crying, because you don’t understand. She was corrupted and broken by the Master, and he abused her and made her all messed up, and then when she finally freed herself of him, the Doctor (the selfish overemotional brat that he is) just abandoned her to be thrown in prison without a trial, even though like he says, it wasn’t her fault. And she’s in there for a year and a half without family or friends, lost and forgotten, and still probably super messed up and traumatised, and then she finds out they’re bringing the Master back so she plans and she kills him and sacrifices herself to SAVE THE WORLD, and no one knows what she did, and it’s just so unfair. *sobs*


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The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is the most tragic thing this game has given us so far and that is a high goddamn bar. I’m so upset for the Noct’s pure mind protecting him from horrific pain and trauma but giving him a carnival to go to in his dreamworld until he can deal. I’m so upset. I love FFXV so much everything is terrible.

Land Next to Me

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @natsusluce !! I thought I’d post the first chapter here for your bday because I have decided on the final pairing ;) plus we’re angst sisters so you’ll enjoy this *cackles*

So this is a cross over with the 100! I hope to do this justice, and this chapter is pretty similar to ep 1 but after this it’s going to get quite different. Notice- I changed 97 years to 300.

Huge shout out to @cupcakecana and @x-benihime for editing for me! <3

Enjoy! Chapter 2 will be posted next week!

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 2743

Characters: Lucy, Levy, Loke, Jellal, Cana, Jet and Droy

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive. 


Chapter 1: Whatever The Hell We Want

I say, screw fear. I’m telling my own damn story.
{Bellamy Blake}

The ground was rough and uneven beneath her feet as she took her first few cautious steps, weary of her new surroundings. Her new home. She relished in the sounds of the leaves crunching with each step, and the feel of the wind on her face.

They were alive.

When the door to the drop ship opened, she didn’t know what they were going to face; whether or not they would be hit with radiation and burn and die. She was scared.

But that wasn’t the case and she, despite everything, was happy. For the moment at least. They still needed to figure out food, water, shelter, and everything else. For now she would take in the earth—a place she never thought she would get to.

She looked around with wide eyes. Trees loomed above, mesmerizing, with thick branches full of colourful leaves falling every now and then. The sounds of the other prisoners echoed through the forest, so utterly entranced by this new world. A smile quirked the corner of her mouth, slowly breaking into a grin as she took in a deep breath. Fresh air filled her lungs. Fresh air.

It was heavenly.

“What are we going to do, Lucy?” The sound of her best friend’s voice brought her out of her trance, drawing her back into reality. Lucy bit her lip, looking to Levy uncertainly. She fumbled with her bracelet, toying with the keys attached to it.

“I’m not sure, Lev.” She looked around at everyone laughing and exploring the ground in excitement, but still staying close to the ship. She figured they were just as scared as she was, even if they weren’t showing it.

She spotted Jellal and Wendy—the sister locked up for being born, and the brother who watched as his mother got floated. She pitied them. Her eyes softened as he pulled the young blue-haired girl in for a side hug. At least they were together now.

“Whatever the hell we want,” a voice stated confidently from behind Lucy. Turning around, she saw Cana, the girl who had been imprisoned for stealing alcohol.

There were worse things to go down for, she mused. Lucy rolled her eyes and looked up to the grinning brunette.

“We’re free from the Ark now, with no one to tell us what we can and can’t do, so I say we do whatever the hell we want.” Cana emphasized at the end, smirking with her hands coming to rest on her hips.

“Cana,” Lucy stated forcefully, crossing her arms, “there are one hundred people here, most of us under the age of eighteen.” She glanced briefly at Jellal, wondering how he was here. It didn’t make sense. “And we don’t have enough food or clean water to last a week, let alone months, if we survive that long. Plus, where is everyone going to sleep?” Lucy narrowed her eyes, daring Cana to go against her logic. “It’s been over three hundred years since anyone has been to Earth. We can’t just do whatever the hell we want. We need order.”

“Order?” Cana laughed, though it wasn’t a happy sound. “Fuck order. We’re finally free and able to live. Don’t you want to live, Lucy?”

“Yes. Which is exactly why we need to have a game plan. To establish some basic rules.” Cana shook her head, sighing as she turned her back on Lucy.

“That’s not living, princess. That’s surviving.”

Scowling at the nickname, Lucy stomped back to the drop ship to search through what little the Ark had supplied them with. The Chancellor said there was a bunker close by with supplies to last them a few years, they just had to find it with the map that was given to them.

“She’s right you know.”

Turning, Lucy spotted blue hair and recognized Jellal almost immediately. Licking her lips, she narrowed her eyes before going back to one of the bins and continuing to search through the contents. She already found the map, she just needed to be prepared for the journey. “Why are you even down here Jellal? You’re twenty-one. You aren’t a guard.” Canteen. Protein bars. Knife. They didn’t give them much.

And with a cold revelation, Lucy’s resolve only hardened. They didn’t expect them to survive.

She would make sure they did.

Ignoring her questions, Jellal carried on. “We finally have freedom, don’t you want to know what that’s like?” He came closer, looming over her as she glanced at him over her shoulder, eyes hiding something she couldn’t quite figure out.

“First we survive. Then we live,” she said. Adamantly, she grabbed her pack and the few others she put together before storming out of the drop ship.

“Whatever the hell you want.”

Lucy paused at the entrance, looking back to him, gaze steeled. “Whatever the hell you want, Jellal.” She hiked up the packs on her shoulder, leaving him in the drop ship as she went to find Levy again. She felt irritated, his expression burned into her mind, refusing to leave. She still wanted to know how he got onto the drop ship since the why was pretty obvious. The way he and Wendy smiled at each other warmed her heart and gave her something good to focus on for a little bit.

“Here you go, Lev,” Lucy tossed her one of the packs and set the others by her feet. “Couldn’t find much, but it’s better than nothing. There’s just the matter of not knowing what’s out there and nothing to really protect us.” Which was the biggest thing and, in hindsight, Lucy should have tried to cooperate with Jellal a bit more since she saw he had a gun. But he grated her nerves in the worst way, and she wasn’t having that. “Here, you’re the better navigator. Probably,” Lucy grinned as she gave Levy the map, the blue-haired girl giving an airy laugh. What good were tests and scores when it really came down to it. They were here now and who knew what would happen.

“So, who else is coming?” Levy asked, already studying the map. It wouldn’t take her long to decide the best route to take.

“Good question.” That was the next step—finding people to go with them. She knew Levy could easily get Jet and Droy, since they were both basically in love with her, but they weren’t enough and they needed more people they could trust.

She scanned the area and a grin broke out on her face.


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