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“You’re my big brother. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 10)

Sam, Dean, and I stood in our dad’s storage room, our shotguns in our hands. Dead demons were sprawled out in front of us on the floor.

“I see you told the demons where the sword is.” The three of us jumped and turned around. Zachariah stood before us with two other angels.

“Oh, thank god. The angels are here.” said Dean, the sarcasm obvious in his voice.

“And to think… they could have grabbed it any time they wanted. It was right in front of them.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We may have planted that particular piece of prophecy inside Chuck’s skull, but it happened to be true. We did lose the Michael sword. We truly couldn’t fine it. Until now. You’ve just hand-delivered it to us.” said the angel.

“We don’t have anything.” said Dean.

“Ahhh!!” I yelled. A pain thrashed through my forehead and I fell to my knees.


Dean and Michael stood in an old house.

“Well, I’d say this conversation is long overdue, wouldn’t you?” asked Michael, using John’s body for a vessel.

Dean pointed to a dead Sam in the corner.

“Fix him.”

“First… We talk. Then I fix your darling little Sammy.”

“How’d you get in my dad, anyway?” asked Dean.

“I told him I could save his wife, and he said yes.” said the archangel.

“I guess they oversold me being your one and only vessel.”

“You’re my true vessel, but not my only one.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Dean.

“It’s a bloodline.” said Michael.

“A bloodline?”

“Stretching back to Cain and Abel. It’s in your blood, your father’s blood, your family’s blood.”

I came to, hunched over on the ground. I looked up at Zachariah with wide eyes.

“You saw it, didn’t you? You saw the Michael sword.” said Zachariah. I nodded, still a little stunned.

The angel looked up at Dean.

“It’s you, Chucklehead. You’re the Michael sword.” said the angel.

Dean looked from me to the angel, shock written all over his face. Sam just looked at me with a knowing glance. He already knew about the visions.

“What, you thought you could actually kill Lucifer? You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing? No. You’re just a human, Dean. And not much of one.”

“What do you mean, I’m the sword?” asked Dean, choosing to pick that topic out of the problems that had just surfaced.

“You’re Michael’s weapon. Or, rather, his… receptacle.” said Zachariah.

“I’m a vessel?”

“You’re the vessel. Michael’s vessel.”

“How? Why- why me?” asked Dean.

“Because you’re chosen! It’s a great honor, Dean.”

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, life as an angel condom. That’s real fun. I think I’ll pass thanks.”

“Joking. Always joking. Well… no more jokes.”

Zachariah raised his hand, fingers like a gun, pointing it at Dean. He shifted his hand to Sam.


Sam fell to the ground with a loud crunch.

“God!” yelled Sam.

“You son of a bitch.” said Dean, turning to the angel.

“Keep mouthing off, I’ll break more than his legs. I am completely and utterly through screwing around. The war has begun. We don’t have our general. That’s bad. Now, Michael is going to take his vessel and lead the final charge against the adversary. You understand me?”

“How many humans die in the crossfire, huh? A million? Five, ten?” I asked.

“Probably more. If Lucifer goes unchecked, you know how many die? All of them. He’ll roast the planet alive.” said Zachariah.

“There’s a reason you’re telling me this instead of just nabbing me. You need my consent. Michael needs my say-so to ride around in my skin.” said Dean.

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Well, there’s got to be another way.”

“There is no other way. There must be a battle. Michael must defeat the serpent. It is written.”

“Yeah, maybe. But, on the other hand… Eat me. The answer’s no.”

“Okay. How about this? Your friend Bobby- we know he’s gravely injured. Say yes, and we’ll heal him. Say no, he’ll never walk again.” said Zachariah.

Sam and I glanced up at our brother.

“No.” said Dean.

“Then how about we heal you from… stage four stomach cancer?”

Dean doubled over coughing. He spit in his palm, blood.

“No.” said Dean, refusing to give up.

“Then let’s get really creative. Uh, let’s see how… Sam does without his lungs.”

Sam starts gasping for breath in the corner.

“Are we having fun yet? You’re going to say yes, Dean.” said Zachariah.

“Just kill us.” I said.

“Kill you? Oh, no. I’m just getting started.”

All of a sudden, a bright white light flashed. One of the angels collapsed; a bloody hole in his throat. Castiel stood, alive, fighting the second angel, stabbing him in the back. All Sam, Dean, Zachariah, and I could do was staring in surprise.

“How are you…?” Castiel cut him off.

“Alive? That’s a good question. How did these three end up on that airplane? Another good question. Cause the angels didn’t do it. I think we both know the answer, don’t we?” asked Castiel.

“No. That’s not possible.” said Zachariah.

“It scares you. Well, it should. Now, put these three back together and go. I won’t ask twice.” said Castiel.

Zachariah vanished. Sam and I looked up surprised, the pain we had now gone. Dean was the same. The three of us stood up.

“You three need to be more careful.” said Cas.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get that. Your frat brothers are bigger dicks than we thought.” I said.

“I don’t mean the angels. Lucifer is circling his vessel. And once he takes it, those hex bags won’t be enough to protect you.”

Castiel stepped forward and put one hand on Sam and Dean’s chest. The two gasped.

“What the hell was that?” asked Dean.

Castiel walked over to me.

“An Enochian sigil. It’ll hide you from every angel in creation, including Lucifer.” Castiel put his hand on my chest, doing the same. I gasped, feeing the branding.

“What, did you just brand us with it?” I asked.

“No. I carved it into your ribs.”

“You don’t really need it.”

I whipped my head up, eyes wide. It wasn’t Chuck’s voice I just heard, it was Cas’. Cas gave me a small nod of knowing.  

Silence filled the room.

“Hey, Cas, were you really dead?” asked Sam.


“Then how are you back?” asked Dean.

Castiel took a look at Dean, vanishing in an instant. The three of us now alone.


Sam, Dean, and I walked out of the hospital, fresh from talking to the now paralyzed Bobby. I started walking to my truck. Dean grabbed my arm, spinning me around.

“Talk. Now.” said Dean.

“About…?” I asked. I knew what he wanted but I didn’t, I wasn’t, gonna give it up that easily.

“The visions, Ranger.” said Sam. Sam leant against the door of my pickup with his arms cross, not caring that he had just broke the promise he had made to me just a few weeks prior.

“Wait a minute, visions?! Range what the actual hell is going on here?” asked Dean.

“I don’t know, okay!? I don’t know. But you know as well as I do that we have bigger fish to fry right now. Whatever, whatever I’m seeing? All it’s been so far is the future, or the past. Just leave it alone, okay? We can’t deal with it now.”

It was falling apart. Everything I’ve spent my whole life hiding was about to come out in mere seconds if I wasn’t careful.

Dean stayed silent, confused at my outburst. He wanted to help, I could see that, but he also couldn’t risk me wanting to leave now.

“I’ll see you guys later.” I jumped in my car, starting it, and pulled away, leaving the two of them in the parking lot.

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