my darling lestat

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A smile cracked Valdar’s otherwise grim facade and in a singular motion he swept his fingers across Lestat’s jaw and pulled him into a kiss.  He gripped his vampire tight, needing him to understand just how much he loved Lestat and needed him in his life.  No matter what came their way in life, Valdar never strayed far from Lestat’s side.  Nothing it seemed could ever tear them apart, though some vampires certainly made a grand attempt at it.

Valdar pulled back, but only a little so he could gaze into Lestat’s eyes.  “I love you too, my darling Lestat.  Sometimes I do wonder if you love me, even though I know you worry about me.  I worry about you frequently because I’m always afraid that someone is going to try and end you.   That someone could want you permanently gone and then what would I do?”

 There was nothing more profound than the weight of how much the other male loved and cared for the vampire in return and each time he was met with that shining light in all of his shadow. It was unlike anything else and it could not be mistaken for anything other than pure love and an unyielding fondness for union. Lestat slipped easily into the kiss, leaning forward with some force and locking his fingers into the material of the others shirt, drawing him as close as he wanted him to be; needed him to be.

 ‘ There will always be someone, somewhere, somehow, trying to put me in my grave, ‘ he chuckled, but there was no genuine humour in that scenario, even to think on it for a brief while, because he was so frightened of being all alone beneath the earth, always so afraid of being lonely, even in death. And he loved Valdar so, that he strived a damn sight harder than was the norm, lately, to keep himself in one piece, to not agitate others of his kind. ‘ I’ll not allow anything to happen, âmi. We will never be without one another. ‘