my dancing machine


Songwriter, choreographer, freestyle dancer, and fashionista
I’m endlessly proud of how much he’s grown. I can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in the future!
I hope we see him on the runway and in high fashion magazines, after all, his dream is to be Zelshionista

Hey @red-and-restrained remember forever ago when I said I would make Raph and Vee an aesthetic?

Well I finally did!


i got goosebumps!! 


Happy Birthday to my favourite dancing machine ever in U-KISS♥♥ 💋💋💋 27 years old already?? Dude! Stop growing up :( thank you for being part of U-KISS since ManManHani era until now♡ You will always be our ulzzang, dancing machine, sexiest member ever!! KISSme love you, okay?? Keep chasing your dream KISSME will always love and support you forever 키스미♡이기섭 사랑해요 오빠! 생일 축하 합니다♥♥ I love you to the moon and back Our dancing machine lolol:

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