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Dance Teacher 

Can’t hold myself anymore.

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Word Count: 3.3k+

Genre: Smut

A/N: a oneshot with a plot, that can easily be a series if people want to. 

My forehead was sweaty so was basically my whole body, I was panting as well while sitting on the dance floor. I was drinking my water bottle calming my body down from the dance practicing. "I think it’s enough for today, you look quite exhausted and I don’t want your dad to be mad at me" I felt someone sit down next to me, my head was hanging low and I slowly looked up meeting his eyes. 

He was already staring at me, the way he looked at me made my heart feel weird. I gulped down the saliva and he began to smirk letting out a low laughter. My body was heating up, while he was coming closer towards me. The smirk was still plastered on his lips. He was leaning forward towards me, I could feel his breath on my face. “Get some sleep and a good rest, princess” with that he pushed himself up again sitting straight, I was just blinking my eyes a few times asking myself if I was just imagining this. 

I was shocked that he called me princess, he had never called me anything other than my name. He has been my dance teacher for six months now because I always wished for one and my dad granted my wish, even though he gave me a tall, handsome, dark-haired guy with bunny teeth that every girl died of seeing. I can’t believe he even agreed to teach me with his busy schedule, but now I don’t want anyone else to teach me other than him.

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ow guys & girl’s (not all) idea of a perfect date/day

I’ve got an essay to write, but screw that~


He likes to have privacy, like a lot. A day where the both of you could have a deep conversation with some light-hearted jokes thrown in is already a good day. Bring tea and incense into the mix and he’ll be the semi-happiest man at the moment.

(I know some Asian cultures only light incense when someone dies, but you know…other people like to light it too relax :P Lit dude) 


Of course he’s fine with every date idea, but he’s lowkey selfish and wants you all to himself. Putting on a movie (any kind), turning off all the lights, and cuddling with you under a warm blanket will make this cyborg melt. 

Lucio (might be kinda ooc (Out Of Character))

Going to see a fellow musician’s concert is pretty rad. It’d give him a break from his own music and get inspired by someone else. Plus, he loves music! Why not share it with someone he loves?

Streaming! She gets to show you off to her thousands of fans, while playing video games. This gremlin won’t back down from winning against you though. You’ll scroll through the comments and see a lot of fans fangirl when Hana clings onto your arm.


Coffee date for sureeee. She loves the taste of coffee, all coffee. Angela drank it all the time while she was in Switzerland, making her Valkyrie suit. The atmosphere at any coffee shop puts her at ease. 


Going for a run, or a jog. Lena doesn’t like to sit around and do nothing, so she’s always on her feet. She’ll encourage you to keep going if you lose all hope. Make sure to prep yourself when you two run, she doesn’t play around when she runs.


GOING TO GET BOBA. If you never had boba, boiiii you need to get it. It’s one of Junkrat’s favorite drinks! The cashier at the boba place will know him, and his order by heart. He’s always drinking it when he isn’t out on a mission with Roadie. 


Staying in bed and cuddling <3 This cowboy is one of the laziest people in Overwatch. Did you want to actually go out and do something for a date? SoRrY. Jesse isn’t leaving his bed >w<


Maybe…following her around as she works on her hard-light machines. Idk I give up on her already.


• It’s very my way or the highway with the gays
•My grandmother can lift higher than that!
•(to the one girl in my class that is good) My mother can lift higher than that!
•You’re twelve years old and you can’t even tie your shoes proper! ((She is 16))
• If I see that phone again I’m gonna throw it -and YOU- out the window!
• *pushes a student to get them to move* *student falls* WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? Keep going!
• I’m not here for kicks and giggles guys
• me: I was born ready. My tc: READY FOR WHAT? I HAVEN’T SEEN IT.
• we’re trying to be sexy here, and you look like your eyes are are falling out your head like
•( to a student named Anna that she has known for 2 years, any time she yells at her) WHAT THE HELL ALLYSON ,GET IT TOGETHER.


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JenoxReader (requested)

Genre: fluff

Word count: just over 1k

A/N Okay, I don’t know enough about NCT Dream to write a really good scenario. I hope you enjoy reading anyways~

You fall to the wooden floor, your limbs caving to the ache throbbing in your muscles. Not too far from you, you hear Jeno chuckling. You throw a glare at his direction and he just gives you a sweet eye smile. A sigh escapes your lips, averting your gaze to the ceiling of the practice room. This routine will be the death of you. 

For your dance assessment, students were given the task to choreograph a piece that includes various skills, as well as emulating emotions. Admittedly, you’d been a bit nervous about doing the piece. But when Jeno, one of the best dancers in SOPA, offered to be your partner, you felt like you were blessed by the heavens. 

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Eddie is going to be a GREAT dad! I know!

By Maria, age 8

Take it from me, Eddie is going to be a GREAT father to Iris Mary! I think I am one of his youngest fans (until Fantastic Beasts comes out anyway) and I have spent time with him twice! So let me tell you about how sweet and kind and funny he is.

I fell in love with Eddie’s freckles and his singing in Les Mis and my grandma helped me learn about him. I learned how smart he was and a good student, how he was an artist even though he is color blind, and I watched videos that showed how funny he is and very serious about his work. I saw his Marilyn movie and loved that. When we found out he was going to play Stephen Hawking I learned everything I could about Prof Hawking too and he became my biggest hero.

My grandma saved up so we could go to New York and see Theory of Everything early and Eddie and Felicity were going to be there. In case I met  them I did a drawing of him and Felicity as Stephen and Jane that I could give him because I am interested in art like him. My grandma said not to count on it but maybe we would find someone who could give it to Eddie, and I was very lucky because I was going to hear him speak in person!!Then she found out he was going to be at an Apple store in New York so she saved us a place. Our plane was late and we got there late, but I walked in the store and could hear his voice!! We went upstairs to where he was speaking and it was full but people were nice and let me get a better look. At the end he was answering questions and I started raising my hand even though I was very nervous. The adults around me were pointing at me so I would get picked which was very nice and I was the last person to ask a question. My voice was wobbly but I asked if I could give him something and he was surprised and said yes so I went up and gave him my picture. 

He got down to look at it and put his arm around me and said nice things including that it was ‘’genius art.’’ I couldn’t believe that!!!

I also wrote him a note on the back and told him that when I was leaving and he made a joke that everyone laughed at.

Right after that he rushed away and I couldn’t get a selfie that I wanted but everyone was very nice and wanted to know about my picture and note so I stayed around to talk.

Good thing I waited! One of the people from the Apple store came and got my grandmother and said Eddie wanted to meet the little girl who did the picture so he took us into a room where Eddie was. My grandma stood near but let me talk to him by myself. He asked my name and where I was from and couldn’t believe I came all the way from Texas and that I knew so much about him like him being color blind and going to Eton and Cambridge and being an artist himself and all the music from Les Mis. He wanted to know all about my picture and kept teasing me and laughing and he picked me up and whirled me around. I felt like Cosette in Les Mis!! He came to talk to Grammy about my picture and me and was surprised that I lived with her and thought she was nice to bring me. He asked if she wanted to take a picture of him and me but she said what Maria always really wanted was a selfie with you and gave him her iPhone. 

He took EIGHT selfies!!! He made silly faces and pointed at me. People kept telling him he had to leave and finally he did but he hugged me again and said thank you for your present and coming so far to see me. I felt like I had been in a dream! The next night we saw the movie and heard Felicity, who is very beautiful and funny, and him which was very special but nothing like my meeting. I couldn’t imagine I would be seeing him again!!!

I also never imagined I would get to meet Stephen Hawking who I call the smartest of the intelligent life in the universe. But Wired Magazine in England had a contest to ask him a question and my grandma said I should enter. The prize was to get to see Theory of Everything at a theater in London and Stephen was going to be there with Eddie to answer questions. Grammy and I had been reading the George books he writes for kids with Lucy his daughter. So I sent a question asking if he would like to see his books made into movies like Harry Potter and I also included a question asking Eddie if he would like to star as the genius father Eric. Well they picked my question!!! My Grammy and Grandpa and Dad all gave money to make sure Grammy and I could go to London.

The theater was in Piccadilly and we got there very early on a very very cold night so we wouldn’t miss anything. Only the people from the movie studio and Wired were there and they were very nice and we waited by ourselves. Pretty soon my grandma was looking and she said she saw some skinny legs and big feet coming down the stairs. I think Eddie’s coming she said. He was SO surprised to see me again and remembered me and asked what I was doing in London and I told him and he couldn’t believe it!!! I had brought a picture of him and me from New York and he signed it. 

I asked if he still had my art and he said I have it in my house. And the note too. He had to go talk to people and guess what? I talked to the editor of Wired and he said he would let me ask my own question if I asked it exactly the way it was written down because Prof Hawking had already put the answer in his voice machine. And then they took us to meet Prof Hawking and Lucy!!! 

She gave me a whole set of their books and she had autographed them and so did her dad! They put his thumb on a pad of ink and put his thumbprint down for his autograph. 

We got to hear his voice saying, Testing, testing, testing, and he looked at a picture of him and Lucy and I had drawn and we got pictures taken with them. Another time I felt like I was dreaming!! Before we left I stopped being nervous and hugged Prof Hawking and told him he inspires me. He makes me think anything is possible and I am good at math and science because of him.

We went into the theater and there were 300 people there, scientists and film people from Bafta. Finally I got to go up and ask my question in front of all of them and Prof Hawking and Eddie!!! I wasn’t even nervous. They both gave cool answers.

Then it was time to show the movie and they left. Bye Stephen and Lucy and Eddie. But then I looked up and Eddie came back and gave me a big hug and told me what a good job I did and how proud he was of me and how he hoped I had fun in his city of London. My grammy said good luck on your wedding because we knew he was getting married in a few days and he smiled.

So that is my Eddie stories. I know he is going to be a great dad. He is like a big silly kid full of fun. He also made me feel very proud of myself which is important. He makes me want to learn about people like Stephen Hawking and Lili Elbe and to be good in school and believe in myself. He is very special and thoughtful because he didn’t need to be so nice. I know you want to know that he is also WAY more handsome in person, can you imagine? He smells really good and looks perfect and his voice is like music!!!!! He is also very tall and not just because I am short. He is way taller than my uncle who is almost six feet tall.

Because of Eddie I am studying acting and singing and dancing and my teachers think I am good. He is my friend and maybe some day I will act with him! My dream is to be in one of the Fantastic Beasts movies because I have read it and also 3 of the Harry Potter books.

I love to see Eddie’s movies but I hope he doesn’t work too hard and that he is a good dad to Iris Mary. She is very lucky to have such a cool dad!!! And I will be available for baby sitting in not too long!!!

From “Grammy” 

I’ve shared with some of you that my granddaughter, Maria, and I were blessed twice to spend time with Eddie – and once with Stephen Hawking, through that connection. I’ve posted a couple photos and a bit of information in the past but was hesitant to put out too much on what were very tender, lovely, personal experiences. Lately, though, Maria has wanted to tell her story – especially because she wants people to know how kind Eddie was to her, a child, as he welcomes his first-born.

This blog (and accounts on Twitter and Instagram) were a direct result of her devotion to him, and they have grown because of the warmth and kindness I saw in him. (She takes an active role in helping select photos and giving ideas for postings.)  He reacted so sweetly to her gift to him in New York and gave her such personal attention. The people at the Apple store told me it was the most genuine moment they had ever seen with any of the dozens of celebrities they had hosted. (You can watch the video here – Maria is in the last few minutes. Later we found out that he was going directly to a screening hosted by Hugh Jackman and another event after that, yet he still took time with Maria.)

London was no different. He was patient, silly, a bit stern when Maria asked about her art and note from NY (suggesting he didn’t remember them – horrors!). Both times, he was incredibly generous to me, as well, and sincerely grateful that I had enabled Maria to meet him and Dr. Hawking, which was extraordinary.

Pictures don’t lie. A freelance photographer and a videographer captured Eddie’s heartfelt reactions to Maria in New York, and when Wired sent me the photos they had taken of Maria asking her question to Dr. Hawking and Eddie, everyone commented how he looked like her proud father. (The event was not recorded.)

So I’ve given in to let Maria write her first blog entry. I don’t think any of us have doubted that Eddie will be a lovely father, but Maria has that intuition and innocence of a child’s perspective.

I hope you enjoy her account. And yes – he’s even better looking in person and smells wonderful. He shook my hand both times we met, and he has the most delicate hands I’ve ever felt on a man – like his bones weigh nothing. All the better to cradle a newborn tenderly.

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hey, new army here! i wish to know more about the boys' background before bts. like i remeber someone mentioning one of the guys was raised in a farm?? someone struggled with depression etc.

hmm ok its like 1am so i might be missing some info but here’s some background:


  • moved to seoul from busan
  • from 2013 interview: “I danced popping since 8th grade and gained interest in this kind of career after watching Rain sunbaenim’s performances. After that, I moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after my dance teacher suggested I audition for an entertainment company.”
  • has one younger brother
  • was the last one to join bts and i remember in an interview he mentioned that the other members had seen his audition tape and laughed (?? i htink thats whats he said) and suga clarified that jimin was less refined before but that they wouldnt be bts without him (lol nice save suga)
  • only trained for 1 year before debut
  • fun fact: was going have the stage name Baby G but stuck with Jimin thank god


  • from busan too
  • has an older brother who draws bts fanart (he had a instagram account where he posted them but i heard he deleted? someone correct me if im wrong lol)
  • apparently all 3 big companies wanted to recruit him after he placed really high in a singing competition
  • from same interview: “In 7th grade I learned b-boying in a club with some friends and hyungs. Afterwards, I went to the Mnet <Superstar K2> auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff.”
  • Jungkook chose bighit bc he heard Namjoon rapping
  • so he moved to seoul really young and debuted when he was only 16 
  • isnt one to show his struggles but namjoon talked recently about how he cried while telling the members how hard it is for him to see their struggle. such a pure maknae
  • considered the stage name Seagull, who the fuck knows why lmao


  • from daegu
  • went to watch his friend audition for bighit but one of the recruiters told him to do an audition as well
  • played the saxophone
  • bighit kept him hidden until debut, idk why…. like they uploaded videos pre-debut on their youtube channel and v was never in them… 
  • was raised by his grandmother who owned a farm. 
  • said if he wasnt casted he would’ve been a farmer and/or a saxophonist. He even won prizes with his saxophone playing.

rap monster:

  • apparently has a really high IQ and did well in school
  • but convinced his parents to let him pursue music 
  • was an underground rapper with the stage name Runch Randa
  • even has a track with zico from back in like 2009 called Fuck Cockroaches lmao im not joking
  • Bang PD could tell rapmon was talented af and created bts because of him
  • had to learn how to dance and hated it at first lmao his company dance teachers gave him the ironic nickname “Dance Prodigy”


  • from daegu
  • underground rapper before bts by the name of Gloss
  • came 2nd in a rapping competition before joining bighit
  • came into the company expecting to be producing and rapping, not dancing or becoming a kpop idol
  • From an interview in 2013: “I chose to rap after listening to “Fly” by Epik High sunbaenims. I had some basic Midi gear that was essential in music-making before entering the company. They were things that I had bought as a lyricist after saving up enough money by walking around for two hours every day and skipping dinner every day.”
  • holy shit i have so much to say about yoongis past struggles during his trainee days. he reveals a lot about it in his mixtape
  • here’s a post about it


  • from gwacheon (MY HOME TOWN)
  • one of the first members of bts
  • had no previous dance training  
  • went to an all boys school but still got gifts on valentines lmao like how???
  • update from comments: Jin was street casted by BH and previously SM tried to cast him as well but he ran away. He didn’t have any previous singing or dancing knowledge. he worked hard learning singing and dancing. 
  • in his solo song Awake, he talks about how he knows how talented all the other members are compared to him and he knows that he will never reach their level, but he still wants to strive for it.  Also, in a concert, he talks about a time in his past when he heard other moms bragging about their sons and their accomplishments while his mother just listened and stayed silent.  That motivated him to want to do something to make his mother proud of him.


  • from gwangju
  • danced before joining bts
  • from the same 2013 interview:  “I got a lot of prizes in Gwangju for my dancing. I won an underground dance battle and even performed at a festival. (V: I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me “J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?” That’s how famous he was.”

link to the quoted interview:

hopefully that helped answer ur answer?

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can u do the jimin grinding smut but with jungkook?

Thank you for your request. If you want a specific admin please mention their in the request. :) p.s. we might prioritize it to the top of our list and it will get done faster.

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You were in one of the dance practice rooms rehearsing one of your final performances. It was going to be a bit scandalous. By a bit probably a lot since the company wanted one of the dancers to grind on you for a couple seconds until the lights go out.

The problem was that you always made a face of disgust when they tried to grind on you. It was hilarious to your friends but vital that you stopped doing that.

It just felt really weird having them try to grind on you. You just couldn’t explain it but it definitely felt like they were doing it wrong. They just did it really fast and then it was over. There was no build up, just a bang and go that just made you pull a displeased face. You’ve been through so many dancers that the company soon didn’t know what to do.

“No, nope. Sorry”, you say, as another dancer fails to meet your standards as your friends say.

“Y/N what is the problem this time? You’re so picky my goodness it’s not like you’re going to have sex with them! You’re just supposed to grind with him and act like you’re enjoying it. I know you’re very passionate and a great dancer, so what is the problem?”, you’re dance teacher scolds you.

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Keith and his s/o slow dancing to Love Like You?

“Keith, come on. One dance won’t kill you, but aliens might.”

“No, (Name). It’s not that I don’t want to dance. It’s just I don’t know how to dance.” He rejected your idea while mumbling the last part.

“Keith, no likes a mumbler.” You teased in a singsong voice.

“I don’t know how to dance.” He repeated, but in a more firmer tone.

You laughed at him and his ears tinted red. You brought him into a clear space and smiled warmly at him.

“No worries, Red Paladin. My mom was a dance teacher, so I can teach you.”

You grabbed his hands positioned one of them on your waist and the other one was intwined with your hand. He tensed at the contact and you shook your head.

“Keith, dancing comes from the heart, not the brain. Even if you have two left feet when it comes to dancing you have got to have fun with it.” You explained and recoiled into a relaxed position.

You went to the stereo that you kept and played a small melody on a piano. You began to lead the dance and Keith followed trying not to step on your feet.

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me

You slowly moved around the room, but Keith was still focusing on the floor. You sighed and put your fingers under his chin to lift his head up.

I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

He eyes held worry and you chuckled as you moved at bit faster pace. His form was more relaxed as he started to lead more.

When I see the way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back

His steps were quicker, his smiled got wider, and he held on to his partner more lovingly. He twirled you around and laughed.

I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

The song was slowly coming to an end and you slowed down your pace. His soft smile was still on his face and you pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go. He stiffened at the even closer contact, but relaxed as you melt into his body.

Love, like you…

As you pulled away you gave a quick peck on Keith’s lips and walked away. He became a flustered, stuttering, stupid mess and Lance was around the corner recording everything that happened.

at dance my teacher wanted to make us learn how to freestyle so she made us do a dance circle and made us all go in the middle and…. at first my anxiety started acting up A LOT and i was like i quit this is my last class BUT…….!!! everyone was so supportive and i honestly felt so good about myself doing it and they were all cheering me on and it was awesome!! :D