my daily capture


Assignment # 5

Kirsten Overton

1.     So, I am a graduating senior. I am moving on to this new phase of my life, possibly living in a new area. All of these emotions are coming at me fast and the thing I kept thinking about what was an amazing time at college and in Philly I had. I wanted to capture my daily life and all of the things I would miss about my old home in these shots. These photos serve as a reminder to the life I have and will soon not have and that I should cherish it while I still can.

2. The shot of my converse on the subway was a shot I had wanted to try out. I love taking pictures of feet for some reason and I never thought to take a photo from behind my feet. It gives you a different perspective, a cooler one! This is actually one of my favorite shots from this assignment. This shot represents my daily travels on the broad street line and everything I have experienced on it.

I took the shot of my Starbucks coffee at an angle because I didn’t want it to look like an ad for Starbucks. I wanted the viewer to see I was drinking coffee in one of my favorite spots and how I would talk to the janitors that would walk past me. And how that was comforting to me. The natural light works perfectly to highlight the cup and give it a soft glow and tranquil feeling.

The shot of my shoes as I go to step in the fountain was one I was experimenting with. Once again I’m obsessed with feet for some reason? But I had to set this up and walk perfectly so my shadow didn’t block the light to the shot and so that my feet were slightly out of focus to give a greater depth of field. This was an awesome shot and showed me stepping out of my comfort zone and take a dip in the fountains.

I’m not normally one to take a sunrise shot, but I had to include this in my narrative. The reflection of the sun off of the street was my favorite part and I thought gave the pic that extra feeling it needed. This is the street right outside of where I lived and it was a beautiful sunrise. I just had to.

And lastly, the note from my boyfriend was a tough one to shoot because the sunlight kept dipping in and out. I had to make sure it wasn’t over-exposed. I picked to hold it on a white textured bedsheet to really give the picture some clean softness and contrasting all of the white to the red text really made the text pop.

3. Trying to figure out what story I wanted to tell was the most challenging part to me. I found myself taking random pictures, and then all of a sudden I shifted my focus and turned it to telling the story of my journey and my new chapter. I didn’t really know how to capture this story once I figured out what I wanted to tell in my narrative. But once I started I felt it came pretty easily.

4. Still images have to work harder to show movement and emotion. You don’t get to see the subject moves. You need to really focus on the little things with still images because it can make or break or image. I think with still images you’re caught in a moment. You don’t get to see how the moment played out, you just have a frame of it. You get to come up with what happened in that single shot. Whereas, with moving images, there isn’t much left to the viewer to figure out or imagine. You move the camera with the subject to keep movement going.

5. I can see both sides of the argument. Photography can be harmful when telling stories because we don’t see the full story. As viewers, we must figure out what is happening. We must try to use our context clues to piece together and make up what the picture is telling us. Basically, we’re not getting the full story and that in itself can be dangerous. However, on the other hand, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. We can tell a lot from pictures. And sometimes, to make a story very beautiful, it doesn’t need a whole explanation. It doesn’t need to be laid out in front of the viewer, it takes away from their experience in understanding the story.

shinysquirtlesquad  asked:

What about you, Foo? What's it going to be? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me? Your country, or your old mentor? The mission, or your beliefs? Your duty to your unit, or your personal feelings? You don't know the truth yet. But sooner or later you'll have to choose. - dailykakyoin


Hlíðarendi, the Seat of Gunnar

“It’s a pretty nice view.” - kind spectacled saga scholar at the saga center

In fact one of the most incredible views of my entire life, my good man. That’s the sea, there where it’s soft gold.

I've created a photo set to capture my daily struggle with working out/pretending to my boyfriend that I work out

When your boyfriend asks you if you’re going to workout today. So you tell him you’re going to the gym…

And you send him some photos of you in your workout clothes

And you pretend you’re actually working out

So you pose on some equipment and pretend not to be miserable

But really the idea of working out sounds terrible.

So you decided to go home before your workout and eat pizza and drink beer in your workout clothes.

And your boyfriend comes home and asks you how your workout went…

“Obviously like so awesome didn’t you see my workout pictures?”