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Just Hold Me | Oh Sehun


Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which Sehun gets back from a long day of classes and all he wants to do is come to your dorm room and cuddle.

University AU


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Rinsing off the soapy plates and placing them on their drying rack, I finished washing all my dishes; ticking the last chore off of my list for today. The clock struck 7 which would leave about two more hours until Sehun would be to come back to the Uni Dorms, and relax after another tiresome day of extra classes and exams. I let out a little sigh before making my way out of the central kitchen, to my dorm deciding to catch up on all the series I hadn’t watched in a while on Netflix. I slipped out of my daily attire and placed the clothes into the laundry basket, before throwing on one of Sehun’s soft grey T-shirts that he’d left and some pyjama shorts. Sending a quick text to him saying that I’d taken off to bed, I climbed in under the covers and flicked on my lap, as I got comfortable in the pillows.

An hour had passed when I started to slowly drift off, considering that I’d gotten every piece of paperwork for the rest of the semester done today. A loud notification from my phone has snapped me awake, and I paused my episode to check the text

SeBooty: Hey! I’m done with my lecture, are you still awake?

Me: Yeah, you could come over to my dorm if you want

SeBooty: Okay, I’m so tired you don’t even know! All I want to do right now is have a huge cuddle session before we go to sleep

Me: Aww same! See you later xx


It was a matter of 15 minutes before I heard 5 consecutive knocks on my door, which signalled that Sehun had arrived. Being the lazy ass I was, I requested for him to use his extra key to get in as I was too comfortable in my covers. He smiled lightly at my innocent-grateful  grin as he entered the small room.

“Treating yourself? Usually, every time I come over, it’s you on your laptop finishing a paper or something” He chuckled, taking his jacket, shoes and bag off as he walked over to the single bed which I was currently lying on. “Move over a bit” He requested as he took his shirt off, which left him just in his casual grey sweats. I moved as close to the wall as I could, before shutting the laptop and placing it on the study table right beside the bed. We’d accepted the fact that cuddling in the single bed was the challenge of the year, providing that it was designed for only one person. Hence the name ‘Single’ bed. But Sehun decided to take the situation in his own hands, and he was determined to fit the two of us in the bed, solely for the purpose of cuddling at night.

“How to we usually do this again?” I laughed, getting up and pulling the covers to my side to make some space for him.

“I don’t even know” He shook his head before jumping in behind me, as we continued to try out different positions in which we’d both be comfortable in. After 10 minutes of doing acrobatic yoga poses on the bed, I finally gave up and sighed

“This is ridiculous” I rolled my eye as I got out of the bed, causing him to collapse back onto it face first.

“Just lie on my chest” He simply suggested, turning over and patting his exposed pecks. I rolled my eyes at the slight smirk that had already taken over his features, before going back to the bed.  Instead of his chest, I placed my head in the crook of his neck and snaked my arms under his body to hold onto his waist. One of his arms wrapped around my waist to hold me closer, whilst the other was rubbing up and down my side, occasionally running his fingers through my hair. My drifting eyes snapped open as I felt his hand pass my hipbone and begin to play with the waistband of my shorts.

“Hey! No wandering hands. Touch zone is only the waist up buddy, I’m too tired” I stated, slapping his hand away as he let out a light whine.

“You’re no fun” He pouted, lightly poking my sides causing me to squirm around in his firm grip. That poking quickly transitioned into a full on tickling session, as he flipped our bodies over and continued to run his fingers up and down my sides. I began to run out of breath from laughing so much, only to come to the realisation of the fact that I had other students living in their own dorms which surrounded mine, and it was way too late at night for them to receive the pleasure of getting woken up by the deafening racket caused by my awful laughter.

“S-Seh- Sehun-ah! S-stop please!” I begged, trying to regain control on my arms so I could stop his. But he was quick to follow my instructions as he realised the same thing

“Who’s going to pull the covers up now genius?” I raised my head from its position to point at the duvet that had been kicked off of the bed. I decided to get up to get the covers but he was quick to tighten his grip, making me fall back into the warmth of his arms.

“Stay here. It’s not that cold anyways” He waved off, closing his eyes to get some rest

“Sehun it literally takes 2 seconds” I chuckled, propping my chin up on his chest and looking at his perfectly sculpted face, suddenly coming back to the realisation of how perfect this boy actually was.

“Too long” He quickly replied as he peeled his eyes open to look down at me. He slowly pecked my nose before going back to his lying position, pulling me up slightly with him as well. “How was your day?” He asked, running his fingers through my scalp as he placed soft kisses on my forehead. I could feel all the stress of the year melting away whenever I was with him, and he’d expressed multiple times that the feeling was mutual.

“Alright I guess, I finished off all of the papers due for this semester and cleaned out all of the clutter in the kitchen since no one on my floor can clean up after themselves” I informed earning a chuckle from him. “How was yours? Did you even revise for the exams you took today?” I asked

“Hmm yeah, I guess… They didn’t seem that hard, so I’m hoping that was a good sign” He said

“You should really pay attention during your History lectures, just because I sit all the way across the room doesn’t mean I don’t notice you making googly eyes at Hana who sits in front of you” I scolded, lightly hitting his chest

“I don’t stare at her, she just happens to be in complete alignment to the white board in such a huge lecture hall” He defended “Plus, she will never look half as hot as you do in my shirt right now” He whispered as his hands slipped under the soft fabric, and made their way across my back. Here we go again…

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