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Just Hold Me | Oh Sehun


Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which Sehun gets back from a long day of classes and all he wants to do is come to your dorm room and cuddle.

University AU


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Rinsing off the soapy plates and placing them on their drying rack, I finished washing all my dishes; ticking the last chore off of my list for today. The clock struck 7 which would leave about two more hours until Sehun would be to come back to the Uni Dorms, and relax after another tiresome day of extra classes and exams. I let out a little sigh before making my way out of the central kitchen, to my dorm deciding to catch up on all the series I hadn’t watched in a while on Netflix. I slipped out of my daily attire and placed the clothes into the laundry basket, before throwing on one of Sehun’s soft grey T-shirts that he’d left and some pyjama shorts. Sending a quick text to him saying that I’d taken off to bed, I climbed in under the covers and flicked on my lap, as I got comfortable in the pillows.

An hour had passed when I started to slowly drift off, considering that I’d gotten every piece of paperwork for the rest of the semester done today. A loud notification from my phone has snapped me awake, and I paused my episode to check the text

SeBooty: Hey! I’m done with my lecture, are you still awake?

Me: Yeah, you could come over to my dorm if you want

SeBooty: Okay, I’m so tired you don’t even know! All I want to do right now is have a huge cuddle session before we go to sleep

Me: Aww same! See you later xx


It was a matter of 15 minutes before I heard 5 consecutive knocks on my door, which signalled that Sehun had arrived. Being the lazy ass I was, I requested for him to use his extra key to get in as I was too comfortable in my covers. He smiled lightly at my innocent-grateful  grin as he entered the small room.

“Treating yourself? Usually, every time I come over, it’s you on your laptop finishing a paper or something” He chuckled, taking his jacket, shoes and bag off as he walked over to the single bed which I was currently lying on. “Move over a bit” He requested as he took his shirt off, which left him just in his casual grey sweats. I moved as close to the wall as I could, before shutting the laptop and placing it on the study table right beside the bed. We’d accepted the fact that cuddling in the single bed was the challenge of the year, providing that it was designed for only one person. Hence the name ‘Single’ bed. But Sehun decided to take the situation in his own hands, and he was determined to fit the two of us in the bed, solely for the purpose of cuddling at night.

“How to we usually do this again?” I laughed, getting up and pulling the covers to my side to make some space for him.

“I don’t even know” He shook his head before jumping in behind me, as we continued to try out different positions in which we’d both be comfortable in. After 10 minutes of doing acrobatic yoga poses on the bed, I finally gave up and sighed

“This is ridiculous” I rolled my eye as I got out of the bed, causing him to collapse back onto it face first.

“Just lie on my chest” He simply suggested, turning over and patting his exposed pecks. I rolled my eyes at the slight smirk that had already taken over his features, before going back to the bed.  Instead of his chest, I placed my head in the crook of his neck and snaked my arms under his body to hold onto his waist. One of his arms wrapped around my waist to hold me closer, whilst the other was rubbing up and down my side, occasionally running his fingers through my hair. My drifting eyes snapped open as I felt his hand pass my hipbone and begin to play with the waistband of my shorts.

“Hey! No wandering hands. Touch zone is only the waist up buddy, I’m too tired” I stated, slapping his hand away as he let out a light whine.

“You’re no fun” He pouted, lightly poking my sides causing me to squirm around in his firm grip. That poking quickly transitioned into a full on tickling session, as he flipped our bodies over and continued to run his fingers up and down my sides. I began to run out of breath from laughing so much, only to come to the realisation of the fact that I had other students living in their own dorms which surrounded mine, and it was way too late at night for them to receive the pleasure of getting woken up by the deafening racket caused by my awful laughter.

“S-Seh- Sehun-ah! S-stop please!” I begged, trying to regain control on my arms so I could stop his. But he was quick to follow my instructions as he realised the same thing

“Who’s going to pull the covers up now genius?” I raised my head from its position to point at the duvet that had been kicked off of the bed. I decided to get up to get the covers but he was quick to tighten his grip, making me fall back into the warmth of his arms.

“Stay here. It’s not that cold anyways” He waved off, closing his eyes to get some rest

“Sehun it literally takes 2 seconds” I chuckled, propping my chin up on his chest and looking at his perfectly sculpted face, suddenly coming back to the realisation of how perfect this boy actually was.

“Too long” He quickly replied as he peeled his eyes open to look down at me. He slowly pecked my nose before going back to his lying position, pulling me up slightly with him as well. “How was your day?” He asked, running his fingers through my scalp as he placed soft kisses on my forehead. I could feel all the stress of the year melting away whenever I was with him, and he’d expressed multiple times that the feeling was mutual.

“Alright I guess, I finished off all of the papers due for this semester and cleaned out all of the clutter in the kitchen since no one on my floor can clean up after themselves” I informed earning a chuckle from him. “How was yours? Did you even revise for the exams you took today?” I asked

“Hmm yeah, I guess… They didn’t seem that hard, so I’m hoping that was a good sign” He said

“You should really pay attention during your History lectures, just because I sit all the way across the room doesn’t mean I don’t notice you making googly eyes at Hana who sits in front of you” I scolded, lightly hitting his chest

“I don’t stare at her, she just happens to be in complete alignment to the white board in such a huge lecture hall” He defended “Plus, she will never look half as hot as you do in my shirt right now” He whispered as his hands slipped under the soft fabric, and made their way across my back. Here we go again…

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Commission Showcase: Trashassaurusrex (AHH YAYAYAY! 😃)

okay before I the picture, I just want to state how happy I am that @trashasaurusrex did a commission session, I’ve been wanting to commission her since I joined the fandom so needless to say I’m extremely happy! Okay time for art and stuff!

(Squeals like little girl) Okay!

This is @trashasaurusrexs variation of my fursona. I don’t know what to touch on first 😅 

Upon receiving her work I was pleasantly surprised by the result of the commission piece. From the jeans and black shirt, to the props and fur colour everything is so well detailed that I was speechless at first!

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Play the Ace pt 6

Joker x Reader (and a few others, too)

{A/N} Just a quick thank you for reading this series and asking about when this part would be out! Throughout the week, all of your requests will be posted as well! Thanks for bearing with me!
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Warnings: Cursing, brief suicidal thoughts.
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The Jokers POV

That silly little bitch thought she could just get out as easy as I let her. Guess again, honey.

For much of my life I remained a single man, picking up ’toys to play with’ from time to time. Ya know, whenever I needed a re-up.. But this time, oh, ho, ho, this time.. Wires are being.. shorted somewhere in my head. More than usual. This girl had me punching walls, tearing money to shreds and burning ‘innocent’ people’s houses to the ground during my search for her the first time.. And every time in between.

Not that these things were any new feats for me, but over a woman? You better believe it’s fucking weird for me.

I paced a few times before heading hastily down the spiral staircase, meeting Frost in his current position by the doors.

“Where is she going, Frost? I don’t pay you to sit around and diddle daddle!”

“J, I’ve only known her for the time she walked into this place with that sarcastic ass grin, and for the time she walked out looking like she was ready to kill someone. How am I-”

Frost was cut off by my sudden movement. Before he had time to comprehend anything around him, he was against the wall and being held to it by the collar of his newly pressed shirt.

“I said, find her.”

“Sir, you asked where she was goi-”

My eyes are ice blue, but by the look on Frost’s face, they must’ve darkened into pitch black while I slammed him back into the wall.

Find her.” I growl, tempted to laugh at his terrified expression.

“Yes Mr. J.” he stammers.

I released his shirt, my slender, ring clad fingers extending to their maximum as I stay put, watching Frost leave through the giant front doors beside me. If he doesn’t find {Y/N}, I’ll have to go back out find her myself.

Your POV

You’ve been walking for what feels like ages before you come across a gas station. You weren’t about to call a cab when you were still on his property- you knew he would’ve tried to either coax you back inside, or threaten you back in anyway. 

Something was sketchy about the money he gave you. Aside of the blood speckled all over it, there was far too much for it to be cab fare. Did he really see me as a prostitute? There’s no way he wanted to give me money to be comfortable.. You walk into the small convenient store on the lot and walk up to the desk.

“Do you have a phone I can borrow?” you ask politely, making eye contact with the attractive man behind the counter. He was clean cut, barefaced and white blonde hair slicked back. You could tell the stress of the day was wearing on him by now, causing him to run his fingers back through it, leaving it perfectly messy.

His hazel eyes pierce into yours before he eyes you, cocking a brow. Being self conscious is in the forefront of your mind again as you look down at yourself, noticing the crinkles in your dress and the new blue and purple bruises that had begun to surface to your skin. You attempt to cover yourself as he speaks.

“Yeah… Sure.. Do you need the cops or anything?”

“No! God no, please, this is.. I fell off.. Off of..” your eyes wander around to the merchandise behind him for a moment, desperately trying to come up with a story. You catch a glimpse of a row of camel cigarettes. “A horse!” Close enough.

“In a party dress?” He counters, not buying your story.

“This is my daily attire, sir.” You huff, pretending to be offended as you hold your hand out for a phone.

“Okay..” He pulls out his cell phone, handing it over to you. 

You dial for a ride, hanging up swiftly afterwards and then calling Bruce. You weren’t exactly sure how you were going to explain all of this to him, especially without him getting mad, but you have to let him know you’re alright. A bit battered, and maybe someone else’s property now.. But alright nonetheless. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.
You’re half hoping he doesn’t pick up at this point, he’s probably busy at the party, pretending to smile and be happy without me. Making excuses for me, ‘Oh she’s not feeling so well.’ 


“Bruce? Bruce! Oh Bruce…”

“{Y/N}? “Is everything alright? You’re extremely late already, what’s going on? Did you forget what time the gathering started? Who’s number is this?”

Poor thing. He’s been making excuses for me in his own mind. 

“Bruce, baby,” the term of endearment felt like acid on the tongue, it wasn’t the same as it had been before Joker had gotten ahold of you, and you immediately feet guilty, “I’m so, so sorry.. I got caught up..” you hesitate, hoping maybe he’ll let the reason go, if only until you got there.

“Where have you been? Are you hurt?”

A hard swallow is the only thing you can manage, hesitating over the phone. You see a cab pull up to the gas station, finding a way out for the moment.

“I’m on my way Bruce, my cab is here. I’ll tell you when I get there.” 

You hang up, placing the phone on the counter.

“Thanks!” you call out, running towards the cab that was now waiting outside. You open the door and get into the back, settling in before you look up at the driver. He looks familiar, but you aren’t sure how, or why. You stare at him through the mirror. 

“Where to?” he inquires.

“Um.. Wayne Enterprises, please..” 

Your eyes stay fixed on the man in front of you. Where the hell have I seen him before? You’re just paranoid, you think, dismissing the thought.

“Wayne Enterprises, huh? You work there?” He pries, beginning the drive to the given destination only a few blocks away.

Nosy cabby. Odd for Gotham.

“Oh, no. I’m attending a party there today with my boyfriend. I’m a little late.” you reply meekly, gazing mindlessly out of the window.

“Huh. Does he know you let the Joker defile you like that today?”

Your eyes widen in silence as you immediately whip your head around to face him.

“Oh yeah sweetheart, did you think he’d let you get that far?” He chuckles, gripping the wheel.

“Who are you! What are talking about!” you demand, almost ready to tuck and roll from the car as you move to the corner of the seat, “How did you find me!”

“You’re not that far by car, doll face. I passed by you on the street and-”

“Stop calling me names! I’m nothing to you!”

He pauses, cracking a smile with a laugh before nodding a few times and lifting his finger. 

“Fiery- that’s why J likes ya so much. No one else bothers to put up a fight.”

Your eyes soften as you absorb his words. He.. likes me..? You snap out of your episode of insanity quickly this time.

“Take me to the fucking party! Now!”

“Oh I’m taking you, don’t worry. And as soon as you’re done, I’m taking you back.”

Panic consumes your entire mind and body as you sit in the seat, unsure of whether or not this was something you could work with. 

“Don’t think about trying to get out of this either,” he continues, “Or I’ll kill Bruce.”

Your mind was made up for you. They both knew you wouldn’t let that happen, and you began to damn the Joker in your mind. Tears begin to well up in your eyes as though on cue, and all you can let them do is fall from your cheeks while you stay quiet for the rest of the ride.

As the cab pulls up to the massive building, you hesitate before getting out. Catching a glance of yourself in the rear view mirror, you notice what a mess you truly look. Your makeup is smeared, not only from crying, but from the Jokers fervent kissing and touching. Your hair hasn’t lost its volume, but you can see how it’s been pulled on and messed with. You catch sight of smeared blood on your neck and gasp, immediately trying to rub it off. A sharp pain comes to fruition as you do and you deem it hopeless.

How am I going to tell Bruce.. He’s going to know exactly what this was.. A loud bang slaps the hood of the car and you’re startled out of your thoughts again. 

“Get out, doll, you gotta a man up there waiting for you!” He says through the windshield. 

 You slowly open the door, exiting the vehicle and walking around to the sidewalk. Your cheeks flush with a pink shade of embarrassment as you set eyes on the glass doors before you, seeing how you truly look. The bruises and scratches on your limbs were unexplainable, he’d have to know the truth. The man walks up to you and smacks your ass lightly, pushing you towards the door. You cringe, turning around as your eyes narrow. 

 "Who the fuck are you?“ You inquire, fed up with his taking liberties already. 

"Frost. Now get the fuck inside before I go up there and put holes into all of your friends." 

You try to remember him for a moment before recalling him to be the man J yelled after once you made your way to the front door. You roll your eyes and walk inside, reserved more than anything now. The looks you receive as you walk through the main lobby are enough to kick up a kind of anxiety that you rarely feel. 

People whisper to each other as you pass by, and you can only imagine what’s going to be passed around the office on Monday for Bruce as you quicken your pace, taking solace in the elevator which thankfully, is empty. 


The doors open and you’re faced with tons of people in black in white, all clean and pristine, carrying skinny champagne flutes and chattering away about the weather. They all seem too far up their own asses to even notice, you think. You carefully slide into the grand room, praying to some deity that you’ll come out of this unscathed somehow. 

You see Bruce standing alone by the bar, grabbing another drink to casually sip on before making his rounds to chat business with people he hasn’t seen yet. Standing still and taking a deep breath, you close your {E/C} eyes. Shaking your head just slightly as you open them, you decide it’s time to bite the bullet. It was a sad sight already to see the stress written all over his features as you step closer.

"Bruce..?” You ask softly, tapping his shoulder gently. He turns around quickly, knowing the sound of your voice anywhere. 

“{Y/N}!” He starts excitedly before his eyes land on your battered state of being. His face automatically drops as he examines your body. “Oh my god, {Y/N}, I need to get you to a hospital, who the fuck was it?” He demands, his voice raising slightly as he grips onto your shoulders, “Tell me!”

So it was that apparent. It was that apparent that some sort of sexual activity has taken place. How the hell am I going to get out of this one. 

You blink a few times, recollecting your thoughts. 

“Babe,” there it was again, that guilty fluttering in your stomach at the name, “I’m okay, no one did anything to me. This was my fault..” you reach for his arms, trying to calm him down before causing a scene in front of what felt like thousands of people. 

“And now you’re blaming yourself.. Please tell me who did this to you, {Y/N}..”

“You’ve got it all wrong, Bruce,” you say with sudden confidence, “I fell down the flight of stairs from the lobby into the parking garage at home.. I was embarrassed, I didn’t want to tell anyone. I lost my phone on the way down, that’s why I didn’t call from my number." 

You look into his pleading eyes, plagued with guilt. He cares so much for you. He’s the sweetest man alive in your book. But after meeting the Joker- after today especially, there’s just something so much darker pulling at the inner workings of your mind. You love him, care for him just as much. And as you replay the thought of him dying by Frost’s hand, you sigh, breaking eye contact. You can’t hurt him, not like this. Not by getting him killed, either. Though the decision was practically made for you, you fall into the decision yourself now, too.

He shakes his head, taking a deep breath. 

“I trust you, {Y/N}.. That must’ve been one hell of a fall…” He lifts his hand to touch the bite wound on your neck carefully, and you hope that it doesn’t look like teeth.

“Let me head to the powder room and clean up. I didn’t get to do that before I came, I’m sure it looks a lot worse than it really is.”

You don’t give him time to speak before you make your way to the large, plush restroom. The lights shine brightly as you walk in, and you hear two women making conversation behind a wall that separates the sinks from the toilets. grabbing a paper towel, you run the water over it as quietly as you can and begin to clean up the smeared makeup and dried blood while you eavesdrop.

“I know.. She looked like the went whoring around last night and just decided to roll in. Bruce could do so much better, like me. At least I can keep a man happy.. If you know what I mean.

They started laughing, and you get a gut wrenching feeling. You clean up as quickly as possible and lean against the wall. Their expensive heels clack on the tile, and their eyes might as well pop out of their heads when they see you.

“You wouldn’t know what to do with his dick if someone gave you manual, baby,” you say, walking past the doors and tossing the paper towel into the trashcan on your way out. You roll your eyes, shaking your head in disbelief. Sure, you were just under someone else, and not just anyone else, but what normal people considered to be Gotham’s trash, but they didn’t truly know that.

As you walk back to the bar, he holds out a sweater, offering you to slip into it with a warm grin. 

“I brought it because I knew you’d forget like you always do.”

You force a grin, a silent sigh leaving you as you turn to slide into the sweater. You can feel your cheeks growing warmer as you hold back tears. What have I done?

Bruce gestures for you to accompany him on his last rounds with his employees and co-workers, and try as you may to forget what happened earlier, your mind keeps traveling to the forced proposition Frost gave your earlier, causing you to be distant. Not that it matters anyway- everyone was more interested in Bruce, and rightfully so as he owns the corporation. You wish you could go back in time before you even met J, to go back to when things were happy and complacent for you. On the other hand, you wish you could just runaway instead. From everyone. To just make good of being the loner you were destined to be in your mind. 

Hours pass, and your nerves kick up when you realize you have to come up with a plan to leave without Bruce. How the fuck am I going to do that.. There’s no way he’s going to let me out of his sight now.”

“Bruce,” you open your mouth to speak again before you met with the next few people. He faces you, concern on his features. “I think I’m going to go back home and lay down. I don’t feel too hot after that fall, everything is sore.”

You aren’t completely lying, everything is sore, and you feel less than desirable at the moment.

“You took a cab here, didn’t you? Why, by the way?”

You swallow hard quickly, here are those improv skills from high school again.

“I didn’t think I was in any shape to drive after falling, I just came because I knew you needed me.”


“Babe, if you’re that hurt, maybe we should go to the hospital. At least let me have the drive take you home.”

“No! No, no, no. I hate hospitals, you know that. And I can get another cab, he can stay here to bring you home when you’re done. I’m fine, really. I’ll be good as new with a little R&R, I promise.” 

A small grin graces your brims as you lean in, hoping your assertiveness will be enough for him to let you leave, and kiss him. His kiss isn’t rough, it isn’t full of passion and fire. But it was tender and full of love and adoration. It’s the kiss you had grown so used to, and it almost made you cry again. 

“I’ll see you at home,” you lie. 

He nods and taps you on the rear a few times, causing a slight wave of pain from the spanking you received earlier from J. He gives a sad smile as he watches you leave before another co-worker distracts him into conversation about the stock market.

You pick up the pace, inhaling sharply and holding your breath until you get past the elevator doors. Pressing the ‘close door’ button rapidly, you curse at it to hurry up. The doors close and you find yourself in solace again. As you quietly glide down tens of floors, something in your head starts speaking to you. You try to push it out calmly, simply thinking about something else, but that seemingly isn’t enough. It’s telling you how much happier you’d be with J, how he has everything you want. How Bruce is so boring. You clutch your temples, closing your eyes and sinking into the mirrored corner slightly.

“No.. no, no no.” you whisper loudly squeezing your eyes shut now. 


Suddenly, the voice stops, and you look around for a moment as the doors open, catching your breath. What just happened? The frightening panic consumes you as you run out of the elevator now, your hair whipping around your face as you bound through the front doors. You run down the stairs to the building and head for the busy street before you’re caught by a pair of arms, forcing you into a car you didn’t come in.

“Stop!” You scream, “Let me go! Let me die! Please” 

You try to fight whoever has a hold on you, catching glimpses between your hair and tears of the busy street ahead of you. It seemed to welcome you into it’s clutches, enticing you into taking a last dance on the pavement as cars whiz by. 

“Oh, come on doll face,” he rasps into your ear, “am I really that bad?”

anonymous asked:

You and Zek actually gave me the confidence to stop being so hypermasculine. When I first began my transition I felt like I needed to wear bro tanks and talk with my voice super low all the time. Now flower crowns and chokers are part of my daily attire. My hair is bright pink, and I've accepted myself as genderqueer. I have never felt self love the way I do now, and I love you for helping me get there!

I love you for being so brave and open and amazing. Congrats on opening up so far I’m so proud of you