my dad would be incredibly proud of me for this

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Yesterday I managed to fix my central air conditioning system all by myself. Usually I call my dad to fix things but I was so incredibly proud of myself. I can just imagine Niall trying to be all manly & saying don't call a handyman/plumber and trying to fix a clogged sink or even patching a hole in dry wall. It might take him 4x as long compared to a professional but he wouldn't want to waste the money and it would make him feel manly. Maybe a blurb idea? Obviously domestication is sexy

“Babe, can you get me a beer?”

These words, usually spoken from the couch while he tapped away on his phone during a soccer match or golf tournament on the television were a frequent occurrence.  Niall’s voice was always booming and loud, especially during the daylight hours.  But today, for some reason, he sounded especially exuberant.  

Standing up off your stool, you grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator, popped the top and made your way to the living room.  Only rather than seeing him sprawled out on the couch with his phone in his face, he was standing in front of the wall.  Not especially alarming until you noticed the battery of tools sitting on a table he’d pulled up next to him.

“What are you doing?”

Niall gestured to the hole in the wall in front of him,

“Fixin’ this.”  He reached out for the beer, “Thanks, Angel.”

The hole in the wall had been there since you moved in.  Courtesy of Mully and Willie tossing beer bottles across the room at each other.  Niall always said he’d fix it but he never got around to it, why on earth he’d chosen today was beyond your comprehension.

Your eyes widened with dread as you took a few more steps towards him,

“Niall, we should…call someone.”  

Niall took a sip of the beer and then set it down on the table next to him,

“Why?  I can do it.”

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Yes,Hi! Prompt for radmond! Lord Boxman finding out about it and being actually accepting it? (And may/or may not threaten Rad) u dont if u dont want to!

(i have too much fun with this oml thank you)

Lord Boxman grumbled and griped to nobody, waiting impatiently for his newest creation to get to his office. He’d sent Raymond out on a solo mission, one that should’ve taken a marvelous machine like himself a half hour tops. Instead, the robot had been gone for almost two hours, and even though it went against the average villain’s evil protocol, Lord Boxman found himself feeling quite worried for his creation. After all, Raymond was basically the baby of his dysfunctional little family, so he was allowed to feel emotions besides anger, frustration, and pride towards him!

He perked up when the door to his office slid open, the soft sound of smooth metal gliding on metal oddly comforting to his ears. In true villain fashion, Lord Boxman made himself wait a few moments before he slowly spun his chair around. He even managed to get it to stop before it spun too far to the left this time, so the motion was actually intimidating for once! He had been preparing his best glare for this moment, and oh if looks could kill… Well, realistically if they could kill, he would just be stuck having to repair a busted robot, now wouldn’t he?

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Legacy Pt.3

Pairings Jugheadxreader

Warnings: lil violence and angst and swearing probably.

A/N: really glad you like this series, ever so slightly worried with every new edition I ruin it hahaha please please please continue to let me know if you like it or don’t. Also shout out to the readers who spotted the fact that YN called Jughead, Jughead when she was saying goodbye and not Bonehead. Gold l star to you. This is kind of short but only because I was unsure what ye want ref. The message in bold.

Also can you please let me know if you’d like a lil Bettyxreaderxjughead love triangle in this series because the gang will be in the next part (if ye want a next part) and then will be the perfect time to do that so if yed like just let me know please!


Jughead POV

After I left I spent the weekend trying to get in touch with yn but to no avail. I just wanted to make sure she was okay, she was undoubtedly harbouring guilt and the next week made that clear.

Every single lunch, yn sat down the other end of the table with Sweet Pea, alternating writing and eyeing the Ghoulies. I attempted to talk to her but Sweet Pea was always lurking around her. I have a feeling that after the attack was reported to the Seniors, her security was out on high alert. She’s a like a real princess except she has a gun not a tiara.

I stood by my locker waiting for her to attend to hers alone like she did our second encounter. I did this every evening for the week and finally on Friday it paid off.

“Hey YN…”

“What do you want Bonehead?” Oh great, we’re back to Bonehead.

“I just wanted to see if you’re alright?”

“There’s no need to, of course I am” her words were clipped and cold but I was determined to wiggle my way back into her good books. I just wanted to be there for her.

“Yeah you can say that all you like but I don’t believe you”

“I said there’s no need to I’m fine!” Her voice rose as she half slammed her locker and began storming off.

“Hey listen! It’s not our fault that what happened happened! If you had been there it still would have happened!” I tried to sound supportive but I think she took it as me calling her weak minded. She quickly swung around on the heels of her battered boots.

“Listen here Legacy-” she was ever so slightly…very condescending and I was kinda very over it.

“MY NAME IS JUGHEAD!” Okay why am I shouting though? I’m not even really that mad at her.


“HOW COULD I FORGET YOUR HIGHNESS! WE ALL MUST BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ENTITLED SERPENT ROYALTY!” she slapped me across the face then. Not particularly hard but enough to kind of shake me. I put my hand to my face, couldn’t quite believe what happened and by the look in her eyes I don’t think she could believe what she did either.


“No, save it yn” my turn to be angry, for real this time.

“Jughead I'm…”

“No, save it! Because you know what yn?! The Serpents can be in your life but they shouldn’t be your whole life and I’m trying to offer you something that’s more than just a gang!”

“Yn come one let’s go, SP is waiting in the car” Toni rounded the corner clearly unaware of what she was stumbling in on. Yn and I stared at each other. She took a deep breath before turning and walking away, I think I might have struck a nerve.

I closed my eyes tight and slid down the locker. That was definitely not how I wanted that to go.

I arrived at the site and saw the car Toni described. This was not how I wanted to spend my Friday but Toni seemed to really need me to do this. I jumped into the car and waited for my co worker to arrive and of course who rocks up and into the passenger seat, YN.

We sat in silence for a good 20 minutes before I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yn Im sorry I shouted at you…” she just raised her hand up in reply. Okay rude.

“There’s no need to be like that I’m trying to apolog-”

“Shhhh shut up!”

“Stop talking to me like tha-” I didn’t get time to finish my sentence as YN had hopped out of the car and was darting, gun pointed, towards a deal that was going South very fast. I dug around the car for any kind of weapon, the only thing I could find was a handgun. Why does it have to be a gun?! Okay okay okay time to be brave like yn, brave like yn.

I came barreling out of the car, totally uncoordinated, directly into the frenzie. I’m not sure if at this point my dad would be incredibly proud, or incredibly embarrassed.

I caught sight of Yn and instantly headed closer in her direction. The place was in chaos but unlike at the Warehouse, here there were regular sounds of gunshots, yn actively taking part. She was amazing to watch…in a weird twisted way. Agile and dead on and kind of looked a small bit like she was loving it…then again I suppose this is the family business.

Then I saw what I knew she couldn’t. From my angle I could see a non Serpent lurking in the bushes, taking aim at my yn. Without hesitation I instantly ran and dove in front of her. Searing pain and a screaming yn, tingling throughout my body. Blackness.


Much Love Xx


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Singularity: Chapter 3

AU where instead of landing in the trash nebula, Pidge finds herself on the same planet as a certain Galra prison camp.

(Holt family reunion fic; no romantic relationships)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

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Chapter 3: Innocence

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Short Hair

Read on AO3 [link]

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]

Just some quick, self-indulgent fluff themed around the changing hairdos of the two characters.

He woke slowly to the strange feeling of fingers running back and forth along the side and back of his head. It was a gentle thing, so unlike anything in recent memory. He could hardly remember the last time he’d had any sort of gentle skinship that he hadn’t initiated. The Team was making a coordinated unspoken effort to make sure there was more positive physical contact in his life. High fives, encouraging slaps and punches to his shoulder, bone crushing (and often desperately relieved) hugs. It was deeply appreciated and comforting in its own way, but none of that was particularly gentle. So now gentleness like this, seemed strange and almost alien.

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I have been born and raised Muslim, but tonight, was the night that I actually discovered the beauty of the Quran. I held the book, started reading, struggled with understanding (although my first language is Arabic). I was disgusted with myself, how???how could I not understand the words of the Quran which is in my own language and religion ? Why do I find it difficult to pronounce the words of the Ayat. Oh, the guilt and sadness that crumbled inside of my heart.

Dad saw that I was disappointed and was about to cry, I told him about it and he helped me, he encouraged me that it’s okay, I’m still young and will be able to discover wonderful things about my religion the more I show that I’m willing to learn. We prayed Fajr and then he asked me to hand him a Quran .I wanted to read Surat Al-Kahf. He started reading from his copy and have let me pronounce every word after him from mine and after every single Ayah, he would pause to explain what it meant.

I was the happiest that moment. My eyes got watery as we read along , I could understand, I could learn. Allah has given me a chance to get closer to him, to be a better Muslim.

Subhan Allah. It was incredible. Dad was very proud of me ,as well. He appreciated that I did seek help from him, and he thought I gave him a great opportunity to use his role as being a father correctly.

It was one action that I took ,but in return, I received lots of indescribable feelings.

May Allah grant all Muslims Jannat AlFordous.

My favorite quotes from movies:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

“My dad told me that New York once had a Sixth Borough that floated away. They tried to save it, but they couldn’t and it’s never coming back. As much as I want him to, my dad is never coming back. And I thought I couldn’t live without him, but now I know I can. I think that would make my dad proud, which is all I ever wanted.”

Made Them Proud (Jaime Preciado ONESHOT)

Hello there lovelies! Here is a fluffy oneshot for you all. I’m still writing away madly and have quite a few oneshots left to post but feel free to send through requests. Enjoy xx

Anon requested: CanI pretty please have a oneshot where I’m the daughter of one of them and I have an older brother who’s a competive football (american or soccer) player and I’m a competive dancer. But they (PTV as a whole) always go to his games instead of my dance comps, and there’s this really big one (NYCDA) and I get really happy and tell everyone, but they all forget and go to his game instead. And when I win first in my solo catagory they aren’t there and I go home and we fight about it. Sad/lil’ fluffy

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Hey @taylorswift @taylornation
I’m McKenzie and I am 14 years old, I have been a fan of You since love story which was in 2009 and I couldn’t be more proud. You make me feel like I’m never alone and I always have someone by my side. I remember January 13th when my dad told me I was going to the red tour on 10.02.14 and I burst into tears because I was so happy that I would actually get to see you in real life. It’s such a crazy thought like I actually saw the real you. Thank you for such an incredible night it was a dream come true. That was also my first concert and I haven’t seen you in concert since. I made my Instagram the day 1989 came out and I have Made so many friends that you should totally follow, @madeusproudswiftt @stateofgr1989 @itsjustacruelexistence @malaikalovestaylor @thefirstdayswift @heartbeatsunderswift @taylorswift-lauren @yes-whale13 @grace-swiftie
And lots more.
Thank you for being such a kind hearted person. You give so much to us all and I can’t wait till the day that I can say thank you in real life. You have changed my life and made it 10000000X better and without you I would be a different person. I feel like I can tell you anything even though you probably won’t see this but I want to tell you something’s that have happened In my life. When I was about 1 years old my mother sadly passed away due to cancer and it’s been hard growing up without her and recently last year my grandad passed away. You could say I haven’t had the easiest life but I am a very happy person full of joy considering all of that. Your music has had a big impact on my life and helped me overcome these tragic events, obviously it still hurts but that will never go away.
I’m so proud of all your achievements in life and I love to see you happy. When you hide your face in paparazzi pictures it makes me sad because they have no respect for you and your privacy and it makes me sad because your sad.
Anyway I hope you have a great day/night and I hope I can meet you soon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift THANK YOU !
(Ps if you read this then thank youuuuu)

Minhyuk - “Ouch!” He would joke and then kiss your belly. “I can’t wait to meet you baby! We can have proper play fights!” He would say. 

Wonho - “Well, well someone’s a tough baby!” He would comment and rub your belly soothingly. “Daddy loves you..” He’d whisper to the bump.

Kihyun - would chuckle and kiss you. “You can’t do that, i’m your dad! And not too hard, don’t hurt your mummy..” He would croon. 

I.M. - “He’s a fighter already!” He would grin. “He will make us proud, I know it.” He would tell you. 

Jooheon - “This is amazing…” he would be delighted and keep kissing your belly until the baby kicks again. “aw he doesn’t like my kisses?” He’d pout.

Hyungwon - would be surprised and kiss your hand. “This is incredible, he wants to beat me up already!” He’d laugh.

Shownu - would be moved to tears. “Oh wow, my baby is a kicker!” He would laugh while wiping his happy tears away. 

Announcer 1: Yuri Katsuki will be skating to a piece titled “i love my family”
Announcer 2: He seems to be sticking to the theme of love.
Announcer 1: It seems to be working this is a beautifully crafter performance.
Announcer 2: And now we have Victor Nikiforov returning to the ice for the first time. He’s still acting as Katsuki’s coach and his piece is apparently tied to his.
Announcer 1: Yes, his piece is called “I love my husband and our son”
Announcer 2: And this is probably the best comeback I have ever seen from a skater. So pure and emotional.
Announcer 1: Next up with we have Yuri Plisetsky and he’s skating to “They aren’t my dads”
Announcer 2: Very conflicting messages tonight.
Announcer 1: Especially in this skate alone. It’s incredibly angry yet seems almost happy.
Announcer 2: I wonder how his ice dads feel right now.
Announcer 1: I would have to say proud as that is what they’ve said in every single interview.
Announcer 2: Next we have Georgi Popovich skating to “Nobody loves me”,
Announcer 1: Well this is awkward.
Announcer 2: yep.

Dear Taylor

 I’ve been trying to put my story into words for years now and I think I’m going to do it.

Hey @taylorswift My name is Jess and I’m from a small town near Foxboro. I’ve been a fan for a really long time. Since Tim McGraw, actually. But I still remember the first time I ever heard it. I was cleaning my room and my dad called me out into the living room to show me a girl who looked a little older than me. That girl was you. Ever since then my dad and I have grown really close because of your music. We traveled to Connecticut to see you open for Brad Paisley. I’ll never forget when we had to get out of the signing line we walked right past you. I was giggling to my dad “Dad! Dad! That’s her!!” And you must’ve heard me because you looked over at wave. I’m so grateful for that two second encounter. 11 year old me is very proud of how far you’ve come. Your music got me through some very hard years. I was abused for several years by my step father. Whenever I was down or upset I listened to your music. Your music was my only escape. When I was bullied at school,I always tried to remember how you overcame your bullies. I was always trying to write and journal during class. I used my journaling to calm my anxiety and just sort of make it through the day. One day my teacher called me out and said “Are you trying to be the next Taylor Swift?” Little 8th grade me said “No, I’m just trying to meet her.” The whole classroom laughed. Down the road I suffered physical abuse from a family member. I just remember crying myself to sleep and wishing I could thank you for putting my feelings into words. When I was going into 9th grade I was sent away to a camp for kids with emotional issues. All I had was my ipod and a magazine that would soon be outdated. I spent every Wednesday night singing your songs. It was your music that got me through the homesickness and anxiety attacks. I was so happy to come home and find out you released “Mine.” Flash Forward to May 2011, My dad and I attended Speak Now Help Now. We flew from Boston to Nashville. I was sick as a dog with an upper respiratory infection was advised not to fly. I did anyways because I wasn’t going to miss seeing you live. My dad and I ended up being tenth row in the pit. I had a sign that said “Boston loves Taylor” and during enchanted I’m almost positive you saw it. I’m so grateful to have been able to fly 1105 miles to see you perform. I got to see you again about a month later. It was the “rain show” at Gillette. I’ll never forget that night. It was a really beautiful night. While all of the excitement was going on I was suffering. Not only from my depression but my (undiagnosed) genetic condition. It seemed like every week I was being poked at with needles and going into scans. It was incredibly frustrating. These tests would last for hours and there wasn’t anything I could do. The nurses always asked me if I wanted to listen to music. Of course I did. I would always bring Speak Now and RED. I learned to accept the Kallman’s diagnoses through these albums. Now four years later here I am. I have a different outlook on life. 1989 has taught me about self love and taking care of myself. “Clean” is one of the songs I relate to most. I’ve made a lot of poor choices in my life and I truly believe that your tour speeches really helped me accept them. I’m not my mistakes. I’m not this walking mishap. I’m me. A young adult who has faced so many challenges and overcame just about all of them. Now, speaking of tours… Not only have your tours bring happiness into my life they’ve created this bond between my dad and I. This year we truly lucked out. You’re playing at Gillette on my dad’s birthday-July 24. He’s incredibly excited to be seeing you. I’m so excited to be seeing you! A lot of people give me a hard time about going to a concert with him. Why would I want to go without the man who knows every line to your songs, who dances to You Belong With Me and most importantly- has gotten me through everything. Taylor I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I feel even luckier to have been here from the start and watch you grow. I love you so much Taylor and I can’t wait to see you out in the road. 50 days and counting!! Love, Jess

I am so incredibly proud of my dad, he said my wedding was harder than my mums funeral, just because we all know she should have been there to share it with us. It was an emotional day at times but I know she was looking over us, I know she would be so proud. I was thinking of her yesterday. I am so happy that I got to have my ashes to glass necklace on, she’s always with me. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to be there mum, we all miss you so much.

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When Supernatural started, I'd watch it weekly with my Dad and we would talk about it for hours on end. By 2008, we lost track of it because my Dad got sick. After he died in 2009, I kept telling myself to go back to it, but I couldn't do it. One day, I finally found courage and relived this incredible journey with Sam, Dean and my Dad. Supernatural helped me realise that the best memories can be found in the simplest places, you just need courage to find them. I guess Supernatural is my Impala.

You are so strong, brave and amazing. Your dad and us, we are really proud of you. I am so sorry those things happened to you but you have Supernatural to be your Impala and us to be your army.