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When The Devil’s At Play// Mark Tuan (Part 8)

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre:  Supernatural

Summary: You weren’t supposed to be here anymore, you were supposed to be long gone, but for some reason you had gained an extra ten days on this earth and you weren’t going to waste them.

Author’s Note: This series is based of the Voltage game Ten Days With My Devil.  The prologue will follow almost the same patterns as the prologue in the game did, but with a few major changes, and after the prologue the story line will go off on its own. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Prologue||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||Part 7||Part 8||

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Soon enough, you felt Yugyeom stand fixed on the ground. Hopping off of his back, you turned to the others as they landed as well. The area seemed secluded, for the most part.

“Where’s this ‘Gate?’” you asked Yugyeom as he looked around, eyes squinting to see if he could see in the distance.

“Guys!” Jackson shouted, running over to you as he sighed, “Why are you here? I thought I was guarding the gate by myself?”

“We’re staying at my Parents’ home in the Demon Realm. I assume you haven’t looked at your phone?” Jaebum questioned, crossing his arms over his chest, “You’re supposed to answer the phone whenever any of us call.”

“I’ve been looking for Mark. I’ve actually been really focused, not one distraction here.”

“Then, why is there a small group of animals hanging out by the gate?” Jaebum asked, pointing to what seemed to be two trees leaning in towards each other. Next to them were a small flock of animals; bunnies, birds, and chipmunks.

“I got lonely!” Jackson pouted, “But I didn’t see Mark at all. He hasn’t come by. Does he know?”

“I left four voicemails, six texts, and even some voice messages telling him that we were staying at Jaebum’s house in the Demon Realm. If he doesn’t know after all of that then obviously he’s somehow gone blind and deaf.” Youngjae said, tucking his phone away into his pocket, “I also texted Bambam too. Jinyoung just used his power on me, and I suggest we get (Y/N) through the portal before he uses it on her. It may shock her a little so she should be sitting down at least.”

“Agreed,” Jaebum sighed, walking over to you and pushing you towards the trees, “Jump down.”

“Jump down?” You questioned, “What do you mean?”

Looking down, you saw a small trap door, covered in grass. Sighing, you opened the trap door, a latter placed right at the top of it for you to climb down. “What’s with you guys and trap doors.” You murmured, slowly climbing down as the other three slowly made their descend as well.

“I’ll stay here and wait for Bambam, Mark and Jinyoung to come,” Jackson hummed, closing the trap door and sitting on top of it.

“Alright,” Jaebum sighed, pressing a switch and turning on what seemed to be very dim lights to lead the way, “Come on guys, hurry. We can’t be down here for that long.”

Nodding, you all walked briskly through the tunnels, twisting and turning as if it were some type of maze, until you reached what seemed to be a larger gate.

“Now this,” you said, pointing to the large, black metal gate, “Looks like an actual gate, and not a trap door.”

“It was installed by Marks dad after a lot of the Demons looked for refuge in the Human Realm during the war,” Youngjae explained as Jaebum slowly opened the Gate, revealing a dark sky above you as you walked through it.

The Demon Realm seemed close to what you imagined; dark, with dark skies and large buildings, all the while being slightly warmer than the Human Realm, but not by too much. Though it was a little bit scary, it was also simultaneously beautiful, and all of the boys seemed happy to be there.

“The house is just this way,” Jaebum sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked forward, ahead of the rest or the group to lead. You walked next to Youngjae, a small smile on his face as he turned his head towards you.

“So, you and Mark-Hyung, eh?” Youngjae laughed a small bit, causing you to blush. You wanted to push Youngjae’s shoulder slightly in a joking way, but if you did that, he’d be able to read your emotions. Did you like Mark? He’s never given you a reason to dislike him. He was always sweet to you, although you’ve only known him for three days or so, he seemed to be one of the more reliable boys, and you felt safe whenever you were near him. You respected him for sticking with Youngjae as long as he has been, even though it meant switching Realms to stay with him, and you also respected that he won’t give up and he won’t give Seokjin the Angel Realm to rule over.  

“What do you mean?” You asked softly, looking around the Demon Realm in attempts to avoid Youngjae’s stares. The Demon Realm was almost parallel to the human Realm, just a little darker. There were still flowers littering the grass-filled areas and trees standing tall, people walking the streets normally with their children.

“Can you not tell?” Youngjae hummed, turning the corner with you trailing close behind, “He has a soft spot for you.”

“I’ve been told,” You murmured, rubbing your arms slightly, “But I don’t understand how. I haven’t known him that long. What was he like before I came around?”

“Even quieter than he is now, believe it or not,” Yugyeom interfered in your conversation, “He didn’t talk much. Only to Youngjae, and sometimes to Jackson. And he always wanted to be alone.”

“Yeah. He locks himself in his room a lot. Or he used to, at least,” Youngjae hummed, “But as soon as you came, we’ve seen more of him in the house than we ever have. “

“He’s really generous to the one’s he cares about, which is why he’s always giving you his clothes,” Yugyeom murmured.

“He told me it was because he was used to putting them in that room because he lived there before you guys set up his room,” you said, a slight blush on your cheeks as Yugyeom continued to talk.

“That’s true, sort of. He used to live in that room before we set it up, but he only lived in that room for a couple of days. It wasn’t enough time for him to wear so many clothes that we would have to do a load of laundry.”

“Alright guys, shush. We’re here,” Jaebum hushed. Looking at you slightly, he squinted his eyes. “You,” Jaebum murmured softly, pointing to you, and then to himself, “If they ask you what your relation is to me, say you’re dating one of the boys. You are new to the Realm. If they ask, say you haven’t found your power yet.”

Nodding slightly, Jaebum led you around the corner of the street. There you saw what seemed to be a mansion, fenced off with what had to be at least a seven foot gate. The house itself seemed lighter than the Realm itself, painted a nice white. Jaebum opened the gate and allowed you all to slide through it, closing it behind himself as he entered.

“Welcome to m-“

“Jaebum??” You all heard as soon as you entered the gate, a woman dressed in what seemed to be some sort of long dress standing at the front door with a large smile on her face, “Is that you?”

“Hi mom,” Jaebum smiled at her, walking over to her slowly while he engulfed her in his arms, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Keeping her in his arms, he turned her around to face you and the boys. “This is my team. Only three of us are here right now, the other four are still up in the Human Realm. This is Youngjae and Yugyeom.”

Jaebum’s mom waved softly at the boys, but her eyes stayed fixed on you. Walking over to you, she smiled softly, “And what’s your name, my dear?”

“I’m (Y/N),” You smiled, sticking your hand out slightly, but before you could, Jaebum’s mom pulled you into her arms, giving you a tight squeeze as she giggled.

“You’re so beautiful! Jaebummie has never brought a girl home before,” she hummed.

“Jaebummie?” Yugyeom chuckled, earning a death glare from Jaebum as Jaebum walked over and patted your head.

“She’s a close friend. It’s okay that we all stay here for a couple of days, right?” Jaebum asked softly as Jaebum’s mom released you from her tight grip.

“Of course! I’m fine with it. But your dad may not like it,” Jaebum’s mom whispered. Shrugging, she looked at Yugyeom and Youngjae, “Well, come on in!”

Following both Jaebum and his mom into their home, you were greeted with servants as you walked through the door. All of them greeted Jaebum formally, wide smiles on their faces as he greeted them back. You looked around slightly, pictures littering the walls of the family; Yugyeom already around and giggling at all of Jaebum’s baby pictures.

“Hyung!” Yugyeom chuckled, pointing to one of the photos, “You were so cute!”

“Get away from those,” Jaebum groaned, pulling Yugyeom over to him by his shirt. “I’ll show you all to the guest rooms.”

Nodding, you followed Jaebum close behind as he led you three up the stairs. As you all walked through the hallways, Youngjae grabbed your arm softly.

“Hey, Jinyoung wants to use his power on you now to get stuff that you may need. Is that okay?” Youngjae asked softly, pulling you over to a secluded part of the hallway as Yugyeom and Jaebum continued forward.

“Sure?” you asked, “Is it dangerous for him to use it?”

“No,” Youngjae said, sitting you down in the hallway with him next to you, “It’s just scary at first. But don’t scream okay?”

“Okay…” you said softly. What could his power be that it would make me scream?

“Close your eyes,” Youngjae whispered softly.

Following his orders, you shut your eyes. Seconds later, you felt your body shift, and suddenly, you were back in the boys’ room in the Human Realm.

“What?” You asked, “Why am I back here?”

“You aren’t,” you heard in Jinyoungs voice, “But I am. Now, hurry up and tell me what you need before I get caught.”

“What? What do you mean? I’m literally standing in my room,” You questioned.

“No, I’m standing in your room,” Jinyoung whispered. Suddenly, you saw yourself moving, but you didn’t feel yourself picking up your legs. You looked over to your desk, and before you knew it, you felt yourself looking up at the mirror above it. But, when you looked up, you weren’t the one staring back at you; It was Jinyoung.

“Am I in your body?” You asked, feeling something grip your actual leg instead of Jinyoungs.

“No, you’re seeing everything through my eyes,” Jinyoung said, quickly walking away from the mirror and grabbing your phone from off of your bed. “I grabbed some of Marks clothes for you. That’s okay, right?”

“U-Uh, yeah,” You murmured, attempting to process what was happening at that moment. You were seeing things through Jinyoung’s eyes?

“Alright, I’ll be at Jaebum’s in an hour.” Jinyoung said simply. Suddenly, your eyes shot open, and you were face to face with Youngjae, who was smiling widely.

“Wasn’t that weird?” Youngjae asked, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he stood, pulling you up with him.

“Yes,” you agreed, smiling at Youngjae softly as he motioned you forward.

“Come on, the guest rooms are this way.”

You followed Youngjae down the hallway, walking passed closed doors until you found one that was slightly open. Pushing it open, Youngjae revealed Jaebum and Yugyeom chatting, Yugyeom laying on the bed as Jaebum threw a pillow at him, causing Yugyeom to laugh.

“Yah!” Youngjae shouted, “Why are we throwing pillows?”

“Yugyeoms irritating me,” Jaebum groaned, rubbing his temples slightly.

“Of course,” Youngjae chuckled. “So, who’s sleeping in here?”

“Well, as big as this house is, we only have a limited number of guest rooms, which means some people will have to sleep in the same room. Yugyeom and Bambam are going to share this room, You and Jackson will share the room next door, and then Jinyoung, Mark, and (Y/N) Will have to sort out who gets the last room. “

“They can have that room,” You said softly, “Maybe there’s a couch or something I could sleep on?”

“My mom will not allow you to sleep on our couches,” Jaebum chuckled, “She’s going to treat you like royalty. If she sees you asleep on our couch I have no doubt that she’d offer up her own bed for you to sleep in. Just suck it up and sleep in the same bed as Mark or Jinyoung. It’s only for a night or two.”

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? I thought you’d want to sleep in the same bed as Mark,” Yugyeom chuckled softly. You groaned, taking the pillow Jaebum had thrown at him and hitting him with it as well.

“Why do you all insist that I have a thing for Mark?” You groaned, sitting next to Yugyeom on the bed as he continued to chuckle.

“Because it’s obvious that he likes you, and we like to tease him about the things he can’t have,” Jaebum said, sitting in the chair that was near the desk while Youngjae sat on the floor.

“Well that’s rude, don’t you think?” You asked, “And what do you mean, ‘things he can’t have?’”

“Because Mark won’t be able to save you, even if he likes you. If he tries, he’s going to be terminated, and I know that the last he wants is to be terminated by his own mother.”

You didn’t know what, but once Jaebum said that, you felt something inside of you pinch. You felt your cheeks heat up, goosebumps rising on your skin as you looked at Jaebum.

“So, we like to tease him with the thing he wants, but can’t have. And that’s you.”

A few hours had passed since you arrived at Jaebum’s home, Jinyoung arriving with bags of clothes and other necessities for the stay and Jaebum’s home. Mark, Jackson, and Bambam still hadn’t arrived, but Bambam had told Jinyoung when he left that he would come to Jaebum’s home soon.

“We need some sort of incentive for Mark to come to the Demon Realm.” Jinyoung stated as he tossed a bag towards you, “And I think (Y/N) would be the perfect incentive.”

“What are you thinking of, Jinyoung?” Youngjae asked wearly, laying back on the couch as you all gathered in the living room, waiting for the other three to arrive.

“Maybe she could call him? I don’t know. But I feel like he isn’t going to listen to any of us.” Jinyoung sighed.

“So what, you want me to call Mark and say what exactly?” You asked, crossing your arms at Jinyoung looked at you slightly.

“‘Oh, Mark!’” Jinyoung began, making his voice high pitched in attempts to mimic you, “‘Won’t you come to the Demon Realm? I’m scared and I miss you.’ Something like that, to butter him up so he’ll come.” Jinyoung said, raising his eyebrow at you.

“You expect me to act as some Damsel in distress so he’ll come?” You ask, rolling your eyes as Jinyoung dug through his pockets, “No way.”

“Come on (Y/N), take one for the team,” Jinyoung chuckled, sliding your phone he took from his pocket and tossing it to you.

You groaned softly. “I’m not saying what you told me to say,” you murmured, opening the phone and scrolling to Mark’s number, “I’ll just tell him to come to the Demon Realm, that’s all.”

Pressing ‘Call’ and pressing the phone to your ear, you waited to hear Marks voice at the other end of the line. Part of you was scared that maybe he wouldn’t answer. What if he was in trouble and none of you knew about it?

After three rings, the line went silent, but you weren’t put to voicemail either.


#15- Dating ___ Would Include

• Cuddles all the time
• Him playing with your hair and vice versa
• Your nickname for him being puppy or baby
• His for you would be princess or love
• “Can you braid my hair Scotty?”
• Becoming very close with Stiles
• Also very close with Isaac after he moves in
• “Stiles, Isaac, my sons.”
• “Don’t call them that, it’s just weird.”
• Not liking Allison at first but becoming the best of friends
• “Stiles! Scott! I told you, turn that stupid video game down! I am trying to study with Isaac!”
• “Why don’t you just go home then?”
• “Yeah, of course! Isaac is not allowed to go to her house.”
• Spending more time at his house than you do at yours
• Him becoming overly jealous around every guy except Stiles
• “Should I feel offended? You literally never tell me anything.”
• “You don’t stand a chance.”
• Movie nights that make him cry even when they’re not sad
• “Aww baby are you crying?”
• “No…”
• Going to every one of his games
• “That’s my boyfriend!”

• Really really awkward at first
• Random gifts like all the time
• “Where do you even get the money to buy these gifts? You don’t have a job.”
• “I have my methods.”
• Dinner with him and his dad almost every night
• Going to the police office with him
• “Hey Parrish, how’s life?”
• “Don’t look at him, those captivating green eyes will lure you in and snatch you away from me!”
• Borrowing his clothes all the time
• “Hey Stiles, can I borrow a hoodie?”
• “Sorry, my GIRLFRIEND takes all of them!”
• Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles
• So much PDA
• He’s always touching you
• “Stop taking my food.”
• “Sharing is caring!”
• “Well maybe I don’t care.”
• Silent treatment when he ticks you off
• “Just talk to me!”
• “I love you, Stud Muffin.”
• “I love you too, pain in my ass.”

• “Liam calm down!”
• “Liam, focus!”
• “Don’t tell me what to do!”
• “Don’t sass me Dunbar!”
• Being at every lacrosse game and practice of his
• “That’s my boyfriend!”
• “Dunbar’s girlfriend, sit down and shut up!”
• “Shut it coach! Liam just scored you 3 points in under 5 minutes, I have rights!”
• “Baby? What do you think of this dress?”
• “We’ve been here for hours!”
• Being like the top couple at school
• Being very close to Scott and Lydia
• Lydia and the other girls helping you get ready for every dance
• “Wow, just look at you.”
• “Awwww”
• “Liam! Move Mason needs to give me my hug.”
• “But I haven’t even gotten a kiss yet…”
• Kisses all the time
• Cheek kisses, forehead kisses, kisses all over your face
• “I love you, baby.”
• “And I love you.”

• “Don’t make that face, you’ll get wrinkles.”
• Staring when he works out
• “Can you give me a massage?”
• Giving him massages all the time
• Almost no PDA when your in public
• Unless he gets jealous, then it’s just awkward for everybody
• Mama for the pack even though your probably really immature at times
• There’s almost no direct, verbal form of “I love you”
• “Call me when you get home.”
• “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
• Being really childish and immature when no one is around
• Him not letting you get involved in fights
• You have so many stuffed animals from him
• “Leave Stiles alone Derek.”
• Being little spoon when you cuddle
• “I like that shirt on you.”
• So much freakin sexual tension
• “They were having a moment before we came in.”
• “Growl at me one more time, Hale. You’ll regret it.”
• Becoming super close with Scott and Alison
• Convincing Derek that Allison is good
• “Derek, I love you.”
• “I love you too.”

• Watching him work out
• working out together- sometimes
• cooking together
• cruising around at night in his truck late at night
• Him always being playful with you
• Being really close to Scott’s pack even though most of them don’t trust Theo
• Him chasing you whenever you say no to anything
• “Theo! Stop!”
• Constantly laughing with him
• “Just give me the keys, I’ll drive.”
• “No, you deserve to be treated like a queen and queens don’t drive.”
• Getting caught in steamy situations
• Stiles eventually liking you
• Being jealous of Malia for a while
• Lazy days and just lounging around on your ~delicates~
• Him chasing you around the house in your guys’ underwear and bra
• “Let’s go to the beach.”
• “No Theo, it’s 60 degrees outside.”
• Studying together
• “So chimeras are just like mixed animals?”
• “Yeah, I think, I don’t know, ask Lydia just to be sure.”
• Spending the night at each other’s house a lot
• “Rise and shine baby girl!”
• “I’ll suffocate you.”

• Always wearing his clothes
• Especially his sweaters
• “Hey, do you think I can have my black sweater back? The one with the blue little designs.”
• “I’ve adopted it, it’s mine now.”
• Kisses all the time
• Being the really cute, quiet couple everyone is jealous of
• Playing with his hair
• “Isaac.”
• “Yeah?”
• “I love you.”
• Helping him calm down when he freaks out
• “I love you hair.”
• “Ugh gross, would you two stop Ito already?”
• “Shut up Stiles.”
• Being with him before he got the bite
• Being slightly ticked off when he suddenly becomes cocky and arrogant
• Being close to Scott and Allison
• Not liking Derek at first
• “Why is your girlfriend glaring at me?”
• “She doesn’t like you.”
• Derek eventually winning you over
• Movie date nights

A/N: IM SO SORRY TO THE ANON WHO REQUESTED THIS! I’ll work on getting the girl version up very very soon. I’ve been so busy with school and studying, as for the other requests, I’ll try to get those up by Sunday and for those who want to request… I don’t bite! Feel free to request and I’m on winter vacation soon, so I’ll have more time!

Purple Flowers

Nathan (Nate for short) is pretty much your average 8 year old. He’s got a good family, does well in school, and everything is pretty much going good.

One day as he’s walking to school, he passes a small patch of purple flowers growing along the sidewalk. He thinks about how his teacher Miss Ames is always nice to him and how much she would enjoy these. So he squats down, and starts picking some flowers. He’s about a block from school, and after he’s got about a handful of flowers together, he hears the bell ring. “Oh no! im gonna be late!” he exclaims, so, he gets up and hurries to the school, dropping a few flowers on the way there.

He walks into class. Everyone is already seated, and the teacher is about to start today’s lesson.
“Nathan?” she’s very curious, “you’ve never shown up late before. Did something happen?”

Nathan is out of breath from having ran to class in such a hurry so through gasps; trying to catch his breath, he says “I’m really sorry. It’ll never happen again.”
“Don’t worry”, she tells him” I wouldn’t start class without you.”

As Nathan is about to sit down in his chair he remembers the flowers he picked so he walks up to her desk with the gift, “Miss Ames I picked you these purple flowers..”

The room goes completely silent. His teacher looks up in horror.

“Purple flowers? PURPLE FLOWERS!! Young man! You’re going to the principal’s office!” She jumps to attention, kicks the chair out from under her, and slaps the flowers from his hand.

“NOW!” She points to the door, refusing to look poor Nathan in the eye.
He turns around, confused, stares at the floor and starts walking to the principals office.

In the hall, he starts mumbling to himself. “But they’re just flowers. What’s wrong with.. I mean.. just.. I..” He could barely keep his composure.

The principal is at his desk, lazily organizing his fine collection of antique pencils, when Nathan walks in.

“Hey there Nate, you dont look so good. Did something happen?”
“Well, I just.. My teacher sent me.”
“That’s odd. You’re a good kid. I don’t think you’ve ever been here before.”
“I know, sir.” He finally works up some effort, “You see, I was on the way to school when I decided to pick some purple flowers–”

“Okay, that’s it.” The principal’s calm demeanor suddenly drops and takes on a fierce and angry one instead, “you’re out of here.”
“but –” Nathan is shocked.

“Just go home, and don’t think about coming back.” His principal swivels his chair away from him, “I’m destroying all your records. You’re no longer allowed to enter this building.”
Confused and on the verge of tears, Nathan reluctantly bows his head and leaves the office he has no choice but to get up and walk home.

With barely enough energy to move, he opens the front door. Hearing him walk in, his mother comes in from the other room. “Are you not feeling well today, son?”
“I dunno, mom.. They told me to go home.”
“Oh dear. Did someone pick on you?” She walks over and hugs him.
“No, mom.”
“Did you make a bad grade on something?”
“It must have been pretty bad. What was it, dear?”

“Well, I was walking to school this morning, and since my teacher is really nice, I decided to pick some flowers for her. They were these little purple flowers–”

“SON! HOW DARE YOU!” She pushes him away and points across the house, “You go to your room RIGHT THIS MINUTE and wait until your father comes home! There will be none of THIS in this family!”


“GO! He won’t stand for this!”

Nathan runs to his room, slams the door behind him, and crouches against it, he begins to cry and from the other side of the door he can hear his mother crying aswell. Nathan doesnt know what to do and the tears wont stop coming.

Three hours later, he hears the front door open – his dad is home for lunch. With his bedroom door shut, and being covered with a layer of blankets after laying in bed, Nathan hears some muffled talking in the hallway. Then the door opens. “Son? Your mother tells me there’s been a problem at school. Care to talk about it?”

“No. Uhh, okay. I mean, no I don’t want to talk about it.” Nathan is having trouble keeping back his tears.
His dad sits on the edge of the bed with him. “Don’t worry, son. Im sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Are you sure?” A muffled voice peeks over the covers.

He father reassures him, “Yeah. We can talk about anything. What’s been going on?”

“Well..” Nathan stops crying, “I was walking to school. And, and I thought of my teacher.. and I thought she would like a gift.. so I, uh.. I picked some purple flowers–”

His father immediately stands up and exclaims loudly “WHAT?!? I thought I taught you better than this Nathan?? If there is one thing I won’t stand in this house, it’s.. it’s..”

“It’s what, dad??” Nathan is cowering in fear.

“You get your stuff together right now, and get out of here. Your mother and I are just going to have to try again at this kid-making business!”

“But Dad?!?”

“No ‘buts’!” He storms over to the window and yanks the curtain down. As the whole mess starts crashing, he pulls the curtain rod away. Next, he yanks the blanket away from Nathan. With it, he proceeds to scrape up all Nathan’s toys up from the floor. On the blanket, he also empties all of Nathan’s clothes from the dresser. He grabs the curtain rod, bundles the blanket with all of its new contents, and finally picks up Nathan, who is absolutely terrified of the situation he’s found himself in. His father drags him by the shirt collar to the front door, slaps the curtain rod and blanket full of his possessions onto his shoulders, and slams the door behind him.

Three hours later Nathan is alone, walking north along the railroad tracks, with all of his possessions bundled over his shoulder. With bags under his eyes, and patches of stubble on his face, he appears to have aged 20 years in the past morning. On his right is the town, disappearing. On his left is the beginning of the forest. Just ahead however, is what appears to be a small camp fire at the edge of the trees. Nathan can just barely see a small figure huddled around it. With nothing to lose, he changes his path down the hill and toward the fire.

As Nathan walks up, he sees a homeless man wearing some tattered clothes, stuffing twigs and a shoe into a pot half-full of water sitting above a flame. The man ignores Nathan as he sits down.

After a couple minutes of silence, the homeless man speaks, “where ya headed, kid?”
Hesitant, Nathan works up an answer, “i..i dont know.”
“Naw, everyone’s going somewhere.”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
“Oh, you’re running away.”
“No I was kicked out.”
“What the hell for? did ya kill someone?”
“I said, you wouldn’t understand.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve heard 'em all.”

“You want to know why I’m here? Walking along the railraod tracks, alone, with my only possessions bundled over my shoulder?”
“you promise not to get mad and kick me out?”
“yeah, okay..”

“well, I was walking to school thinking of my teacher..” Nathan looks at the homeless man out of the corner of his eye, “and I decided to..” he gets up on his knees as if to get into a better position to run away, “pick some purple flowers for her–”

“DUDE!” With only one eye, the homeless man glares at him.


“naw man! You don’t do THAT!”

“What’s the big deal??”

“I cain’t talk about it! And if you knew what was good for you, you’d get your crap together and the hell outta here!”

“Where am I gonna go?? I’ve been kicked out of school, disowned by my family, the only person who would speak to me is probably going to tell me to run away again, and I’m only EIGHT years old!” Nathan stands up. “I want to know what the big deal is with these purple flowers!”

“keep yer damn voice down. You never know who’s hiding in these woods. Now sit down boy.”

Hearing the first positive reaction from anyone all day, Nathan calms down. “I’m sorry, I’ve just had a bad day.”

“And for good reason! Here, I’m only gonna tell ya once, so listen up. You can find the answers to all your problems in the next town.”
“Where?!” Nathan says hoping that he’ll finally find out whats going on

“I’m gettin there, boy. What you do is you get back up on them tracks. Walk about fifteen miles in the same direction you were going and you’ll get to the next town. At the first big intersection, head to your right about three blocks. Go left for a block, then go to the left again about half a block, and on the north side of the street in the middle of a bunch of buildings all run together, you’ll see an open doorway. Inside that is a flight of stairs, and at the top of them stairs is a hallway. You need to go to the right all the way to the end, turn to the left, go down four doors on your right, there will be another hallway. Then the second door on your left will be a door with a purple flower on it. Behind that door is what you’re looking for. Now get your ass movin, because it make me sick just having to look at you.”

“Oh my god! THANK YOU!”

Nathan is so excited, he runs off without picking up his belongings. The homeless man glances back and forth between Nate, happily running away, and Nate’s belongings sitting next to the fire in front of him. He shrugs, unties the blanket, grabs a random toy and tosses it in the boiling water.

Three hours later, Nathan, exhausted from fifteen miles of running, sees the next town in the distance. The shadows from the forest on his left are getting longer and nightfall is coming soon. Looking forward to a conclusion to this strange set of events, he continues jogging.

As he gets to the first intersection, he remembers the homeless man’s directions:

“head to your right three blocks..”
He goes to the right a couple blocks, and jogs to the intersection.

“go left for a block..”
He turns to the left, jogs across the street, and goes for another block.

“go left again about a half a block..”
Jogging around a building, he takes a left.

“across the street..”
He looks across, and sure enough, among a line of clearly marked offices, is an open doorway. He can barely make out the flight of stairs in the darkness behind it. He takes off running across the street, and he’s hit by a truck.