my dad taught me.

  • me:....I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.......
  • me:*steals my dad's phone to play pokemon go*
  • dad:hey kiddo i need to go to work so give me my-
  • me:*runs out of the back door* OH SHIT GOTTA CHECK OUT THAT GYM PRONTO
  • dad:???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ *PROCEEDS TO CHASE AFTER ME*

So I was about to hijack @madrassoup‘s post, but then I realized I should just make a new one…

I think it says a lot about the way this country operates that the only time in the past near-century that we’ve had a straight-up leftist in the White House (I don’t really know how to categorize Wilson) is during a period of national and international disaster, and it was bordering on a democratic version of President-for-life. The New Deal simply would not have lasted beyond a few terms if there was any truly viable opposition – which there couldn’t be, because FDR won four terms during the Great Depression and died during World War II, and there just weren’t opportunities for reactionaries and conservatives to really stem those policies for a couple more decades. All the Democrats that followed as POTUS have been profoundly limited in their liberalism. FDR didn’t want Truman as VP because he was quite centrist, but he was also chosen by the party for that reason; JFK didn’t have a whole lot of policy practice, and won not because of his positions but the overall aura. Then there are the southerners, who are perceived as ‘moderate’ by default: LBJ relentlessly positioned himself as conservative and didn’t expose his liberalism until he was actually in the White House; Carter’s leftist leanings were primarily directed internationally; Bill Clinton of course was far and away the most centrist post-war Democrat nominated for president. Obama, like LBJ, turned out far more progressive in office than as a candidate. FDR, Carter, and Obama all were elected in following times of immense national distress; Truman and LBJ both came in due to the death of the sitting president; Clinton only won because the conservative vote was split.

Progressivism only gets to the point of national impact when the national situation is utter shit. Meanwhile, reactionaries are perceived and treated as moderate, even against all possible evidence. The least reactionary Republican president post-WWII was probably Bush #1, and he came in as VP and was ousted by a conservative split. Somehow, our society is primed for conservativism, so reactionaries come across as… conservative, not regressive.

Ultimately, I think this is because the U.S. is fundamentally far more libertarian than it will ever be liberal. That’s how it was created – by people who didn’t want to pay taxes but also relied on free labor, by people buying ‘freedom’ through genocidal expansion and chattel slavery. That’s the DNA. When liberals and progressives talk about the promise within the founding of the country, that is in fact revisionist interpretation – appealing to the best possible angels, rather than the hard fact of who the founders were and what they envisioned. Progressiveness as a political function in the U.S. is by nature revisionist, and visionary.

Add to which, progressives and liberals as organized bodies alike tend towards the painfully complacent as soon as someone on their side is in power. When was the last time you saw the DNC really putting out for a non-POTUS race during a non-POTUS year? When was the last time the left has engaged in non-stop local mobilization to legislatively change society from the bottom up, the way that the right has? It doesn’t, ever – it unfailingly relies on the labor of oppressed groups who have to fight back against both the oppression and indifference, and then takes that up as a catalyst. The many civil rights movements that have defined ‘the Left’ are not leftist movements, or even progressive, if you think of those categories as political divisions; they are the work of the groups themselves who lack rights. The rest of the left is the indifferent liberal described by MLK, that is only occasionally galvanized to take action, and typically only in limited/incomplete terms (e.g. same-sex marriage, yay! workplace protections for queer people, eh; abortion is still legal, access is frequently non-existent; we have a Black POTUS, but whoops, you’ve got a really great chance of being shot by the police for breathing while Black).

Really, we’ve never had a meaty leftist agenda except during honest-to-God national catastrophes. Emancipation ultimately took civil war; labor victories took children working in slaughterhouses to get started and an unprecedented (and sadly never really recreated) socialist movement to become law; the most basic of social services took the Great Depression; the Civil Rights legislative victories of the ‘60s took the televising of Jim Crow and was enabled in large part by the lingering trauma of a president’s assassination. And there hasn’t been any *new* leftist agenda since the Great Society, only efforts to regain lost ground (even the ACA was only trying to redress losses due to deregulation and whatnot).

A lot of this obviously has to do with our version of capitalism – it’s unavoidable when, again, the basis for the country’s existence is chattel slavery. Neoconservativism and neoliberalism, both of which are expressly capitalist undertakings, have dominated policy for decades; since this type of capitalism is fundamentally anti-society, progressivism has no recourse but to support the lesser of two evils lest the greater evil never be undone. When the Left becomes a place for moderates, everything inches towards the right because the only other options for the progressives (third party, protest voting) are inhumane, putting the most vulnerable of society at even greater risk. 

So we’re stuck. Is progressivism even possible as a national principle? We can’t fight against moderacy unless most people can be convinced to fight towards progressivism every day; indifference and regression, the friends of reactionaries, don’t require any effort. 

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My dad always taught me that jokes and humor were the key to a happy life. So I will say with pride that even as I lay in this hospital bed, bleeding and in tons of pain, I am reading filthy petyr x sansa fic to keep my reputation as tumblr’s sin mother can I get an amen

so everyone keeps going on about that klance fic called Dirty Laundry and I finally just looked it up and read it and now I’m really obsessed. I left a huge comment on the latest chapter because hot damn it’s not like I related to Lance already, probably the biggest difference between us is he’s a guy and I’m a girl, and he’s fluent in Spanish (I always forget that it’s not technically canon) whereas my dad never taught me bc of a speech impediment he had growing up causing him to speak funny, especially prominent in his Spanish. also he’s bi (also not technically canon but it’s a widely accepted hc and one I personally love) and so am I and just ahhhh everything in that fic is so good and important and everything is done so well. I definitely recommend it.

Today the best friend I’ve ever had passed away. I’m broken right now and my dad has always prepared me for this day. He has always taught me to be independent and strong because he wasn’t always gonna be here to pick me up and repair me. He had me growing up strong and with tough skin and at first I never understood it until now. My dad has always been here for me. Despite the fact that we bump heads we both always knew that we were a team and always had each other to lean on no matter what. You would always encourage me to be everything I can be and that I can do anything because of who I am. He taught me so much from how to fix cars to fighting to hot wiring cars and just everything all around. I’ll never forget all times we would spend watching our movies together or having deep ass conversations about life and how we would spend hours riding around in his 62 impala that I am now gonna build without you, but I know you’ll be watching over me saying “chell turn it the other way” or “chell that key aint the right size” and I wish I had you here with me, but I know I won’t always get what I want in life. I’ll continue with your route and fix our cars cause this is what you wanted. You’ll always be here with me. I’ll see you every time I look in the mirror. Because I am you. I’m lil cachi. I am everything you are and I have everything you have. Your tough hands, thick skin, big lips, your eyes, and the most important part is your stamp (birthmark) that we both have on our backs and the same “x” scar we have above our lips. So I will never be without you chanchito. I will always be with you and you’ll always be with me. I love you papi. Take care of yourself in this next life and I’ll see you in time and we’ll catch up.

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“alright, so. here’s how things are going to,” dorian said as he flipped his cards from one hand to the other. he continued to shuffle, showing off a few card tricks as he thought of the best way to say things. “my good ol’ dad has some friends on the other side, see, other side being the side we’re on now. and he gave us things. books, potions, dusts, and– get this, cards. so my dad taught me all he knew and my dad– conniving and manipulation aside, is actually really in tune with the cards. i could predict your future with the things he taught. all you gotta do is choose three cards. free of charge. how about that, huh??” he fanned out his deck for the other to see.

Anyway, big up to my mom for teaching my brother how to scrub the bathroom down and wash dishes just like me, my dad teaching him how to sweep and vacuum just like he taught me. My parents pull no punches when it comes to housework. Your limbs in working condition? Get to sweeping, and don’t make me have to come over there and correct your form.

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1. I hate touching plants.

2. My dad taught me to whistle when I was five. I have not stopped whistling since. He probably regrets this.

3. I save frogs and toads from dogs. No, really. My dogs think they’re supper.

4. I love Hamilton watches. 

5. I have been using my Intuos 3 tablet since November 2008 when a lightning storm turned all my peripherals to toast.

6. The french horn is my 5th instrument.

7.  I collect action figures of Star Wars Rebellion-era pilots.

8. I am an inveterate, ambidextrous, pen-spinner. 

9. I spent my teen years obsessing over B-17 Flying Fortresses and playing flight simulators.

10.  KotOR and KotOR Fan Media Forums were what drove me to draw. 

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Nothing Short of a Miracle

My mom and dad have always taught me that if I liked a girl the way I liked a boy I would surely go to hell. I thought I was fine since I’ve always had a crush on boys until this girl came to my class. She had pretty red hair and green eyes, her name was Alison. The way Alison made me feel scared me, I thought she was cute the same way I thought boys were cute. I just shook my head of my thoughts and introduced myself to Alison.

“Hi! My name is Miracle Adams. Welcome to our school Alison!” I said with enthusiasm.  She instantly smiled back and when she did, my heart soared. I again ignored this feeling and pushed it to the back of my brain. It was a stupid thing for me to think of and I needed to let it go.

“Thank you for welcoming me Miracle. Do you  wanna be best friends?” When I clearly should’ve said no, because this would’ve caused a bunch of problems, I happily said yes. That was the 3rd grade. 3 years have passed and I still feel the same way to  Alison, in fact even more so.We were both starting the 6th grade soon on, so we decided to celebrate with a small two people party. We were giggling and such when Alison asked me a question.

“Who do you have a crush on Mir?” I, of course, couldn’t answer her question because I had a crush on her but suddenly I had a surge of confidence because I blurted out.

“I have a crush on you, Ali!” Just as quick as the confidence came it left. Alison stood staring at me in shock.

“Wait- did you just say you had a crush on ME!!!” Alison quickly stuttering on her words. Then I kissed her, like an idiot  I kissed  her. Alison pulled back as quick as a whip and stared at me again. My came in the room and smiled.

“Alison, you’re mother is here to pick you up.” With that, Alison was gone. After she left I began to worry and cry, I kissed Alison. Now everyone would know I was a freak. A girl who liked both girls and boys. Most of all I’d lose my best friend Alison. However, I didn’t have to worry about Alison telling everyone about what happened because Alison moved the week before we were going to 6th grade. I was relieved but at the same time sad. Little did I know that in my senior year of high school Alison would return and with it, she would bring back hell.

This story will be based on my experience coming out as bisexual.  It’s who am and who I will always be.  My sister, basically runs this account we share but this is something I will have. Thank you and remember be yourself at all times. 

  Love, AJ

  • Tim meeting Damian for the first time
  • Tim:Ah, my dad taught me not to talk to strangers! *turns away*
  • Damian:*hugs Tim from behind*
  • Tim:*high pitched girly yelp*
  • Damian:I'm eight years old, what the fuck do you think I'm going to do? Shiv you and steal your kidney?

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Alrighty.. sans, about your magic, do you remember at what age you started to use it? And did you need any training to get it fully under control? -hedgie

Magic has always been a constant thing for me. My dad… I mean, G-gaster taught me how to manifest attacks while he experimented on me to see how the doses of Determination effected my magic. But everythin’ else just came naturally for me. I don’t think about it when my magic heats my cheekbones, or my tongue conjures when I eat, it has always just been instinctive. Now, that isn’t true for everyone, of course. Pap had a bit of trouble usin’ his magic at first.

My family is so unapologetically, stereotypically Sicilian that we have exactly one family recipe, and it’s the marinara sauce. To be fair though, it’s the best marinara I’ve ever had or suspect I will have. I could live on it. Even though my grandmother isn’t around to make it herself, it still tastes like dinner around her long dining table.
When my dad taught me to make it, he said “It’s a rite of passage, you know.” I did. But when I started blinking fast and became overwhelmed with feelings, it was because “Oh my god. I’ll never have to eat pasta sauce from a jar. Ever.”
He laughed.



“I live in LA. Grew up in NYC. Since I was a kid I’ve shot photos. It was my dad’s hobby. He taught me all the basics early on. A year out of high school in 1974 after studying with portrait photographers Philippe Halsman and then Arnold Newman I began my career as a portrait photographer shooting many celebrated artists, actors, directors, dancers, musicians. In 1975 after photographing Andy Warhol several times at The Factory, I started getting monthly assignments from Interview Magazine, which I credit with catapulting my career into the higher realm. For the next thirty odd years I worked primarily as a portraitist, mostly magazine shoots and occasional advertising jobs.

At the onset of the digital age I took a long break from the photography to pursue an acting career which I always wanted to try. It was going great with guest star roles on network TV and some movies. The biggest production I acted in being the first “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But it was not as much fun as I thought it would be and after a few years I dropped out.  Getting back to the photography I am enjoying it more now than I ever remember. And more devoted to shooting on the streets and reportage but still love the portrait work. I’ve also started painting and creating mixed media images which I’m having a lot of fun with.”

“Je photographie des autoportraits depuis 1973 quand la photographie est devenue sérieuse pour moi. C’est quelque chose que j’ai toujours aimé faire et qui a pris de plus en plus d’importance avec l’âge. En tant que photographe de portrait, je suis sans cesse fasciné par mon propre visage. Sans vanité aucune. Je ne me considère ni beau ou séduisant mais j’aime mon visage, les nombreux personnages qu’il incarne, toutes les bizarreries et les apparences dramatiques qu’il prend pendant les photos. 2015 a été une année particulièrement variée en autoportraits.”


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6, 23. 28, and 47 :)

  • 6) Do you have any strange phobias?
    • I suppose not, haha. I have phobias, but they’re fairly normal, I think? I’m extremely claustrophobic and monophobic (I get really shaky sometimes if it gets bad enough fdshgjkg) but I’m also scared of spiders and most bugs in general. 
  • 23) What’s the worst place you have ever been to?
    • Elementary school? lol, elementary school was reeeaaally bad for me. high school is a close second, though. 
  • 28) What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
    • I’ve had stitches in my forehead and also staples in the back of my head (I was a very clumsy child, lmao)
  • 47) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
    • I could give two answers here. Number one would be getting really close to my dad in the last few years of his life, he taught me a hell of a lot about life. Second would be getting into Haikyuu (hear me out, I know that sounds silly af lmao) simply because I’ve made friends through it after spending over five years without extremely close connections to people. Also bc I’m inspired by it and it helped me discover my passion for art!

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Happy birthday to my rad dad! You taught me to always lend a helping hand to those in need and to never take life too seriously 😜

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