my dad taught me.


comic practice with steven and greg!! just my lil take on how steven could have gotten his ukulele…the inspiration for this one came from this time when i was about ten and wanted to try learning guitar with my dad, the first thing he taught me was to press the chords really hard or else the sound would come out hollow! fun times

It sort of occurred to me that tight-knit groups of friends are kind of raising each other. Like where our parents fail our friends make up for it, be it providing emotional support, acceptance, even a place to stay and a meal. So fuck that “blood is thicker than water” bullshit.

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I'm curious. From your mod pics you look hispanic but you seem to love western and southern culture. Do you have any roots there?


A lot of people don’t know, but I’m adopted. I was born in Victoria, Texas to a hispanic man and irish/white woman, before being adopted and raised in several southern and mid-western states. My dad being a military Colonel had us going everywhere for awhile until he and mom and settled in Maryland, and then finally West Virginia. 

Most of my early jobs involved landscaping ( which I still do during the summer ) or working with my brother doing carpentry, before he moved and became part of SWAT in Maryland. Him, my uncle( Air Force General), and my dad all taught me how to successfully use firearms alongside thriving in the outdoors. I’ve also had more than my fair share of bonfire parties with folks from the backwoods. They’re good people, usually. 

So while I’m not a southerner exactly, I’ve certainly tasted the lifestyle. 

I used to be a misandrist.

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I was raised by my mom who divorced my dad when I was very young. She then taught me to fear men and always be suspicious of them. My default assumption about men was then of fear and hate until said man proved otherwise if I got to know him better or something. Any boys or men that were around me whom I did not know were all potential predators.

In elementary school I was really into the whole “girls rule boys drool” thing, this was the 90s, the time of “girl power”. I remember for awhile I even said stuff when I was 11 or so like “humans and men” said with every deliberate intention to dehumanize men. This was also the time of that “boys stink throw rocks at them” merchandise, and I liked it. Ironically I also was a bit of a tomboy at the time and disliked any “girly” things. I also have an older brother whom I directed some misandry at and even then my mom did reprimand me for that.

Yet I still feared men. I was also bullied a lot in elementary and middle school, ironically I probably had more female than male bullies.

As I grew older I had a few feminist teachers who talked about how sexist the old Cinderella legend was and all that. I believed that any sexism towards men was completely justified and the male gender had a debt to owe the female gender.

There were times when I did get pissed at female friends I had toward the end of high school and started a bit of questioning about feminist assumptions. Yet I still feared men and still felt like most were predators. In community college I was approached a few times by men and really really freaked out. Once I was was waiting outside a cafe across community college campus for a ride. I was there for about an hour before my ride came and the whole time I was terrified because there were strange snd suspicious looking men there.

Then my older brother came out to me as genderfluid MtF. I was actually pissed at first because he kept idealizing feminity and talked about how great being a woman would be. I told him dresses do not define women, there is no wrong way to be a woman, and that being a woman is like being a deer among wolves. However I was ultimately supportive of him. I also first heard of genderqueer and thought it was the coolest thing to be for teh edgy and as a fuck you to patriarchy society. Later I figured out that someone who has gender dysphoria naturally would be inclined to be heavily feminine, masculine, whatever to ease the dysphoria and it was no statement about what it means to be male or female.

When I joined Tumblr I loved the refreshingly progressive atmosphere and that people knew not to be a dick to sad people like I had previously seen in other websites. However the great emphasis on feminism, LGBT, and race issues and almost nothing on environmentalism and such disturbed me greatly. I also began getting the same stuff over and over again. I started to gradually snap from the Tumblr echo chamber after a blog I followed for liberals had a mid that was trying hard to find an inoffensive metaphor for an MLK misquote since disease metaphors were ableist and/or slut-shaming. Then there was this blog called “People Tips” which was maximum inclusivity “tips” and one of them was “Not all people are humans, and some people are martians” and that hit a nerve even to some trans people. Then there were some friends I had that got pissed at me being more lenient with “sexist stereotypes” with a way I role-played a fucking fictional character. I gradually went from there questioning Tumblr social justice culture.

Yet I still held onto beliefs of the patriarchy and women being deer and men being wolves.

My brother became a little more open about why it can also suck to be a guy, and introduced me to Nora Vincent’s “Self-Made Man”. He also told me about how much of a social violation it is for a man to go outside of gender ideals than a woman, something which also greatly impacted his expression as a woman.(If you are wondering about pronouns he prefers female pronouns when in his female persona).

Some time ago I decided to take a look at the local D&D club at my university campus(already transferred from community college to university by this time, it’s a complicated “back door” to full college, don’t fuss on the details because I know the UK system is very different). When I first saw the group I was scared as fuck. It was full of men, and the type of men Tumblr conditioned me to fear, men who matched the “neckbeard” stereotype of being fat, unshaved, glasses and sometimes fedora. Most were white too, but there was only one other woman there. I just sat there and watched and had this dreadful fear that they would sexually harass or belittle me for being female. They did not do any of those things if course. I came back a couple of weeks later and joined a game, I was astonished by how…not “neckbeard” they were. They did not pinch my butt or call me a fake nerd girl. They turned out to be really nice. Later I saw other women there in the following months and they were also really nice to them and such(people came and went a lot in this group).

Now that I am more into the critical feminist/anti-feminist/anti-sjw/egalitarian whatever stuff I see that a lot of the fear of men itself seems more perpetuated by feminists! And that men’s issues are real, and that there was merit to questioning the tucute/otherkin/demisexual stuff.


Well thank you for explaining your story, this is pretty much how I feel about a lot of stuff, the way that tumblr teaches women to be afraid of men, as if they’re inherently dangerous or violent. It’s ridiculous and sexist, I’m glad you were able to step out of that mentality, that takes serious courage. Good on you. :)

Editing with the Woodstock vinyl as my soundtrack. (An original from 1970, thanks for letting me borrow this, Dad.) I grew up listening to this album. Both my parents are huge music fans. My dad taught me how to play the guitar when I was 10. I wanted to be Joan Baez (still do) when I was introduced to her music by my mom at the age of 12. I am so grateful to have rad parents. (Even if they are going to a jam band festival and camping for an entire week with their hippie friends while I’m out of town for work. Nope, not jealous at all 😑) but it’s all good. 🎶🌿🌻✌🏻️

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What do you eat on a day to day basis? I just became vegan I need new ideas

I will post my recipes soon! I’ve got really into cooking and been making some really healthy stuff that is usually unhealthy ahahah

Fruit smoothie
homemade pancakes (sometimes i make them gluten free, but always vegan)
and a coffee usually

yogurt with raspberries

A salad sandwich/wrap
A banana
homemade buiscuts

this varies, sometimes i have pasta, or my dad taught me how to make this super yummy lemon rice dish and my new favourite atm is beetroot pasta, like the beetroot stains the pasta purple! it looks so pretty haha super healthy too

homemade banana cake (sometimes)
dark chocolate (vegan now)
and soy ice cream

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can i ask something? i hope it doesnt sound stereotypical etc I'm really curious- if a muslim female dates/marries a non muslim , does she go to hell ? or is it okay? because my dad taught me its wrong and i should marry a muslim man, no dating, just marriage. i dont want that though. also if a female muslim has sex before marriage, is it a huge sin?

I was raised the same way – but personally i believe that the “ marrying a muslim guy only “ is mainly a culture thing – sadly people want to segregate themselves from those who are different. Now dating,however, should be fine if you both love each other and want to be together.  The sex part is forbidden, but i don’t think that if you love a guy and have a relationship with him that isn’t based on shallow looks or sexual desires, you will go to hell. You don’t go to hell for loving someone – love is never a bad thing. 

Personally i’m comfortable not having sex until i am married – that’s one of the reasons i’m a muslim and i very much want to marry a muslim man but i’m fine finding someone else. To me marrying a non-muslim won’t make me less of a muslim, in fact i think i might even affect his view of life.

Islam has it’s rules and it’s hard following them in the society we live in, most of the time culture gets in the way, twists it all into something worse. Islam is very simple if you push all the culture and additions to it, aside. 

Be kind, be honest, respect and love yourself and then share all of this love and respect with others. Your mind and intentions are what makes you a good person. If you love a non muslim guy right now, if you know from your heart that you have no bad intentions or desires – then don’t be scared. Your love for someone isn’t a sin – 

Let me just remind you that if this religion isn’t what you’re comfortable with, you don’t have to follow it or believe it. Do what makes you happy and what you find yourself in.

10 things my dad taught me without knowing it:

1. When a man gets mad and starts yelling, stand down

2. Never think you’re the one who’s going to win the argument

3. Cheating happens

4. They expect to be taken back

5. Have the house cleaned and your weight controlled

6. You’re not allowed to feel pretty unless they want you to

7. If he controls you, he cares about you

8. His jealousy will get 10x after HE cheats

9. Sometimes he’ll call you ugly, but that’s just because he’s mad

10. When he wants something, he didn’t mean what he said when he was screaming at you

—  my mom tells me to make sure my man treats me good, with a smile and while tears are running down her face

i grew up learned how to hunt and fish
bust a 12 gauge pump and not miss
a life without work that’s just a myth
never listen when they talkin shit
my dad taught me how to stand my ground
be a man boy and never back down
don’t start up something but if he’s talking trash
you better throw the first punch and whip his ass
now be somebody, make a name for yourself
life is hard, you go through hell
there comes a time when you’ve got to slow down


Cerulean Salt - a sim for cityofheavenlysims‘s BC

I’m not very good with words, I suppose. Talking was never really my kind of thing, you know?
I was raised by my father alone. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, and my dad never told me much about my mother or why she was out of the scene.
My dad was a fisherman, and I used to help him when I was younger. I’m pretty good at it, you can say it runs in the family. We truly belong in the sea.
My dad also taught me how to properly use tools. He always said we should be able to fix what we break - and I absolutely agree.
My dad was a great man, but I sure missed having a big family like some of my friends did… But I guess I can always start a big family of my own, right? But… I will need a wife for that, I guess.
Truth to be told, I’m very awkward around the ladies. I guess I never really had experience with that, since I was busy with other things such as my studies and helping my dad. I wasn’t the best looking kid in high school either, to be frank.
But I’m willing to give it a try, and I truly hope I find that special someone I can start my future family with.

Skintone: hereShirt: here; Shoes: hereHair: here; Piercing: here; Makeup: here, here, here (sugar), here (fresh makeup - face shine); Eyebrows: here (I don’t know which one of them it is, but I know it’s from this set).

Sliders: eye stretch, eye width


@ anyone who loves Little Comets : i love u so much u have BRILLIANT TASTE IN MUSIC

11 Questions Tag

Rules: 1. Write the rules. 2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you. 3. Write down eleven new questions. 4. Tag the person who tagged you and eleven new people.

Okay so I was tagged by this lovely blogger: iarinathecatlover

Sooo here are the questions I was asked..

1. Cats or dogs?
I have two dogs.. but I’ve gotta say cats.
2. Favorite anime?
Either Princess Jellyfish or Fairy Tale

3. The last time you thought that all hope in humanity is lost?
I was in school and a bunch of people were using gay as a slag word. Like pls stap now.

4. Your favorite person ever? Why?
Oh god this one is kinda hard. I’d have to say either my dad because he was awesome and taught me a lot while he was around or one of my idols because yeah I look up to them a lot.

5. Do you have posters in your room? If yes, then of what?
Nah man I have paintings. They’re flowers and stuff

6. Your favorite book and a book you would recommend me to read?
Cinder( the lunar chronicles) or HARRY POTTER!!

7. If you ever were to meet your celebrity crush what would you tell them?
That their really cool and I that I adore what they do an such.

8. The city of your dreams?
Tokyo or Rome.

9. Would you go on a road trip with all your best friends for a month?

10. Do you sleep with a plushy? If no, when was the last time you did?
Yes, I sleep with three. A doll my made me and two bears one from my dad and one from my friend. I probably sound like such a little kid but I don’t sleep with them all at the same time they’re just on my bed.

11. What would your name be if you married the person on your phone background/ desktop background?
Jenny Dun/Joseph

Soooooo here are the people I’m tagging to do the following questions..
- catattackblogger
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1. If you could live in any book, which book and why?

2. What’s your favourite song currently?

3. Tea or Coffee?

4. Last person you hugged?

5. What starter Pokemon from gen.1 would you pick? (Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle??)

6. What’s your favourite sent?

7. You’re in a horror film, what character are you?

8. Finish the following lyric

9. Have you ever visited a theme park? If so did you enjoy your time?

10. What’s your favourite Movie?

11. Were these questions interesting??

There’s no way that game is waiting until Halloween 2015 for release, IMO. Expect it in August, especially since the teasers are coming out at a good click. Unless this game is twice as long as the others, it’ll be out fast, especially since the others came out long before their intended dates.

In case anyone wonders why Scott does that, I think he’s operating on an old saying my dad taught me growing up: “Under-promise so you can over-deliver.” Whatever your bar is, set it low, even if you can meet a high one. That way, people are always excited that you jumped over it far higher than they expected.

Scott has never finished a game “early”. He has always finished it right on time. He just builds in some pad time to cover himself in case something strange or unfortunate happens, and to keep stress low.