my dad said that once when he had to go bra shopping for my mom


I can’t believe I am finally here, in my daddy’s bed. I’ve wanted to sleep with him for so long, since I was so little. I always knew he looked at me and probably thought about me when he came, but who knew it would take me being a little whore to get his attention? I’d been sneaking out and hiding it for so long. But this whole time, all he wanted to do was punish his little slut baby girl with his big cock.


Let me rewind. I’m 21. My daddy has been living with us forever. He’s my dad. My mom used to be this hot little ballerina type and I would hear them fucking all the time when they first met. He would pull my mom by her panties into their room right in front of me and slam the door. I never heard the click of a lock, instead i heard my mom fall to hear knees and start gagging on daddy’s cock. I heard him demand “take it harder. come on girl. you can take it all in that big mouth.”  I think they wanted me to hear that. Maybe I should’ve gone in. Maybe they would’ve liked that.

When they were done, he would fling the door open and walk out naked, with his cock still half hard. Once, I was still in the hallway when he made his exit. I looked in between the french doors to their room and saw my mom’s naked body on the floor, with her hand still teasing her pussy. Her eyes were closed, but she couldn’t seem to stop touching herself. Moans were still coming out of mouth. Daddy walked out into the hallway and crouched down to me, about 13 at the time, when he saw me. He was maybe 30. He said “It’s okay. You can watch me and your mommy having fun. We like having fun with each other. It makes daddy’s cock bigger and makes your mommy’s pussy wet. It’s good for you baby!”

The next night, daddy came into my room and woke me up by dragging me by the panties to his room. This time, mom was still there. She was sleeping. He pulled me and my panties onto the bed, but they were ripped in half by the time I got there. Our house was big and the hallway was long. He brought me into bed to sleep with him and said I needed to take my panties off because that’s the only clean way to sleep. He kept his hand on my pussy all night long, but that’s all that happened.

But that was years ago. Me at 13 years old didn’t know what was going on. I honestly thought nothing of my dad and his loving behavior. I was his little girl, and he loved me.

Sometimes we had daddy/daughter only nights, where we would watch romantic movies and my dad would take me shopping. He liked to be the one to buy me my bras and underwear. He said I needed a man’s opinion, and he liked to make sure his baby girl felt sexy. Nobody ever argued with him when he came into dressing rooms with me as a girl of 14, because he was so charming and handsome. He just explained how he needed to help his little girl with these things, because I was so uncomfortable and I only liked to undress for him. They always found that endearing. Sometimes, daddy would take a picture or two on his phone of my outfits so that my family could give their opinion. He knows I need my brother and uncles approval before I buy anything. Daddy is what matters most, but they are good tie breakers. Back then, my daddy worshipped my body. He liked to massage me and tell me how much I was growing. He would tell me that men were going to be trying to get close to me with their cocks. I always knew nobody else’s cock would interest me. I was my daddy’s girl.

And now, I’m 21. Since high school I got a job at a hotel downtown and my dad comes to visit me a lot because I stayed close by in Nashville. I dress in a silk bunny dress and an apron, so I get hit on a lot. I like when daddy comes in because he doesn’t tell anyone who he is. He just scares off the perverts who want to touch me. I’m old enough to make him mine, but I know he’s too shy to get me on his own. There was one night, right after my 21st birthday. We’re at work and the clock strikes 2. I say “Daddy, i’ve never even taken one shot at work since my birthday. You have to take one with me!”

So i pour double shots of rumple mints and kiss him on the check.

“Oh you’re a lot of fun dad! That’s why I love when you visit me.”

I pour us two more.

And two more after that.

By now, I’ve pulled him behind the bar with me and start sliding the straps off of my costume. It’s so uncomfortable.

“Little girl, keep your clothes on! You’re at work. I need to take you home.”

He drove me home that night but the whole way home I was begging him to turn around. I wanted to go back to a bar and dance!

I just wanted to keep having fun!

So, when we got back to his house, something had clicked. He loosened his tie.

“You’re right. It’s too early. Let’s keep this night going…”

He went to the bar and poured us both cocktails.

“You’re old enough to drink now, so we can have as much fun as we want. Can’t we? Go pick out a song you like.”

I put on Rihanna and started dancing.

He was dancing too. “My little girl has some moves!! Show me whatcha got?”

I started to wiggle around with my ass out, grinding to the floor.

“Wow. Is that how you dance when you’re out, little girl? You look like you’re looking for trouble. You look like you’re a slut.”

I was shocked.

“DAD! Did you just call me a slut?”

“Well… no. I’m just saying you were getting really sexual. It looks like you’ve been fucked before Charlie!”

“Wow, dad! Clearly you like what you see!!”

“Charlie! Now I need to know. How many guys have you fucked!!?”

I sit down. Dad pulls me back up by the wrists.

“Dad. What do you want me to say? I like sex.”

“Oh do you, baby girl? Have you been stretching that pussy out?”


“You don’t show me and I’m going to find out for myself anyway baby. Show daddy how much of a slut you are!”

Daddy threw me over his shoulders and took me to his bed. He told me to wait there and to be a good girl. I got comfy and snuggled up to the down comforter.

When he came out, he scooped me up off the bed into the bathroom. He told me to put on a triangle pastie twin top and triangle thong bottoms. He told me this was my mom’s swimsuit when she was a young slut. It’s only right that I put it on and suck some cock.

When I put it on and looked in the mirror, I could see my daddy sitting behind me with a big fat boner. He was in awe.

“Bend over for daddy.”

I did, of course.

“Daddy, I want to get into the bath.”

“Take off the suit first, then, baby.”

I did, of course.

As soon as we got into the water together, Daddy wouldn’t leave my nipples alone. He wanted to touch and feel them. I let him, of course.

Daddy had brought a bottle of champagne into the bathroom. He told me he wanted me to feel special. Mommy was out of town for the week on vacation with her friends.

“Baby girl, I want you to sleep with me tonight. There needs to be another woman in this bed. You know your mommy won’t sleep close to me anymore, right? Why don’t you get ready for bedtime and you can think about it while we go have a nightcap.”

I usually slept naked, so… I thought a crop top and boy shirts would be a good in between.

When I came out to the living room and laid down on the love seat, daddy walked up to me with a glass of vodka. I noticed he was only wearing his red plaid pajama pants with nothing underneath. He was doing that on purpose.

“OK girl, time to be straight with your daddy. Are you getting naughty with these boys at school? What’s going on at your parties? I’m sure people are fucking.”

“Ugh, dad.”

“What? You’ve got nice big tits and I’m sure you have a tight pussy. Those young cocks are gonna want to fuck you. Hard.”

It was true, obviously. I had gotten double fucked between classes more than once. But none of it was good enough. No dick was good enough.

But should I take daddy’s bait? Do I tell him about those young cocks? Yeah. I do.

“They have no idea what they’re doing.”

“Ohhh girl. You’ve tried them out haven’t you? Naughty.”

“Are you mad at me daddy?”

“No, baby girl. I like a slutty hole. Your mother won’t even open it up to me. I bet you’re tight and ready to get filled up.”

“Filled up?! Yeah right.”

He reached his hand over and reached to my panties, pulling them towards him.

“Open up your hole.”

Daddy grabbed my hand and took my through the sliding glass door and to the outdoor pool. we had two lounge chairs facing the water, right outside our doors.

The lights were on and the water was calm. A patio that was swarming with beer-soaking vacationers and kids by day was now ours.

He hopped into the shallow-er end, at about 4’. He pulled me in.

“Come on in, pretty baby.”

As soon as I was under water, he said… “Be a good girl and take off your top. Don’t worry, it’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. I bet you look just like mommy.”

I couldn’t say no… I saw my daddy’s cock get harder under his pants. He started to touch it. He was getting shameless, now.

“Oh god, baby those are some nice titties. Daddy loves when you show them off. Go ahead and swim around. Don’t forget your drink.”

I was giggling and floating around now, bouncing up and down so my tits shook.

Daddy sat back on a lounge chair and watched me, hand on his cock. He took it out of his pants and pulled down his waistband so he could jerk his cock and balls at the same time. He was rock hard. I couldn’t pretend not to stare, and he knew it. His cock had to be at least 6 inches, and it was thick. No wonder he was horny. He needed new pussy.

“Come over here baby girl.”

“Daddy! Get in the water with me. Please!”

“Aaaah” he moaned. “I love the view sweetheart. Daddy is so hard for you.”

“I see that…”

“You want to see me up close don’t you?”

“Yeah, I kinda do daddy… so what?”

“Don’t get sassy.”

“Sorry daddy.” I swam up to the curb of the pool and reached up to touch his leg. “Can you please come in the water? Just take your pants off. No one is going to see.”

“I don’t care if anyone sees. We’re just having a good time and nobody is gonna stop it. You love daddy daughter time don’t you baby?”

“You know I do.”

In one motion he pulled off his pants and slid into the water with me.

“Now this isn’t fair. Your daddy is totally naked and you have your bottoms on. Take them off, girl.”

He pulled them down for me, and I climbed out. Now i was naked too. He took my bikini bottoms and threw them on the chair. He then picked up our vodka glasses and clicked with me as we both took a drink.

“Drink it all, baby girl. Let’s have some fun!”

“I’m a lightweight daddy! Vodka makes me crazy.”

“That’s what i want, you little slut!”

He grabbed one of my ass cheeks, hard. He pulled me closer.

“You always wanted to see your daddy’s hard cock, didn’t you? You were always a horny little pervert. You loved watching me fuck your mommy. We kept you in the room because we knew how wet it got you. You got so wet we would find puddles. You came right along with mommy, didn’t you?”


I was a bit embarrassed. I’m sure all of this was true…

He took his other hand and started to play with my pussy.

“You used to play with your pussy just like this didn’t you? Every time I like you see my cock. Didn’t you baby?”

I moaned, quietly. He drank it up, moving closer to my ear to whisper, as he rubbed my clit.

“You’ve been thirsty for daddy’s cock for years. I know, baby girl. Maybe tonight is the night I let you have it.”

I moaned louder. He rubbed harder. I could feel his hard cock against my shaking leg.

“Oooh baby, you’re gonna open that wet hole up for daddy. I’m gonna take it whenever I want. You won’t need any other cocks anymore. Is that understood? No other cocks, just daddy’s.”

“Aaahhh, yes daddy. No other cocks.”

“Good girl. Now tell daddy what you want.”

“I need you to fuck me.”

“Ooooh naughty. I knew you were going to be a slut. Take another drink. Show daddy what you want.”

I turned to the wall of the pool, took the rest of his drink and spread my legs, pushing my ass into my daddy’s cock.

“I’m ready daddy.”

“Oh I bet you are, little slut. Baby girl bring that ass to daddy.”

He guided his cock into me within one or two seconds. I immediately started moaning and pushing myself further and further onto his hard cock. It was huge, perfect for me.

“Good girl, fuck that cock!”

He had a tight grip on my ass and was fucking me HARD. I was running out of breath.

“Keep that hole open for daddy. Come on and ride it! I know you want to! Work that ass baby girl.”

I let loose on his cock and felt his cock get even harder, somehow. I took ever inch. I was mesmerized by the waves we were making, almost losing consciousness. Daddy had my tits in his hands now and was whispering in my ear again.

“I bet you’ve never been fucked like this, little slut.”

“No daddy, never” I slipped out, with the little breath I had to spare.

I looked up and saw two guys with beers in their hands, sitting on the front porch chairs. They were leaned back and muttering to each other in raspy whispers that were full of testosterone and rage. They were clearly watching us.

“It’s okay baby, those are just a few of daddy’s friends. I told them we’d be here and they decided to stop by.”

I was too high to respond, or put up a fight. If they wanted to watch, fine. They could talk about it later and jack off.

“Don’t you dare stop baby girl. They came here to see a show.”

I looked up again with hazy eyes and noticed they both now had their cocks out. Their fully hard cocks were almost as big as daddy’s. I didn’t know my dad liked when men watched. God, he is just the horniest man. I love it. I love him.

“Come on girl, lets have you lay on a towel. We’re gonna switch it up.”

He lifted me out of the pool, one of the guys got up off a chair and daddy laid me down a towel before resting me on it. He spread my legs wider.

“You keep that hole open girl!”

He turned to each of the guys, cocks still hard in their hands.”

“You like what you see boys? My daughters got some good ass pussy, that’s for sure. How should I fuck her next? You know what, maybe we should full up another hole of hers. She needs it.”

Oh, god.

“Daddy i don’t know if I can take it.”

“You’ll take it, baby.”

Before i knew it daddy laid down, pulled me on top of him with force like he always did, and I was riding his cock again, my pussy dripping wet. I was never going to be able to say now to his cock.

I could feel daddy stretching my ass out. First he put one finger in, and I loved the extra jolt of juice in my pussy. He got to three fingers and I was moaning for him to keep going. Not two seconds later and I felt a cock ram my ass without warning. All 5 inches into my tight little asshole and I was moaning so loud a few lights went on in other rooms surrounding the pool.

“Shhh baby girl, relax. Just relax and open those holes. Doesn’t that feel good honey? You’re mommy won’t let us double stuff her anymore, so now that’s your job. You can do that can’t you little slut?”

“Yes, daddy. Ooooh this feels so good I want to cum.”

Creepypasta #1052: The Beast In The Dryer Liked To Eat My Clothing When I Was Seven

Length: Long

The beast in the dryer liked to eat my clothing.

I didn’t know why, but he told me he loved the taste of my socks, sweaters, underwear, pants, shirts, tights, whatever he could gets his paws on. He told me he lived on soap, little girl’s clothes, and prayers at night, but if I wanted to sneak him a candy bar now and again, he wouldn’t complain. Because I was seven, this made perfect sense to me. 

The company was nice when I was down in our scary, unfurnished basement doing laundry. I was forced to do my own laundry because my family was giant and difficult to manage, so I had lots of time to sneak out a pair of socks, a shirt I didn’t really like, or an old and holey pair of tights. In return for his “snacks,” the beast was the best friend I’d ever had. I’d tell him about my day, about my friends. I would even tell him all the secrets I was scared to tell my parents, like how I found my oldest sister Victoria naked with her boyfriend, or how Daddy talked about money problems when he thought we were all asleep, or how my fourteen-year-old brother Levi snuck out every night and came back smelling sweet and rotten. The beast told me I was a good observer, that I noticed things nobody else did. He said this made me very special, especially because I didn’t go blabbing all these secrets I carried.

He said, “Dolly, you’re a special girl and I’m a special beastie, which is why we’re such good friends.” Dolly was his nickname for me, since he said my real name, Diana, was very stuffy. I kind of agreed.

I liked talking to the beast in the dryer so much that I started offering to do other people’s laundry. My nine-year-old sister Millie, who was the meanest person in the world, told me that because I offered she wouldn’t flush my goldfish down the toilet. Levi said thanks and gave me a brownie that made me feel funny and then throw up. Victoria said I could, but I was to absolutely never look in her drawers or touch her “lingerie.” The second-meanest member of my family, my twelve-year-old brother Danny, told me now I had to do his laundry forever, and I’d better give it to him all folded and neat, or else he’d “mash me.” My siblings were horrible and I hated them all. I told the beastie.

“I was being helpful and really nice,” I lamented to him as I folded Danny’s laundry, making sure his shirts were nice and neat. “Nobody even said thank you but Levi, and he gave me that dumb brownie. I think it was a prank.”

The beast snorted furiously. “Dolly, don’t you think about that. You’re so polite and kind to your brothers and sisters. They just don’t appreciate you. But I do!” The dryer rattled and I could tell he was mad. He cared about me so much, even more than my mom and dad. “I appreciate you more than anybody else, and don’t you ever forget that.”

“They don’t appreciate me,” I repeated. “You do, though.”

“That’s right,” the beast affirmed. “Now, do you have any snacks for me today?”

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My Knight of Hell (Demon!Dean x Reader) Part 6

A long chapter, hopefully a good one. If you want to be added to a list or want a masterlist let me know. Ask

Warning: Sexiness (I’ve slacked on a few chapters)

Part 6

I opened my eyes and felt my legs pushing together, but unable to touch. I looked beside me to see Dean was gone when I felt a chillingly good sensation coming from under the sheets. I lifted the sheets to see Dean between my legs.

“What’re you doing?!” I scolded him.

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Imagine Chris tricking you into going to the dentist.

You ran your tongue along the top left hand corner of your teeth, wincing at the slight tangy feeling. You knew something was wrong and that it was in your best interest to get it checked out, but your fear of the dentist convinced you otherwise. You stirred your cereal, watching the Lucky Charms float in your bowl; you were hungry but unable to eat due to the pain in your mouth.

“Hey,” Chris’ voice called from a distance and you looked up; he stood, arms crossed and leant against the archway frame with a smile on his face. “Are you going to finish that sometime today? ‘Cause we’ve got places to be,” he said and spun his keychain around his index finger.

“Yeah, I’m done.” You pushed the bowl aside. “Where are we going?” Your eyes narrowed slightly. “I thought we were just going to spend the day at home. Why did we rent those movies then?” You asked when he shook his head.

“We’ll watch them later tonight,” he answered and pushed himself off the wooden frame. “C'mon,” he held out one hand for you to take and you did, hopping off the bar stool. “You might want to go change first, can’t have the paps catching you in one of my shirts and ruining that always-dressed-to-the-nines image you’ve created for yourself.”

“Ha ha,” you bit sarcastically. “You’re just jealous ‘cause they think you’ve got no fashion sense. Evans doesn’t seem to be as bothered with fashion as his girlfriend, sporting a plain white tee and grey track pants.” You mocked him and he scoffed, leading you upstairs. “Aw, babe. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you were coming from the gym.”

“So were you!” He retorted with a chuckle and you smiled. “And yet you looked like an angel from heaven. Shiny high pony, glistening sun-kissed skin, somehow already dressed to the nines despite just working your cute little ass off.” You giggled softly. “It’s hard to keep up, Y/N.”

“You chose not to shower and change,” you poked him in his butt and he laughed, “so that’s not on me. But you know what though,” he glanced over his shoulder at you, “you’re so handsome that you could wear a garbage bag and look fine as hell.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled.

“Did you really have to come upstairs when I’m the only one who has to change?”

“Yes, because I’m here to enjoy the show,” he teased and winked when you laughed.

He dropped your hand and moved to sit at the foot of the bed, while you headed into the walk-in wardrobe. You shuffled through your clothes, wondering what to wear. It was cold outside so the outfit definitely needed your favorite brown boots, your go-to navy Burberry coat, and one of your many scarves; you chose the red silk one. You figured it was best to go casual- with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy sweater- after all, what glamorous event could Chris take you to on a Wednesday morning?

“Where are we going?” You asked then subconsciously brushed your back tooth with your tongue again. You grabbed a bra out of the drawer before you undressed, turning your back to Chris which amused him.

“Why don’t I toss a quarter at something I haven’t seen before?” He teased you and you turned, flipping him off when you’d put your bra on. “And I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise. But you’ve got the right outfit for it,” he said and beckoned his head at your choice of clothes.

“What kind of surprise are we talking about here?” You grabbed your jeans, pulling them over your legs. “It’s not my birthday and we don’t have any anniversaries coming up.” You put your sweater on then worked to tie your scarf around your neck. “Unless you’re planning something for Christmas, or your going away present.”

“How about you just stop talking and finish getting dress so we can get to it?”

“That’s something I won’t miss when you go away,” you began and he raised an eyebrow. “Your damn bossiness,” you bit and he laughed. “Honestly- it’s like I’m in the army or something.” You continued to tease him, biting back your smile. “You’re just Captain America in the movies, you’re Chris Evans in real life.”

“Duly noted,” he nodded as you pulled your socks on. “Now hurry up.”

“Ugh,” you made an annoyed face and he chuckled, “just go to Vancouver already.”

“You’re going to miss me when I’m gone, sweetheart.”

“Yes I am,” you agreed with a smile.
• • • • • • • •
“Fro-yo?” You raised at eyebrow at Chris when he pulled up in front of the shop. “Your big surprise is frozen yogurt?” You asked then laughed before he could respond. “Well, I wasn’t expecting something this small but I love Fro-yo so- thanks, babe.”

You got out of the car first and he followed, grabbing your hand before you could enter the store. He spun you around, chuckling softly at your confused face. “We’re not getting Fro-yo,” he said and you felt your face fall. “Yet,” he added. “We have to go somewhere first.”


“This way,” he beckoned his head, using his thumb to point in the direction behind him. “Don’t worry, we’ll grab fro-yo on the way back. That’s why I parked the car here, so we have to grab some before we head home.”

“Okay.” You nodded happily, unaware of what was yet to come. “What are we doing on this side of the town?” You asked as he entwined his fingers with yours; the two of you strolled down the seemingly familiar street. “Have we been here before?”

“You haven’t,” he shook his head. “You’ve been where we’re going before, we just took a different route.” He told you and you nodded in acknowledgement. “It’s just down this way.” The two of you turned the corner and continued down the path in silence until- “I’m going to buy you all the fro-yo you want after this, okay?”

“Okay?” You looked at him weirdly. “Why are you talking to me like I’m- You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You yanked your hand out of his and stopped when you spotted the big sign that said ‘Dr. Evans Orthodontist Practice’. “Chris!” You frowned and he winced. “No, I love your dad and I would trust him with my life- but not when he’s a dentist.”

“You need to have your teeth checked,” he took both of your hands in his and looked at you with pleading eyes. “Babe, you’re clearly in pain. I’ve gone along with your charade for- two weeks now, but I’m going away soon and I can’t keep an eye on you anymore. Just- go get your teeth checked, I’ll sit in there with you and hold your hand.”

“Chris,” you whined.

“Y/N,” he said in a firm tone. “Come on, Dad is a great dentist. It won’t even hurt, I’ll make sure he puts you to sleep or whatever. Just- please,” he pleaded. “You need to get your teeth done, it’ll be worst if you don’t do it now.”

You knew he was right; you heaved a heavy sigh and mumbled, “fine. I’m going to break your bank with the amount of fro-yo I’m going to get after this,” you muttered bitterly and let him lead you into the dentistry.

“It’s okay,” he smiled. “I’ve got enough money to buy you the place.”

“You’re lucky you’re faster than me otherwise I’d be outta here,” you told him.

“You’re going to be fine,” he chuckled and kissed the side of your head.
• • • • • • • •
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Chris asked as you nursed your large frozen yogurt; you bit back your smile and nodded, sighing. “I told you Dad was good at his job,” he smiled. “He’s going to see you once every six months to make sure all’s well with you.”

“Yeah, I’m not going unless you’re there with me.” You told him and he laughed. “It’s not the pain that bothers me, it’s not knowing when it’s going to stop. Then there’s the sound of the drill and the needles in my mouth and- ick,” you scrunched your nose in disgust.

Chris watched you with a small smile on his face, despite how irrational and childish you could be sometimes, he never once felt the urge to question his love for you. To him, you were perfect; just as he was to you. Your mom told you that people were incapable of change, that no matter how hard a person worked towards change- they’d eventually relapse and return to their old self. She said that when you truly loved, you had to learn to love everything about a person and if you couldn’t, they weren’t the one for you. You’d been through a fair share of 'not-the-one’, like Chris- you never thought you’d find 'the-one’, and then you met each other. With him, all was suddenly right in the world.

“You’re adorable, you know that?”

“I’m aware,” you smiled.

“I’m going to miss you when I go,” he reached for your hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Will you come visit me? I know you’re going to be busy in January with your own movie but- before that, will you come visit me?”

“Of course I will,” you told him and his smile widened ten-fold. “After all, how could I not visit the dumb dork who loves me enough to trick me into going to the dentist?”

Bestfriend Benefits [2]

Word count: 1.6k
Warning: sexual implications, warren still has a daddy kink
A/N: Im so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from Part One of “Bestfriend Benefits”; thank you guys so much for everything please keep sending me feedback because Im not sure if I like this part and it helps me stay inspired

“That was smooth as hell but we aren’t done yet. There is no way I would ever call you daddy.”
The car stopped as Warren suddenly turned to you; his eyes dark and mischievous as he leant over in his seat. Your faces were mere inches away, his hands grazing over your bare thigh as your cheeks flushed a bright pink.
“Oh baby girl we will see about that…”

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Baby. (Mikey Way x Reader)

“’Sup, bitch?” Pete exclaimed loudly as he entered your home through the front door.

The sudden appearance of your friend caused you to jump slightly in your seat on the sofa, the novel you were previously stuck in falling to the floor as you frowned.

“A little warning would’ve been nice,” you mumbled, swinging your legs off of the sofa before bending down to retrieve your book.

Pete scoffed. “Since when do I need to warn you before I come over?” his voice came out slightly muffled seeing as his head was stuck in your fridge, searching for some kind of alcohol.

“Uh, since I got married and moved into an actual house as opposed to a fucking terrible apartment,” you said while making your way over to Pete in the kitchen.

“Hey! Don’t hate on the apartment! We had some really good times there. All those impromptu parties were the best part of everyone’s lives.”

“Yeah, that’s my point. We can’t trash this place with your ‘impromptu parties’, Petey.”

“You’re no fun. What happened to my crazy party-girl best friend?” he asked, letting out a triumphant cheer when he stumbled upon a couple of bottles of beer at the back of your fridge. “Man, you really need to stock up on booze. You’d think Mikey would at least have more than this,” he held up the bottles for emphasis.

“You know that Mikey doesn’t drink that much,” you shrugged.

“Yeah, but you used to,” Pete chuckled.

“Yeah, but I grew up,” you grabbed a bunch of grapes from the fridge before hoisting yourself onto the island. “Unlike some people.”

“Hey, you chose to get married and I chose to live my 20s to the max.”

“You’re turning 30 in a couple of months.”

“Like I said, the max,” he repeated, earning an eye-roll from you, “Want one?” he questioned, holding out one of the bottles.

“No thanks, I’m not drinking.”

“Why? You pregnant or something?” he teased before twisting open the bottle and taking a swig.

You didn’t reply. Instead, you just stared at your friend as you popped more grapes into your mouth.

Noticing your lack of denial about being pregnant, Pete spit out the liquid he had in his mouth.

“Ew,” you scrunched your nose up in disgust before pointing around at all the beer spatter. “You’re cleaning that up.”

“You’re fucking pregnant?!”

You nodded before giggling at the look of utter shock on Pete’s face. “You’re gonna be an uncle! Are you excited?”

“Am I ex- OF COURSE I’M FUCKING EXCITED! OH MY GOD, (Y/N)!” Pete practically threw himself on top of you, nearly knocking you over in the process.

“Well, if this is your reaction, then I can’t wait to see Mikey’s.”

“Wait,” Pete pulled away so that he was looking at you. “You haven’t told Mikey yet?”

“Told me what?”

You and Pete turned to see Mikey standing at the front door, shrugging off his jacket with a confused look on his face.

“Babe, I have some news,” you said while hopping down from the kitchen island and walking over to Mikey.

“Yeah, I figured that much. What’s going on?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Before you could comprehend it, Mikey had scooped you up into his arms and ran into the backyard, laughing happily all the while.

“How long have you known?” he questioned as he hugged you closer.

“A few days,” you smiled, overjoyed by his happiness.

“Why didn’t you tell me as soon as you saw the positive test?!” Mikey set you down onto your feet.

“Because it was 4am and I was scared because knowing you, you would’ve literally screamed it from the rooftops and wow, look what you’re doing – GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!”

But it was no use. Mikey was climbing the ladder that was mounted against the side of the house from renovations three steps at a time and before you knew it, he was standing on the roof, his hands cupping his mouth so that his voice could be heard more clearly.


~Week 4~

Sighing as you tried once again to fasten your bra behind your back, you beamed widely at yourself in the mirror when your fifth try proved successful.

Being careful not to move too much for fear of the bra coming undone again, you walked over to the bed and grabbed the shirt you had laid out. Mikey entered the room before you could slip on the shirt and immediately made his way over to you, eyes clearly fixed on your boobs.

“Oh, wow.” he said in awe, groping both breasts.

“Ow, you idiot!” you exclaimed in a mixture of pain and discomfort, swatting Mikey’s hands away rather harshly before crossing your arms over your very tender bust in order to protect it from your extremely handsy husband. “They hurt,” you pouted, looking down at your chest only to see that Mikey’s actions had caused your boobs to once again escape your bra.

Groaning in annoyance, you struck Mikey on his right arm, causing him to let out a tiny whimper. “Now look what you did!”

“I’m sorry,” he said, still rubbing the area where you’d hit him in an effort to soothe it.

“It took me forever to get them to fit and now-“ You burst into tears before you could finish your words and Mikey’s eyes widened at the sudden change in emotion, although his husbandly instincts soon took over and he engulfed you into his embrace.

“Shh, it’s okay, baby. Here, I’ll help you get back into it and then we can go shopping for some new ones, alright?”

You nodded into his chest, still crying.

“Good. Maybe then you’ll stop hitting me,” he whispered to himself.

~Week 5~

“Baby, I’m just wondering,” Mikey started as he entered your bedroom. “Is there any particular reason you left the tumble dryer on a repeat cycle with nothing inside?”

“Pregnancy brain,” you mumbled as you climbed into bed, the bathroom tap still running behind you.


~Week 7~

“Pleaseeeee, Mikey,” you whined, snuggling closer to him while putting on your best puppy dog eyes.

“(Y/N), it’s 3am. I have no desire to leave the warmth of my bed to go down to McDonald’s just because you’re craving a McFlurry.”

“But you didn’t buy me more ice-cream, so it’s kinda your fault.”

“I bought 3 tubs 4 days ago!”

“And I ate them! Now I want more.”

“For fuck’s sake, (Y/N),” Mikey groaned as he begrudgingly dragged himself out of bed, grabbing his wallet, phone and jacket before making his way downstairs, leaving a trail of cuss words behind him.

“I love you!”

~Week 8~

You gasped slightly as the doctor squirted the cool jelly onto your stomach, placing the transducer over it shortly after.

“You hear that?” she questioned with a smile. “It’s the heartbeat.”

“Oh my God,” you whispered, laughing deliriously as the realisation of what you were hearing set in. “Mikey, that-that’s our baby,” you gushed, tears welling up in your eyes.

Mikey was at a loss for words, completely dumbstruck by the incredible nature of what was happening inside of you.

“That’s our baby,” he repeated, laughing too before placing a kiss on your temple.

~Week 11~

“(Y/N), I’m telling you,” Pete started, leaning in across the red booth of the diner. “After you have this baby, I’ll order you a cherry pie with a hamburger patty and maple syrup and I guarantee you won’t like it.”

“Well, it tastes like heaven right now, so… MMM,” you closed your eyes as you savoured the delicious taste, while Pete just shook his head at you, a look of pure disgust on his face.

~Week 19~

“Are you sure about this, (Y/N)?” Mikey asked uncertainly, his fingers hesitantly undoing his belt buckle.

“Yes, Mikey,” you confirmed for what seemed like the fiftieth time in the last 10 minutes. “This is one of the last chances we have before I can’t have sex for who knows how long.” You removed your own shirt.

“I just don’t wanna hurt the baby,” he said, slowly crawling over you.

You rolled your eyes at your husband but couldn’t help but feel a wave of affection at how concerned he was. “You’re not gonna hurt the baby. The doctor said it’s perfectly safe, okay?”  

He nodded.

“Good. Now shut up and do me.”

~Week 23~

“So, what are you hoping for?” the doctor asks as she moves the transducer over your swollen belly.

“Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as he or she is healthy. But I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t love a little dress shopping buddy.”

You and the doctor shared a giggle before she turned to Mikey.

“What about you, dad?”

“Taking into account that they say that having a girl is karma for all the things you did when you were younger, I think a boy would be the better option.”

You clicked your tongue and shot a glare at Mikey, earning a chuckle from him as well as from the doctor.

“Well, look’s like you’re out of luck,” she said, looking from the screen to the two of you. “Congratulations, mom. It’s a girl.”

~Week 29~

Lounging lazily on the couch and flicking through channels, you stifled a yawn as Mikey sat himself next to you.

Positioning himself comfortably, he brought his head down to your stomach, placing a smooch on the right side. Right when his lips made contact with your body, however, the baby let out a huge and unexpected kick, startling Mikey a little and causing you to laugh uncontrollably.

“That little shit just kicked me in the mouth!” he exclaimed in disbelief, joining in with your laughter.

“That’s my girl,” you cooed, rubbing your belly.

~Week 32~

“Anndd this one is from-“

“Lemme guess, (Y/B/F)?” you chuckled, noticing the wrapping paper which matched the giant pile of torn fragments to your right, next to around 20 gifts, all from (Y/B/F). “You didn’t need to get me anything else, hon. Really.” You gestured to her other gifts.

“Yes, I did. I’m gonna be the best damned godmother the world has ever seen,” she stated proudly.

“I just hope you’re gonna be this enthusiastic about babysitting, too.”

“Oh, you know I will be, my love. After all, with you and Mikey as parents, the angel is gonna need someone responsible to look up to.”

Laughter filled the room as you shot a glare at (Y/B/F).

“I kid, I kid,” she defended. “Not really.”

~Week 34~

“Okay, okay, we’re almost there. No peeking. Mind the step. YOU’RE PEEKING! I SAID NO PEEKING!”

“Alright, alright. Jeez. Such a control freak. I’m glad I chose to marry the other brother.”

“Haha,” Gerard laughed sarcastically. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

You did, and your heart leapt into your throat immediately.

Gerard had done an exquisite job at decorating your daughter’s nursery. The walls were painted all white, except for the one on the right side of the room, where her crib stood. This one was adorned with his drawings of your family along with messages from loved ones, and in the middle was her name.

(Y/D/N) Way.

“Gee… This is… it’s perfect.”

Gerard smiled from ear-to-ear. “That’s good to hear,” he said, pulling you into a side hug while gently rubbing your belly. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s your uncle here. I just wanted to let you know that I love you. Very much. And I can’t wait to meet you.”

~Week 37~

“I changed my mind. I’m not going,” Mikey stated, tossing his suitcase onto the couch.

“Yes, you are! I’m not due for another three weeks, Mikey. I’m sure I can handle not having you around for one weekend, especially since you’re only gonna be a half hour away. Besides,” you walked over to Pete and (Y/B/F) and linked your arms in theirs. “If anything goes wrong – which it won’t – I have these two.”

“Yeah, but-“

“No buts, Mikey. You have thousands of fans who are dying to see you and who paid actual money for your stupid band so.. You. Are. Going,” you said, poking him hard into the chest with every word.

“This is a very abusive relationship, you know that?” he pouted.

“Now that everything’s settled,” you said, ignoring his previous comment and standing on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Bye, baby. See you in 3 days.”

~2 Days Later ~

“You’re a demon,” Pete said to (Y/B/F), trying to fend her off with a crucifix made from forks.

“I don’t give a shit about what you think, Wentz. I. LOVE. PINEAPPLE. ON. PIZZA,” (Y/B/F) retorted, moaning as she took a bite of pizza that she made sure had a particularly large piece of pineapple on it.

“(Y/N), just tell this crazy person that pineapple does not belong on pizza!”

“Eh, I don’t mind it,” you shrugged.

“WHAT? What drugs are you both on?”

(Y/B/F) and Pete then proceeded to get into a heated argument about pizza toppings.

“Uh… guys?” you squeaked.

They didn’t hear you.


“What?” they asked in unison.

“Can we have this conversation later? I’m going into labour.”

~About 30 Minutes Later~

Thanks solely to (Y/B/F) and her natural maternal instinct, you were able to make your way to the hospital and into the maternity wing where you were currently residing all before your third contraction hit. (Y/B/N) had managed to grab your already-packed hospital bag, drive you to the emergency room, fill in the necessary paperwork, call Mikey and keep you relatively calm all on her own.

Pete started freaking out from the moment the word ‘labour’ left your lips and didn’t stop until you were lying on a hospital bed. You couldn’t say that he wasn’t any help, though. Seeing him panic so much had a weird calming effect on you.

Another contraction hit and the doctor let you know that you were fully dilated and the baby was ready to be born.

“AHHH! WHERE THE HELL IS MIKEY?!” you screamed.

“I’m here, I’m here, baby!”

A sweaty, disarrayed Mikey practically dived into the room, looking like he’d just run a marathon; the rest of the band followed closely behind, all wearing looks of concern.

“I’m here,” Mikey rushed to your side and placed a quick kiss to your forehead. “Now, push, baby.”

You screamed out in agony as you continuously pushed, wanting to get your daughter out of you as soon as possible.

Just when you thought you might pass out from pain and exhaustion, you heard Mikey exclaim in pure joy.

“Oh, my God. There she is!”


“She looks so much like you, it’s unbelievable,” Mikey whispered while cuddling closer to you and softly caressing your daughter’s tiny hand, gazing lovingly at the small human.

“She’s got Gerard’s nose, though,” you pointed out, ‘booping’ her nose gently.

“You’re right, she does,” he giggled in amazement.

“We’re parents, Mikey,” you said, turning to smile at him.

“Yeah, we are. You did amazing, baby,” he complimented, placing a soft yet loving kiss onto your lips. “I do have one question, though.”


“The ladder is still mounted to the side of the house, right?”


Thank you for reading x

Sweetest Devotion

Summary: AU, Dean and you celebrate your 25-year wedding anniversary along with your family.

Word Count: 2,038

Contains: FLUFF. Yayy! No angst!

Adele’s Fics Master List

A/N: I had fun writing this one, let me know what you think! ^^

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anonymous asked:

Omg could u do a Drabble of katniss taking her babies to the store and try's shopping with them. I think it would be so cute!

I know that this wasn’t totally what you were expecting, Anon! 

But this idea was nagging me, so here goes…please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.


The Family Plan (Part One)

“My baby!” Katniss put an arm around her daughter, pulling her close. “I can’t believe that this is happening.”

“Mom!” Beatrice blushed, the color spreading rapidly on her tanned face. “I’m twelve. I think that I’m long overdue for them.”

“Well, you just took your time like your Aunt Prim and I did,” Katniss responded as they walked into the department store. “Before you know it, you’ll want to give them back.”

“They’re boobs,” her daughter retorted. “I think once you get them, you can’t give them back. Unless you have money.”

There was tug at Katniss’ hand and she turned to her six-year-old son, Dylan, who walked on her opposite side. “Mommy, what’s a boob?”

“Something that you can’t play with, talk about, or even look at until you’re married,” Katniss responded with a grin before placing a kiss to her son’s soft gold hair.

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colormywords  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had any tips about characters with tattoos or writing about tattoos? I was looking at your tags and didn't see anything, but I may have missed it. I personally have no tattoos, and so could use any/all of the tips that you can give me. Thanks for your time, you are all wonderful.

Tattoos are considered body modifications, and as such they have a long history among human groups, this means that cultures where tattoos can be found have their own perspective about them.

First tip Think of the social context of your story. Think of the people of your story, what they think about tattoos, how they see tattoos, and most important, how they see their bodies and themselves. (I’ll go back to this point later).

Tattoos are old, the first evidence goes back to Europe where statues with human forms and corporal drawings, the data of this statues goes back to 8.000 b.C. There’s also evidence that tattoos where present in Egypt in 2.000 b.C. the same goes for Anatolia on 1.450 b.C. the practice moved to China, Japan, India, Polynesia and New Zealand.

Second tip Time and place are important. Everything in our world is dynamic, practices and traditions move with people, they mix with different ones. The way tattoos began in the collective practice might not be the same years later. A practice responds to certain categories, both of them can change

In every culture and human groups where you can find tattoos, you’ll also find a way they see themselves and their bodies. For some people tattoos can be part of body decoration; for some they are part of rituals and rites of passage; for other people tattoos are a way to differentiate individuals, and for other people, tattoos can be a way to symbolize their world view.

Third tip Tattoos play a role in societies and individuals who have them. These roles can change through time.

The human body is also perceived from different points of view and study areas. For some it is a barrier between the external world and the internal one; for other people, the body is a vehicle for the mind and soul; other people see their body as a tool used for work; other people see their body as a representation or a vessel, and for other people, the body is a channel they use to send messages

Fourth tip The way the body is represented in your story is important. Some points of view can exist together in the same society.

Tattoos are often seen as a permanent mark on the human body. They can be associated to rites of passage, status, prestige, kinship, among others. When a body modification is associated to rites of passage, there are ceremonies and rituals involved; when they are associated to status, prestige, kinship and others, keep in mind they can be lost, hence, the modification might be erased. Notice that this happens when the whole society is involved in the practice of tattoos.

Fifth tip If tattoos are social, what happens when you lose what made you earn the tattoo. Think of the rituals involved, the ceremonies and the people involved.

Not everyone can make a tattoo, the same way not everyone can operate a tattoo machine. The specialization of labor isn’t a modern phenomenon; the same way not everyone could get a tattoo, not everyone was apt to make one.

Sixth tip Think of the people getting a tattoo in your story and the people who can make them, think of who, how, why and for how long.

Besides the social context of getting a tattoo, health is involved. Not everyone can get a tattoo because of skin and cicatrization issues. A tattoo is made of small cuts in your skin; this allows the ink to enter under the epidermis. On the other hand, hygiene and sterilization are required to get a proper tattoo.

Seventh tip Think of your characters that have/want to have a tattoo, what if they can’t get one. Keep in mind the places where people get a tattoo. Look for possible diseases you can get while getting a tattoo or after. Also look for hygiene requirements for the place, the artist, and the people getting a tattoo.

Depending on your approaches to tattoos, you’ll have to do different kinds of research.

As for characters, they will all react different to tattoos, for the mere reason they are different people. See how they react to different body modifications in general to get a pattern on how they’ll react to tattoos.

The following are my personal experiences with tattoos.

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Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXVII

Teacher Gilinsky– Part XXVII

3 months later~ 38 weeks pregnant

I woke up with a parched mouth and covered in sweat. Jack’s bare chest glistened with sweat as he lay on top of me, his arms wrapped around my neck. My head lay in the crease of his neck, his legs entangled with mine. I carefully tried to untangle myself from him without waking him, but that didn’t work quite well.

“Why are you getting upppppp.” He groaned, his eyes still shut.

“Because I have an ultrasound at 11:20 and it’s 10:00.” I said. He rubbed his eyes and opened them, sitting up whilst doing so. We both sauntered into the bathroom, and brushed our teeth. I turned the shower on and took my—or Jack’s clothes off and set them on the lid of the toilet.

It didn’t surprise me much when he climbed into the shower with me, his hands massaging soap onto my bump.

“I can’t believe you’re over-due.” He angrily sighed, my bump so big I couldn’t see my toes.

“You know, sex induces labour.” He said from behind me.

“Of course I know that, you suggest it 4 times a day.” I laughed, his hands snaking across my hips and right above my area.

“I’m just kidding babe. Let’s get some spicy food, see if that’ll do the trick.” He said and I nodded. After our shower, we got dressed and ate breakfast, Jasmine still fast asleep in her bed. Jack woke Jasmine and got her ready while I did my hair and make up. After applying blush and highlighter, I lightly penciled in my eyebrows and brushed them with clear mascara. I curled my eyelashes and swiped mascara on them.

My hair was thrown up into a messy bun and cat eye style sunglasses covered my eyes. I struggled to pull my combat boots on, my baby bump in the way of nearly everything I do. Jack sauntered into the room with a smirk on his face.

“I figured you’d need some help.” He smiled. I rolled my eyes and laughed, while sitting on the edge of the bed. He put my socks on my feet, my boots following, tying the laces tightly.

“Oh my god, my feet are so swollen.” I whined, our little boy kicking crazily.

“I swear, he’s gonna be a kick boxer, like his Daddy.” He winked whilst saying Daddy.

“I already started the car, your seat warmer is on. Go ahead and wait in the car with Jas, I have a call to make.” He smiled warily. I nodded and pecked his lips, his nose nudging against mine.

I walked down the stairs slowly, basically waddling down each step, grasping the rail tightly. Once I reached the bottom, I grabbed the smoothie lover-boy made me, grabbing a bag of pretzel’s and sliced apples before heading out to the car.

Jack’s Point Of View~

“Hey man. Key’s under the mat, the stuff is in the garage, locked in the cabinet. The key to the cabinet is under the kitchen sink. Be sure to be finished by 3:30.” I spoke quietly, looking out the window to make sure Y/N got in the car safely. After her bad dream a few months back, she’s been pretty uneasy in the car. She’s getting better, each time she becomes less tense. After I hung up the phone with Sam, I called Nate and Jack with the same instructions. My phone began vibrating, indicating I’m receiving a call.

“Hi mommy.” I smiled. No matter how old I get, she will always be my mommy.

“Hello dear. I’m bringing the stuff in about 10 minutes. you’ll be gone then, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s perfect. The guys are gonna come in a bit too.” I said. She squealed with delight and began rambling.

“I’m so excited, another grand baby! You’re growing up so fast, my boy.” She went from excited to teary, her voice cracking with tears.

“Momma please don’t cry. I love you so much, thank you for helping me out. I’ve got to go.” I said. We bid farewell, her voice still shaky.

I walked down stairs and locked the house up, grabbing my wallet on the way out. I made eye contact with Y/N through the windshield, her eyes bright and happy, her belly basically the size of Alaska. I smirked at the pun, her eyes glazed with confusion.

“What’re you so smirky about?” She asked, eating an apple slice.

“Oh, nothing.” I sighed, still smirking.

“Can I have a bite?” I asked, opening my mouth for a bite of the apple slice. She placed it between my lips and I sucked the rest of the sloice into my mouth, causing a gasp from her.

“Asshole,” She muttered playfully, huffing with each breath.

“Yeah, asshole!” Jasmine yelled from the back seat.

“You’re such a great influence, baby.” I laughed. It pisses me off to an extent when parent’s scold their children for something like that. She’s young and impressionable, of course she’ll repeat what she hears.

We pulled up at Y/N’s house, her dad coming out on the porch to meet us.

“Oh my god, Y/Nickname. You’re massive.” He laughed. She smacked him, then hugged him, then hugged her mom. They took Jasmine inside and hugged us once again. I helped her into the truck and buckled her seat belt, before climbing into the driver’s seat. A few minutes went by, as we finally pulled up to the doctor’s office.

“Man, I gotta pee.” Y/N muttered as we walked in the front doors towards the check-in desk. She smiled and pulled her sunglasses onto her forehead, while telling the lady her name.

We sat in the waiting room for about 4 minutes, Y/N’s fingernails drumming against the arm of the chair, and her leg shaking.

“Babe, why are you so nervous?” I asked her. She looked me in the eye briefly, before looking forward.

“I’m overdue. I’m nervous they’re going to tell me that I need to be induced or something. I just want everything to go smoothly.” She said. I pecked her nose and patted her knee while speaking.

“Everything’s gonna be alright.” I said. She smiled and leaned in to peck my lips, but we were interrupted by the nurse calling her back. We laughed it off and followed the lady into the room, laying back on the bed.

“This will be a little cold, I apologize.” The nurse laughed, rubbing the gel on Y/N’s tummy. Her eyes were screwed shut until the gel warmed against her skin, goosebumps risen. The stretch marks on her stomach were purple and blue, almost looking like bruises. I grabbed her hand and kissed the top of it.

“He looks very healthy. He looks about ready to come out.” The nurse smiled. Y/N’s eyes lit up, seeing our little guy on the screen.

“I’m going to grab the pictures from the printer.” The nurse said once again after about 5-10 minutes of talking.

“The doctors on the phone for you.” She said, holding the phone out to Y/N.

“Dr. Chamberlin, Hi.” She smiled.

“Hello, Y/N. Becky sent over the ultrasound pictures and he looks about ready to come out, so I don’t think inducing the labour is necessary. If your water hasn’t broken two weeks from now, we’ll figure it out then.” The doctor said. After a few minutes talking on the phone about a mucus plug.

We walked out of the doctors office, after Y/N peed, of course. I buckled her into the truck and kissed her hard, holding her cheek in my had, placing pecks every few seconds.

“What was that for?” She asked me.

“Nothing, I just love you a lot.” I smiled, kissing her once more. I climbed into the drivers seat and drove us to my favorite restaurant, Breakfast Down The Street. We were seated in a booth, not even bothering to look at the menus, considering we order the same thing every time.

The waitress, Candace, placed the steaming eggs benedict on an english muffin, covered in hollandaise, with breakfast potatoes and bacon in front of me, placing a steaming plate of two scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon and toast in front of Y/N. She sipped herbal tea as she ate, frowning because I get to drink coffee.

“Can I please just have a sip.” She whined while chewing her eggs.

“Baby, don’t pout on me.” I whined right back. She laughed and took a bite of her toast. After we finished eating, we drove around town, and ended up at the mall. We weaved in and out of stores, Y/N carrying bags from several different maternity stores. Y/N nearly crapped her pants when she found a onesie that said ‘Teacher’s Pet’, immediately going to checkout after finding that. We bought several other cute articles of clothing for our little guy.

We walked into Veraggio, a jewelry store, Y/N nearly drooling at all the diamonds glimmering in the light. Her eyes set on on a couture style engagement ring, featuring a 2 carat diamond, of pave’ set round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance the round cut diamond center.

“I feel like I’m about to cry.” She said, her jaw basically on the ground. Her eyes sparkled much brighter than every diamond in this store; every diamond in the world. I stood behind her, my hands on her hips. (guys this was literally me with kate at fred meyer jewelers omg)

“Welcome,” A worker said. Her teeth were almost blinding white and straight, her brown hair in a sleek ponytail.

“I see you have your eye on our Couture.” She smiled. Y/N nodded, her face lighting up as the worker pulled it out of the display case. Y/N held out her hand towards me as the worker handed it to me. I slid it onto her ring finger, never once breaking eye contact.

“I just got goosebumps.” She whispered. The worker laughed and told Y/N the details on the ring.

“The cut is Ideal, Color grade D, flawless clarity, and it’s a 2.5 carat diamond. The diamonds on the band are pave’ set brilliant cut, to accentuate the round diamond in the middle.” She smiled. Y/N closed her eyes tightly.

“It’s almost too good to be true.” She said, while giggling giddily. She held her hand out in front of her, examining it. She sighed and slid it off her finger and handed it back to the store clerk.

“Thank you, for letting me try it on.” She told the lady. The lady smiled and told us to ‘have a nice day.’

We continued to shop, Y/N trying on a nursing bra at Sears.

“Baby, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” I said, from outside the dressing room. She replied with a feeble ‘okay’ and continued trying the bras on.

Now, how do I get back to that damned jewelry store?

Y/N’s Point of View~

How the fuck do I get this damn bra off? I unhooked the clasp in between my boobs, the bras probably being the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I decided to get 3, one black, one white, and one nude. I have mostly everything I need for our baby, the baby shower that was thrown 3 weeks ago still fresh in my mind. The only thing we need to do now is set up the nursery. I put my bra back on, then my shirt, then my sweater. Why did I wear so many layers?

I left the dressing room and went to check out, baby no-name practically raising hell in my uterus. Could be worse, I thought, could be menstrual cramps. I immediately found a bathroom and changed into my new bra, and– well, peed, considering I am pregnant. I walked out of the bathroom the same time Jack did.

“That was creepy.” He laughed, and I joined in.

“What did ya get?” He asked, holding my lower back as we walked out of the store.

“Some sexy ass nursing bras.” I laughed. His face contorted in confusion, as he scratched his neck.

“What’s the difference between a nursing bra and a normal bra?” He asked.

“Well, on a nursing bra, you can unhook the cup so you can nurse, rather than taking your entire bra off or pulling it down.” I explained.

“You’re right. That’s sexy.” He smirked, his lips brushing my cheek.

We got Auntie Anne’s before leaving, I was practically crymaxing at how delicious it was. (hi kate) We picked Jasmine up at about 3:10, drove through McDonalds to get her a happy meal, and then went home. The house was eerily quiet when we got home, the only sound was the ceiling fan from upstairs.

“Stay here,” Jack said as he took our bags upstairs, before coming down. He had one of his ties in hand, causing me to groan.

“Do we have to? I just want to eat.” I whined. He rolled his eyes before tying the tie over my eyes.

“We’re not gonna do that, you horny little freak.” He smirked, slapping my butt. He helped me climb the stairs, helping me waddle like a penguin up to the top. We turned into a room, the ceiling fan was on, the cool are felling good on my head skin.

“3…2…1..” He whispered in my ear as he pulled the blindfold off.

I held my hand over my mouth and gasped.

Our son’s finished nursery was in front of me, the walls painted a light sky blue, the yellow, and the carpet beige. A crib sat under the window, the blue fitted sheet contrasting against the black painted wood, the little noise maker distractor thing hanging above the crib, little glow in the dark starts and planets lined the ceiling. (hi kate) A black dresser sat across from the crib, little clean linen scented candles littered everywhere. The back changing table sat on the right wall, a rocking chair sat on the left. A black armoire sat on the same wall as the crib.

“How even—“ I started, cut off by my tears, the room everything I imagined for our son.

“The guys did it while we were out.” He smiled, kissing where my shoulder meets my neck.

“I love you, and I cannot wait to have our son. In a few short days he’ll be here,” He said, in my ear, soothingly. The baby kicked erratically the sound of his voice. I turned to face him, the look in his eyes making up for every unsaid word.

“You are my world.” I said. He smiled and kissed me, so passionately, so full of love, that I forgot everything; where we were, what we’ve been through, what happened this past year.

“Gross.” Jasmine grimaced in the doorway.

hehe hi:) Enjoy this extra long chapter! This is NOT the end. :)

And You're Bright Like Christmas Lights

I was in the Christmas mood, and decided to write this. Also this is dedicated to my girls tarni-rep alice-chuter and mamriefarts (especially you Em) y’all the best, thanks for the help .

Grester // 3002 words (sorry I got a little carried way) // SFW    

December 3

It was that time of year again, the Christmas holidays. This was Grace’s favorite time of the year. The time where all you hear on the radio is Christmas music and the whole city is decorated with lights and decorations. This was the third year that Chester and Grace were celebrating Christmas together, and they loved it. This Christmas was going to be extra special because Chester’s parents were flying to LA to spend Christmas with them.


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